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:: 12-7-16 Hal Lindsey :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Holiday Warning And Hope

By Hal Lindsey

For most people entering the Christmas season, first thoughts go to shopping, travel, party plans, church events, and other things that go along with and help us prepare for the celebration of Christmas. But this year, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, we have something else to think about — terror attacks. DHS released a statement saying the season brings “opportunities for violent extremists,” and they warned against “terrorist-inspired individuals” attacking holiday events in the United States this year. The State Department issued a similar warning for U.S. citizens traveling in Europe during the holidays. Christmas events make an obvious terrorist target. Primarily, they are Christian in nature. That automatically draws the hatred of radical jihadists. But just as important, Christmas-related activities are easily hit. They are what security experts call “soft targets.” This week at Ohio State, we learned again the vulnerability of people on a sidewalk. During holidays, ordinary sidewalks can be as packed as those that lined the Boston Marathon when it was bombed. People can be crammed into stores, as well. In some locations, shoppers gather by the thousands. But stores have few if any of the special protections of government buildings, or airports. The store’s goal is to get people in. They don’t want barriers to customers. Other holiday gatherings can be even more crowded. Parties, church events, and seasonal concerts place thousands of people inside soft target venues. That’s like blood in the water to a group of sharks. And yet, if we live in fear, we not only let the terrorists win, we directly disobey God. Isaiah 41:10 says, “Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” (NKJV) Think about the identity of the Speaker. It is the God who said, “Let there be light: and there was light.” (Genesis 1:3 KJV) It is the same God who said, “I have made the earth, and created man on it. I — My hands — stretched out the heavens, and all their host I have commanded.” (Isaiah 45:12 NKJV) King David said, “His greatness is unsearchable.” (Psalms 145:3 KJV) The God who says “Fear not,” is perfect and great. His power is so complete, that Jesus said, “With God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26 KJV) That is the God Who says to you and me, “Fear not, for I am with you.” He says not to fear, then gives the perfect reason for not fearing. He is with us. The God to Whom “all things are possible” is with us. Amid a world in chaos and pain, we need not be dismayed. Why? He answers by saying, “For I am your God.” That doesn’t mean we chose Him. It means He chose us. The God who “made the earth, and created man on it” chose to identify with us as our God. And then He makes a series of promises so rich and beautiful they are beyond the greatest poet’s ability to express. Yet He says it in a few simple words. “I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” The God Whose “greatness is unsearchable” gives you and me an intimate, highly personalized promise to strengthen, help, and uphold us. It is especially comforting to know that He does the upholding. He doesn’t depend on my strength or my righteousness. In fact, He says that my righteousness is like a pile of filthy rags. Isaiah 64:6 says, “All our righteousnesses are like filthy rags.” (NKJV) A filthy rag is nothing to be clothed in — especially for an audience with the King. But that’s the best we can do on our own. So, He does something extraordinary. He provides us a wedding garment of perfect purity; a garment of His own making. (Matthew 22:10-14) He clothes us in His righteousness. 2 Corinthians 5:21 says, “For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.” (NKJV) Your own righteousness will not uphold you, but “the righteousness of God in Him” is perfect. That’s how He can say, “I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:13 continues the thought begun in verse 10. “For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand, saying to you, ‘Fear not, I will help you.’” (NKJV) Who does the holding? He does. The Lord your God holds your right hand, and He says to you personally, “Don’t be afraid. I’ve got you. I’m holding you in the strong right hand of My righteousness.” Shopping… cooking… eating… gifts… plays… parties.… They can all be wonderful. But we also face difficulties during this season. Either way, remember why we celebrate. A child was born. He bought salvation for all who will receive it. Don’t be afraid. Let Him who “rules the world with truth and grace,” reign joyfully in your heart. 

[ :: 3-11-15 pm service (third word)  :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

etc darkness is only going to continue to grow darker, the turmoil and the disaster in the world is only going to continue to get worse and every week you see how my word is being fulfilled even more so, saith the Lord. etc

:: 12-5-16 RT :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Fundraiser for Trump-Pence assassination uncovered on Dark Web

Published time: 5 Dec, 2016 17:20 Edited time: 5 Dec, 2016 17:20

A Dark Web website is trying to raise money and gather expert advice with a view to allegedly assassinating President-elect Donald Trump and Vice-President-elect Mike Pence. The site, which CSO reports went live last week, calls for assistance to fund an assassination attempt against Trump, and features an image of the president-elect in crosshairs. The website is located on the Dark Web, and can be accessed only using the Tor browser, which masks IP addresses. “As you are all well aware, the consequences of having Donald Trump and Mike Pence as the leaders of the free world is extremely dangerous,” the website reads. “The political, environmental and social consequences will change the United States for the worst.” Pointing to the “rise of several white supremacist movements like the KKK and the neo-nazis,” the site promoting assassination says “trying to eliminate other Americans of different origins cannot be tolerated.” “We, as a society have come too far to go back to this,” it adds. The site’s authors claim they are part of a “well-known organization that has always defended and protected the rights of all people against crooked governments and regimes using different cyber attacks.” It says it now needs to go further, “as it will require much more than cyber attack to defend ourselves to avoid civil war or another world war.” The site asks for anonymous donations from those who “wish to see our plan succeed” and asks those with “expertise, intelligence or contacts you consider relevant,” to get in touch. The Bitcoin wallet associated with the site has received $88,000 since March, but as the website has only been live for about a week, donations thought to be related to the assassination fundraising only amount to $119, CSO reports. According to the website's source code, a hacker has claimed they know who is behind the site, reported the International Business Times. Branding the website's host "a little scammer," the hacker says the person is a Canadian citizen. "I actually planned to send an email to the United States Secret Service about him, but I can't find an appropriate email address of the USSS," the hacker said. It’s understood the Secret Service has been informed about the website’s existence. 

[:: 2-3-14 am service (first word) :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

etc. Keep your eyes; keep your eyes upon what is going on in the Mid-East, that is your tree, that is your tree, I have told you to watch Israel, that is your tree. etc.

:: 7-12-16 Strategic Culture :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Andrei AKULOV | 07.12.2016 | WORLD

Russia, China Block UN Resolution on Aleppo Truce: West Waging Propaganda War

Russia and China vetoed a UN Security Council draft resolution on December 5 calling for a seven-day truce in the Syria’s second largest city. The vote did not take into account the agreement reached on December 2 between Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry to organize a group of experts on Aleppo. The plan included the withdrawal of militants from the eastern part of the city. Actually, by pushing the resolution through, the US ambassador was hindering the diplomatic initiative of his own State Department! After the vote, the US withdrew from the deal to demonstrate once again it was not a reliable partner. The vote also violated the Security Council's working procedures because the draft had not been given the traditional 24 hours for it to be under review. The US, UK and French representatives accused Russia and China of obstructing the attempts to address the humanitarian needs of civilians in the besieged city. The UK's representative Matthew Rycroft said that in vetoing the resolution Russia and its supporters "have also held to ransom the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children currently enduring hell in Aleppo". Moscow and Beijing were also slammed for blocking the resolution that could become a preface to a cessation of hostilities in all parts of Syria. Speaking before the Security Council, Syrian Ambassador Bashar Ja'afari said the resolution was an attempt to impede the fight against terrorism. According to him, «From the very first days of the terrorist war imposed on my country, Syria, the United States, France and Britain indeed deserve the name of the three musketeers defending terrorism». The ambassador added that the Syrian government forces released some 100,000 civilians held prisoner by militants. In his remarks, China’s UN envoy Liu Jieyi said that the United Kingdom’s ambassador to the United Nations is distorting facts and «poisoning the atmosphere» in the Security Council. Previously humanitarian pauses have been used by militants to regroup and strengthen their positions to make the suffering of civilians even worse. There is another example to illustrate the hypocrisy of those who condemn Russia and China while actually siding with extremist groups in Syria. The recent attack against a mobile hospital in Aleppo, when two Russian nurses were killed, went largely unnoticed by mainstream media in the West. It was also barely mentioned by Western representatives in the UN Security Council. Neither officials of the US, UK and France, nor the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, nor the Red Cross, Human Rights Watch, Human Rights First, and Amnesty International made any comment to condemn the perpetrators. Russia is left alone in its efforts to provide humanitarian aid to the civilians who are leaving eastern Aleppo trying to escape from terrorist groups. The High Negotiations Committee of the Syrian Opposition, recognized by the West as the sole representative of the Syrian opposition, flatly refuses to comply with UN resolutions calling for a national dialogue and cessation of hostilities. There is another aspect of the matter to be taken into account. There is no alternative to a military solution of the situation in Aleppo. Before the operation was launched, militants had their chance to leave the city. Humanitarian corridors for civilians were established. Each and every thing was done to minimize casualties and avoid hostilities, if possible. Once started, a military operation cannot be conducted by fits and starts. It should run smoothly according to the plan. There is no way to stop it till the mission is accomplished. The Russia-supported Syrian forces cannot open fire and then halt combat actions to observe endless «truces» with no result but militants strengthening their positions to aggravate human suffering. Peace will be given a real chance again after the military victory in Aleppo is achieved. With the city retaken, political efforts will renew. The diplomatic activities must be based on UN Security Council’s resolution 2254, which Russia and China endorsed. The end of the military operation is close. According to The Wall Street Journal «signs mount that the opposition in the city faces potential collapse». The December 5 article says «Rebels in Aleppo estimate that President Bashar al-Assad’s forces and their allies now hold some 60% of the territory in the city the opposition controlled just over a week ago». It cites Mohammad Al-Sheikh, a member of a rebel faction in Aleppo, who says: «Rebels are thinking of leaving as well because they have become exhausted by the situation». He notes that «Their spirits are low. They are in despair over not being able to break the siege». The newspaper reported that civilian leaders in opposition neighborhoods had formed a negotiating committee in order to begin talks with the Syrian government to reach a brokered agreement to end the current onslaught. But committee members said they have yet to contact the government as the situation in Aleppo remained in flux. It should be noted that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has made a statement saying that the groups which refuse to leave eastern Aleppo will be treated as terrorists. «By refusing to walk out from eastern Aleppo they will in fact go ahead with armed struggle. We will treat them accordingly, as terrorists and extremists, and support the Syrian army in its operation against such armed gangs,» the top Russian diplomat warned. The UN resolution was doomed from the start because it actually lumped together Russia and the terrorists. Besides, the draft document was an attempt to make Russia stop the operation. In October-November Russia did just that – Aleppo was not bombed for 28 days. Why should it do it again now, when the terrorists are on the brink of crushing defeat paving the way for a political dialogue and ultimate peaceful settlement – something that everyone has defined as a coveted final goal! It’s impossible to eat the cake and have it, as well as it is impossible to reach a conflict settlement by concluding endless deals with the extremist groups trying to take advantage of the chaos reigning in the war-torn country. Military gains are the best way to make the opposing side ready for constructive negotiations. The draft resolution looks very much like a provocation against the background of events taking place in Iraqi Mosul, where the US-led forces conduct an offensive to retake the city from Islamic State militants. The operation has left an unknown number of civilians dead, caused tens of thousands to flee, and disrupted water and utility supplies to the eastern districts of the city. There have also been reports of sectarian atrocities against the local Sunni population. It is all about the different goals each side is pursuing, While Russia is undoubtedly serious about fighting terrorism in Syria and elsewhere, the West is focused on regime change at all costs. Anything would do to reach the goal, including the United Nations podium used for purely propaganda purposes. 

:: 12-4-16 Natural News :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Protesters at Dakota Pipeline have noticed unidentified crop dusters spraying chemicals over them late at night

Sunday, December 04, 2016 by: Vicki Batts

(NaturalNews) The Dakota Access Pipeline has been a topic of immense scrutiny for several months now. The Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s fight to protect their sacred lands, and the water supply, has been extensively covered by the independent media, and the pitfalls of oil pipeline construction continue to be outlined. From the destruction of waterways to the potential threat to the health of humans, wildlife and the environment, it is clear that this pipeline construction is rife with controversy. Mistreatment of the Standing Rock water protectors has been a primary facet of constructing the Dakota Acess Pipeline (DAPL). Police brutality, in particular, has become almost commonplace. Towards the end of November, it was reported that police began firing water cannons at hundreds of protestors, in the midst of freezing temperatures. A spokeswoman from the sheriff’s department, Donna Hushka confirmed that the water was used as “crowd control” against the protestors — who had apparantly started multiple fires around the barricade. Jade Begay, a spokesperson for the Indigenous Environmental Network said that the activists had lit two bonfires to keep warm, and claims that the other fires were caused by weapons used by law enforcement. Some have said that tear gas and sound weaponry were also deployed and used against the water protectors. Reports have indicated that protestors have literally been caged like animals, struck by rubber bullets and some have even been maimed by the use of grenades. To put it simply, dozens upon dozens of water protectors have been injured or hospitalized bcause they are standing up for what they believe in. To make matters worse, in the last few days there have been reports that unidentified aircrafts have been seen flying over the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s encampment. There is a growing fear among the activists that they are actually being sprayed with chemicals by crop dusters late at night, flying above with their lights off. In a Youtube video, one activist describes what she has seen and heard: “We have had aircraft flying over our camp for several days . . . [and] they mostly come at night and have their lights off … they are using this space illegally … Last night … there was an aircraft flying over camp from approximately 1:40am until about 2:20am this morning. [They are] spraying what we believe to be chemical agents down on top of us.” While the spraying of chemicals on water protectors has yet to actually be confirmed, it would not be that surprising. After all, the government has done it before. Just a few decades ago, the poor people of St. Louis were mercilessly used as guinea pigs by the Army during the height of the Cold War. Neighborhoods were sprayed with an array of chemicals, as part of some secret, sordid testing by the military. While the Army has only admitted to using blowers to spray chemicals from the rooftops, at least one person recalls planes. Mary Helen Brindell recalls low-flying green Army planes spraying a powder on the neighborhood, while she was outside playing with her friends. She says she went home, washed the powder off of her face and arms, and went back out to play. Since then, Brindell has battled four different types of cancer — breast, thyroid, skin and uterine cancer. “I feel betrayed,” said Brindell. “We pointed our fingers during the Holocaust, and we do something like this?” One cannot help but share the same sentiment towards what is going on now, with the DAPL and the treatment of the water protectors. Is the government spraying them with some sort of toxic chemicals too? It certainly isn’t something they wouldn’t do — even though they have no right to do so. 

[ :: 6-28-09 am service ( first word ) :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

etc.. All these things are end-time signs, the economy, the loss of jobs, the government control. You are in a time that the world has never seen before and that time does not get better, etc..

:: 11-30-16 Fortune :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

FBI's New Hacking Powers Take Effect This Week

by Jeff John Roberts @jeffjohnroberts November 30, 2016, 9:13 AM EST

A single search warrant, multiple computers. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies will be able to search multiple computers across the country with a single warrant thanks to a controversial rule change that takes effect on Thursday. The expanded search power, known as “Rule 41,” is intended to make it easier for the FBI to carry out complex computer investigations. Until now, the government could only carry out a search of computers located in the district where the federal judge granted the warrant—typically only a few counties in a given state. The legal process for government hacking has been a contentious topic, especially in light of a high profile investigation known as “Playpen” in which the FBI placed tracking software on the computers of child pornography suspects across the country. Some of these defendants have successfully challenged their arrest on the grounds they lived outside of the area described in the warrant. Civil liberties groups have warned Rule 41 represents a dangerous expansion of the government’s surveillance power, and will lead law enforcement bodies to “forum shop”—seeking warrants in districts where a judge is most likely to grant them. Get Data Sheet, Fortune’s technology newsletter. The controversy has also led a bipartisan group of lawmakers to call for a halt to the new Rule 41 powers until Congress has had time to study it. On Wednesday, Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del) called for a voice vote on the Senate floor to pass a bill delaying Rule 41, but the tactic fell short, in part because the measure lacked strong support in the House. A spokesperson for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which has led opposition to the rule change, says Congress can still change or halt the bill once it goes into effect. Rule 41 came about as part of a regular review of criminal procedure conducted by a conference of federal judges. After several years weighing the rule and a public comment period, the conference then submitted the suggested rule change to the Supreme Court, which then approved it to go into effect on Dec. 1. Opponents of Rule 41 have argued it is not the sort of housekeeping measure ordinarily addressed by the judicial conference, but rather a significant change to how police conduct search and seizure, and that it may fall afoul of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. Debate over the issue is likely to continue under the impending Presidency of Donald Trump.

This story was updated to reflect the failure of last minute attempts in Congress to stop Rule 41. 

:: 12-0-16 GEFIRA :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

NGOs are smuggling immigrants into Europe on an industrial scale

For two months, using, we have been monitoring the movements of ships owned by a couple of NGOs. Using data from, we have kept track of the daily arrivals of African immigrants in Italy. It turned out we were witness to a big scam and an illegal human traffic operation. NGOs, smugglers, the mafia in cahoots with the European Union have shipped thousands of illegals into Europe under the pretext of rescuing people, assisted by the Italian coast guard which coordinated their activities. Human traffickers contact the Italian coast guard in advance to receive support and to pick up their dubious cargo. NGO ships are directed to the “rescue spot” even as those to be rescued are still in Libya. The 15 ships that we observed are owned or leased by NGOs have regularly been seen to leave their Italian ports, head south, stop short of reaching the Libyan coast, pick up their human cargo, and take course back 260 miles to Italy even though the port of Zarzis in Tunis is just 60 miles away from the rescue spot. The organizations in question are: MOAS, Jugend Rettet, Stichting Bootvluchting, Médecins Sans Frontières, Save the Children, Proactiva Open Arms,, Sea-Eye and Life Boat. The real intention of the people behind the NGOs is not clear. We would not be surprised if their motive were money. They may also be politically driven; the activities of the Malta-based organisation, MOAS, by trafficking people to Italy is the best guarantee that migrants will not show up on the Maltese shore. MOAS is managed by an Maltese Marine officer well known in Malta for his maltreatment of refugees 1). It is also possible that these organisations are managed by naive “do-gooders” who do not understand that offering their services they are acting like a magnet to the people from Africa and thus they are willy-nilly causing more fatalities, not to mention that their actions are destabilizing Europe. However high-minded the intentions of these organisations might be, their actions are criminal as most of these migrants are not eligible for being granted asylum and will end up on the streets of Rome or Paris and undermine Europe’s stability raising racially motivated social tensions. Brussels has created particular legislature to protect people traffickers against prosecution. In a dedicated section of an EU resolution entitled On Search and Rescue, the text states that “private ship masters and non-governmental organisations who assist in sea rescues in the Mediterranean Sea should not risk punishment for providing such assistance.”2) During the two months of our observation, we have monitored at least 39 000 Africans illegally smuggled into Italy, which was done with the full consent of the Italian and European authorities. More information: In October we discovered that four NGOs picked up people in Libyan territorial waters. We have proof that these smugglers communicated their action in advance with the Italian authorities. Ten hours before the immigrants left Libya, the Italian coast guard directed the NGOs to the “rescue” spot: Full account “Caught in the act: NGOs deal in migrant smuggling” The MOAS organisation has close links with the famous US military contractor “Blackwater”, the US army and the Maltese navy. Full account: “The Americans from MOAS ferry migrants to Europe” There is a full account about the ships involved: “NGOs Armada operating off the coast of Libya”and how people are encourage to come to Europe: “Death road to Europe promoted on the web” 

:: 12-3-16 Zero Hedge :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

House Quietly Passes Bill Targeting "Russian Propaganda" Websites

by Tyler Durden Dec 3, 2016 11:55 AM

On November 30, one week after the Washington Post launched its witch hunt against "Russian propaganda fake news", with 390 votes for, the House quietly passed "H.R. 6393, Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017", sponsored by California Republican Devin Nunes (whose third largest donor in 2016 is Google parent Alphabet, Inc), a bill which deals with a number of intelligence-related issues, including Russian propaganda, or what the government calls propaganda, and hints at a potential crackdown on "offenders." A quick skim of the bill reveals "Title V—Matters relating to foreign countries", whose Section 501 calls for the government to "counter active measures by Russia to exert covert influence … carried out in coordination with, or at the behest of, political leaders or the security services of the Russian Federation and the role of the Russian Federation has been hidden or not acknowledged publicly.” The section lists the following definitions of media manipulation: Establishment or funding of a front group. Covert broadcasting. Media manipulation. Disinformation and forgeries. Funding agents of influence. Incitement and offensive counterintelligence. Assassinations. Terrorist acts. As ActivistPost correctly notes, it is easy to see how this law, if passed by the Senate and signed by the president, could be used to target, threaten, or eliminate so-called “fake news” websites, a list which has been used to arbitrarily define any website, or blog, that does not share the mainstream media's proclivity to serve as the Public Relations arm of a given administration. Curiously, the bill which was passed on November 30, was introduced on November 22, two days before the Washington Post published its Nov. 24 article citing "experts" who claim Russian propaganda helped Donald Trump get elected. As we reported last week, in an article that has been widely blasted, the WaPo wrote that "two teams of independent researchers found that the Russians exploited American-made technology platforms to attack U.S. democracy at a particularly vulnerable moment, as an insurgent candidate harnessed a wide range of grievances to claim the White House. The sophistication of the Russian tactics may complicate efforts by Facebook and Google to crack down on “fake news,” as they have vowed to do after widespread complaints about the problem." The newspaper cited PropOrNot, an anonymous website that posted a hit list of alternative media websites, including Zero Hedge, Drudge Report, Activist Post, Blacklisted News, the Ron Paul Report, and many others. Glenn Greenwald penned an appropriate response two days later in "Washington Post Disgracefully Promotes a McCarthyite Blacklist From a New, Hidden, and Very Shady Group." PropOrNot has pushed a conspiratorial thesis, without any actual proof, that the listed websites have been either used directly or covertly by the Russians to spread propaganda. While the bill passed the House with a sweeping majority, it is unknown if and when the bill will work its way through the Senate and be passed into law, although one would think that it has far higher chances of passing under president Obama than the President-Elect. It is also unclear if it will be used to shut down websites anonymously characterized as "useful idiots" or subversive elements used in disseminating supposed Russian propaganda. Those interested can read the full "H.R. 6393: Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017" at the following location" bill that may soon proclaim much of the internet to be criminal "Russian propaganda" at the following link. 

[ :: 12-31-15/1-1-16 New Year’s Eve Service :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::]

etc. Watch, know what my word says, and there shall be terrorist’s attacks, for they cannot be put off, for you allow the terrorists to come in like Trojan horses and they are here and nobody wants to deal with them. etc.

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Secret US Terror Camps Revealed-Terrorist Camps Are Now In Locations Across America, ‘READY FOR JIHAD!’

Dec 05, 2016

There are somewhere between 25 and 30 verified Jihadist training camps in the United States. But they are on private property and the weapons they use to train with are legal. So all the FBI can do to monitor the situation is keep tabs on them from afar. But trust me, these Islamist groups are training for guerrilla warfare with us on our own soil. It’s a ticking time bomb. I hope that President-elect Trump will address the terrorist threat in America seriously. I am fairly confident he will. With people like Frank Gaffney on his team and others who are dedicated to fighting radical Islam, we may at long last confront this dire threat head on. Many of these camps were established as early as 2012. From Conservative 101: -Out of outgoing President Barack Hussein Obama’s many failed policies, his all-time single worst decision was not taking the threat of radical Islamic terrorism seriously. -Instead, Obama promoted his childish “let’s be friends” policy that let an uncountable amount of terrorists and future terrorists into our country. Now we are paying the price. -By contrast, President-Elect Donald Trump has been front and center in the effort to change our ridiculous policy towards terrorism. -On Fox News recently, host Bill O’Reilly ran a segment that contained terrifying evidence about how terrorist camps have now spread throughout the United States. MORE-Which Countries Hate The United States? Why Vladimir Putin Hates Us? 12 Countries That Love To Hate America. -It’s about time we had a President who will take the horse blinders off our foreign policy with terrorists. Are you thankful we will have someone soon in office who will defend us from this clear and present threat? Watch below: The training camps are connected to Muslims of America (MOA) and belong to Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a Pakistan Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda-related branch. They train Muslim Jihadists how to fight and kill… the training is extensive and brutal. From The Clarion Project in 2007: The organization says it has a network of 22 “villages” around the U.S., with Islamberg as its main headquarters in New York. The Clarion Project obtained secret MOA footage showing female members receiving paramilitary training at Islamberg. It was featured on the Kelly File on FOX News Channel in October. A second MOA tape released by Clarion shows its spokesman declaring the U.S. to be a Muslim-majority country. A 2007 FBI record states that MOA members have been involved in at least 10 murders, one disappearance, three firebombings, one attempted firebombing, two explosive bombings and one attempted bombing. It states: “The documented propensity for violence by this organization supports the belief the leadership of the MOA extols membership to pursue a policy of jihad or holy war against individuals or groups it considers enemies of Islam, which includes the U.S. Government. Members of the MOA are encouraged to travel to Pakistan to receive religious and military/terrorist training from Sheikh Gilani.” The document also says that, “The MOA is now an autonomous organization which possesses an infrastructure capable of planning and mounting terrorist campaigns overseas and within the U.S.” ~Clarion Project These groups are extremely dangerous. They have armed guards on site and if you step on their land, there is an excellent chance you will be shot dead on the spot. Strict Shariah Law is observed at these facilities and Muslims train there by invitation only. They have to be dedicated to fighting infidels and willing to die for Allah to gain entry to the camp. MORE-New Reports Show That Terrorist Group ISIS and Russia’s Very Secret Services Has Recruited US Citizens For An Attack “Deadlier Than 9/11.” The FBI has been watching these groups for close to 15 years and they can’t touch them. They aren’t training for kicks. Sooner or later there will be full on war with radical Islam here in the States. Note where these camps are and prepare accordingly. Terrorist camps are here in the United States and Obama is doing nothing about it… With Barack Obama now unveiling his ‘Obamalaw’ plan across America, a progressive takeover of state and local policing according to this linked story from the Daily Caller, what we learn below is exasperating as we find out that armed terrorist training camps are being run right here in America with the full knowledge of US law enforcement, yet no arrests are being made and no raids conducted upon them. Meanwhile, the eyes of ‘Obamalaw’ and our nation’s national security apparatus are now squarely trained upon Christians, Constitution-supporting Americans, US Veterans and anyone else who disagrees with Barack Obama. Are Americans being set-up to be defenseless, sitting ducks? These recent stories from Bradley County News and Terror send out a loud and clear warning that Americans and our way of life in America are in grave danger as homegrown jihadis, being trained out of terrorist training camps now spread across America, are well positioned to strike key US cities, nuclear plants and other strategic targets while living in our communities, walking our streets and shopping, eating and dining with us, completely undetected and seemingly with the full support of the current administration in Washington DC. ‘Jihadi John’, the sadistic ISIS killer hiding behind a mask while lopping off heads, was once called ‘the best employee we ever had’ according to a former employer who also said of him: “He was very good with people. Calm and decent.” How was ‘Jihadi John’ suddenly radicalized and should his radicalization send a warning out to anyone who believes that ‘it can’t happen here?’ MORE-A Nuclear Inferno Upon Our Cities! AMERICA IS NOW FACING THE GREATEST CRISIS IN HISTORY Shelbyville, Tennessee is a small American city, population approx 20,000, that as recently as 2009 has seen a vast influx of Muslims from Somalia shipped in by the US Dept of State as shared in the 4th video below. Shelbyville is also the home of one of AT LEAST 37 terrorist training camps in America, well positioned to attack a nearby nuclear plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and all linked to one person, the Sheikh Mubarrack Al Gilani who has known associations to Al-Qaeda we are told. While the Clarion Project documents Gilani and homegrown terrorism in America in the 1st 3 videos below, the White House Press secretary has no clear answers as to why Obama and this administration are treating Muslims differently than they are treating Christians according to this linked story while more evidence emerges that ISIS/ISIL terrorists are being supported by US government agencies according to the linked Global Research story. While in Norway, government officials have recently taken the controversial step of deporting over 800 Muslims whom they had determined to have radical leanings, the move has had amazing results as violent crimes have dropped by more than 30%, numbers that every American should see and, though condemned by many American and European liberals, offer us a road that we might have to take ‘to stop evil from creeping into our backyards’ though many see a move like that in America as being ‘too little too late’. We learned this of the terrorist training camps in Tennessee: Many of these camps are reportedly fortified with heavy weapons, ammo and bomb making equipment as evidenced by a recent raid at a Colorado terrorist camp, This camp run by Gilani was searched by warrant when neighbors complained of loud noises and gun fire from the compound. MORE-War Is Coming, The Whole World Knows It Except The People Of The United States. Wake Up People! The 3 terrorist camps in TN are just a stones throw from I- 24 allowing fast access to major road ways. The camps are nestled along the north, northwest TN border near Nashville. The Dover and Paris camps are about a 30 minute drive apart and about equal time to Nashville. The newly reported Shelbyville camp is approximately 90 miles from Chattanooga and about 57 miles south, southeast of Nashville. These camps are well positioned near the heart of Tennessee and two of it’s biggest cities and population areas. Terror attacks could easily be carried out in our state with dire consequences. Oak Ridge is just a short drive from these camps and are strategically close to a number of nuclear reactors. MORE–WARNING: The Elite Are In A PANIC-ELITE UNDERGROUND BUNKERS – America’s Elite Building Bunkers To Hide From Nuclear War With Russia: WWIII With secretive US terror camps now being exposed as shared in the 5th video below from TheAlexJonesChannel beginning at the 7 minute mark, we have to ask how much longer it will be until America finds out far too late that our entire country and way of life is in danger? We are told that increased chatter has been heard surrounding the Tennessee training camps and a lot of military type movement and activity has been seen in the areas surrounding them. An abbreviated list of Islamic terror training camps in America is below videos. When the elite of the World start preparing for doomsday, that is a very troubling sign. And right now the elite appear to be quietly preparing for disaster like never before. Want to Be on Survivalist? The 3 Pioneer Survival Lessons We Should All Learn! Here’s your chance. Watch this free video. “Sleeper Cell–For the Record special on Islamic terror camps in America” This special is based on FBI documents obtained by Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project showing that Muslims of the Americas, an organization linked to a group named Jamaat ul-Fuqra, is a terrorist threat. The group says it has 22 “Islamic villages” across the country and is led by a radical cleric in Pakistan named Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani. You can read about Clarion’s discovery of a terrorist enclave in Texas. “Observers” in and around the Tn. Terrorist camps are reporting a lot of activity and military type movement. There is a stir in camps under observation by vigilant patriots that something may be impending in the near future. Chatter has reportedly increased and as those reports become visible, we will notify you. Some of their most active camps in the USA are: – Trout Creek Pass, Colorado (over 100 acres) – Red House Virginia (over 120 Acres) – Mecca Circle, Wayne County, GA – Islamber, NY (considered their headquarters – Holy Islamville, SC (another huge compound and extremely active) – Baladullah, CA (Huge and also extremely active) – A new one PA (Wayne County) – Fairfax, VA – York, SC – Hancock, NY – Deposit, NY – Springfield, MA – Philadelphia, PA– Hyattsville, MD – Bethany, WV – Meherrin, VA – Dover, TN – Paris, TN – Shelbyville, TN – Commerce, GA – Jessup, GA – Marion, AL – Talhina, OK – Houston, TX – Coldwater, MI – Buena Vista, CO – Oak Hill, CA – Onalska, WA Somali refugees have resettled in America to escape the chaos of their homeland. But the transition isn’t going smoothly in one town… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN Alex Jones covers the news and plays a report by Infowars reporter former Army Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs about the connection between President Obama’s blatant ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and the terror cells that have quietly been populated for decades in the United States. FBI and State Department documents have designated organizations as terrorist only to have them wiped off of the terrorist list by the Obama Administration. 

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Analysis of the Occult Symbols Found on the Bank of America Murals

November 23, 2010

Prominently displayed in the lobby of the Bank of America’s Corporate Center are “creepy” frescoes, filled with occult symbols. Even more unsettling is the fact that those images seem to predict events of a radical world change in the not-so-distant future. Are those murals predicting the coming of an occult New World Order? We will look at the occult meaning of the symbols found on the Bank of America frescoes. A reader of Infowars sent me pictures of some very odd murals displayed at the Bank of America Corporate Center in Charlotte, NC. Needless to say they immediately caught my attention, as I was flabbergasted by their symbolism and their message. I also couldn’t help relating them to the ominous murals of the Denver International Airport. Painted by Benjamin Long, the paintings are said to revolve around the themes of “making/building, chaos/creativity, and planning/knowledge in a “daring blend of abstract and realism, set off with touches of gold“. Although we normally read from left to right, there are clues within the frescoes hinting the viewers to read the paintings from right to left. The “planning” stage (visually represented by the fresco on the right) is normally the first step of any process so it would make sense to start from there. There is also alchemical symbolism hinting towards the chronology of the frescoes, so we will begin with the one on the right: Right Fresco The fresco on the right is dubbed Planning/Knowledge. An esoteric read of its symbolism reveals exactly what is being planned and what knowledge it is referring to. Masonic Boy on Masonic Floor We see here a young blond boy standing on a standard Masonic checker-board pattern floor. His feet are placed at a 90 degrees angle, in accordance to Masonic initiation ritual: “Q. On your return to the Lodge, where were you placed, as the youngest Entered Apprentice? A. In the northeast corner, my feet forming a right angle, my body erect, at the right hand of the Worshipful Master in the east, an upright man and Mason, and it was given me strictly in charge ever to walk and act as such.” – Malcolm C. Duncan, Duncan’s Masonic Ritual and Monitor Seemingly underneath the boy are people dressed in business suits, seemingly strategizing while pointing at the Masonic boy. Does the boy represent the “new generation”? This blond boy is very reminiscent of the blond boy featured at the center of one of the murals of the Denver International Airport. Burning Bush, Woman in Cube and Pyramid Behind the boy is a tree on fire, which is a reference of the Burning Bush of the Old Testament. The Burning Bush is of great importance in Masonic ritual, especially for the 33rd degree, whose members are considered to be “near the Burning Bush”. “In the third Exodus it is record that, while Moses was keeping the flock of Jethro on Mount Horeb, “the angle of Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush”, and there communicated to him for the first time his Ineffable Name. This occurrence is commemorated in the Burning Bush of the Royal Arch Degree. In all systems of antiquity, fire is adopted as a symbol of Deity; and the Burning Bush, or the bush filled with fire which did not consume, whence came forth the Tetragrammaton, the symbol of Divine Light and Truth, is considered in the advanced degrees of Freemasonry, like the Orient in the lower, as the great source of true Masonic light; wherefore Supreme Councils of the Thirty-Third Degree date their balustres or official documents, “near the B.B.” or Burning Bush, to intimate that they are, in their own rite, the exclusive source of all Masonic instruction”. – Albert G. Mackey, Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, Part 1 In the background is an Egyptian pyramid, the ultimate symbol of the Mysteries in occult teachings. A strange feature of the painting is the woman apparently trapped inside a transparent cube, hanging from threads coming from the sky. Does she represent the common man, stuck in the confines of the material world (occultly represented by the cube) and manipulated by unseen the forces from above? Stairs and Black Sun Jacob’s ladder and a black sun On the left of the image are stairs, apparently leading to the heavens, a classic symbol representing the path to illumination/Illuminati through the mysteries of Masonry. A Masonic engraving depicting stairs leading from the Masonic floor to the “outside” In the sky is a black sun, another symbol of an esoteric significance. Hermetic traditions teach the existence of two suns, an invisible and etheric one made of pure “philosophical gold” and the material one, the only one the profane can perceive, known as the Black Sun. In alchemy, the black sun (Sol niger) is the name of the result of the first stage of the Opus Magnum. The alchemical Magnum Opus (or Great Work) starts with the “blackening” – the calcination of crude metals – and ends with their transmutation into pure gold. Today, the symbol of the Black Sun is mostly associated with esoteric Nazism and cults such as the Temple of Set. It is also found in odd places such as: Bracken House, London. The Black Sun beares the face of Winston Churchill. …and, once again, the Denver International Airport. Floor design in the DIA depicting a black sun moving in front of the golden sun The right fresco therefore seems to portray the first step of a “Great Work” that needs to be accomplished, as symbolically represented by the black sun. Men dressed in suits (one of them oddly looks like Adam Weishaupt), seem to be preparing a new generation of Masonic youth. Meanwhile, the “profane” seem to be idling in an translucent cube, controlled by invisible puppeteers. Middle Fresco The middle fresco, Chaos/Creativity, depicts a turbulent transitional period. Many details within the painting describe this profound turmoil, which seem to be affecting all part of society and civilization. We find military and religious figures, people protesting and much more. Barb wires, nets and soldiers on the streets tell the viewers that this period of turmoil is also one of oppression. The nun does not seem very pleased either. At the left of the painting is a person wearing a biohazard suit, hinting to some kind of chemical warfare. Person in gas suit For this reason, and many more, I find this painting very similar to one of the Denver Airport’s murals … the most infamous one. This mural of the DIA portrays a militaristic figure wearing a gas mask and oppressing an endless line of sad people. Chemical warfare, military repression, dead babies … what is there not to like about this image? If we look at the top of the fresco, we see translucent beings spinning with fire, perhaps implying that the turmoil is also happening on a metaphysical, cosmic or astral level. Spinning naked bodies in a vortex of fire This round fiery shape can also be likened to a sun. Its pale golden color and the transparency of its figures can be associated with the intermediate step of the great alchemical work named “Whitening”. Jung compared this step with daybreak, the preparation for the next and final stage, which is the sunrise, characterized by the color red. Which is, of course, the most prominent color of the left fresco. Left Fresco The fresco on the left is said to focus on the theme of “Making/Building“. The main figure of the fresco is a worker holding a shovel, contemplating the work done. In his back pocket is a red piece of cloth, a symbolic detail in the context of this image. There is indeed a great emphasis on the color red in this fresco, which, as mentioned above, is the also the color associated with the final step of the alchemical Magnum Opus: Rubedo, the “Red Work”. In occult teachings, alchemical transformation can happen on numerous levels: a material level, where crude metals are transmuted to pure gold, but also on a spiritual and philosophical level, where the profane man becomes a “regenerated man”. In secret-society lore, the entire world is considered to be the subject of alchemical transformation; it is said to be an imperfect plane needing to be “transmuted into gold” in order to mirror the heavens, in accordance with the hermetic axiom “As Above, So Below”. Is a New World Order the “Great Work” of the occult elite? Sleeping Giant Is he dead or sleeping? And what does “EQ” mean? An odd detail of the fresco is this man blending with the earth, apparently in deep sleep … or is he buried? This is also reminiscent of the (unsettling) sleeping little boy on the DIA murals. A helpless little boy sleeping (or dead) under a red blanket What Is The Meaning of the Frescoes? Like most elitist art, the frescoes on display at the headquarters of Bank of America, the largest bank in America, tell a story intended to be decoded by those in the know. The frescoes seem to depict three stages of world transformation – planning, chaos and achievement – and are color-coded to be analogous to the three stages of hermetic alchemy: Nigredo (blackness), Albedo (whiteness) and Rubedo (redness). The frescoes beare many resemblances to the murals of the Denver International Airport, which also depict progressive phases of a profound transformation of society after a period of intense turmoil. The first fresco displays a wide array of occult symbols, some directly referring to Freemasonry. This is quite astonishing as the painting is in the lobby of the headquarters of the United States’ most predominant bank and not in a Masonic lodge … but perhaps there is some overlap. Those who are “in the know” and initiated to the Mysteries are those who are qualified to accomplishing the planning process, which in this painting seem to be the men in suits, whose ties match the red and white checker-board floor, and who make plans for the future generation, represented by the blond Masonic boy. In the second fresco, civil unrest, riots, protests and repression are all taking place. Historically, the masses only usually go into an outright revolt when their living conditions deteriorate significantly or when hugely unpopular policies get adopted. Does this piece refer to the loss of civil liberties and the rise of a police state? There is also a metaphysical aspect to the image, represented by the spinning naked bodies that appear as the sun, implying that the period turmoil is also happening on a cosmic level. The last fresco gives a sense of “mission accomplished”, with the dominant figure surveying the work, while also conveying the message that “the work is never totally done” as labourers are still hard at work in the underground. This is reminiscent of the movie Metropolis, where a class of workers silently slave away underground to sustain the elite’s utopia. I also can’t help but being reminded of the 33 Chilean miners while looking at those workers … In Conclusion The Bank of America frescoes are yet another example of the elite’s agenda being “hidden in plain sight”. These giant images, on display for all to see, but designed to be understood by few, describe the philosophy of the elite rulers, their occult knowledge and their plans for the future. As it is the case for all works of art, it is possible to interpret these paintings on numerous levels and to come up with different conclusions. It is, however, difficult to ignore the recurrent themes found in the ”Sinister Sites” described on The Vigilant Citizen: prevalent occult symbolism, the heralding of a “new era”, contempt for the profane masses, celebration of repression and war, etc. When comparing the Bank of America frescoes with the art of the DIA and the Georgia Guidestones, we can find a definite consistence in their symbolism, their tone and their message. This leads me to believe that the same group is behind all of those sites and many more. Whoever they are, we know a few things for sure: they are extremely rich, extremely powerful and they don’t really like you … because you are not one of Them. 

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That's how eager the Obama administration is about being transparent when it comes to spending large sums of taxpayers' money on itself.

As with the slow-motion releases of Hillary Clinton's emails, the idea of bureaucratic stalling, of course, is that the details become "old" news more likely to be ignored by media. Fortunately, we're not on vacation this week, so we can help the president out. Here goes: The new expense reports, heavily-redacted allegedly for security reasons, push the total known costs for vacations during Obama's reign to nearly $71 million -- with another full year to go. That's about $10.1 million per year in known expenses. The totals come from Judicial Watch, the dogged watchdog group that pursues such information through repeated Freedom of Information Act requests. Earlier this year Judicial Watch obtained transportation costs for a pair of the Democrat's cross-country golf weekends just in 2015. They totaled nearly $2 million, or $20,000 per hole, the Washington Examiner calculated. In February, for instance, Obama spent President's Weekend golfing with male friends in Palm Springs. At $206,000 per flight hour, that trip set taxpayers back $1.03 million. That does not include other costs such as security and transportation. Of course, even with Camp David available for free in Maryland every president goes on vacation, though none have gone so far so often as the Obamas, sometimes in separate planes. Their family trips to Hawaii, for example, require at least 18 hours of Air Force One flight time at $206,000 per flight hour. Or $3.7 million minimum. Complaints of over-spending on personal travel have dogged this first couple starting with Michelle Obama's luxury vacation with friends to Spain at the peak of the recession and subsequent family excursions during the nation's weakest economic recovery since World War II. As we reported earlier this year: The Obamas have "traveled more than any other first family, often with Mrs. Obama's mother and her friends. By the summer of 2014 the Obamas had taken 31 international trips lasting 119 days. At the same point in his presidency, Ronald Reagan had taken 14 such trips over 73 days. "When the family visited Ireland in 2013, taxpayers were hit for just under $8 million, including a quarter-million dollars for a two-day side-trip to Dublin for the Obama women. They chose a $3,500-per-night hotel suite in addition to 29 other rooms for their traveling party at the five-star hotel. "Last year when Mrs. Obama, her mother and two daughters toured China, they stayed in a Beijing hotel suite costing $8,400 per night." Joe Biden, currently vacationing with his wife in the Virgin Islands, hasn't exactly suffered on the road either. Two years ago an unusually large Biden entourage ran up a London hotel bill of $480,000 in one night. The next day in Paris, Biden's tab was $585,000, again for a single night. The latest expense revelations extracted from the Secret Service by Judicial Watch seem almost a bargain by comparison. They show, among other things, $92,000 for rental cars and $225,000 for lodging paid to Paradise Luxury Rentals and Cabana Girl LLC for agents during the Obamas' 2013 Hawaii holiday. "It is easy to see why the Secret Service, reeling from its own scandals, covered up these outrageous expense numbers for just one of Obama’s luxury Christmas vacations,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The $317,000 in Secret Service expenses are only the tip of the iceberg for the true cost of Obama’s 2013 vacation in Hawaii, which has now skyrocketed to $8,098,060." The organization has another lawsuit pending against the Department of Homeland Security for ignoring an additional 19 Freedom of Information requests. 

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etc. Keep your eyes; keep your eyes upon what is going on in the Mid-East, that is your tree, that is your tree, I have told you to watch Israel, that is your tree. etc.

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Biblical Pillar of Cloud Protects Israel From ISIS Over Golan Heights [VIDEO]

By Abra Forman December 4, 2016 , 10:30 am

“Thou Hashem art in the midst of this people; inasmuch as Thou Hashem art seen face to face, and Thy cloud standeth over them, and Thou goest before them, in a pillar of cloud by day, and in a pillar of fire by night.” Numbers 14:13 (The Israel Bible™) A startling video which has been shared over 140,000 times on Facebook reveals without a doubt the hand of God protecting Israel against her enemies. The video, posted on Thursday by Israel News Online, shows what appears to be an enormous pillar of cloud, dust and rain hovering over the dangerous border between Israel and Syria – in the very same area where ISIS militants had attacked IDF forces for the first time four days earlier. Most incredibly, the mysterious cloud ended precisely at the border without entering Israel’s Golan Heights region, seeming to afflict the Syrian side while not harming Israel. “This strange storm of what appears to be dust, cloud and rain did NOT cross the border fence into Israel. It sat like a barrier between ISIS and Israel,” the Facebook post read. In the video, dozens of amazed IDF soldiers are shown photographing and taping the bizarre weather phenomenon with their phones. With over 5 million views, nearly 60,000 likes, 28,500 comments and 143,793 shares, the video quickly went viral. Commenters had no doubt of what they were seeing, calling the cloud a “miracle” and a “protective occurrence provided by the Almighty.” “God protecting his chosen people yet again,” wrote Orlando Houston, while Margaret Tilford commented, “If they had cell phones back when God parted the Red Sea and led the Israelites it would have looked like this!” Indeed, the Biblical parallel is unmistakable. When the Israelites were wandering in the desert after leaving Egypt, the Bible relates that God took the form of a pillar of cloud to lead them. And Hashem went before them by day in a pillar of cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; that they might go by day and by night; the pillar of cloud by day, and the pillar of fire by night, departed not from before the people. Exodus 13:21-22 “It is the hand of God the Almighty showing the world He is in control!” wrote Magda Botha. Days before the appearance of the strange cloud barrier, a cell of four ISIS militants on the Syrian side of the border had fired on an IDF patrol in the Golan, marking the first time that the Islamic State had ever directly attacked Israeli forces. IDF soldiers immediately returned fire, killing all four attackers, and Israeli fighter jets responded by striking targets within Syria. No Israeli soldiers were hurt. Between Israel’s swift military victory and the pillar of cloud which appeared over the border, ISIS should heed the clear warning: this land is under Divine Protection.

Read more at 

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etc. you shall see more problems throughout the world, bigger terror attacks, etc

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US warns of 'heightened' risk of terror attacks on Christmas markets in Europe as Isil loses grip on Mosul and Raqqa

By Raf Sanchez, Middle East correspondent 22 November 2016 • 12:25pm

The US has warned its citizens that Europe is facing a “heightened risk of terror attacks” at Christmas markets and other seasonal holiday events. The US State Department said it had “credible information” that Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) and al-Qaeda were planning attacks and focusing on the “upcoming holiday season”. It specifically warned American travellers to exercise caution at “holiday festivals, events and outdoor markets”. The travel warning was issued as the US military said it expected Isil to resort to more traditional terrorist attacks after it loses its twin city strongholds of Mosul and Raqqa, both of which are under pressure. “We don’t think they are going to become an organisation that no longer presents a danger once Raqqa and Mosul are taken away,” said Col. John Dorrian, the spokesman for the US-led coalition against Isil. “What they are going to do is devolve into the type of terror organisation that we’ve known they were all along and continue to try to do external operations and try to motivate lone wolf attackers.” The State Department warning was released a week after the one-year anniversary of the 2015 Paris attacks, which killed 130 people across the French capital. It does not mention any specific countries as being particularly at risk but notes that the last year has seen attacks in Belgium, France, Germany, and Turkey. The warning makes no mention of Britain. “The Department of State alerts US citizens to the heightened risk of terrorist attacks throughout Europe, particularly during the holiday season. US citizens should exercise caution at holiday festivals, events, and outdoor markets,” the warning said. “Credible information indicates the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil or Da'esh), al-Qaeda, and their affiliates continue to plan terrorist attacks in Europe, with a focus on the upcoming holiday season and associated events. “US citizens should also be alert to the possibility that extremist sympathisers or self-radicalised extremists may conduct attacks during this period with little or no warning. Terrorists may employ a wide variety of tactics, using both conventional and non-conventional weapons and targeting both official and private interests.” 

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ISIS planning more terror attacks in Europe, captured documents reveal

Published time: 28 Nov, 2016 16:41 Edited time: 29 Nov, 2016 15:10

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) is planning attacks across Europe, according to intelligence seized by Western-backed rebels in Syria, a British general has claimed. Major-General Rupert Jones, deputy commander of US-led operations against the terrorist group, said that information retrieved by Kurdish and Arab militias in the former IS stronghold of Manbij indicates that there are explicit threats to Europe and elsewhere. Jones did not disclose any information found in the plans, but said that the data acquired by rebel forces will be shared with British and other coalition agencies as quickly as possible. The discovery comes as the US State Department issued a terrorism warning to its citizens visiting Europe over Christmas. His comments come amid growing fears that an IS coordinated or inspired terrorist attack will be carried out in Europe over the Christmas season. Last week, the US State Department issued a travel warning to its citizens visiting Europe. “Credible information indicates the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or Daesh), Al-Qaeda, and their affiliates continue to plan terrorist attacks in Europe, with a focus on the upcoming holiday season and associated events,” it said. Britain remains on severe terror alert, meaning that an attack is highly likely. It was revealed on Saturday that undercover SAS troops will be deployed on Oxford Street, London’s popular shopping destination, in the run up to Christmas. Around 70 Special Forces troops are reportedly on standby in the capital at the ready in the event of a terror attack. 

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Isis terror cell 'planned to attack Disneyland Paris and Champs Elysees Christmas market on 1 December'

Suspects detained after eight-month investigation by French counter-terror officers

Samuel Osborne @SamuelOsborne93 Thursday 24 November 2016

Members of a suspected Isis terror cell arrested last weekend in France planned to launch attacks on 1 December at Disneyland Paris and the Champs Elysees Christmas market. Seven suspected jihadis of French, Moroccan and Afghan nationalities were arrested in Strasbourg and Marseille in a series of coordinated raids on Saturday night. Two were later released. Bernard Cazeneuve told a news conference French counter-terror officers had been monitoring the cell for more than eight months. They also planned to target France's counter-intelligence services hub, the police crime-investigation headquarters and the nearby high court building, a source close to the inquiry told Reuters. The targets and the date of the planned assault were taken from information found on a smartphone, police sources said. Security sources confirmed some of the suspects had fought in Syria and were linked to the Isis cell which carried out the Paris attacks in November 2015, which left 130 people dead. The group’s “nervousness” as they awaited a weapons delivery reportedly sparked their arrests as the risk to public safety increased. Two handguns, an automatic pistol, a machine pistol and jihadist propaganda were all found during the raids. A total of 418 people have been arrested in France for suspected links to terror networks since the start of the year, including 43 people this month alone. The country remains in a state of emergency a year after Isis-linked attackers launched a coordinated assault on Paris, and some months after a lone terrorist ploughed a lorry into crowds in Nice celebrating Bastille Day in July. On Tuesday, the US State Department issued a warning to Americans to “exercise caution at holiday festivals, events, and outdoor markets" on account of credible information indicating Isis, al-Qaeda and their affiliates are continuing to plan attacks in Europe. 

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36 Confirmed Dead in Oakland Warehouse Party Fire; 11 Victims ID’d

By KQED News Staff and Wires December 5, 2016

Update 7 a.m. Monday: Crews have recovered an additional three victims from the warehouse, raising the death toll from the fire at the Ghost Ship warehouse to 36. Of the victims, 11 people have been identified and their families notified, said Deputy Tya Modeste, of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. Names of seven victims were released Sunday night, and the others won’t be released until families have had the chance to update other relatives. “We absolutely believe the number of fire fatalities will increase,” said Oakland Fire Battalion Fire Chief Melinda Drayton. Fire crews have covered 70 percent of the building in the recovery effort. They stopped work on a part of the site late Sunday where local investigators and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives “feel very strongly” they have found the area of the fire’s origin, Drayton said. That part of the warehouse has been quarantined. “Based on the significant charring and damage in the building, we’ve got some areas where the steel is actually twisted and wrapped in the back of the building,” she said of the area believed to be where the fire started. “Potentially,” during the party, “the dance floor was just above” that area, Drayton said. Just after midnight, crews had to stop work at the site when a 3-inch lean in an exterior wall was found at the front of the warehouse. “Working under a wobbly, potentially-collapsing exterior wall is extremely dangerous,” Drayton said. Structural engineers and contract workers were expected to arrive soon to the site and make a game plan for re-entering the site. They hope to be back in by noon, she said. Authorities were “no closer to finding a cause” for the blaze, Drayton said, and when asked about the temperature of the fire, she described it as “extremely hot.” Update 6:20 p.m. Sunday: The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Coroner’s Bureau has provided names of seven of the victims in the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland. An eighth 17-year-old minor will not be named. The office indicated the families of the victims have been notified. The victims with their ages and home cities are: Cash Askew, 22, Oakland - David Clines, 35, Oakland - Nick Gomez-Hall, 25, Coronado - Sara Hoda, 30, Walnut Creek Travis Hough, 35, Oakland - Donna Kellogg, 32, Oakland - Brandon Chase Wittenauer, 32, Hayward We will provide more information about those killed in the blaze over the next couple of days. Update 4 p.m. Sunday: The death toll from the fire at the Ghost Ship warehouse in Oakland has risen to 33, according to Alameda County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ray Kelly. He said the cause of the fire is still unknown during a press conference. Seven names of the victims will be released today. Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf said the search operation will continue 24/7. Schaaf said Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley has activated a criminal investigation team for any potential investigation into the fire. Only O’Malley can launch a criminal investigation. Schaaf said it is far too early for officials to make any suspicions about the cause of the blaze. “The scope of this tragedy is tremendous. We have many, many witnesses to interview,” Schaaf said. “We are in the process of doing that.” Sgt. Kelly said recovery crews have broken the warehouse into four quadrants for search purposes and victims have been found in every quadrant. Kelly said more than 60 percent of the warehouse still needs to be searched. Kelly said teenagers were among those killed. He added that some victims come from other countries and that there are attempts to contact families of the victims in Europe and Asia with the help of the State Department. Kelly also confirmed a sheriffs deputy’s son was among the victims. “This tragedy has hit very close to home for our agency,” Kelly said. “One of our deputies that we work with lost his son in this fire, and so we’re still dealing with that as we continue to deal with the other victims. This has affected us as first responders. We weren’t really prepared to talk about that right now, but we’re dealing with that, and our family, and our department is hurting from that.” The coroner’s office reiterated that family and friends should preserve any objects that may contain victims’ DNA, such as combs, brushes or toothbrushes for identification purposes. Oakland City Councilmember Noel Gallo, whose district contains the Ghost Ship warehouse, said city officials are beginning to have discussions about these type of buildings. “My responsibility to the citizens, we do need to enforce the codes that we have,” Gallo said in an interview with KQED’s Devin Katayama. “Certainly we’ve recognized we should have been more assertive in the past.” Katayama also spoke with Oakland resident Chris Dunn, who said he had attended parties at the Ghost Ship warehouse. “These are places that people go that don’t always fit into the legal and above-board clubs,” Dunn said. “These places people go to that can’t afford to go to some of those other bigger, above-board events. These are places you’re just not turned away for lack of funds.” Update 3 p.m. Sunday: Officials are holding a press conference at 3 p.m. to discuss the latest in the Oakland warehouse fire that has killed at least 30 individuals. Watch it live below. Update 12:50 p.m. Sunday: The death toll from the fire at the Ghost Ship warehouse in Oakland has risen to 30, according to Alameda County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ray Kelly. “That is an astronomical number,” he said. “We’re still not done.” Kelly said crews are getting deeper into the building and expects to find more victims. He also asked families to preserve any potential sources of victims’ DNA to identify bodies. 

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Statue of Jesus Inspires Many After the Tennessee Fires

A symbol of hope and faith during a time of disaster

by Maureen Mackey | Updated 02 Dec 2016 at 5:47 PM

The wildfires that have destroyed ground and property in East Tennessee have been mostly extinguished as of late Thursday afternoon — and one shining beacon of hope, faith, and light continues to inspire residents and business owners as they begin to pick up the pieces. In the remains of a home turned to rubble in Sevier County, Tennessees a statue of Jesus was found still standing. It was oiled but not broken. It stood upright and whole, but not burned. Amid the destruction, it was there for all to see, to be comforted by — and to marvel at, even now. "The statue of Jesus still standing in a home after the wildfires of Tennessee swept through it perhaps confirm the words of Jesus himself: 'I will be with you always, even until the end of time' (Matthew 28:20)," said Fr. Michael Sliney, a Catholic priest in New York and a LifeZette contributor. "Christ is always there with us, in good times and bad, in sickness and health, and He simply will never abandon His friends." As remarkable as the discovery of the status was — it was not the only faith-fueled relic found in the rubble left by the flames. Earlier this week, a Dollywood theme park employee, Isaac McCord, discovered a page from the Bible that had survived the flames. The worker said the passage he found provides "hope and faith," which is why he posted it to Facebook — where it has since been shared many thousands of times. He found the passage from Scripture while he was helping to clean up part of the theme park. Several verses from the Book of Joel are visible on the burned page, including, "To you, LORD, I call, for fire has devoured the pastures in the wilderness and flames have burned up all the trees of the field." The cause of the fire, which damaged roughly 17,000 acres, is still being investigated. The fire has claimed 11 lives and more than 70 people have been injured; some are still missing. "We're never going to give up hope. I will always hold out hope of a rescue," Fire Chief Greg Miller said at a Thursday afternoon press conference, according to a report in Patch. "But now we are at hour 65 since the beginning of the fires ... " Catholic Charities of East Tennessee is providing aid to those who have lost their homes, Catholic News Agency noted. 

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etc. Watch, know what my word says, and there shall be terrorist’s attacks, for they cannot be put off, for you allow the terrorists to come in like Trojan horses and they are here and nobody wants to deal with them. etc.

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The Stealth Invasion of Somali Terrorists Coming Across the Mexican Border- Jobs Awaiting

What was happening there, is now happening here. Refugees? Really? Where are the women and children? Are there any Christians among them? This is national suicide! What is happening there, is happening here. In the interest of national survival and individual preservation, it is important to do some much needed dot connecting. There are a serious of late-term actions taken by Obama that are very concerning. On the surface, Obama’s individual action would appear to be Obama just being Obama as he works up until the last possible moment to eviscerate our national boundaries and give preferential treatment to foreigners over American citizens. However, when one starts to connect the dots, a much more ominous future begins to take shape. Mexico and Obama Are Shipping Thousands of Somalians Into the United States In the brief following video, below, shot by a Mexican national, we see Africans being amassed in preparation to enter the United States. The local Mexican citizens have never seen anything like this. I have learned from one of my sources that these individuals are from Somalia. The public is being told that these people are refugees and are fleeing for their lives. One of my sources tells me that nothing could be further from the truth. Simply look at the images, these people are all male, young males of fighting age. There are no women and based upon past experience, one can safely bet that this is a fifth column invasion force similar to what we have seen with MS-13 brought into the United States in the summer of 2014. In fact, as Paul Preston and I have discovered, these terrorist immigrants, admitted by DHS in the summer of 2014, involved in the Calexit scenario should legislative action not be successful in obtaining California’s release from the United States. Paul and I have previously reported that an undercover source reported that random violence against white people would be perpetrated to force a California withdrawal in order to become a free and independent country. Although I do not know the final destination for these Somalians, I am willing to bet that their final destination is Northern California where they can disrupt the State of Jefferson movement which would result in No. California becoming the 51st state, but would disrupt the Calexit movement. With regard to bringing in terrorists to so disrupt California, thus forcing a break away from the US, we are witnessing massive amounts of terrorists entering California. Are we just supposed to forget about the stabbing incident at Ohio State? At the 20 minute mark of the following video, listen to the 3 minute explanation of this enterprise. In short, we are being overrun by unscreened terrorists who are entering our country with bad intentions. Obama Passes Two Executive Orders That Allows Foreign Nationals to Hold Civil Service Positions This past Tuesday, President Obama signed a pair of executive orders Tuesday giving federal agencies “more flexibility in hiring for civil service positions”. These two EO’s wave competitive requirements for Fulbright Scholars, foreign service officers and others. What in the world is meant by the term “others”? This could mean anything, any position. And do these EO’s relate back to the importation of fighting age, male foreigners to come into the country for no good reason. Question: Why aren’t the fake news publications of the New York Times and the Washington Post reporting on either the Somalians coming into the United States or on the EO’s that will hire foreign nationals like these for foreign service jobs? Dot Connecting Exercise #1: What if these Somalians are the beneficiaries of the new Executive orders? Or, do you believe in coincidences? The endless justifications never stop when it comes to destroying opportunities for our citizens. Obama went on to say that “The federal government benefits from a workforce that can be recruited from the broadest and deepest pools of qualified candidates for our highly competitive, merit-based positions.” Really Mr. President? What about the 100 million American people of working age who do not work full-time or work at all? Don’t they deserve these jobs, whatever they may be, over any foreign nationals. By the way, Obama should be known as the Executive order President. These two executive orders were his 260th and 261st of his presidency. Dot Connecting Exercise #2: Why are newest immigrants all male and are of fighting age? Isn’t this exactly what we saw n Europe with the Muslim immigration? No children, no women and certainly no Christians were part of the invading forces that are destroying Germany, Italy, Sweden, France, et al., are in the Muslim invasion force that are destroying the European cultures with massive acts of terrorism and the refusal for these immigrants to assimilate? And what about the impact this movement with no screening of immigrants for terrorist ties show up in our communities and interact with our children and have access to our neighborhood schools? Can you say Columbine on steroids? Wait a minute, as I have already reported, Muslims with clear and distinct ties to terrorism dominate key positions in our intelligence community (e.g. CIA Director, DHS, NSA). Conclusion The fifth column invasion of places like California are well underway, in fact, I do not think this can be stopped as it has progressed too far. Trump, if he survives the Electoral College revolt and possible assassination, which inherit a country that is disintegrating before our eyes. Do not make the mistake of thinking that this unholy invasion will stop with the Calexit movement. On a more disturbing note, I am investigating the veracity of the claim that some of the immigrants will indeed have federal jobs, working in FEMA camps. The next dot connecting exercise may include this FEMA camp connection that I am investigating. 

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46 U.S. companies join anti-Trump Breitbart blacklist

A Donald Trump-hating Twitter user – who is too scared to reveal his true identity because he says he fears backlash from Trump supporters – is attempting to destroy a leading conservative news site with a coordinated campaign attacking its advertisers and claiming it’s “racist.” The anonymous Twitter user, known as Sleeping Giants, is attempting to take down Breitbart News. It takes screenshots of advertisements on Breitbart and then harasses companies that own the ads, demanding that they blacklist the news site. And several high-profile U.S. companies are taking the bait. Ironically, while Sleeping Giants accuses Breitbart of being a “racist” site, the Twitter account features raised black fists that resemble those used in 1969 posters of the Black Panther Party. A similar fist, though typically white, was used to symbolize white power, and another red version represented leftist Autonnomist Marxism. The blog DigiDay says, “The creator of the account said he would prefer to remain anonymous to avoid being harassed by Trump supporters on the internet. He said he started the account because fake news and disinformation, are, in his opinion, two of the reasons why the election turned out in favor of Trump.” Like the reporting you see here? Sign up for free news alerts from, America’s independent news network. The creator of Sleeping Giants told the blog, “The biggest way that this disinformation will continue is ad revenue, just like any news source. Beyond really wanting to stop this nonsense, this effort was really born out of the need to inform advertisers about the kind of material that they’re sponsoring. This isn’t supposed to be a boycotting effort as much as an information effort.”

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Are Western Intelligence Services Involved With the 'Fake News' Would-Be Blacklist?

A scary proposition but hopefully it won't matter now that Trump, not Hillary, is going to be POTUS

Anatoly Karlin Subscribe to Anatoly Karlin Thu, Dec 1, 2016 |

The entire rigmarole around “fake news” is very curiously timed. So far as I’m aware the general “theory” behind it was primarily developed in the past year or so by Peter Pomerantsev and Edward Lucas under the aegis of the Legatum Institute. Edward Lucas is a Russophobe even by the standards of Economist journalists (suffice to say that he seriously compares Putin to Sauron). Peter Pomerantsev is a journalist with a very murky biography who emerged seemingly out of nowhere to become a hugely influential voice in the Russia debate as a propagator of the “post-fact”/”post-truth” meme. In their August 2016 report “Winning the Information War,” they went so far as to suggest Islamist deradicalization programs as a template for dealing with “radicalized, pro-Kremlin supporters, those on the far left and the far right, and Russian speakers.” In the past couple months, impartial arbiters of the truth like Facebook – the same company that was recently found to have censored conservative news source from its news feed – have seized upon and ran with this theme. The same media outlets that cheered on the Iraq War now wax lyrical about “post-truth politics.” The German bloc in the EU – the most prominent outpost of Atlanticism in our new Trumpist world – has spearheaded the adoption of an EU resolution against Islamic State propaganda and Russian information warrior (adopting wholesale the equivalence proposed by Lucas and Pomerantsev). The latest prominent example is an “expose” of fake news sites by the Washington Post, one of the most widely shared articles on the planet in recent days that garnered accolades and RTs from hundreds of prominent journalists. Ironically for an article about fake news, their source is a group of (completely anonymous) “researchers with foreign policy, military and technology backgrounds” on a website with a private WHOIS profile and no detailed explanation of their methodology but who do want the FBI and DoJ to investigate the sites on their list for pro-Russia espionage. (Yes, The Unz Review makes the cut). I am getting the distinct impression that this is a very well planned information operation that was that was meant to kick into high gear upon Hillary Clinton’s election, perhaps in conjunction with the “Russia bombed The Last Hospital in Aleppo” meme to set up the groundwork for a showdown in Syria (there are hints that this is indeed what Hillary Clinton was planning upon assuming the Presidency). Given the extensive ties of Western intelligence services with MSM editors, as claimed by whistleblowers such as Udo Ulfkotte and Paul Barril, and the CIA’s allegiance to the “blue empire,” the direct involvement of Western intelligence services cannot be excluded. But Trump threw a yuuuge! spanner into the works. The operation continued, carried along by inertia, but just as a snake that has had its head cut off it, its strikes became disjointed and flailing, unable to accomplish much. Hopefully we will just have to wait long enough to avoid getting accidentally bitten by the dismembered head before Trump clears out the trash and the Europeans get the memo that a new sheriff is in town. 

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Bioethicists Want To Purge Christian Doctors

No more saying no to abortion, euthanasia and contraception

By William M Briggs Published on November 29, 2016

Two academic bioethicists want to bar Christians and those who hold other traditional religious beliefs from practicing medicine, and even from attending medical school. The pair fear, as the National Post summarizes, doctors might “impose their values on patients.” Of course, it is impossible — not unlikely: impossible — for doctors not to impose their values on patients. Even using a tongue depressor on a patient presupposes certain moral values. (Presumably the doctor is doing this to aid in his goal of healing the patient, a moral value.) Since morality infuses all actions, the only real question is this: what moral values should doctors hold? Julian Savulescu and Udo Schuklenk (I will refer to them as “the SS” hereafter), in their paper “Doctors Have No Right to Refuse Medical Assistance in Dying, Abortion or Contraception” in the journal Bioethics, argue that conscientious objectors not be allowed to train for or to practice medicine. “The problem with conscientious objection,” they write, “is that it has been freely accommodated, if not encouraged, for far too long.” Conscientious Objection In their definition, conscientious objectors are those medical professionals who refuse to kill or to disperse contraception for traditional religious reasons. Throughout their paper the SS assume, but never argue, it is a moral good that doctors kill patients when patients demand to be killed, or that doctors kill the lives inside would-be mothers when requested. “Enlightened, progressive secular countries like Sweden, have labour laws in line with our arguments. Sweden provides no legal right of employees to conscientious objection.” To the SS, the more enlightened and progressive a country is, in effect, the farther it is from Christianity. The SS say anti-conscientious objection laws have “not had a detrimental effect on applications to these countries’ medical schools.” This must be false. If these laws have been applied, then they have prevented faithful Christians and other religious from (openly) entering these schools. If this turning-away hasn’t happened to many, it proves only how quickly Christianity has faded in these countries. Religion in Medicine “We don’t know of any evidence that those with religious beliefs make better medical doctors,” say the SS. This is proof the SS aren’t up on medical history. If it weren’t for Christianity, the tradition of hospitals, nursing, and even doctoring would be far different, notably far less prevalent. They say, “We are deeply sceptical that holding religious beliefs makes one better at the practice of medicine.” But the opposite of these religious beliefs lead to killing patients and the lives inside women, as opposed to healing and preventing death. In their scheme, medicine is no longer what is best for the patient or mankind, but what is most expedient. They assert contraception is a “social good,” “one of the greatest and most valuable of human achievements.” This is false. It is by definition an anti-human achievement. Where contraception has been adopted, birth rates have plummeted, often below replacement levels. And there are many other detrimental effects (many are listed here). Who Decides Right and Wrong? The SS continue with their reasoning: If society thinks contraception, abortion and assistance in dying are important, it should select people prepared to do them, not people whose values preclude them from participating. Equally, people not prepared to participate in such expected courses of action should not join professions tasked by society with the provision of such services. That “tasked by society” bit comes dangerously close to arguing that morality can be decided by vote. If a society decides it wants a thing, then that thing is “right.” But then the SS also admit this kind of “ethical relativism is practically ethical nihilism. If one accepted ethical relativism, the holocaust was, from the Nazi’s perspective, right. It is just that today we have a different set of values from the Nazis.” This is true. Ethical relativism is ethical nihilism. And since this is so, theirs is a direct admission that we need seek for morals truths which transcend societies and times. That truth can be found in the natural law. There is a lot more too it of course, but very briefly, the natural law states that that which goes against human nature is wrong. Impeding the results of sexual intercourse, and the direct killing of innocent human lives are antithetical to human nature, and they are therefore immoral. Rights Don’t Trump Wrongs It is important to understand that when doctors have a monopoly over a procedure like surgery, it is not a luxury that they can choose to give or withhold on personal grounds. There are criteria around justice, autonomy and interests that determine whether it is provided. When contraception, abortion or euthanasia are made legal and they become part and parcel of medical services over which doctors have monopoly power, patients do acquire a right to them. It is an absurd argument that because a thing is legal that therefore people have a “right” to it. Driving is legal; do people therefore have a right to free cars? Excepting contractual agreements and the like, it is just not true that a doctor is, as the SS say, ethically bound to provide any service asked of him. Of course, potential employers (like hospitals) may choose not to hire doctors who refuse to kill or dispense contraception. If these acts are legal, this is the employers’ right. And given that legality, it does follow that certain medical schools may also bar entrants who do not promise to abide by that school’s ethics. The SS have much of the law on their side. But that only demonstrates the well known truth that what is legal is not always what is right. So far, conscientious objection is still legal. Yet the SS gleefully look forward to a time when faithful Christians, Jews, Muslims, and other conscientious objectors are barred from practicing medicine. If we aren’t vigilant, they’ll get their wish. 

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Incredible video shows jetpack daredevils flying alongside the French air force at 4,000ft while doing 160mph

The jetmen and French air force fly together at 4,000ft at 160mph

Armée de l'air teamed up with Yves Rossy a pilot and jetpack inventor

The video has been viewed more than 820,000 times on YouTube

By Isobel Frodsham For Mailonline Published: 18:28 EST, 1 December 2016 | Updated: 20:18 EST, 1 December 2016

A stunning new video showing French air force pilots flying with three men wearing jetpacks has been published. The Armée de l'air teamed up with Yves Rossy, a pilot and jetpack inventor dubbed the Jetman, to produce the video, which consists of Yves, Vincent Aniclc Fugen and Fred flying through the air alongside eight alpha jet calicos. The jets and the jetmen were flying through the air at an altitude of 4,000 feet and a speed of 140 knots (160mph). They were then filmed by video production company, Airborne Films, when they took flight in October. In the video, the jetmen are seen preparing their jetpacks and safety equipment before boarding at helicopter. The pilots then takeoff and line up into position in the air. The jetmen then freefall through the air before launching their jetpacks and flying steadily before lining up with the jets. To add a patriotic touch, the jets then expel red, white and blue paint, in honour of the French flag. The video, which was published on Airborne Films' YouTube, has been watched more than 820,000 times. The Commander Dubois, leader of the Patrouille de France, the precision demonstration team of the Armée de l'air, said after the flight: 'What a fantastic experience for us and the pilots of the French air force to have been able to fly on patrol with men'.

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etc. For the system as you know it is vanishing before your eyes, you can no longer rely upon your jobs, upon your banking institutions, all you can depend upon is a one world government and you cannot depend upon that. etc..

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Even now, saith your Father, they plot for a one world banking system, a one world government, a one world controlled by one man, etc..

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etc.. The world walks in confusion, there are those countries that desire their own monetary system to choke out others, and then there are those that desire a world monetary system, and the world monitory system will be the one that wins out, my word calls it the mark of the beast, etc..

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etc.. Watch, watch, watch as you begin to see the monetary system totally crumble and collapse, etc..

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etc America your money will be worth nothing in the near future, this will bring panic, famine and martial law, yes, in the streets of America.  If you had read my word you know that these are the beginning of sorrows etc

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Welcome To The Currency War, Part 23: Europe Will Devalue Or Dissolve

November 27, 2016 3 Comments

No rest for the wicked. With the shockwaves from Brexit and President Trump still reverberating around the world, the established order is bracing for more bad news. Next up is a December 4 Italian constitutional referendum that might end the reign of centrist prime minister Matteo Renzi and replace him with a bunch of anti-euro iconoclasts from the Brexit/Trump part of the spectrum. Here’s an excerpt from a much longer, deep-context Guardian UK article: As the air of insurgency becomes unmistakable, the technical debate over reforming a 70-year-old constitution is in danger of becoming a sideshow. Perhaps the most disturbing poll for Renzi found last week that only 40% of Italians say they will vote on the reform package; 56% consider their vote to be more a verdict on the prime minister, his government and, by implication, the state of the nation. If that bigger picture still dominates come polling day, it is hard to see anything but defeat for a man once billed as Italy’s Tony Blair. After 13 years of a flatlining economy, Italians are battered, bruised and looking for somebody to blame. Unemployment is running at 11%, but is close to 40% among the young, who made up the bulk of the 107,000 who left the country last year to seek work abroad. The aftermath of the financial crash is estimated to have wiped out about a quarter of Italian industry. The average family income is less now than it was in 2007. Traditionally among the most enthusiastic proponents of European integration, ordinary Italians are furious at the EU’s failure to share the burden of the huge migration surge to their southern shores. Lectures from Brussels on the need to cut public spending and balance budgets, given the desperately straitened times, have added insult to injury. It is no coincidence that a current bookshop bestseller – 1960: The Best Year of Our Lives – is a nostalgic evocation of the Italian postwar economic miracle, when the country’s growth was judged to outstrip Germany’s. As initially strong support for his constitutional reforms has plummeted, Renzi has tried to turn the tide. In an attempt to woo an increasingly Eurosceptic electorate, he has begun to talk tough to Brussels, temporarily abandoning austerity targets and threatening to veto the EU budget unless other member states show more solidarity over migration. Resorting to what opponents describe as scare tactics, he has also drawn attention to a recent spike in the interest rates on government bonds. The markets have become decidedly uneasy at the prospect of Italy becoming the next country to deliver a seismic shock at the polls. “The yield will get bigger if uncertainty grows,” noted the prime minister. “That’s not a threat: it’s just a fact.” A sharp rise in the cost of financing Italy’s colossal public debt could spell disaster. But just as the so-called fear factor failed to keep Britain in the EU, there are few signs that Renzi’s economic warnings are having the desired effect. And not long after Italy takes its shot at the status quo, France will go to the polls for a run-off presidential vote pitting far-right François Fillon against extreme-right Marine Le Pen. Check out the latter’s rhetoric: Brexit: Check. Trump: Check. Marine Le Pen: ? “I think that the elites have lived too long among themselves. We are in a world where globalization, which is an ideology, has forgotten, and put aside the people, the people’s interests, aspirations, and dreams,” National Front party leader and French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen told CNBC following Trump’s election victory. “They have acted like carnivores, who used the world to enrich only themselves, and whether it’s the election of Donald Trump, or Brexit, the elites have realized that the people have stopped listening to them, that the people want to determine their futures and in a perfectly democratic framework, regain control of their destiny. And that panics them, because they are losing the power that they had given themselves,” Le Pen went on to say. The major tenets of National Front’s ideology include nationalism, protectionism, and right-wing populism – with strong stances against immigration. A once obscure political party that had no real weight in French politics, the National Front is now a major player. Envious of the U.K.’s Brexit referendum, Le Pen wants France to leave the European Union. In campaign stops across her country she has championed for more immigration restrictions and has been vocal against radical Islam – very akin to the way Donald Trump carried his campaign. Much like the president-elect’s foes, Le Pen’s critics have relentlessly labeled her a racist and a fascist. It’s hard to overstate the threat posed by these two votes to the EU — the world’s largest economic entity — and by implication to the rest of the global financial system. Italy is the third biggest country in the EU, and France is the second. Let either pull out and the result might be dissolution and the end of the euro. Trillions of dollars of euro-denominated bonds would suddenly be converted to lira or francs, forcing the holders of those bonds to take big losses and impairing bank capital across the continent, leading in turn to derivatives blowing up pretty much everywhere, and so on until the whole house of cards is threatened. So what does a fiat currency/fractional reserve banking Establishment do when confronted with such a looming catastrophe? What it always does of course: Cut interest rates and ramp up money creation in order to devalue the currency. Put another way, the only way to ease the burden the common currency places on inefficient countries like Italy and France is to cut the value of the euro to the point where French wine and Italian cars are screaming buys around the world. Those industries grow and hire more people, who in turn are more open to preserving the status quo. Now combine a massive euro devaluation (which, by the way, is already in progress)… …with a trillion-dollar US infrastructure program financed with borrowed money, and the result might be a world awash in unprecedented amounts of liquidity. If that’s not paradise for precious metals then it’s hard to imagine what would be. 

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After A "Run On The Pension Fund" Dallas Mayor Demands Halt Of Withdrawals

by Tyler Durden Nov 30, 2016 5:35 AM

We've written several times over the past couple of months about the epic meltdown of the the Dallas Police and Firefighters Pension (DPFP) (see here, here and here for background). It all started when the Pension Board discovered that one of their real estate managers had been consistently overmarking illiquid real estate investments. That discovery resulted in an FBI investigation of the manager and a $1BN write down for the DPFP. In the wake of the writedowns, Dallas policemen and firefighters rushed for the exits and withdrew over $500mm in assets. Fearing a "run on the bank" that could push the whole city of Dallas into bankruptcy, Mayor Mike Rawlings has just sent a scathing letter to the DPFP Pension Board demanded that withdrawals be halted immediately until the "solvency and actuarial soundness of the Pension System is restored." As the Board is well aware, at the beginning of this year, the actuarial value of assets under your supervision and control were reset to market value, resulting in a $1 billion valuation loss. This significant markdown was the result of years of mismanagement and abuse. Critically the Pension System's actuary warned that the Pension System would become insolvent even sooner if Deferred Retirement Option Plan ("DROP") funds are drawn down in less than a ten-year period. Despite this clear warning, you have inexplicably paid out nearly $500 million in lump-sum DROP withdrawals over a matter of mere months - notwithstanding your power to unilaterally restrict or limit DROP withdrawals. In doing so, you have knowingly allowed DROP funds to be withdrawn at record levels, cognizant that doing so is irreparably harming the Pensions System's solvency and liquidity Already, as a result of your actions, the Pension System's ability to pay its members' future benefits has been irreparably reduced from a period of 15 years to 10 years. Further, both the City of Dallas and the Pension System have projected that DROP withdrawals, if unabated, will lead to a liquidity crisis in the Pension System with the next 90 days, causing a forced sale of illiquid assets. Your Board Chairman summed it up best when referring to the payment of DROP withdrawals: "- the continuation of this practice would be financial suicide." And yet the practice continues. Given the urgency of this matter, I request a response within 48 hours as to whether the Board will immediately cease DROP payments until such time as the solvency and actuarial soundness of the Pension System is restored. As the Dallas Morning News points out, the DPFP's previous management refused to believe that a "run on the bank" was possible and feared any efforts to limit withdrawals would have just resulted in "backlash from police and firefighters when the restrictions were lifted." Instead of limiting withdrawals, in fact, the Pension Board proposed a $1BN, taxpayer funded bailout. The previous administration didn't believe the run on the bank would ever happen. When The Dallas Morning News asked then-administrator Richard Tettamant about the possibility in 2012, he replied that it wouldn't happen. "This could happen to Bank of America or Fidelity Investments as well, but as with them, there would be no reason for people to do that," Tettamant said in an email. "The pension system has sufficient liquid assets to cover all DROP distribution requests." More than $500 million has been withdrawn from the $1.5 billion fund this year. Most of it came after Aug. 11, when the pension fund proposed benefit cuts to help save it from insolvency caused by overvalued and risky real estate investments made by the previous administration. Still, the current pension board, which includes four City Council members, unanimously decided not to restrict DROP withdrawals this year after hours of deliberations and legal advice given behind closed doors. Pension board members believed they couldn't restrict the withdrawals forever and feared the backlash from police and firefighters when the restrictions were lifted. And they hoped that keeping DROP open would boost confidence in the fund. Meanwhile, Rawlings didn't earn any new friends among police or firefighters with his letter, as the President of the Dallas Fire Fighters Association lashed out at the Mayor for throwing "gasoline on the fire." Dallas Fire Fighters Association President Jim McDade also blasted the mayor for the letter. He said the city needs to step up instead of throwing "gasoline on the fire." "If the mayor believes that his letter will stop the 'run on the bank' he is wrong," McDade said in a written statement. "He just created a SPRINT to the bank" Alas, while Dallas police and fire fighters may ultimately endure some short-term pain if redemptions are temporarily halted, we suspect that the real long-term losers, as per the usual, will be taxpayers who will be forced to pony up whatever amount of money is required to keep the whole farce going just a little longer.  

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JPMorgan Tells Investors: Ignore Mainstream Media

by Tyler Durden Dec 1, 2016 11:15 PM

In its 'year-forward' 2017 outlook, JPMorgan's Marko Kolanovic warns that: In the short-term, with additional rate hikes imminent and the record level of the USD, we are at an increased risk of repeating the scenario from January 2016 where fundamental and systematic investors were selling at the same time in the aftermath of a Fed hike (albeit, some risks are lower this time, such as higher Oil prices and a lack of focus on China/CNY). According to our macroeconomic model, the VIX also appears to be ~3 points too cheap (1 standard deviation) relative to dozens of macroeconomic variables. So what is driving the VIX and is it still a good measure of equity market risk? There are several factors that can explain the behavior of equity volatility this year. The first one is structural and we described it as market pinning during most of July and August, caused by option positioning. At the peak of market pinning in August, the S&P 500 realized less than 5% annualized volatility and moved less than 10bps on a number of days. As Brexit, the US election, and the September volatility spike were well anticipated events, they also resulted in covering of option hedges, and opportunistic selling of volatility. Low/negative bond yields increased the allure of selling volatility (and buying equities) and put further pressure on volatility levels. Finally, it appears that the time horizon of macro traders has shortened dramatically, likely as a result of increased participation of machines and algorithms that are quicker to adjust to significant events and can eliminate trading activity of slower investors (such as the overnight post-election move). What will market volatility be in 2017? We think that, fundamentally, risks for equities in 2017 are higher compared to 2016. We expect an increased level of geopolitical risk and increased uncertainties related to the new US administration. In Europe, significant risks include fallouts from Brexit, the referendum in Italy, elections in France and Germany, and continued tensions related to immigration. The Middle East will likely see further turmoil in relation to developments in Syria, and low Oil prices that continue exerting pressure on budgets of Oil exporters. While the US macroeconomic cycle may get a boost from the proposed fiscal stimulus, corporate tax reform and de-regulation, both the passage and efficacy of these measures are far from certain at this moment. The main market risk for equities will come from a stronger USD and higher rates, in our view, which can destabilize equity P/E, Emerging Markets, the housing market, and US equity segments such as multinationals, domestic manufacturing, bond proxies, etc. Higher USD and bond yields will also undercut the ability of the new US administration to revive US manufacturing or use the fiscal deficit to re-ignite growth. Periods of low volatility may mask underlying fundamental risks. These quiet periods will be followed by quick outbursts of volatility that may not last long enough to be captured by an average investor. Hedgers may buy volatility ahead of an event and sell shortly before the catalyst to capture volatility grinding higher (rather than a spectacular increase). To gauge market risks, equity investors should watch for further increases in bond yields and strengthening of USD. Geopolitical developments should be gauged from both traditional and non-traditional data sources (such as big data sentiment indicators, independent media outlets, etc.) given the failure of many traditional data sources to anticipate geopolitical developments this year.

So in summary - don't trust the "fakeness" of a low VIX or the mainstream media when it comes to managing your money. 

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Hardline Islamist Protests In Indonesia Are Spreading Fear Among the Minority Chinese

Stephen Wright / AP Nov. 30, 2016

Protests by conservative Muslims against Jakarta's Chinese Christian governor are putting religious and racial fault lines in the spotlight

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — The capital of Muslim-majority Indonesia is on edge ahead of what is expected to be a second massive protest by conservative Muslims against its Christian governor and no group more so than its Chinese minority. They have reason to be concerned. The movement against the governor, who is being prosecuted for allegedly insulting the Quran, has overflowed with racial slurs against his Chinese ancestry, an unnerving sign in a country with a history of lashing out violently against the ethnic minority that makes up 1 percent of its 250 million people. The first major protest against Gov. Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama on Nov. 4 drew more than 100,000 people to Jakarta’s streets. Some held up banners calling for Ahok to be killed or decrying Chinese influence. It ended in violence, with one death and dozens injured after hard-liners attacked police. A separate mob tried to invade the apartment complex where Ahok lives in the north of the city and vandalized property in the area, which is home to many Chinese. Hard-line organizers of the protest, who were unsatisfied by a police decision earlier this month to formally name Ahok as a suspect in the blasphemy case instead of arresting him, are promising another giant rally on Friday. After police pressure, they have agreed to concentrate the rally around a national monument in central Jakarta and insist it will be peaceful. The furor over Ahok, sparked by his criticism of detractors who argued the Quran prohibits Muslims from having a non-Muslim leader, has highlighted religious and racial fault lines in Indonesia, the world’s most populous nation, and the growing challenge from proponents of Shariah law to its secular system of government. For Chinese Indonesians, the controversy has awakened painful memories of the mass protests that ousted late dictator Suharto during the 1998 Asian financial crisis. Boiling resentment against immigrant Chinese tycoons who profited from ties to Suharto and his famously corrupt family spilled over into mob attacks on Chinese property and people, killing many. Nearly two decades later, Jakarta’s Chinatown is still scarred by the burned out shells of buildings torched in the chaos. “Certainly as Chinese descendants, we are still traumatized by the riots in 1998,” said Clement Alexander, a grocery store owner in a narrow lane of the bustling Petak Sembilan market in Chinatown. “We heard that horrible event may happen again if the government fails to control the protests. It’s scared us, but we cannot do anything except pray,” he said. “For rich ethnic Chinese, they could flee to Singapore or to other countries, but for lower-class people like me it is rather difficult, we just survive and depend on the government for protection.” When Ahok in 2012 became the first Chinese to be elected deputy governor of Jakarta, and the first Christian in half a century, it was seen as a sign of the pluralistic tolerance fostered by the moderate form of Islam practiced in Indonesia. But his rise to governor in 2014 to replace political ally Joko “Jokowi” Widodo after his election as president was unpalatable to hard-liners. With the support of moderates that hope to gain from Ahok’s fall, they have elevated their agenda to the national stage, and revealed that intolerant interpretations of Islam adapted from the Middle East have made greater inroads than believed. Ahok is running for a second term as governor in elections due in February but since the blasphemy accusations erupted in September, his sky-high popularity in opinion polls has melted away. A pro-tolerance rally in Jakarta on Nov. 19 attracted less than 10,000 people. A military-organized event in the city on Wednesday meant to showcase respect for all of Indonesia’s six officially recognized religions was mainly populated by soldiers, schoolchildren and police, who had no choice about attending. For the Nov. 4 protest, the normally clogged streets of Jakarta were nearly emptied of cars, embassies closed, countries such as Australia issued advisories against travel to the city and many businesses shuttered for the day, particularly in Chinatown. “We are afraid the riots in 1998 would be repeated. But I don’t want to talk about that horrible event,” said Jhony Tan, owner of a store selling Buddhist worship paraphernalia. “I hope the government can handle this issue, so there’s no negative impact to any other community, especially to ethnic Chinese here. If they fail, Indonesia will be ruined,” he said. “I’m sure the majority of Indonesian people are willing to see that this problem has nothing to do with us.” Christianto Wibisono, an ethnic Chinese businessman and former government adviser whose home was burned in the 1998 riots, said that despite communal tensions, he is hopeful the government will maintain calm during Friday’s protest and beyond. The government’s approach needs to sap the momentum of a vocal and highly motivated minority but faces challenges: the moderate, silent majority is intimidated by the hard-liners’ tactics and months of campaigning for the Jakarta gubernatorial election as well as Ahok’s blasphemy trial will keep divisive issues in the spotlight. “Now is really the crucial test for Indonesia to maintain the country’s secular philosophy rather than be run over by Shariah groups. That would affect the whole world, if Indonesia became like the Middle East,” he said. “We should not import Middle East extremism. We should export our moderate Islamic philosophy and pluralism.” Associated Press writer Niniek Karmini contributed to this report. 

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Arab-Israeli Conflict By DANIELLE ZIRI, TOVAH LAZAROFF \ 11/30/2016 21:43

UN General Assembly supports resolution ignoring Jewish ties to Temple Mount

Out of the UN’s 193 member states, 147 voted in favor, seven voted against and eight abstained.

The UN General Assembly overwhelming voted to support a resolution that used solely Muslim language to describe the Temple Mount. Out of the United Nation’s 193 member states, 147 voted in favor, seven voted against and eight abstained. The Jerusalem resolution was one of six resolutions condemning Israel and supporting the Palestinians that the General Assembly approved on Wednesday, as part of its special annual session for the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, which began on Tuesday. All the European member states present in the room voted in favor of the resolution – countries such as France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom. The states that opposed the Jerusalem resolution were the United States, Canada, Israel, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Naura and Palu. Those that abstained were Australia, Guatemala, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay and Vanuatu. The Jerusalem resolution, numbered A/71/l.22, addresses the situation in Jerusalem and its holy sites and states that “any actions taken by Israel, the occupying power, to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the Holy City of Jerusalem are illegal and therefore null and void and have no validity whatsoever, and calls upon Israel to immediately cease all such illegal and unilateral measures.” The text calls on Israel to have “respect for the historic status quo at the holy places of Jerusalem” and “urges all sides to work immediately and cooperatively to defuse tensions and halt all provocations, incitement and violence at the holy sites in the city.” The resolutions were introduced by a group of mostly Arab countries, including Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq and Lebanon, and the Palestinian Authority, but also some Asian countries, such as Indonesia and Lao People’s Democratic Republic, as well as a few African countries. Resolutions A/71/l.18 and A/71/l.19, the first in the series, pledge respectively to support the UN’s Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People in its efforts to end the Israeli “occupation,” and extend member state’s cooperation with and support to the division for Palestinian Rights of the UN Secretariat. Draft resolution a/71/l.20, also adopted on Wednesday, with 153 votes in favor of it, seven abstentions and seven negative votes, aims to disseminate information on the Palestinian narrative of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as on all the activities of the United Nations system relating to the question of Palestine. The resolution also states the need to organize and promote “fact-finding news missions for journalists to the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and Israel.” In resolution A/71/l.21, the General Assembly calls for “a peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine.” It also “calls upon Israel, the occupying power, to comply strictly with its obligations under international law, including international humanitarian law, and to cease all of its measures that are contrary to international law and all unilateral actions in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem.” The last draft text adopted by the assembly, resolution A/71/l.8, adopted by a vote of 103 in favor, six abstentions and 56 votes against it, demands that Israel withdraw from all of the Golan to the line of June 4, 1967, and hand it over to Syria. Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon said, “Today’s resolutions are yet another example of the daily bias Israel faces in the UN. “At the same time that Israel is celebrating the historic decision to reestablish the Jewish state in our homeland, the UN continues to fund organizations and pass resolutions that do nothing to better the lives of the Palestinians.” The United States voted against all the resolutions. The representative of the US Mission at the General Assembly session spoke out against the “disproportionate number of resolutions condemning Israel.” He further stated that voting on these resolutions “damages the prospect for peace.” “All parties to the conflict have responsibility to end the conflict,” he said. The US representative added that his country is “disappointed” that the General Assembly chooses to single out Israel, which is “counterproductive.” The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People is observed by the United Nations on November 29 each year, the date marking the anniversary of the General Assembly’s 1947 adoption of the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine. 

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Tornado Outbreaks Are More Common — But We Don't Know Why

Evan Thomas , Katherine Biek 11:00 AM, Dec 1, 2016

The most dangerous tornadoes are the ones that touch down one after the other. Most tornado deaths in the U.S. happen when six or more tornadoes affect a relatively small area — and new research shows these outbreaks are getting more severe. We've seen that the frequency of these outbreaks is rising faster than expected. The chances of seeing a string of tornadoes has more than doubled in the past 50 years. And it's not that we're just seeing more of them thanks to smartphones and social media. While it's true that tornadoes are now more likely to be spotted and reported than ever, the researchers adjusted for this phenomenon and the counts still increased. And we're still not sure why. The increase doesn't seem to be driven by climate change. The warming planet has more energy available in the atmosphere to whip up fierce storms, but the models show this isn't associated with the frequency of the outbreaks. Researchers think it could be long-term cycles in ocean temperatures instead. We know these natural changes can influence everything from glacier mass in the Swiss Alps, to the frequency of hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean, to U.S. droughts. But those swings take a long time. If they're responsible, the best way to know for sure might be to wait and see if the frequency of tornado clusters declines as the oceans cool down in the next few decades. If tornado outbreaks are linked to climate change after all, the frequency might just keep climbing. 

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NOAA forecasts major December cold blast for nearly all the USA

Anthony Watts / 1 day ago December 1, 2016


Dr. Roger Pielke Sr. Alerts me to this map from the NOAA Climate Prediction Center and says: Cannot recall last time I have seen such a cold anomaly forecast across almost entire USA.

Neither can I, have a look: UPDATE: This map from Dr. Ryan Maue of WeatherBell shows that over 75% of the USA will be below freezing for overnight lows on December 8th: NOAA CPC description of these charts: Dr. Maue writes: CONUS average low temp of 17°F for Dec 8th according to ECMWF 12z is exceptionally cold — there will surely be record lows. Source: 

The only state not showing a cold anomaly is Hawaii, the southernmost parts of Florida and Texas are also spared. The 6-10 day outlook shows the western half of the USA and Alaska in a deep cold anomaly: The 8-14 day Outlook gives the confidence that a forecaster has, given as a probability, that the observed temperature, averaged over upcoming days 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 will be in the range of one of three possible categories below (B), normal (N), or above (A). For any calendar 7-day period, these categories can be defined by separating the 30 years of the climatology period, 1981-2010 (30 years), into the coldest 10 years, the middle 10 years, and the warmest 10 years. Because each of these categories occurs 1/3 of the time (10 times) during 1981-2010, for any particular calendar 7-day period, the probability of any category being selected at random from the 1981-2010 set of 30 observations is one in three (1/3), or 33.33%. This is also called the climatological probability. The sum of the climatological probabilities of the three categories is 100%. Graphical Information The colored shading on the map indicates the degree of confidence the forecaster has in the category indicated, where “B” and blue colors indicate “below-normal” and “A” and orange-red colors indicate “above normal”. The darker the shading, the greater is the level of confidence. The numbers labeling the contours separating different shades gives the probability that the indicated category (A, B, or N) will occur. The probabilities of all three categories are implied on the map, and sum to 100%. The forecast probabilities given on the map generally fall far short of complete confidence (100%) in any single category. When the probability of the above (A) or below (B) category is greater than 33.33% by some amount, the probability of the opposite category declines by that amount, while the probability of the middle category remains at 33.33%. In the event that the N category is greater than 33.33%, the probabilities of both the “A” and “B” categories is each reduced by 1/2 the amount that the “N” category exceeds 33.33%. When the probability of “A”, or “B” reaches 63.33% or higher, the odds of the opposite category reach a minimum allowed value of 3.33%, while the odds of the middle category are allowed to drop below 33.33%. The dashed contours on the map give the average of the temperature over the set of 30 observations for the calendar 7-day period during 1981-2010, in degrees Farenheit. 

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150 landslide dams, up to 100 000 landslides after Kaikoura earthquake

Posted by TW on December 02, 2016

New Zealand's GeoNet said today they have identified 150 landslide dams after M7.8 Kaikoura Earthquake and an estimated 80 000 to 100 000 landslides triggered by the main event and its aftershocks. "With the M7.8 Kaikoura Earthquake, landslides and land deformation have been at the forefront of risk to communities living in North Canterbury and Marlborough," the agency said. Certain areas have more landslides than others. In their flybys, the landslides begin just south from Cape Campbell, becoming more intense south of the Clarence River, with several large (100 000 – 500 000 m3) landslides disrupting both State Highway 1 and South Island Main Trunk railway (e.g. Ohau Point and Waipapa Bay areas). South of Kaikoura, on the steep slopes near Twin Tunnels, damage was similar to areas north of Kaikoura, again covering and or disrupting both State Highway 1 and railway. Although most of the landslide dams are small and pose little risk, the agency is monitoring 11 that pose a risk to downstream. These are Conway, Gelt, Hapuku, Leader upstream, Leader downstream, Linton, Medway, Ote Makura, Stanton, Towy, and Waima. Landslide dams with the highest level of hazard are currently: Linton Stream, which has a large, leaking dam with a lake behind it Conway River (lower dam) – water is flowing through the dam which is helping to lower the lake level behind it, but there is still a potential for failure Hapuku River – the dam is formed by a rock, sand and silt avalanche. The lake is filling so the hazard will increase through time until it is full. The likelihood of dam failure is higher during periods of steady or intense rainfall, and for about 24 hours afterwards. There is more likely to be a rapid dam failure if there is a lot of water upstream of a small dam, whereas rapid dam failure is much less likely if there is a just a small amount of water upstream of a large dam. There are three different options for how long landslide dams last. "These data are general and apply to all of the dams, so we can’t give any specific information on what might happen at each of the dams. At this stage, none of the dams look like they will overtop their river flood banks if they do fail rapidly. If rapid failure occurs without being associated with heavy rainfall then the level of the water will probably be a maximum of the level experienced during a 1 in 10-year flood - but no warning will be given," GeoNet said. Short lived landslide dams: Over half of dams (about 56%) fail within a month after forming. In this case, the dam remains in place until it is rapidly overtopped by water. Rarely, the dam may fail more slowly. The time between the dam overtopping and rapid failure can be between days and a month. As an example of rapid dam failure, the Poerua River dam failed in 1999. While this example shows what has happened in the past when a landslide dam rapidly failed, it’s important to note that this dam is larger than any of the dams seen in the Kaikoura area. Medium lived landslide dams: Almost a third of landslide dams survive the initial overtopping but then eventually either fail rapidly because of downward or headward erosion, or fail slowly as water permeates through it, removing sediment over time until the dam has gone. Long lived landslide dams: Some dams become a semi-permanent or permanent feature, forming a lake behind the dam. Examples of this are the Young River dam and the dam at Lake Waikaremoana, which formed the lake itself. Both of these dams are much larger than any of the dams seen in the Kaikoura area. Please take precautions and stay away from landslides and landslide dams, the agency warns. Stay away from steep cliffs and slopes in the Kaikoura and Marlborough region in case of rockfalls. Director of the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management, Sarah Stuart-Black, advises that people in areas downstream of landslide dams to be especially vigilant and to keep clear of river flood channels and outlets. Further safety information is provided by the Canterbury Civil Defence and Emergency Management Group.

Featured image: ​Hapuku river, landslide dam, New Zealand - December 2016. Credit: GeoNet 

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'It's the apocalypse': Burned out remains of Gatlinburg after thousands flee resort Tennessee towns as massive wildfire destroys homes and hotels and threatens Dollywood

More than 14,000 people have been forced to evacuate from resort towns of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge

Roughly 400 homes and structures were damaged, as there's 'little hope' for relief anytime soon

Four people suffered severe burns trying to evacuate and are hospitalized as no deaths have been reported

Westgate Resorts, a 16-story hotel and every cabin at Black Bear Falls is believed to have been destroyed

Schools in Green, McMinn and Sevier counties will are closed, and more than 12,000 people in Sevier County were without power as of early Tuesday morning

Dollywood was evacuated and tourists fled the area as wildfires ripped through Eastern Tennessee Monday

In a statement, Dolly Parton said: 'I am praying for all the families affected by the fire and the firefighters who are working so hard to keep everyone safe'

Terrifying video shot from the Gatlinburg Park Vista Hilton Hotel shows flames just outside the windows

By Hannah Parry For and Regina F. Graham For Published: 00:00 EST, 29 November 2016 | Updated: 20:58 EST, 29 November 2016

Grim photos show the burned out remains of small town Gatlinburg as thousands were forced to flee the resort town after a massive wildfire destroyed homes, hotels and had threatened to burn down the Dollywood theme park. Thousands of residents and visitors in the Gatlinburg area were evacuated from the Great Smoky Mountains, and hundreds of structures have been damaged and destroyed by the fire which is the worse to hit the area in decades as of Tuesday. 'The center of Gatlinburg looks good for now,' Newmansville Volunteer Fire Department Lt. Bobby Balding told the Knoxville News Sentinel on Tuesday. 'It's the apocalypse on both sides (of downtown).' Gatlinburg mayor Mike Werner said Tuesday that half of the city was impacted by the blaze, but the downtown area is intact and that they will rebuild the city. Gatlinburg Fire Chief Greg Miller says 12 people have been injured in the wildfires in the Gatlinburg area, most with non-life-threatening injuries. Three people who suffered burns while trying to flee have been transferred from a Knoxville hospital to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, which has a burn unit. A fourth person is being treated for facial burns in Knoxville. There have been no missing people or deaths reported associated with the fire. Miller said the fire spread Monday night by winds that at times exceeded 87 miles per hour. 'This is one for the history books,' Miller said at a morning news conference. 'The likes of this has never been seen. But the worst is definitely over with.' He added that about 14 buildings remain ablaze in the city, as most of them are smoldering. Firefighters are going door to door in the city to make sure no one has been overlooked. Officials say about 14,000 residents and visitors were evacuated from Gatlinburg alone, and portions of Dollywood have been evacuated as wind speeds top 70 miles per hour in some parts of Tennessee, which has been hit by the worst drought in nearly a decade. More than a dozen cabins operated by the park have been damaged or destroyed in the blaze. Resort staff evacuated families staying in 50 rooms at Dollywood's DreamMore Resort and in 19 of Dollywood's Smoky Mountain Cabins. In a statement released Tuesday by her publicists, Parton said she's been watching the 'terrible fires' in the Great Smoky Mountains. 'I am praying for all the families affected by the fire and the firefighters who are working so hard to keep everyone safe,' she said. 'It is a blessing that my Dollywood theme park, the DreamMore Resort and so many businesses in Pigeon Forge have been spared.' Dollywood has suspended park operations at least through Wednesday, but DreamMore will be open on a limited basis as a shelter and for registered guests. Parton is scheduled to appear on NBC's 'The Voice' on Tuesday night, her representatives had previously announced. The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) says hundreds of firefighters as well as local and state personnel and National Guard troops have been sent in to help fight the blaze and check on people. TEMA estimates that more than 150 homes and structures have also been destroyed or damaged by flames, as they say there is 'little hope' for relief anytime soon. Gatlinburg is a small mountain town where people can enter the 520,000 acre Great Smoky Mountains National Park. TEMA reported that the Ober Gatlinburg amusement park and ski area is fine after the agency previously received reports that the facility was likely destroyed. Preliminary surveys indicate that the fires have wiped out the more than 100 buildings of the Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort & Spa, as well as a 16-story hotel. In addition, Black Bear Falls was believed to have lost every cabin. Officials with the Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies say they have a team of biologists inside the facility and that all of the 10,000 fish and other animals are safe. Aquarium officials say police escorted an 'emergency team' back into the facility to check on the animals Tuesday. The aquarium will remain closed until the evacuation orders are lifted. Officials say more than 2 million people visit the aquarium each year. TEMA said schools in Green, McMinn and Sevier counties will be closed Tuesday, and more than 12,000 people in Sevier County were without power as of early Tuesday morning. Storms approaching the the nearly 28,000-acre Rough Ridge Fire in north Georgia and the nearly 25,000-acre Rock Mountain Fire burning on both sides of the Georgia-North Carolina line have signaled some hope for firefighters who are trying to put the blaze out Tuesday. However, high winds coming with the storms could cause many dead trees and branches to fall in the burning forests, which could pose a threat to firefighters. Blackhawk helicopters from the McGhee-Tyson airbase have flown to Gatlinburg to conduct water airdrops on Tuesday. Officials say there are about 1,200 people sheltering at the Gatlinburg Community Center and the Rocky Top Sports Park. Several other shelters have opened to house those forced from their homes. TV broadcasts showed residents streaming out of town just as rain started to wet roads. On Monday just after 6pm, motorists clogged the roads after the Gatlinburg Fire Department ordered the mandatory evacuation of the town. Strong wind conditions fanned the flames and embers across long distances, which started smaller fires that quickly spread through the drought-stricken trees. The winds also caused power lines to fall, which started new fires, authorities said. 'Everything was like a perfect storm,' said Cassius Cash, superintendent of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, to CNN affiliate WATE. Terrifying video shot from the Gatlinburg Park Vista Hilton Hotel on Monday appeared to show flames just outside the windows, as guests huddled together inside. Witnesses reported that dozens of people were trapped inside the hotel which was surrounded by flames, but it's unclear if people are still trapped inside as of Tuesday morning. Hotel guest Logan Baker, who is staying at the Hilton with his family, said that the 16-story building began filling with smoke as fire came up and into the parking lot on Monday. 'The only road to get down from the hotel, trees had fallen down in the road and were just engulfed in flames,' he told WATE, in a phone call from the hotel on Monday. 'Then the flames came up into the parking lot and then told us we all had stay inside.' Baker said it was difficult to breathe as smoke and embers came into the hotel through faulty emergency doors. Eventually firefighters were able to barricade the doors as guests opened out the top floor windows to let the smoke escape. It's unclear if guests have been able to leave the hotel as of Tuesday. A nearby apartment complex was also completely engulfed by flames, authorities report. The Gatlinburg building inspector also told Local News 8 that an elementary school and a college were also destroyed by the fire. The wildfire also set 30 buildings ablaze there and was at the edge of Dollywood, Dolly Parton's theme park, Tennessee Emergency Management Agency spokesman Dean Flener said in a news release on Monday. Staff at the park, based in the neighboring mountain town Pigeon Forge, had pitched in to help firefighters keep flames from threatening Dollywood. Parton released a public service announcement on Sunday urging visitors and residents of the region to exercise caution when handling fire, even as the blaze was nearing her iconic theme park. 'I love these Smoky Mountains that I call home, and I know you do too. Help protect their beauty and prevent human-caused wild fires,' Parton, 70, says in the ad. Her 295-acre amusement resort is one of the region's most popular draws with rides and musical events that sometimes include appearances by Parton and her family. Parton is a native of Sevier County, Tennessee, which includes both Gatlinburg and nearby Pigeon Forge, according to historical documents on the park's website. In the mid-1980s, Parton partnered with the Herschend family who ran the park, then known as Silver Dollar City. It opened under the new name of Dollywood in 1986. Residents who were forced to evacuate have shared how scary it was fleeing their homes as the fire quickly spread due to high winds. '(The sky) was brown,' Pigeon Forge resident Katie Brittian told Knox News. 'Ash has been falling from the sky since 3am.' Sharon Pinyan said she was evacuated from Gatlinburg when, 'a car behind us caught on fire due to the flames jumping the road.' Sara Gentry, of Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort in Gatlinburg, said that her four children and she, were able to go to her sister's home in Dandridge after they were evacuated. But she said friends of hers have watched their own homes get destroyed by the fire. 'This one girl was driving down Ski Mountain (Road) and watching her home burn,' Gentry said. 'My kids' friends have lost their homes. It's just awful.' Others report wooden cabins ablaze and some properties literally exploded in flames, witnesses say. As the wildfires continue to burn, thousands of tourists and residents alike spent the night in shelters located in the Pigeon Forge area. 'Three county school buses are available for emergency transport and are being dispatched as needed to transport those who need to evacuate,' fire spokeswoman Trish McGee told USA Today on Monday. Phil Campbell, facilities manager at the LeConte Event Center in Pigeon Forge, said his center had already taken in around 400 people. 'We knew we had power here and some places were losing power. We knew we had restrooms and water and a safe place to house people and give them a place to go – that's why we opened up,' he said. Multiple fires began after the strong winds sent fallen trees into power lines, authorities said. The Division of Forestry had reported on Sunday that the majority of wildfires in the area were completely contained as authorities were expecting a reprieve from the tinderbox conditions on Monday and Tuesday where more than two inches of rain were predicted to fall. Unfortunately, the rain failed to fall, and strong winds have the flames to private property. 'The wind is not helping, and the rain is not here yet,' Gatlinburg Fire Department Chief Greg Miller said. 'These are the worst possible conditions imaginable.' The National Park Service has issued an Air Quality Advisory for the area due to the smoke. Local schools have now cancelled tomorrow's classes while park employees were evacuated from the area. Popular tourist routes have also been shutdown amidst the wildfires. This is the second fire reported at Great Smoky Mountains National Park within a week. The first began at the Chimney Tops area and has spread across 500 acres. Miller asked for patience and prayers for the communities involved during a press conference. 'We urge the public to pray,' Miller told reporters. 'We urge the public to stay off the highways. The traffic that is on the roads is emergency equipment. If (the public) could just stay home and stay tuned to their local media outlet.' But forecasters are hoping the Tuesday storm will provide a new hope for firefighters trying to extinguish the flames. Early on Tuesday, the storms appeared to be taking aim at the nearly 28,000-acre Rough Ridge Fire in north Georgia and the nearly 25,000-acre Rock Mountain Fire that began in Georgia and then spread deep into North Carolina. The rain forecast 'puts the bull's-eye of the greatest amounts right at the bull's-eye of where we've been having our greatest activity,' said Dave Martin, deputy director of operations for fire and aviation management with the southern region of the U.S. Forest Service. The projected rainfall amounts 'really lines up with where we need it,' Martin said Monday. 'We're all knocking on wood.' After weeks of punishing drought, any rain that falls should be soaked up quickly, forecasters said. It will provide some relief but won't end the drought - or the fire threat, they said. More rain was expected Tuesday night and Wednesday morning in parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Tennessee's Department of Agriculture, which is responsible for maintaining the state's forests, said Tuesday there are 47 active fires that so far have consumed nearly 15,000 acres.

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Andrew Breitbart tweet before death adds fuel to online speculation of D.C. sex-trafficking ring

Newspapers, pundits blast charges from ‘dark crevices of the Web’

By Douglas Ernst - The Washington Times Monday, November 28, 2016

Andrew Breitbart is making news even in death. Social media speculation of a sex-trafficking ring in the nation’s capital has burned up social media sites for weeks. Complicating matters is Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s decision not to comment on anything WikiLeaks-related for months. Explosive claims by Internet sleuths, which were prompted after reading stolen documents belonging to Mr. Podesta, have been derided as “viciously phony” by Fox News’ Howard Kurtz. A tweet by Mr. Breitbart shortly before his March 1, 2012, death is now being cited by online researchers as proof that they are onto something big. SEE ALSO: D.C. power-player tied to Podesta blasts ‘insane’ Reddit sleuthing on sex-trafficking ring “How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me,” Mr. Breitbart wrote Feb. 4, 2011. The conservative icon’s death at age 43 was attributed to “heart failure.” Knowledge of the late conservative’s tweet sent Google searches for “Andrew Breitbart” skyrocketing Sunday night as news spread to members of Twitter, Reddit, GAB, Voat and other social media platforms. “One of America’s best an most respected independent journalists at the time; he is making a very bold claim about John Podesta — back then — based on his own research,” former Huffington Post contributor David Seaman wrote on GAB Sunday night. “This is years before WikiLeaks came out.” Mr. Seaman and others claim Mr. Podesta and his associates spoke in code in numerous documents released by WikiLeaks. One example includes a Feb. 9, 2014, email with the subject line “Did you leave a handkerchief.” “Hi John, The realtor found a handkerchief (I think it has a map that seems pizza-related. Is it yorus [sic]?” a woman identified as Susaner asked. “They can send it if you want.” Such wording led online sleuths to investigate Mr. Podesta’s connections with D.C. power-player James Alefantis, owner of Comet Ping Pong. The Democrat fundraiser and pizza place owner, who is mentioned in 16 different WikiLeaks documents, had a public Instagram account that featured sexual innuendo and bizarre images of children. Accounts for Comet Ping Pong employees, which are now set to private, featured nudity involving men with slices of pizza strategically placed over their genitals. “From this insane, fabricated conspiracy theory, we’ve come under constant assault,” Mr. Alefantis, 42, told The New York Times on Nov. 21. “I’ve done nothing for days but try to clean this up and protect my staff and friends from being terrorized. […] It’s endless.” The editorial board of The Washington Post also lambasted social media sleuths on Nov. 25 in an op-ed titled “‘Pizzagate’ shows how fake news hurts real people.” “The allegations against Comet Ping Pong, reported by the New York Times, are absurd on their face and detached from any gossamer thread of fact,” the newspaper wrote. “They took root in the dark crevices of the Web and took flight thanks to social media platforms, whose witless ‘who, us?’ posture in the face of misinformation and outright lunacy is a civic embarrassment. …” “Like 93 percent of Washingtonians, the restaurateur happened to support Ms. Clinton for president; he has some prominent Democratic friends, past and present,” the Post continued. “Mr. Alefantis’s name surfaced in leaked email from Mr. Podesta’s account, published by WikiLeaks, in which the two men discussed holding a Clinton fundraiser. As far as anyone knows, there is no more logic than that as to why Mr. Alefantis and his restaurant became targets. The First Amendment is a bulwark of democracy but provides no protection for defamatory allegations published in knowing disregard for the truth. Mr. Alefantis is more than entitled to sue for defamation and libel, if he can find the purveyors of the garbage heaved his way.” 

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etc. Have you read my word, do you know that Ezekiel thirty eight and thirty nine is knocking on the door, as a matter of fact, its got a battering-ram and it is knocking the door down, but you are not aware of that.  Are you aware of how they are removing the Bible, are you aware of how they are fighting Christians, are you aware of the countries that are killing every Christian that is there?  And then you think I can delay another five years or another ten years.  Have you not read in my word where they are laying under my altar and they are crying out, how much longer, how much longer?  Oh what a sad state the world is in. etc.

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‘O Allah, Kill the Despicable Christians’: Muslim Persecution of Christians, August 2016

2016/11/20 by Raymond Ibrahim

Originally published by the Gatestone Institute

Islamic hate for Christians was on constant display throughout the month of August. Shortly after an 80-year-old Catholic priest in France was slaughtered by Muslims who stormed his church during mass, the 16-year-old Muslim son of an Islamic cleric living in Belgium made and posted a video on social media. In the video he appears walking along the main street of the Belgian city of Verviers during recent Ramadan while making prayers to Allah, including: “Allah, kill the despicable Christians. Allah, kill each and every last one of them…” According to Immigration Minister Theo Francken: “It’s obvious that his father, the imam, is promoting such ideas not just to fighters to join the battle in Syria, but also to his own children. The young man who appears in the video reflects the father’s views, and I understand and empathize with the great concern that city residents have over this.” A deportation order was last reported as pending a court appeal. Similarly, in the August edition of Dabiq, ISIS’ propaganda magazine, the jihadi organization urged Muslims to destroy the “arrogant Christian disbelievers” and urged them to “pray for Allah’s curse to be upon the liars.” ISIS also threatened Christians to “break the cross.” Those who do and convert to Islam will “enter the Gardens of Paradise,” and those who reject Islam and cling to the cross will die in a “futile” war against ISIS. As if the Christians of Nigeria weren’t persecuted enough by Muslim groups such as Boko Haram, the new leader of that terrorist organization, which was also known for killing nonconformist Muslims, announced that Christians are now its number one and primary target, and that Boko Haram will continue to “bomb churches and kill Christians while ending attacks on mosques and markets used by ordinary Muslims.” Abu Musab al-Barnawi, the new leader, also spoke of “booby-trapping and blowing up every church that we are able to reach, and killing all of those who we find from the citizens of the Cross.” The experiences of Muslim converts to Christianity in Egypt continue to speak for themselves. After Muhammad Hegazi’s nine-year long battle with authorities—that began when he asked that his religion be changed to Christianity on his Egyptian ID card and ended with him being arrested and tortured for years—Islam’s honor was restored, though in a way held suspect by many rights activists in Egypt. Hegazi made a brief video announcing his return to Islam and praising Muhammad, adding “I say this out of my complete free will. I am not being held by any agency, nor am I under any pressure of any kind.” And Majed el-Shafie, who was imprisoned and tortured for apostatizing years back in Egypt, wants the world to know that “ISIS is not the problem.” As proof he recounted his experiences—not at the hands of ISIS but Egyptian authorities: “They shaved my head, they put my head in freezing cold water and then into boiling hot water. They burned their cigarettes on me, they electrocuted me. They cut me and put salt in my wounds. I still wake with nightmares about it, even now 20 years on.” The remainder of August’s roundup of Muslim persecution of Christians—all of which was not committed by ISIS—includes, but is not limited to, the following: Muslim Slaughter of Christians Nigeria: Muslim Fulani herdsmen, who are believed to be connected to the Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram, increased their murderous raids on Christian majority villages: Between August 1-3, they killed 13 Christians, burned Christian homes and churches, and displaced many survivors, during raids conducted in separate Christian majority villages. On August 13, the Muslim shepherds killed another seven Christians during another raid. Some of the victims were shot while others were slaughtered with machetes. On August 16, the Muslim herdsmen attacked another Christian majority village and slaughtered ten people. On August 25, a group of at least 50 Muslim herdsmen conducted a night raid into another Christian majority village. Among their victims was a six-month pregnant Christian woman whose stomach was ripped open. According to one report, Local Christian leaders are pleading with the Nigerian government to react with appropriate security measures in light of the ongoing crisis, which the state has so far left unaddressed. Since 2001, Fulani attacks of Christian-majority farming settlements across Nigeria’s central “Middle-Belt” region have grown increasingly violent as victims face their towns being literally wiped off the map in brutal raids. The militant group has murdered tens of thousands of Christians, amassing a body count larger than Boko Haram has inflicted, while attacks are expanding further into Northwest and Southeast Nigeria. To date, the Nigerian government has largely ignored the issue… Such indifference reportedly stretches all the way to the president of Nigeria, Muhammad Buhari. According to prominent Nigerian thinker and politician Femi Fani-Kayode, despite the increasing violence against Christians, “the Muslim president has only awarded the murderers with impunity rather than justice and has staffed his government with Islamic officials, while doing essentially nothing to give the nation’s Christians, who make up half the population, due representation.” Uganda: A group of Muslims murdered Pastor Robert Bakulubanywa, 38. As he was returning home after Sunday evening fellowship at his church, a group of Muslims—reportedly angry with him for evangelizing to Muslims and refusing to sell them land—surrounded him, tied him up, and sliced him to death with a sharp sword. Democratic Republic of Congo: Muslim militants from the Allied Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Uganda gathered and tied up between 36 and 50 Christians, before hacking them to death. In recent years, the “liberation” front has targeted Christians with violence, abducting people, looting Christian villages, and destroying churches, though most Western media downplay the religious motives of the rebels. Muslim Attacks on Christian Churches Indonesia: A teenage Muslim sitting amid Christian worshippers during a Catholic church Sunday mass service suddenly went into jihad mode: he attacked its 60-year-old priest with an axe and tried to set off explosives that could have killed hundreds of worshipers in the packed church. The bomb failed to go off properly and the 18-year-old Islamic terrorist was apprehended. United States: In Riverside, California, Muslims in a car repeatedly screaming “Allahu akbar!” through a bullhorn terrorized St. Andrew Orthodox Church during worship service, “as the unnerved parents drew their infants close and exchanged worried glances,” said the report. Some witnesses told police it looked like one of the three men in the green Honda Civic was taking surveillance pictures of the church. France: During a mass held for Father Hamel—the 80-year-old priest who was slaughtered days earlier—at the St. George church in Vivonne (Vienne), a small town of 4000 inhabitants, the priest informed the congregation that the church had been vandalized: “the light of the tabernacle of the Real Presence had disappeared or had been stolen, and placed on the altar was a photo of the Nice terrorist, the Islamist Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel.” Iran: Authorities arrested 11 Christians during a raid on an in-house church in the city of Isfahan. Books and other Christian literature were confiscated from the in-house church. According to the report, there was no further information about the status of the detainees. Turkey: After giving previous permission, authorities banned Orthodox Christian liturgy from being held at a historic monastery. According to the report, “The doors of the Sumela Monastery reopened in June 2010, after 88 years. The Turkish government had given permission to the Ecumenical Patriarchate to have a patriarchal liturgy for the Feast of the Assumption every year. That permission has been suddenly revoked, perhaps permanently.” Sudan: Claiming that it was built illegally, local Muslim authorities issued a demolition notice to yet another church. The congregation was given one week to clear out or else further legal procedures would be taken, including forcing the church to pay the demolishing costs. The church was built on the land in 1976, a considerable time before the National Islamic Front seized power in Sudan through a military coup in 1989—so how could it be illegal, argue church activists. Countless churches that once stood in Sudan for decades have met the same fate in recent times. Pakistan: Christians accused the government of Gujrat of intentionally flooding a 130-year-old church with sewerage. According to the report, “Local Christians managed to cut the flow of sewerage after hours of skirmish efforts…. Agitated Christians claimed that the flow of the sewerage was maneuvered towards the church in order to prevent it from flooding neighboring Gujrat Gymkhana. The waste water swamped the flooring and carpets of the church.” Muslim Attacks on Christian Apostates, Blasphemers, and Preachers Algeria: A Muslim convert to Christianity was sentenced to five years in prison for saying that the light of Jesus will outshine Islam and its prophet Muhammad on social media, which the court ruled was “blasphemous.” According to his son, who accompanied the apostate during his hearing: “The court sentenced my father to the maximum sentence! …. [M]y father was expressing his ideas and spread his political views on social networks as it has always done elsewhere. It is an attack on freedom of expression because, in my opinion, everything is subject to criticism, even religions.” Nigeria: After two university students got into a verbal argument, the Muslim student accused the Christian of insulting the Muslim prophet Muhammad. Soon a mob of Muslims formed and said the Christian must die; they savagely beat and nearly killed him. He only survived “because a fellow Christian intervened to rush him to the hospital with the help of a compassionate Muslim who volunteered his car to carry the victim.” On the following day mobs of Muslims rioted and vandalized Christian campuses and churches. According to a local source, “They went to ECWA Church, Living Church, and Anglican Church. They vandalized the Anglican Church pastorium, destroying electronics and other property. I heard they also burnt down the home of the rescue volunteer Muslim man (who assisted the attacked Christian student to the hospital), trapping and killing eight persons inside who, sadly, happened to be Muslims also.” Separately, a Muslim man sought to divorce his wife of 24 years after he discovered that she secretly converted to Christianity. The man stated that he cannot tolerate any other religion in his home except for Islam. Last reported, the 50-year-old woman “broke down in tears while on her knees begging her estranged husband, Jamiu Adewunmi, not to divorce her.” Addressing the court she said: “Please court; help me beg him, where will I get a man at my age to marry me if my husband divorces me?” Pakistan: A Christian girl faces death threats if she does not return to her Muslim abductor who forcibly converted her to Islam. The family of a Christian girl who was kidnapped, raped, forced to convert to Islam, and then forcefully married to a Muslim are now under threat if they refuse to hand back their daughter to her captors. Several months earlier, Asma was kidnapped by a powerful Muslim neighbor who forcefully converted her to Islam and forcefully married her, and then named her Aisha, after the prophet’s young wife. After she escaped and returned to her family, local clerics claimed that Asma had re-converted to Christianity and was now apostate and should be killed unless she returns to her husband and new faith. Uganda: Eight children, ages 9 to 16, from four families of Islamic and pagan backgrounds, took refuge with Christians after their parents and other community members beat and disowned them for leaving Islam and animism for Christianity. Through the ordeal, the church they were able to seek refuge in has also come under threat of destruction and violence by the local Muslim population. “Your church activities will not be tolerated in this area,” one Muslim informed the pastor. “If you do not leave our village, then we shall soon come for your life.” Separately, a Christian high school student received a serious head injury by the Muslim father of a young woman he led to Christ. Muslim Discrimination against and Abuse of Christians Saudi Arabia: According to an Arab language news report published on August 27, officials from the desert kingdom arrested 27 Christians—among them several women and children—for the crime of “conducting Christian prayers” and being “in possession of Bibles.” The group of Christians, most if not all of whom were Lebanese nationals, were celebrating a Virgin Mary feast day when authorities stormed their residence and arrested them. The dreaded “religious police” proceeded to strip them of their visas and deport them back to Lebanon. Such religious intolerance is actually better than that meted to other Christians caught engaging in “acts of Christianity” In 2012, for example, 35 Christian Ethiopians were arrested and tortured in prison for almost a year, simply for holding a private house prayer. One of them reported after being released: “They [Saudis] are full of hatred towards non-Muslims.” Pakistan: The son of a Muslim landlord sexually assaulted the five-year-old daughter of a Christian couple renting a room. Afterwards, “the landlord purportedly barred the Christian couple from reporting the incident to the police for seven days. Because of the harassment, parents of the victim were unable to acquire a medical report of their daughter who was sexually assaulted,” said the report. “As a result of lack of medical report, there is no substantial proof of the assault. The influential landlord and his rapist son hurled threats at the Christian family stating that entire family of the victim will face dire consequences if action is taken against the culprit.” Separately, a historic Christian graveyard is falling into decay due to willful neglect from local authorities. According to the report, “Local Christians claim the graveyard is undergoing wear while the local authorities are overlooking the situation. They expressed serious concerns over the desecration of graves of their loved ones. They said that the Christian population had been residing in the area, even before the creation of Pakistan.” Egypt: Arguing that they are being treated as second-class citizens, about three dozen Christians staged a rare protest in downtown Cairo and demanded that the government uphold their rights. Standing on the steps of a courthouse in the capital the demonstrators defied Egypt’s draconian positions on protests. “I am an Egyptian citizen above all,” said Michael Armanious, a Christian demonstrator. “We pay taxes, we serve in the army, we are dealing with all the same economic problems in Egypt with the rest of our countrymen, why should we have fewer rights?” Police—who often take hours to appear when Muslims attack Christians—quickly dispersed the protesters. Separately, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights reported that there have been 77 cases of extreme Muslim on Christian violence between the years 2011 and 2016—excluding the huge spate of attacks on Christians and dozens of churches that directly followed the ousting of former president Morsi. Coptic Pope Tawadros also confirmed that Christians are seriously attacked by Muslims on average once a month. At least ten incidents this year have resulted in discord, death and destruction. Sudan: Prosecutors accused two imprisoned pastors, both members of the Sudanese Church of Christ, of numerous crimes against the state, and called for the death penalty against them. The pastors denied the charges and local sources say there is no evidence against them, but that the hardline Islamist prosecutors are persecuting them for their faith. Bangladesh: Rosaline Costa, a Catholic newspaper editor, fled to America after receiving numerous death threats prompted by editorials in the newspaper she worked for about the growing religious discrimination and violence in the country. Because there has been a rise in Muslim attacks on Christians in various ways in Bangladesh—including outright murder—the Catholic woman decided to leave before she was next. Christian minorities further allege that Bangladeshi authorities and the judicial system either cannot or will not do anything to stop the persecution and discrimination against them. Germany: Christian refugees continue to face daily harassment and threats from Muslim majorities living with them in asylum centers. In one instance, 14 Iranian Christian men were threatened with death for refusing to abandon their faith. During Ramadan, Christians had to hide their Bibles and were forced to eat leftover food in the camp after the meal times were changed to accommodate Muslims, who fast and don’t eat during daylight hours during the Islamic holy month. One pastor said many Muslims in the camp regard their fellow Christian migrants as “unclean” and “more impure than dogs.” In several asylum centers all throughout Europe, Christians minorities continue to be harassed and attacked. About this Series The persecution of Christians in the Islamic world has become endemic. Accordingly, “Muslim Persecution of Christians” was developed to collate some—by no means all—of the instances of persecution that surface each month. It serves two purposes: 1) To document that which the mainstream media does not: the habitual, if not chronic, persecution of Christians. 2) To show that such persecution is not “random,” but systematic and interrelated—that it is rooted in a worldview inspired by Islamic Sharia. Accordingly, whatever the anecdote of persecution, it typically fits under a specific theme, including hatred for churches and other Christian symbols; apostasy, blasphemy, and proselytism laws that criminalize and sometimes punish with death those who “offend” Islam; sexual abuse of Christian women; forced conversions to Islam; theft and plunder in lieu of jizya (financial tribute expected from non-Muslims); overall expectations for Christians to behave like cowed dhimmis, or third-class, “tolerated” citizens; and simple violence and murder. Sometimes it is a combination thereof. Because these accounts of persecution span different ethnicities, languages, and locales—from Morocco in the West, to Indonesia in the East—it should be clear that one thing alone binds them: Islam—whether the strict application of Islamic Sharia law, or the supremacist culture born of it. 

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etc. you see all the things that are going on in the world, you see the darkness, you see the troubles, etc.

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Europe on 'BRINK OF WAR' as Turkey gathers boats to ship migrants to Greece over EU anger

EUROPE is on the brink of war as Turkey gathers fleets of boats to ship 3,000 migrants a day to Greece in retaliation over the European Union's (EU) vote to freeze accession talks.

By Alix Culbertson

Greek intelligence officers have discovered the Turkish plans which they say involve thousands of dinghies and motorboats already being gathered along Turkey's western coast. The analysts said Syrian migrants are preparing to board the vessels and wash up on Greek shores "within a matter of weeks". National intelligence officials estimate at least 3,000 undocumented migrants could enter Greece each day under the plan. During a speech in Istanbul on Saturday, the country's president warned: "If you go any further, these border gates will be opened. Neither me nor my people will be affected by these dry threats. It wouldn't matter if all of you approved the European Parliament vote. "We are the ones who feed three-three and a half million refugees in this country. You have betrayed your promises." In March this year, Turkey entered into an agreement with the EU in which they accept Syrian migrants who have made their way from Turkey to Greece. In return for accepting the migrants, Turkish citizens get visa-free access to the EU and the government gets monetary rewards. However, Turkey's human rights attitude has continually threatened to topple its accession hopes. Athanassios Drougas, an intelligence expert in Athens, told The Times: "No one is underestimating Mr Erdogan and his unpredictability these days. "These plans, along with explicit threats that the Turkish president has made in recent weeks, have Greece's joint chiefs of staff seriously concerned. "They are fearful and they have told the political leadership here that if Turkey opens the floodgates yet again, Greece, in its current state of financial and social distress, will not be able to withstand the shock. "It will spell war or wreak the havoc of one." Greece is already struggling to cope as more than 60,000 refugees are stranded in the country due to several Balkan states closing their borders last February, leaving them with nowhere else to go. Five Aegean islands close to Turkey's western coast are estimated to be hosting 16,000 asylum seekers in limbo. Dr Drougas, added: "It's no surprise that the Hellenic Navy and special units have been undertaking increased exercises around Greek islands, mainly in the northern Aegean, for fear of a sudden attack in the case of a dramatic deterioration in Ankara's relations with the EU." Following the EU vote to freeze Turkey's EU membership talks, Mr Erdogan threatened to open his country's borders to allow migrants to flood into Europe. European Parliament politicians had voted for the freeze after the Turkish President continued to arrest, incarcerate and purge thousands of citizens, including many intellectuals, following a failed coup in July. Dr Drougas, added: "With Europe in a mess, Mr Erdogan feels he has a free hand in trying to blackmail the bloc using the refugee crisis as leverage." 

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Trump Should Replace The MSM White House Press Corps With Alternative Media

- The Mainstream Media Should Be Treated With The Same Contempt They Treat Trump And His Supporters

November 28, 2016 By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Over the past year and a half President-Elect Donald Trump has managed to shine a bright white spotlight on the mainstream media and exposed them as the number one source of manufactured and "fake" news across the world. He has done so by exposing their extreme biases, then using those same biases to garner free media and spread his message further than any campaign could through advertising alone. This is a pattern seen through the primary campaign, into the general election campaign and one that Trump is continuing to utilize presently, and the MSM, having learned nothing, is still taking the rope Trump continues to hand them and hanging themselves with it. FLASHBACK- FREE & NEGATIVE MEDIA COVERAGE In March 2016, before the primaries had even concluded, it was reported that Trump had received more "free media" than all of the other Republican candidates combined, as well as garnering more than both Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders combined. This continued throughout the general election campaign, with an MRC study finding that while Trump was still receiving free media, in the 12 weeks after the party conventions, 91 percent of that free coverage was negative for Trump, which is where the liberal media bias comes in and how Trump used that bias against the very reporters that were trying to destroy him. CHANGE THE WASHINGTON PRESS CORPS TO BYPASS THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA Considering that a look at the recent headlines of NYT or Washington Post and other MSM sources, we see that continuous negative coverage continues right now, which is why the following little tidbit from a Wall Street Journal article is very interesting: The briefing room itself, the place where reporters sit, and the adjacent space in which they are provided offices reflect the power of the mainstream press, based largely on the media-consuming habits of the American people from decades ago. The Associated Press, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and Fox News, for example, sit in front-row seats that have their names on them. The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, the Washington Post and NPR sit right behind them. While approximately 750 reporters hold White House credentials, the briefing room holds 49 seats, and they are occupied overwhelmingly by mainstream media reporters, with barely any assigned to the new dot-com world. The White House press secretary used to decide who got what seats, but this authority was given to the White House Correspondents Association in the middle of the George W. Bush administration. Nothing prohibits the incoming administration from taking it back. The valuable West Wing real estate occupied by the White House press corps isn’t the property of the press. It belongs to the U.S. government. If Trump wanted to, according to that same article, he could abolish the daily briefings entirely, but what a better way to treat the press with the same contempt that the MSM treated Trump and his supporters, than to replace the MSM in the briefing room with members of the Alternative Media. Feel free to weigh in below in the comment section on whether Trump should allow the very people that attack him daily and have been for a year and a half, to be granted the coveted positions in the White House Briefing room or if he should replace them all. MEDIA OUTRAGED AT TRUMP PUNKING THEM As Trump is focusing on building his administration (and tweeting!), manufactured MSM rumors started by MSNBC, are swirling across the Internet, proving that once again, the media learned absolutely nothing from the multiple times the Trump campaign has punked them in the past. While there are a number of examples that can be shown here, we will stick with the most memorable, such as in September 2016, Trump tweeted "‘I am now going to the brand new Trump International, Hotel D.C. for a major statement." The MSM, assuming Trump was going to reference the Birther issue since that had been in the news at the time, despite the fact that nothing in the tweet above even addressed that issue, rushed right on over, and then all the major networks spent "more than a half hour of a variety of military heroes – generals, medal honor recipients and a gold star wife – expressing support for the Republican nominee. And it all aired live on the cable news networks," as described by WND. The media reaction? "We got played!" "It’s hard to imagine this as anything other than a political rick-roll," anchor Jake Tapper said wryly as CNN cut away from the broadcast of the Trump event and asked him to comment. [...] "I really don’t quite know what to make of that except for that we got played again by the Trump campaign which is what they do," said John King afterward, pointing out that Trump tricked them into covering a live event. Did Trump play them? Or did their own assumptions and desire to present a "gotcha moment" against Trump, play them? In October 2016, Donald Trump sent out a Facebook post with a live video feed, the post simply stated "Join me in St. Louis, Missouri - as I conclude my debate prep." One again, the media rushed right on over, just to see Donald Trump walk in the room with multiple women that have accused Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting them, and again, the media was outraged!!!! Presently the media is still following the pattern as evidenced by Trump inviting high profile media personalities to a meeting, to which once again they 'assumed" they were going to discuss more media access to Trump, because they have been lamenting the fact that he hasn't offered them the "traditional" access, nor held a public press conference, and what they got instead, was a major dressing down, supposedly of-the-record," but they immediately ran out and started leaking what was said, including the statement that the summit was a "f***ing firing squad." The point being, Trump does not have to waste any time making the MSM look like lying fools, all he has to do is sit back, let them show their own biases, make their own assumptions, which inevitably are proven wrong, then bypass them by talking directly to the people, as he did recently with his Transition 2017 statement, informing the public of his plans for his first months in office and forcing the MSM to report on it second-hand. MSM NOISE & TRUMP NOMINEES Now let's talk about Trump's appointments and nominees for his administration. Once again, the media is making assumptions using unnamed sources to make claims, just to find out Trump chose someone else...... example, Bloomberg on November 16, stated "Cruz considered by Trump for Attorney General," as they cite unnamed sources, yet on November 18, the headline reads "Trump Names Senator Jeff Sessions to Be His Attorney General." Newsflash, the initial report was a waste of time because as Trump finalizes his picks, he is announcing them on his website.... the rest of the reports from the MSM, the guessing games, the assumptions, the critical so-call analysis of his picks, is all MSM noise. Following up on that thought, people must remember that Trump is teaching MSM loyalists, those that still believe a portion of what the MSM reports, a valuable lesson, but we find that even conservatives, most of which claim they don't trust the MSM, are still listening to their lies. A very valuable indicator as to whether one of Trump's nominees is a good fit for a Trump presidency, capable of helping implement Trump's agenda, is how fast and furiously the MSM and liberally biased pundits decry and lament the choice, such as Forbes' over the top screed over Trump's choice for Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, where they headline "Trump's Education Secretary Choice Is A Blow To Our Nation's Science Health." The article goes on to provide reasons for liberals to hate DeVos, including the following: - DeVos, a graduate of Calvin College, is the founder of All Children Matter, an organization dedicated to rerouting taxpayer dollars into school vouchers for parents to use to send their children to charter/private/religious schools. - What we do know, though, is that having a pro-voucher secretary of education with zero public school experience is a recipe for shunting our tax dollars away from an education putatively free of religious bias and straight into classrooms where science in any conventionally recognizable form is not allowed. - Much has been made of Trump’s ongoing war on science and his emphatic and almost proud ignorance about anything science related. He rejects many scientific conclusions that are backed by overwhelming data and scientific consensus, including global climate change and the lack of an autism-vaccines link. He is seen as a threat to the scientific success that has been a hallmark of this nation for decades. The liberal bias in that Forbes' piece simply reeks. While some conservatives have concerns about DeVos being associated with groups or organizations who are Common Core proponents, DeVos herself has addressed that topic, stating "Many of you are asking about Common Core. To clarify, I am not a supporter—period. Read my full stance, here:" The Trump campaign has also addressed the issue with a statement by Trump spokesman Jason Miller, who said "The President-elect has been consistent and very clear in his opposition to Common Core. Anybody joining the Administration is signing on to the President-elect’s platform and vision for moving America forward." That ladies and gentlemen is the key quote. Anyone brought into the Trump administration is joining with the understanding that they are doing so in order to implement Trump's agenda, which is why ANP is not writing and lamenting on every speculative piece about who Trump will pick or who he won't for each and every position, nor criticizing anyone Trump has under consideration for any position, despite the fact that we are not particularly... fond of certain people under consideration. DO YOU TRUST THE MSM? IF YOUR ANSWER IS NO, STOP QUOTING THEM OR LISTENING TO THEM What we are watching play out in the MSM right now, is the same thing we watched throughout the primary and especially the general election campaign, where the MSM actively promoted, (and they admitted it!) Hillary Clinton, spending countless hours and thousands of negative articles attempting to influence the public against Trump. They lost, Trump was elected, after they informed all their loyal followers that it just wasn't possible. Only now they are making up stories, manufacturing conflicts based on unnamed inside sources," attempting to poison the public on Trump's nominees, and generally allowing the Trump campaign to deliberately show them for the political hacks they have become. The point here is that Trump is still using the MSM's own bias against them, continuing to teach their supporters a lesson, the MSM cannot be trusted, are the main culprits in reporting "fake news." Trump supporters should already understand that point since they were the ones the MSM labeled sexist, racist, Xenophobic, Islamophobic deplorables. Which begs the question of why the heck any conservative is still reading/watching the MSM, or more to the point, why are we seeing some still buying into their nonsense and quoting them? Anyone that claims they do not trust the MSM, should not be giving them traffic and revenue from said traffic, unless it is to highlight their lies and call them out on their bias. It is all political theater, compounded by the fact that Trump is refusing to conform to the "norms," and the "traditional" access the press is so desperate for and has been demanding, which is leading them to promote even bigger lies and actively report "fake" news. BOTTOM LINE Donald Trump has a huge job in front of him, the last thing he needs is to continuously be forced to fight a liberal and biased press machine, so he should replace them as the White House Press Corps, bypass them by speaking directly to the public, and allow them to to continue grabbing the rope he feeds them to hang themselves with, but conservatives should not allow the MSM to wrap it around their necks as well. Below - Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer on President-elect Trump’s relationship with the media and potential Cabinet picks. 

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The King Cyrus Crisis: If we blow this…disaster will strike

By Ray Gano - November 28, 2016

By Mario Murillo

Trump is not a pastor or a moral reformer. Trump is a foot in the door—a stay of execution. He is an act of God to buy the church time to repent and return to her rightful role in American life. Something worse than Obama looms. Something indescribably bad can take over for the agony we have just left. It will be more hellish than Hillary. You can already see the evil forming. Meanwhile, American Christians claim Trump is a miracle like King Cyrus. In 536 B.C. God moved King Cyrus to fulfill the prophecy of Jeremiah who said that after 70 years the Jews would be sent home from bondage in Babylon. Cyrus even provided resources to help rebuild Israel. If history is repeating itself, we had better remember what happened next. The restoration of Israel faced multiple warheads: Pagan tribes: The pagan tribes who settled in Israel set a sophisticated trap for the returning Jews. At first, they acted like they wanted to help. Instead, they hampered the work. When that failed, they launched terror attacks. Political backlash: After Cyrus, the enemies of Israel lied to King Artaxerxes, accusing Israel of preparing for war, so the king stopped the work. Morally corrupted Jews: Many Jews wanted to stay in Babylon. Some who came back to Israel were half-hearted in their mission to restore the nation. Those who were left behind during the 70 years became pagans. They knew nothing about Scripture or the laws of God. If not for the astonishing endurance of a handful of priests, prophets, and one notable cupbearer, Israel would have remained in ruins. (Read Ezra, Nehemiah and Haggai). It took nearly 80 years after the king’s decree before the Temple and the wall were finished. Let me let you in on a secret: we can’t wait 80 years—we don’t have 80 years. Unlike Israel, this is our last chance. If we do not learn from history—America will never be restored. If we blow this…expect disaster. The Christians who want to make America morally great again face significant headwinds and don’t realize it. Here are the threats: -The left is staging a massive retaliation. A nefarious coalition of universities, billionaires and tech companies are ramping up their rhetoric, paying agitators and plotting against the church. -The media doesn’t care that people know they are lying. They are stepping up their lies. They learned nothing from Trump’s victory. The crocodile tears we saw from some media outlets meant nothing. Their blatant falsehoods are back with a vengeance. -Most Christians don’t know what to do because they don’t understand the miracle. They thought Trump would save us. They are not preparing for the work that we need to do right now. They are already disappointed in Trump because they don’t get it. Trump is not a pastor or a moral reformer. He will not be a social conservative who will fight for family values. If you look to him for that, you will be disappointed. Worse still, it will distract you and you will miss your assignment in this miracle. If you ever listened to anything I ever said, I beg you, listen now! Trump is a foot in the door—a stay of execution. He is an act of God to buy the church time to repent and return to her rightful role in American life. Trump broke the political correctness that threatened to swallow us whole. The revival is our job, not his. -Morally corrupt Christians and lukewarm pastors don’t appreciate the miracle. Why would we expect a generation of believers raised on Pablum to know what to do with this miracle? They don’t read the Bible or pray. They have never truly repented. They have no concept of sacrifice. There is no way they will stand in the heat of battle. -We are not seizing the moment to repent because we do not appreciate God’s mercy. The Jews did not appreciate the miracle of Cyrus’ decree. It did not provoke them to repent. Ezra the priest said, “And after all that has come upon us for our evil deeds and for our great guilt, since You our God have punished us less than our iniquities deserve, and have given us such deliverance as this, 14 should we again break Your commandments…” -Ezra 9:13,14. This is a chilling warning to us. -We want Trump to do things for us that we must do ourselves. Winning the lost is up to us, not Trump. Trump may not be a big help to the church. The Jews thought they could keep going back and complaining to the King about the same thing. They vainly tried to communicate with the King and found that it was a waste of time. The American church must build on the opportunity that Trump gave us. We must wake up to our task! Our disunity is killing our cause. Petty differences have never looked so petty! We must shake off the disastrous apathy and complacency that is dulling us to our duty. Churches must come together in citywide prayer and soul winning. Pastors must push back on the lies being perpetrated against orthodox Christianity—they must roar from their pulpits. We must muster all our strength and stand strong. Seize this miracle for what it is. Remember the words of the man who God told to make Israel great again and build the wall, “And I looked, and arose and said to the nobles, to the leaders, and to the rest of the people, ‘Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome, and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses.’” -Nehemiah 4:14 

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Newer Chemtrails Smell Like Static Electricity, Metallic, Like a Hospital: Take Note

Posted on November 28, 2016 Natural Living

By Cassius Kamarampi

(Era of Wisdom) Earlier this year, we reported on our observed escalation of geoengineering or chemtrail spraying in California, South Carolina, and all over the US. At this time, we described this smell as powdery, starchy, kind of ashy and dull. We reported on how Google searches for “chemtrails” skyrocketed after this easily observed escalation of activity. We reported on Sacramento rain tests revealing 100x the reporting limit of aluminum, paralleling geoengineering patents. Now, there has been another increase of activity, and it has a distinctly different smell: it’s sharper. It smells like static electricity, like a hospital, metallic, and it seems to cause flu-like symptoms worse than the previously described material. In a previous Era of Wisdom video, we examined the possibility of two different types of “chemtrails”: those for weather modification, geoengineering, as summarized with heaps of evidence in Peter A. Kirby’s book “Chemtrails Exposed.” Then, there is the possibility of biological agents and other chemicals being hidden in the mix, like a second layer of obfuscated purpose. We examined a long history of biological warfare experiments on US citizens, all proven facts, to illustrate the real probability of being sprayed with biological materials now. With the endless accounts of flu-like symptoms after being exposed to this, and my own repeated firsthand observation, when Russ Tanner of Global Skywatch made this video describing the exact same new smell I had observed, I knew it was time to make this video. We would advise everyone to keep their windows shut during heavy spraying, and closely examine what you smell on a daily basis: what odors you may notice in the air after heavy spraying. If you smell it in your house, like it’s building up and not going away, that’s exactly what I experienced. Discipline with not keeping the windows open helps a lot. Urban Survival Skills for You and Your Family (ad) I truly don’t understand how people can’t detect it, because I can smell this before I even look out the window to know spraying is going on. These are some of the most distinct, sharp odors I have ever smelled, yet some people seem complete unable to detect them. Please share this with as many people as possible. 

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etc Throughout the world there is a struggle, throughout the world the antichrist pushes himself to the top, throughout the world the economy has gone over the hill into disaster zone.  Countries make ready for war and yet my people seem to be astonished, unlearned, not knowing, not understanding the things that are there or the things that are taught to them etc.

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US Military Space War? Preparations Underway for Potential Attacks

The U.S. military is preparing for a potential space war that could cripple the United States. (Sébastien Gozé/NASA)

By Jen Krausz | Tuesday, 29 Nov 2016 07:16 AM

U.S. military commanders and advisers are scrambling to prepare for a space war that could knock out both military and civilian capabilities and impact the daily lives of Americans. As more nations explore space and develop the capabilities to deploy satellites and other resources in space, the threat to U.S. technologies deployed there grows, according to leading military analysts, CNN reported. The U.S. has grown dependent on satellites for bank transactions, traffic lights, and railroad switches. Airplane radar, weather data, and world communications are also dependent on satellites to work. In the military, satellite data is needed to deploy missiles and to know about nuclear attacks quickly if they should ever occur. According to CNN, nations such as China and Russia have begun to develop technology for space weapons like rockets and missiles that could potentially take out U.S. satellites and disrupt the technology needed to protect ourselves from threats. It’s entirely possible, Defense Department Adviser Peter Singer told the network, that the next war will begin or have a significant component in space. The U.S. military has already begun to prepare for such conflicts by deploying hardier satellites and a larger number of smaller satellites rather than only larger ones that could be destroyed more easily, according to The Washington Post. The military also has activated the Joint Interagency Combined Space Operations Center to counter military threats in space and begun war-gaming scenarios that involve space combat. “Every military operation that takes place in the world today is critically dependent on space in one way or another,” said Air Force Space Commander John Hyten, adding that the military is now working to deter conflicts that may threaten in the future, The Washington Post reported. 

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Congress Passes World War III Legislation Despite Trump’s Election

By Dave Hodges

When you voted for Donald Trump, didn’t you believe that this was a vote for peace and he would negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement with Russia? Just when I thought the electoral process offered the people hope, I have learned that our vote means little to nothing. The case in point for this new found pessimism lies in Trump’s apparent irrelevance when it comes to going to war. I thought that a vote for Trump was a vote for negotiation instead of war with the Russians over Syria. Apparently, I was wrong. World War II Is Almost Here Ron Paul called Hillary Clinton “The War President”, meaning that she would be very likely to get us into World War III. Clinton is well-known for being the best friend of the military-industrial-complex. Hillary and her staff made comments regarding going to war in Syria, and Russia be damned! in addition, in debate #2, Hillary Clinton clearly stated that she intended to impose a N0-Fly Zone in Syria. A blind man could see that a Hillary Clinton presidency would undoubtedly put us into a direct confrontation with Russia. The mystery was over, I know there would be a World War III if we ever let her get elected. Well, I mistakenly believed that if we blocked Hillary’s path to the White House, our children would not immediately become cannon fodder in a world war that would start in Syria. Unfortunately, I was wrong. We are going to have war, no matter who gets elected. More on that later because this statement assumes that Donald Trump will be President when war breaks out and that may not be the case. Here is a look at the legislation that is going to bring us war. H.R.5732 – Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2016 Sponsor: Rep. Engel, Eliot L. [D-NY-16] (Introduced 07/12/2016) Committees: House – Foreign Affairs; Judiciary; Financial Services | Senate – Foreign Relations Latest Action: 11/16/2016 Received in the Senate and Read twice and referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations. (All Actions) Tracker: This bill has the status Passed House Here are the steps for Status of Legislation: Introduced - Passed House - Passed Senate - To President - Became Law - Not only has this declaration of war passed the House of Representatives, it’s identical version, except for the title has been introduced into the Senate. S.J.Res.29 – Authorization for Use of Military Force Against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and its Associated Forces114th Congress (2015-2016) | Get alerts JOINT RESOLUTION Hide Overview icon-hide Sponsor: Sen. McConnell, Mitch [R-KY] (Introduced 01/20/2016) Latest Action: 01/21/2016 Read the second time. Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 352. (All Actions) Tracker: This bill has the status Introduced The Case for War The words of war are buried deep in the Congressional bill, however, after much reading followed by lengthy scrolling, the concerning part of this intended Congressional action can be found in Section 303 of the House bill. SEC. 303. ASSESSMENT OF POTENTIAL EFFECTIVENESS OF AND REQUIREMENTS FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF SAFE ZONES OR A NO-FLY ZONE IN SYRIA. (a) In General.—Not later than 90 days after the date of the enactment of this Act, the President shall submit to the appropriate congressional committee a report that— (1) assesses the potential effectiveness, risks, and operational requirements of the establishment and maintenance of a no-fly zone over part or all of Syria, including— (EDITOR’S NOTE: THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST RUSSIAN FORCES IN SYRIA) (A) the operational and legal requirements for United States and coalition air power to establish a no-fly zone in Syria; (B) the impact a no-fly zone in Syria would have on humanitarian and counterterrorism efforts in Syria and the surrounding region; and (C) the potential for force contributions from other countries to establish a no-fly zone in Syria; and (2) assesses the potential effectiveness, risks, and operational requirements for the establishment of one or more safe zones in Syria for internally displaced persons or for the facilitation of humanitarian assistance, including— (A) the operational and legal requirements for United States and coalition forces to establish one or more safe zones in Syria; (B) the impact one or more safe zones in Syria would have on humanitarian and counterterrorism efforts in Syria and the surrounding region; and (C) the potential for contributions from other countries and vetted non-state actor partners to establish and maintain one or more safe zones in Syria. For one moment, my common sense lapsed and I believed that we might not go to war in our lifetime in Syria. This legislation shows that the intent to go to war extends much further than the preferred beliefs of Clinton. It Is Not Likely That Trump Will Be Around for the Beginning of World War III As I try to reconcile my belief that Trump was sincere in his stated intention to reach a peaceful accord with the Russians, I have trouble reconciling the two contradictory beliefs. History is a great teachers and we must remember that, in part, JFK was assassinated because he would NOT give the globalists of his day the Vietnam War. Why should Donald Trump be any more immune to the same pressures for the same reasons as was JFK? The passage of the House version of the bill was achieved eight days following the election. It is clear that the election of Trump had absolutely no bearing on the desire of Congress to provoke a showdown with the Russians. Will Trump be assassinated and Pence, a confirmed globalist (e.g. supports free-trade agreements and Obamacare), will give the globalists what they want, World War II, just like LBJ did after the murder of John Kennedy. It is also clear that key committee chair people in Congress have received a push to continue with this legislation even though it flies in the face of what Trump believes. Somebody knows that Trump’s beliefs about Russia are irrelevant and that message has apparently been delivered to key members of Congress. 

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances… William Shakespeare

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LIVING ROBOT with 'HUMAN BRAIN' close to creation as super AI computer around the corner

COMPUTER scientists attempting to electronically replicate the human brain are close to creating a 'living PC'.

By Joey Millar PUBLISHED: 05:35, Sat, Nov 26, 2016 | UPDATED: 13:27, Sat, Nov 26, 2016

Engineers at the University of Massachusetts are developing microprocessors which mimic biological synapses - the nerve cells which pass messages across the human body. The science fiction-style project is being undertaken by Joshua Yang and Qiangfei Xia, professors of electrical and computer engineering at the US college. Their work focuses heavily on memristors - a computer component which could change science forever, switching the focus from electronics to ionics. Ionics, unlike electronics, is not dependent on a power source. It essentially has a memory, so even if it loses power it can remember what it was doing before and continue the action. This means computers of the near-future will be able to shut on and off like a lightbulb, not losing any data or files in the process. Different researchers and developers, including Mr Yang and Mr Xia, are now racing to be the first to harness this technology and use it to create a new generation of computers. Professor Jennifer Rupp said: “I think there is a race going on. There is a strong driving force, but at the same time it's very important that there are players like HP, because they want to get to the market, show everyone that this is real.” Computers will soon have memories and be able to operate without power Mr Yang and Mr Xia explained the process in more detail in their report, explaining the process behind neuromorphic computing - computers which mimic humans. They said: “Memristors have become a leading candidate to enable neuromorphic computing by reproducing the functions in biological synapses and neurons in a neural network system, while providing advantages in energy and size. The new technology is heavily focused on memristors “This work opens a new avenue of neuromorphic computing hardware based on memristors“Specifically, we developed a diffusive-type memristor where diffusion of atoms offers a similar dynamics and the needed time-scales as its bio-counterpart, leading to a more faithful emulation of actual synapses, i.e. a true synaptic emulator. “The results here provide an encouraging pathway toward synaptic emulation using diffusive memristors for neuromorphic computing." 

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etc. you shall see more problems throughout the world, bigger terror attacks, you shall see earthquakes, oh even the big earthquake and you shall see the division before long from one end of the states to another that you cannot cross for that fault shall be opened.  You shall see the stock market as it crashes, for I have warned you and yet the world has mocked me, your President has mocked me, both parties have mocked me and judgment day is coming fast. etc

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What a Dope=> Tim Kaine Tweets About Gun Violence at OSU After Islamist Knife Attack

Jim Hoft Nov 28th, 2016 10:04 pm

Senator Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s VP candidate, is back in the news. Today he tweeted after the incident at Ohio State – Deeply saddened by the senseless act of gun violence at Ohio State this morning. Praying for the injured and the entire Buckeye community. 

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Morons, Misconceptions & Misgivings

by Uncola for

If one ever wanted to witness a completely, beyond the pale, and over the top example of liberal hubris and condescending arrogance, one could do no better than to read Paul Krugman’s Black Friday essay published in the New York Times on November 25, 2016. This opinion piece, entitled “The Populism Perplex”, is a perfect example of educated stupidity and how to contort oneself in order to see things the exact opposite of reality. Reading this treatise of surreality is like watching “Stranger Things” on Netflix and viewing into the nebulous world of the “Upside Down”. Regarding the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, Krugman claims: Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by more than two million, and she would probably be president-elect if the director of the F.B.I. hadn’t laid such a heavy thumb on the scales, just days before the election. But it shouldn’t even have been close; what put Donald Trump in striking distance was overwhelming support from whites without college degrees. So what can Democrats do to win back at least some of those voters? Rarely will one see such blatantly haughty contempt and conceited pretense in one paragraph. In the mind of Krugman and his ilk, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party were several intellectual bridges too far this year for the unwashed and uneducated Trump supporters and deplorables, all. It was the fault of James Comey as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation who deceived the plebeians and thereby stole the election from the innocent and victimized Hillary Rodham Clinton. Oh, if only the world could be totally managed by those with post graduate degrees as well as distinguished professors of Economics perched high within their Ivory Towers and Ivy League fortresses. If only then, the world would be pure and just and true. Can you just see the bubble-minded Hollywood and D.C. Beltway Cristal and caviar crowd all nodding their heads in agreement? Obviously, crude concepts such as honesty, morality, responsibility, accountability and law are virtues for only the uneducated in the esteem of the elite establishment today. In their minds it is they who are truly advocating on behalf of the lower castes of American society. For only they are sufficiently enlightened to guide the simple minded through the perilous minefield of geopolitics. Now, see how Krugman resurrects the ghost of Bernie Sanders as the answer to his problems: Recently Bernie Sanders offered an answer: Democrats should “go beyond identity politics.” What’s needed, he said, are candidates who understand that working-class incomes are down, who will “stand up to Wall Street, to the insurance companies, to the drug companies, to the fossil fuel industry. How could the American public have failed to understand that Hillary Clinton would have courageously stood against Wall Street, the insurance companies, the drug companies and the fossil fuel industry in spite of these being primary sources of funds to her campaign? Never mind that Krugman’s own New York Times identifies Saudi Arabia as a “particularly generous benefactor” giving “between $10 million and $25 million to the Clinton Foundation.” Next, Krugman opines regarding the stupidity of American voters and their lack of understanding concerning the loss of Appalachia’s coal mining jobs and American manufacturing jobs: Nobody can credibly promise to bring the old jobs back; what you can promise — and Mrs. Clinton did — are things like guaranteed health care and higher minimum wages. But working-class whites overwhelmingly voted for politicians who promise to destroy those gains. So Krugman expects American workers to accept the plunder of globalism and, with a certain fatalistic resolve, trade off the dignity of work in order to accept handouts from liberal politicians in the form of free healthcare and the forcing of employers to pay higher wages at governmental gunpoint. Moreover, we, the stupid, are to forget about Obama’s War on Coal and the corrupt cronyism of Solyndra consuming $535 billion in taxpayer dollars or the ridiculously incompetent, ill-conceived support of wind and solar companies by the Department of Energy under the Obama administration. And finally, poor Paul tries to make sense of it all: The only way to make sense of what happened is to see the vote as an expression of, well, identity politics — some combination of white resentment at what voters see as favoritism toward nonwhites (even though it isn’t) and anger on the part of the less educated at liberal elites whom they imagine look down on them. To be honest, I don’t fully understand this resentment. In particular, I don’t know why imagined liberal disdain inspires so much more anger than the very real disdain of conservatives who see the poverty of places like eastern Kentucky as a sign of the personal and moral inadequacy of their residents. According to Krugman there is no evidence of favoritism toward nonwhites in America today and the racially motivated, “less educated” are only imagining the liberal elites “looking down on them”. In his mind, and in the collective mind of the establishment globalists, the imagined failures of liberalism are merely a scapegoat for the actual evils of ill-informed and uneducated conservatives and nationalists who dared to dream of America becoming great again. After all, Trump is a populist Pied Pieper who lies. He lies because the problems in America cannot be fixed unless Paul Krugman of the New York Times says they can be fixed. Of course, the voters have been deceived by Russian controlled Fake News websites and all of this is what allowed Trump’s platform of immigration and trade to deliver a historical victory in the 2016 elections. According to Paul Krugman and the New York Times, it was all just a misunderstanding. It is no wonder why the Establishment now wants a do over. 

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The great wall of New Zealand: Incredible aftermath of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that has created 15ft high natural barriers across the landscape

The earthquake hit Kaikoura around 600 miles north of Christchurch on New Zealand's South Island

For the first time since the natural disaster on November 14, scientists have been allowed to the area

They discovered a Hadrian's Wall-like rock formation as well as roads and fencing showing earth's shift

The force of the quake was so strong in New Zealand one landslide even created a dam on the Leader River

By Gareth Davies For Mailonline Published: 04:44 EST, 29 November 2016 | Updated: 11:48 EST, 29 November 2016

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that rocked New Zealand earlier this month has had a lasting effect in the shape of a 15ft high wall. It was created by the shift in the earth when on the November 14 the southern hemisphere was hit by the huge quake around Kaikoura around 600 miles north of Christchurch on New Zealand's South Island. For the first time since the natural disaster, scientists have been allowed into the area surrounding the epicentre, and discovered the massive Hadrian's Wall-like rock formation which had sprung up as well as roads and fencing showing clearly how sections of the earth have shifted out of line. The first reconnaissance team from the University of Canterbury (UC), in New Zealand- comprised UC academics Professor Jarg Pettinga, Dr Clark Fenton, Dr Anekant Wandres, and Geology PhD students Alan Bischoff and Andrea Barrier - was in the field quickly after last week's huge quake. They ventured to Kaikoura and concentrated in the North Culverden Basin and an area called Mount Lyford. A second reconnaissance mission on Friday November 18 saw Prof Pettinga and Dr Fenton joined by Dr Kate Pedley and Dr Narges Khajavi. As these pictures by Dr Pedley show they covered an area of stunning Hobbit-like idyllic green New Zealand countryside torn apart by the earthquake. The team were covering an area from the western end of the Amuri Range, back across the Emu Plain and continued as far as the junction for Mt Lyford Village. All roads beyond this point are closed and only passable by military vehicles. Dr Kate Pedley, from UC, has been documenting the scientist's progress and took these incredible pictures which show the earth itself has been warped and twisted by the effects of the huge quake. She said they were trying to find fault ruptures in the region around the original epicentre, and added: 'Maybe not as flashy as the ruptures north of Kaikoura but a complicated 3km-wide zone of numerous ruptures and associated structures. 'Thankfully, those south and west of Waiau generally got off lightly, but it very quickly got messy for infrastructure to the northeast. 'The amount of associated rockfall, landslides and slumps were incredible.' Roads, fields and the sides of entire hills have also been disturbed with also more subtle lines showing just in the outline of disturbed grass and crops in the lush New Zealand countryside. The force of the quake was so strong, one landslide even created a dam on the Leader River. Senior lecturer in engineering geology Dr Clark Fenton said a rapid field response was vital in collected as much data as possible. He said as well as measuring the displacement of the land the team also recovered a lamb from a 1.5 metre fissure in the ground. He said: 'The fault trace was obvious from the road across the adjacent paddocks as a prominent scarp (step) marked by tears and fissures in the ground. 'Measured displacement is up to 2.2m in a horizontal direction and up to 1.5m in a vertical direction.' The first day's reconnaissance also located a broad, complex zone of faulting extending from the Masson River, about four miles northeast of Waiau, across the Waiau River flood plain to Emu Plain, about seven miles west of Waiau. The total zone of faulting is about two miles across. Most of the faulting the team measured occurred on fault traces that had not been previously mapped. Dr Fenton said: 'Spectacular fault displacements were observed across Leslie Hills Road at the eastern end of the Emu Plain. 'As well as fault rupture, this area has suffered from widespread liquefaction, causing extensive damage to local roads.'

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etc. a terrible dark cloud has covered the earth, sickness, pain, suffering, bloodshed, drought, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, fire, famine, pestilences, heartaches and sorrow, the anti-christ rising to power and fame. Oh, what a day that has now come.

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150,000 antelope killed off by disease in just three days during filming of Planet Earth II, reveals producer

Planet Earth II camera crew were filming the Saiga antelope in Kazakhstan

They tracked down a calving herd and watched thousands giving birth

At the same time a disease swept across the herd and killed 150,000

By Stephanie Linning for MailOnline Published: 02:31 EST, 29 November 2016 | Updated: 04:33 EST, 29 November 2016

A Planet Earth II camera crew was 'emotionally devastated' after they witnessed 150,000 antelope drop dead in just three days, a producer revealed. The team was filming the Saiga antelope in a remote region of Kazakhstan for the upcoming 'grasslands' episode, which follows the animals of the world's plains. After days of searching, the crew tracked down a calving herd and watched as thousands of antelopes gave birth to their calves together. However at the same time, a disease swept across the herd and killed some 150,000 in three days, the Daily Mirror reported. Producer Chadden Hunter told the newspaper: 'At the time we thought we were watching the greatest natural catastrophe that I’d ever heard of. 'We watched 150,000 of these magnificent animals die in front of us. 'At the time we didn’t know if it was the final extinction of the species, which was devastating, emotionally, for the crew.' The episode, which airs this Sunday night, also features dramatic footage of a Cape buffalo facing off against a pride of lions. In another scene, viewers will see how intelligent bee-eater birds use herds of elephants to help them find their next meal.

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Big Pharma Wants to Vaccinate Unborn Babies in the Womb

Big Pharma Reaches into the Womb

by Alliance for Natural Health – USA

If vaccinating pregnant mothers weren’t bad enough, now the vaccine companies would like a twofer by also going after the child in utero. Action Alert! For many months now, we’ve been monitoring the progress of the 21st Century Cures bill. This legislation is intended to bring medicine into the 21st century, but as we’ve noted before, it does the opposite. Rather than looking forward, this bill simply doubles down on conventional approaches that have been in place for decades. 21st Century Cures passed the House last year. The Senate has broken up the bill into over a dozen separate pieces, which could be considered any day now. One extremely worrisome provision seems to put structures in place for amending the current vaccine schedule and including more vaccinations for pregnant mothers. Senate bill S. 2742 (the “Promoting Biomedical Research and Public Health for Patients Act”) contains the following language: Notwithstanding any other provision of law, for purposes of this subtitle, both a woman who received a covered vaccine while pregnant and any child who was in utero at the time such woman received the vaccine shall be considered persons to whom the covered vaccine was administered and persons who received the covered vaccine this may have been written for liability reasons. Perhaps Big Pharma is concerned that the child would be eligible to sue for damages, unlike anyone vaccinated after birth. Perhaps the thinking is that doctors tend to have more control over mothers before birth, so why not force vaccines on them then, rather than after birth? Then again, this provision may be intended simply to increase vaccinations given to pregnant mothers. If a developing child is considered a “person” eligible to receive vaccinations, the vaccine industry could begin to develop more vaccines intended specifically for children in utero. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) already recommend that pregnant mothers get whooping cough, flu, and hepatitis B vaccines. Good questions remain about whether this is necessary or useful. Some scientific studies have shown virtually no benefit to the maternal flu vaccine, and of course flu vaccines contain mercury. Injecting a mother with mercury, much less a baby in utero, seems totally reckless to us. In addition, if the language quoted above becomes law, the whole CDC vaccine schedule could be shifted or expanded to create more vaccine industry profit-making opportunities. Maybe the first DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) shot will be given to the mother and the fetus, rather than to the child at one month. Perhaps the schedule will be expanded. The risks in doing this are frightening. The adjuvant load alone that would be delivered to the mother and shared with a child in utero (a child without a functioning immune system) could cause serious damage. As we’ve noted elsewhere, adequate safety testing of aluminum adjuvants for young children—much less for unborn children—has been completely absent! We know of no studies that have looked at the long-term consequences of multiple vaccinations during pregnancy, nor any analysis comparing the risks to the benefits (if any). Further, the safety and effectiveness of giving certain vaccines to pregnant women was not determined before the vaccines were licensed in the US. Provisions included in the bill only heighten these concerns. They instruct various federal agencies to develop a report “on ways to promote innovation in the development of vaccines that minimize the burden of infectious disease.” The agencies are to consider whether any obstacles exist which inhibit the development of vaccines, and make recommendations on how to remove these obstacles in order to “promote and incentivize vaccine innovation and development.” Could one such “obstacle” be the apprehension of pregnant mothers about receiving a host of vaccinations for their children still in the womb? Other parts of the legislation provide for lower standards for drug and device approval and safety. They also encourage the development of new antibiotics for “limited populations” that do not need to meet standard criteria for safety and effectiveness. On top of it all, they give more funding to the National Institutes of Health for the development of experimental drugs and other products, probably to hand over to Big Pharma. After all, one of the principle architects of the bill, Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI), was the top recipient of pharmaceutical industry money in 2013-14. These are complex subjects—far too complex for Congress to be legislating about. For example, we generally think the Kefauver Act, which demanded FDA approval of drug effectiveness as well as safety, was a mistake. Once a drug has been deemed safe, effectiveness should be worked out by the medical profession, not by unqualified government employees whose salaries are covered by Big Pharma. Clearly this is a bill with much potential for harm and no evident potential for good. We need to defeat it. Action Alert! Write to your senators and tell them to oppose 21st Century Cures legislation, especially S. 2742, which could be used to develop more vaccines for pregnant women AND their children in the womb. 

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etc. Watch, know what my word says, and there shall be terrorist’s attacks, for they cannot be put off, for you allow the terrorists to come in like Trojan horses and they are here and nobody wants to deal with them. etc.

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Ohio State Attacker Described Himself as a ‘Scared’ Muslim

Before running over and stabbing bystanders, Abdul Razak Ali Artan told his college newspaper he was afraid to pray on campus.

Sarah Volpenhein Justin Miller Katie Zavadski 11.28.16 3:54 PM ET

COLUMBUS—An attack at Ohio State University on Monday morning left at least 11 people injured—all of whom are expected to recover—after a Somali-born U.S. resident and OSU student struck them with his car and slashed them with a knife. The attack began at approximately 9:52 a.m., director of public service Monica Moll said at an afternoon press conference. Abdul Razak Ali Artan aimed his Honda Civic at a group of pedestrians, jumping the curb and colliding with them. He then exited the vehicle and began slashing pedestrians. By 9:53 a.m., less than a minute later, responding officer Alan Horujko had shot and killed Artan, who police say appears to have acted alone. University police sent text message alerts and tweeted about 10 a.m. for students to “run, hide, fight,” a common mantra printed on safety pamphlets for evading an active shooter. Nicole Renninger was in a computer lab when she heard what at first she thought were construction noises and saw people running outside the window. Later, she figured they must have been gunshots, possibly from the police officer who shot and killed Artan. Renninger stayed in the room with one person after receiving alerts to take cover, hiding in a corner where they couldn’t be seen from the outside. “I spent most of the time texting” family and friends, Renninger said, letting them know she was safe, before the alerts were lifted at about 11 a.m. All classes were canceled for the day for the campus’s 60,000 enrolled students. “We’re one of the biggest campuses in the country. It’s not unreasonable to think something like this would happen,” said OSU student Dan Zubenko, who had just left a class nearby on north campus when he received the alert and locked himself in an office with about a half dozen other people, all of them checking the news and social media. In an interview with the Ohio State student newspaper in August, Artan described himself as a pious and scared Muslim. “I wanted to pray in the open, but I was scared with everything going on in the media,” the logistics management student told The Lantern after transferring from Columbus State Community College. “I’m a Muslim, it’s not what the media portrays me to be. If people look at me, a Muslim praying, I don’t know what they’re going to think, what’s going to happen. But, I don’t blame them. It’s the media that put that picture in their heads so they’re going to just have it and it, it’s going to make them feel uncomfortable. I was kind of scared right now. But I just did it. I relied on God. I went over to the corner and just prayed.” Just before the attack on Monday morning, Artan posted to Facebook lamenting the treatment of Muslims worldwide. “I am sick and tired of seeing [Muslims] killed & tortured EVERYWHERE… I can’t take it anymore,” the posting read, according to ABC News. “America! Stop interfering with other countries… [if] you want us Muslims to stop carrying [out] lone wolf attacks.” NBC News reports Artan was born in Somalia and moved to Pakistan with his family in 2007. He came to the United States as a legal permanent resident in 2014. While there’s been no report that Artan pledged allegiance to ISIS, the OSU attack came just two days after the terrorist group put out a call for would-be jihadis in the West to carry out attacks there by using weapons that would not attract the attention of authorities, such as knives or homemade explosives. In a grisly demonstration, ISIS member Abu Sulayman Al-Firansi demonstrated the best places to strike a target using a tied-up man. Another masked man then killed the hostage using the techniques. (The Daily Beast has reported that Abu Sulayman’s nom de guerre belongs to a man supposedly in charge of planning attacks in the West, but it is also used by a number of other French foreign fighters.) Around the campus, red Solo cups and cardboard beer boxes littered lawns just blocks from the scene of the attack, reminders of the raucous celebrations this weekend after OSU’s big win against long-standing football rival University of Michigan. Other streets were cordoned off with yellow tape as police officers collected evidence, interviewed witnesses, and documented the crime scene. Police later cordoned off part of Nationwide Boulevard in the Hilltop neighborhood of Columbus, home to many Somalis in this city, which has the second largest Somali population in the country. A bomb-squad vehicle was parked there and officers were investigating an address reportedly linked to the car Artan used in the attack. Residents standing outside said they had never seen such a large police presence in the neighborhood. 

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“Ohio State Shooter [UPDATE: Slasher] No Longer Raceless: Somali Refugee”

James Fulford November 28, 2016, 2:28 pm

The headline above is the subject line of an email about a shooting that I saw in the news and on Twitter. I couldn’t find out the answer to what is always the main question in these shootings–what color was the gunman? Was he an immigrant? UPDATE: The Somali attacker actually had a butcher knife. See details in the Daily Mail. That’s the one fact the MSM, aware that inquiring minds want to know, has a deliberate policy of suppressing. (This policy is in writing in the widely used AP Stylebook.) Even MSM sources that have published this fact don’t think that it’s the kind of thing that belongs in a headline, but a website called TruthFeed feels differently. (That’s their graphic above.) So does this Twitter feed: Is it any wonder the old school MSM is dying? People want to know this stuff–they refuse to tell us. 

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Part 2: This Is the Real Goal of the Anti-Trump Protesters

8:00AM EST 11/25/2016 Tom DeWeese/American Policy Center

The Founding Fathers, particularly those from small states, were very concerned that they would be smothered by the larger states. Under the representative republic (not a democracy) established by the founders, the United States is made up of 50 sovereign states. Under the Constitution, except for limited powers specifically defined for the central government, power for the rule of law is intended to reside in the States. To deal with the problem, the founders decided on a compromise that would establish two chambers for the Congress; the House of Representatives, whose size would be dictated by the population in each state and the Senate in which every state would get two representatives, regardless of its size or population. The same problem arose in deciding how to select a president, the one nationally elected official. Here again there was the fear that election by popular vote would overwhelm the will of smaller states. Again, compromise was reached to address the issue in a fair and equitable manner in order to maintain the power of the states. Each state was assigned a number of presidential electoral votes equal to its representation in the House and the Senate. In each state, the electors would vote for a president and vice president. The candidate receiving the largest number of electoral votes would be elected. Under the plan, the connection to the popular vote was the selection of state electors. The popular vote was to be used to select individuals trusted by the people to select the president. Each presidential candidate has a slate of electors committed to them. As the people vote for a candidate, they are actually electing his/her slate of electors. Again, the selection of electors goes directly to local control of the process. Under the Constitution, even the smallest state was assured at least three votes in the process. To provide a further check to protect the smaller states, in the event no candidate won a majority of the electoral vote, the names of the top five would go to the House of Representatives, where each state delegation would cast one vote for one of the candidates. In this process each state, again, is equal. To understand the Electoral College, one must realize that the Founders considered the states as the dominate power in the nation. Election of the office of president was a bit like the selection of the chairman of the board, with the states serving as the board of directors for the nation. The great mistake Electoral College opponents make is to believe the president was supposed to be elected by the people. It was never the plan. There are fundamental and often regional differences in how Americans view the role of government and the leaders they elect to run it. Little wonder those who seek to strengthen the power of the central government prefer that elections be decided by the popular vote. It's a great sound bite, but the results will not give "the people" the "fair" result they desire. Such a move will eliminate the power of individual states in favor of elections decided by the population of large, politically liberal cities. I've actually heard it said by residents of California, San Francisco, in particular, "Why do we even let people in Ohio and Iowa vote?" Such elitism is behind the "National Popular Vote" movement which apparently believes that only the East and West Coasts count. The rest is just flyover country. Keep these facts in mind as we watch the enforcement of sustainable development policies that lead to smart growth cities. The stated plans of such ideas are that most people will eventually be "persuaded" to leave the rural areas and migrate to the cities. In addition, we now are witnessing the invasion of illegal immigrants who normally land in such communities and swell their size. The "feel good" propaganda of the National Popular Vote movement insists that a popular vote would not change the face of the nation. However, by design or not, the fact is their scheme plays right into the hands of the sustainablists who openly seek top-down control through the establishment of mega cities. By forcing the massive majority of citizens into such areas, a majority vote in just a few will drown any other area in the nation. In such a planned agenda for the 21st century, individuals living in the majority of the nation's territory will quickly learn how little their "popular vote" counts if the Electoral College is abandoned by the "National Popular Vote" scheme. Those smaller states (and therefore their votes) may have no impact on the election of the president, just as our founders feared. Control by a few over the many can only be defined as tyranny. The abolition of the Electoral College would, in fact, establish an election tyranny giving control of the government to the massive population centers of the nation's northeastern sector, along with the area around Los Angeles. If these sections of the nation were to control the election of our nation's leaders, the voice of the ranchers and farmers of the Mid and Far West would be lost, along with the values and virtues of the South. It would also mean the end of the Tenth Amendment and state sovereignty. Not happy to even let the states decide if they want to support the idea of the National Popular vote or not, the hard Left has manufactured the unrest in the streets to pressure a fast solution. Sen. Boxer has answered the call with immediate legislation to end the Electoral College. Her bill masquerades as the answer to the people's unrest. And the deal is done. Just like that. In the end, the result will have nothing to do with Donald Trump. He is just the convenient excuse. Allow that to happen now and the great silent majority of middle America in this nation will never again have a fair say in who is elected our president. And that is the true goal of today's unrest. Tom DeWeese is president of the American Policy Center and one of the nation's leading experts on Agenda 21 and its assault on property rights and personal freedom. He is author of the book Now Tell Me I Was Wrong and editor of the monthly newsletter The DeWeese Report. 

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etc. a terrible dark cloud has covered the earth, sickness, pain, suffering, bloodshed, drought, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, fire, famine, pestilences, heartaches and sorrow, the anti-christ rising to power and fame. Oh, what a day that has now come.

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Tennessee wildfires threaten resort towns of Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge

Travis Dorman and Steve Ahillen, Knoxville (Tenn.) News Sentinel 9:05 a.m. EST November 29, 2016

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Motorists fleeing wildfires in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge packed roads in and out of the resort towns Monday night as flames and choking smoke driven by wind swept across the area. The Gatlinburg Fire Department ordered the mandatory evacuation of downtown Gatlinburg as wind conditions worsened and several fires grew increasingly unpredictable and dangerous. As fires threaten homes and businesses in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, the area's largest theme park was watching the situation closely. Pete Owens, spokesperson for Dollywood, said late Monday that no structures inside the park had been damaged. Fire crews in the park were standing by if needed to protect the buildings. Owens said the fire has reached the Upper Middle Creek ridge near the park, and staff evacuated 19 occupied cabins in the park's cabin resort area. In addition, they evacuated guests from 50 rooms in Dollywood's DreamMore Resort. Some areas of Pigeon Forge also were being evacuated, according to fire spokeswoman Trish McGee. "Three county school buses are available for emergency transport and are being dispatched as needed to transport those who need to evacuate," according to a statement from McGee. etc. "We were just told by the Gatlinburg Fire Department that they had told everybody in Gatlinburg to get out," said Judy Tucker, director of Sevier County's E-911 call center, around 9 p.m. "... No one's getting through to anyone. Phones are ringing and not being answered anywhere. It's chaos." Around 6 p.m., Gatlinburg fire officials declared an immediate mandatory evacuation of the Mynatt Park neighborhood, East Foothills Road, Turkey Nest Road, Davenport Road and Savage Gardens areas. At that point, average wind speeds were recorded at 40 mph, with gusts clocking in as high as 74 mph, according to a news release from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. With the majority of the wildfires listed as 100% contained on the Division of Forestry's website on Sunday, firefighters were hoping the 2-plus inches of rainfall forecast for Monday and Tuesday nights would bring an end to the ongoing wildfire emergency. But Monday’s high wind speeds exacerbated the situation, and the rain has yet to fall — Gatlinburg was expected to receive at least half an inch around midnight, said Jeremy Buckles, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Morristown. "The wind is not helping, and the rain is not here yet," Gatlinburg Fire Department Chief Greg Miller said in a news conference. "These are the worst possible conditions imaginable." Fallen trees sparked multiple fires in Gatlinburg from downed power lines, authorities said. Fire departments from multiple agencies are responding to the area fires. Sevier County Schools canceled classes on Tuesday due to the fires, according to the school system's website. Employees from the Elkmont and Park Headquarters area were evacuated. Officials closed the Gatlinburg Bypass and Little River Road from Sugarlands Visitor Center to Metcalf Bottoms Picnic Area. Longtime former LeConte Lodge caretaker Allyson Hughes Virden and her husband Chris posted on Facebook before the evacuation became mandatory. "The mountain headed up to LeConte is a blaze," Allyson Virden said. "We drove to the top of our hill and we were blown away with the fire that is spreading up Mt. LeConte. My heart is breaking ... Chris and I are about to pack up and head out. It breaks my heart to think of all the people in harm's way and the historic buildings that are in danger. Please pray for our community and beloved Smokies." Voluntary evacuations of Mynatt Park neighborhood began on Monday afternoon after a fire was reported around 11:30 a.m., roughly 150 yards behind the Twin Creeks Picnic Pavilion on Cherokee Orchard Road, according to a park news release. The city set up a makeshift shelter at the Gatlinburg Community Center, 156 Proffitt Road. Officials initially reported additional fire activity near the Park Headquarters area, as well as a spot fire between Elkmont and Newfound Gap Road off of the Sugarland Mountain Trail approximately 1 mile south of the Husky Gap Trail intersection. The National Park Service issued an Air Quality Advisory for the area due to the smoke. The blaze forced the evacuation of Pi Beta Phi Elementary School around 12:30 p.m. The evacuation was a precautionary measure due to the smoke, according to Karen King, assistant superintendent with the Sevier County School District. The Twins Creek fire was the second in a week in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the first being a fire near the Chimney Tops area, which has grown to cover more than 500 acres since it was reported last week. In a news release on Monday, park officials said they closed Newfound Gap Road, Cherokee Orchard Road, Elkmont Road and several trails in response to the Chimney Tops fire. “The fire is currently moving northeast, burning primarily along the ground layer through duff and leaf litter. Gusting winds have caused the fire to spot across the ridges in the Chimney Tops and Bullhead Ridge areas,” the release stated.

Contributing: WBIR-TV, Knoxville, Tenn. Follow Steve Ahillen and Travis Dorman on Twitter: @sahillen and @travdorman 

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etc. Keep your eyes; keep your eyes upon what is going on in the Mid-East, that is your tree, that is your tree, I have told you to watch Israel, that is your tree. etc.

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Qatari minister: Gaza could turn into 'launching pad' for ISIS

Qatar's foreign minister warns that Israel's naval blockade could turn Gaza into an easy launching pad for ISIS recruiters.

Elad Benari, 28/11/16 05:14

Palestinian infighting and years of an Israeli blockade could turn Gaza into an easy "launching pad" for Islamic State (ISIS) recruiters, Qatar's foreign minister warned on Sunday, according to Reuters. Foreign minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani said in an interview in Doha that a blockade imposed on Gaza's borders by Israel and Egypt had turned the territory into an "open-air prison". "If we will leave them as they are, people from Daesh can recruit them easily. They can start operations from there easily," he told Reuters, using the Arabic acronym for the jihadist group. "It (Gaza) can transform also as a launching pad for extremism and for terrorism ... That's why we need to put an end to this," he added. Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza is meant to prevent Gaza’s Hamas terrorist rulers from smuggling in weapons and explosives. The United Nations-backed Palmer report, released in 2011, determined that Israel’s blockade of Gaza is perfectly legal. Despite that report, UN and EU officials have demanded that Israel lift the blockade. Qatar is a major backer of Hamas and has provided more than 1,000 apartments to residents of Gaza whose homes were destroyed during Operation Protective Edge in 2014. Reports last year indicated that Qatar halted its financial support for Hamas in order to push the group to change its policy against Egypt, which Qatar had just reconciled with. Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar said, however, that the report was completely untrue. Sheikh Mohammed told Reuters that advancing unity efforts between Hamas and rival Fatah, which controls Palestinian Authority-assigned areas of Judea and Samaria, as well as easing the blockades should not be "forgotten about" because of war unfolding across the Middle East. "We believe this will be a step for having some relief for the people of Gaza. Forgetting Palestine - postponing it until later - will be much riskier," he warned. 

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etc.. Watch, watch, watch as you begin to see the monetary system totally crumble and collapse, etc..

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etc America your money will be worth nothing in the near future, this will bring panic, famine and martial law, yes, in the streets of America.  If you had read my word you know that these are the beginning of sorrows etc

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The Road to Recovery: Global Epocalypse Inevitable According to Trump’s Chief and World’s Largest Failing Bank

The financial end of the world in economic apocalypse is here. A funny thing happened on the road to recovery: Trump’s chief strategist admitted his view of the Trumpian future looks like the Great Depression. Even the world’s largest bank just said global financial default is the preferable way out and most likely way out of the Great Recession that began in 2007/2008. That’s the new optimism. You don’t get better than all of that for an exhilarating view of the imminent future. As Maya MacGuineas, the leader of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, also assessed the situation, “President-elect Trump is going to be inheriting the worst fiscal situation of any president… other than President Truman … as judged by the debt relative to the economy.” (The Washington Post) Trump’s solution for that problem requires that we enormously increase that debt and hope to power through. That puts him in a no-win scenario unless he can jack the economy up faster than he jacks up the debt; but we are already seeing the likelihood of that fall apart before the plan begins, as I’ll explain. That Trump’s plan will increase the debt is not just something his critics are claiming but is also something his own chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, admits to from the outset of this journey into oblivion: “With negative interest rates throughout the world, it’s the greatest opportunity to rebuild everything,” Bannon said. “Shipyards, ironworks, get them all jacked up. We’re just going to throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks. It will be as exciting as the 1930s, greater than the Reagan revolution.” (The Washington Post) “Throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks” sounds like a description of a last-ditch effort if I ever heard one. It’s certainly not the usual new administration optimism. “As exciting as the 1930s?” Yikes. The plan is for something as exciting as the greatest economic collapse the modern world has known … until now. And clearly the plan here is only made possible by interest so low that it is in some places negative. So, pack the bags on the jalopy because 2017 is going to be a heck of a ride. I don’t fault Bannon or Trump for this because I have said all along that we will never avoid the economic collapse that our mountains of debt and our greedy banks have already assured. We can only push it off but make it greater by doing so. I may have jumped the gun a little with my prediction of the Epocalypse at the start of 2016, but a year later we have some of the most unlikely places admitting we are going there, so I didn’t jump it by much. (Wait until you read what Deutsche Bank has to say.) While I’m not surprised at all by where we are headed, I am surprised at Bannon’s stark admission that Trump’s plan will take us on a journey as “exciting” as the Great Depression of the 1930’s — not exactly everyone’s favorite period in history to relate to if one is trying to build belief in a recovery plan. He’s right, of course, but I’m surprised to find someone who is trying to stir excitement for his plan comparing it to the worst time the oldest people alive can remember — a time they hoped they would never revisit. I suppose I shouldn’t be because that is where we are, and Bannon’s nature is to say things as they are. You just don’t usually hear such stark expression from the president’s chief strategists. Again, such is the nature of our time. (And I’d rather hear things as they are than pretend otherwise.) While I’m sure Bannon wasn’t expressing dumbfounded joy about experiencing another decade like the Great Depression, he was saying that Trump’s debt-heavy plan is much like Roosevelt’s WPA. That’s where we are — in an economy that has stalled to the point that it will take a WPA-sized plan to move it any further ahead. That thought, too, is not exactly hopeful because we also had a global war to help gas the engines of the economy out of the 30s, and that has been looking more likely throughout 2016, too. I agreed at the start of the Obama administration that we should take out debt to accelerate the economy and position the nation for a more vibrant future because then we would, at least, be handing the next generation some genuinely valuable merchandise in exchange for all the debt we created … so long as we focused on projects that really needed to be done anyway. While I’m not so sure about the proverbial crumbling bridges that have provided the argument for taking on more debt for a decade or more, there are plenty of needed projects in the form of antiquated sewer systems that are far from capable of handling today’s capacity, major city water systems that still use wooden pipes, etc. I suggested then, “Do it now, while the price tag is lower than it may be in the future and while the cost of finance is dropping.” But that was then, and it’s too late now for reasons I’ll lay out here. It’s an opportunity that was lost due to a non-visionary, do-nothing-in-the-face-of-catastrophe, obstructionist congress. I’m for using debt to get some things going when the prices are down and jobs are in short supply and then paying it back as things start picking up. I’m for using debt responsibly like a tool, not like a replacement for the oxygen we breath … but when has the US done that in the last half a century? We have been profligate, lazy debt abusers, paying for nothing as we go, living off the generosity of a future that has no say in the matter. My thoughts at the start of the Great Recession: there are always projects that need to be done, why not do them when labor is cheaper and easier to find and when the cost of credit is extremely low. That is just common-sense wisdom as a way of creating jobs and getting things done that are government’s responsibility and that have been put off for too long anyway. However, I have been saying for the last four years that we squandered that opportunity for the past seven years as the Republicans obstructed such attempts and as the Obama administration, frankly, did very little to push such ideas through. Obama had no vision and put more effort into changing bathroom laws. Trump does have vision, but Obama already spent the debt capacity the US had for doing such bold ideas. Now that the Obama administration has doubled the national debt to $20 trillion, the debt relative to the total size of the economy (when measured in GDP), as MacGuineas says, is the highest its been since the end of WWII. Hitting that point is a game-changer in terms of what you can now do with debt. We’re at 100% of the total economy owed in debt! From what we’ve seen in other nations that are bordering on collapse, going above that mark gets seriously precarious, while even hitting that level suffocates the economy. We’re at a debt load that is only survived at all because interest rates are the lowest they have been in the history of the world. (Literally. No nation has ever given money away to the degree that nations around the world have been doing over the last few years.) The current budget deficit is already running well over half a trillion dollars a year, and that’s while making interest payments that are almost nil. What will the deficit be if rates rise to historically normal levels, even if we don’t finance Trump’s plan? No one knows exactly what the maximum debt ceiling for any nation is, but I believe we are now seeing a clear sign that we have hit that level, and “throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks” doesn’t sound like a well-thought-out plan that justifies another trillion in debt over time. (Many say it will really come to five trillion.) bank bailouts bank failures Bank of America Ben Bernanke Bush tax cuts capitalism cashless society China deficit spending deregulation Donald Trump Ebola economic bubble economic collapse economic crisis economic denial economic news articles economic predictions economic recovery epocalypse euro crisis European Union foreclosure fraud George W. 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Even the world’s largest bank just said global financial default is the preferable way out and most likely way out of the Great Recession that began in 2007/2008. That’s the new optimism. You don’t get better than all of that for an exhilarating view of the imminent future. As Maya MacGuineas, the leader of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, also assessed the situation, “President-elect Trump is going to be inheriting the worst fiscal situation of any president… other than President Truman … as judged by the debt relative to the economy.” (The Washington Post) Trump’s solution for that problem requires that we enormously increase that debt and hope to power through. That puts him in a no-win scenario unless he can jack the economy up faster than he jacks up the debt; but we are already seeing the likelihood of that fall apart before the plan begins, as I’ll explain. That Trump’s plan will increase the debt is not just something his critics are claiming but is also something his own chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, admits to from the outset of this journey into oblivion: “With negative interest rates throughout the world, it’s the greatest opportunity to rebuild everything,” Bannon said. “Shipyards, ironworks, get them all jacked up. We’re just going to throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks. It will be as exciting as the 1930s, greater than the Reagan revolution.” (The Washington Post) “Throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks” sounds like a description of a last-ditch effort if I ever heard one. It’s certainly not the usual new administration optimism. “As exciting as the 1930s?” Yikes. The plan is for something as exciting as the greatest economic collapse the modern world has known … until now. And clearly the plan here is only made possible by interest so low that it is in some places negative. So, pack the bags on the jalopy because 2017 is going to be a heck of a ride. I don’t fault Bannon or Trump for this because I have said all along that we will never avoid the economic collapse that our mountains of debt and our greedy banks have already assured. We can only push it off but make it greater by doing so. I may have jumped the gun a little with my prediction of the Epocalypse at the start of 2016, but a year later we have some of the most unlikely places admitting we are going there, so I didn’t jump it by much. (Wait until you read what Deutsche Bank has to say.)While I’m not surprised at all by where we are headed, I am surprised at Bannon’s stark admission that Trump’s plan will take us on a journey as “exciting” as the Great Depression of the 1930’s — not exactly everyone’s favorite period in history to relate to if one is trying to build belief in a recovery plan. He’s right, of course, but I’m surprised to find someone who is trying to stir excitement for his plan comparing it to the worst time the oldest people alive can remember — a time they hoped they would never revisit. I suppose I shouldn’t be because that is where we are, and Bannon’s nature is to say things as they are. You just don’t usually hear such stark expression from the president’s chief strategists. Again, such is the nature of our time. (And I’d rather hear things as they are than pretend otherwise.) While I’m sure Bannon wasn’t expressing dumbfounded joy about experiencing another decade like the Great Depression, he was saying that Trump’s debt-heavy plan is much like Roosevelt’s WPA. That’s where we are — in an economy that has stalled to the point that it will take a WPA-sized plan to move it any further ahead. That thought, too, is not exactly hopeful because we also had a global war to help gas the engines of the economy out of the 30s, and that has been looking more likely throughout 2016, too. I agreed at the start of the Obama administration that we should take out debt to accelerate the economy and position the nation for a more vibrant future because then we would, at least, be handing the next generation some genuinely valuable merchandise in exchange for all the debt we created … so long as we focused on projects that really needed to be done anyway. While I’m not so sure about the proverbial crumbling bridges that have provided the argument for taking on more debt for a decade or more, there are plenty of needed projects in the form of antiquated sewer systems that are far from capable of handling today’s capacity, major city water systems that still use wooden pipes, etc. I suggested then, “Do it now, while the price tag is lower than it may be in the future and while the cost of finance is dropping.” But that was then, and it’s too late now for reasons I’ll lay out here. It’s an opportunity that was lost due to a non-visionary, do-nothing-in-the-face-of-catastrophe, obstructionist congress. I’m for using debt to get some things going when the prices are down and jobs are in short supply and then paying it back as things start picking up. I’m for using debt responsibly like a tool, not like a replacement for the oxygen we breath … but when has the US done that in the last half a century? We have been profligate, lazy debt abusers, paying for nothing as we go, living off the generosity of a future that has no say in the matter. My thoughts at the start of the Great Recession: there are always projects that need to be done, why not do them when labor is cheaper and easier to find and when the cost of credit is extremely low. That is just common-sense wisdom as a way of creating jobs and getting things done that are government’s responsibility and that have been put off for too long anyway. However, I have been saying for the last four years that we squandered that opportunity for the past seven years as the Republicans obstructed such attempts and as the Obama administration, frankly, did very little to push such ideas through. Obama had no vision and put more effort into changing bathroom laws. Trump does have vision, but Obama already spent the debt capacity the US had for doing such bold ideas. Now that the Obama administration has doubled the national debt to $20 trillion, the debt relative to the total size of the economy (when measured in GDP), as MacGuineas says, is the highest its been since the end of WWII. Hitting that point is a game-changer in terms of what you can now do with debt. We’re at 100% of the total economy owed in debt! From what we’ve seen in other nations that are bordering on collapse, going above that mark gets seriously precarious, while even hitting that level suffocates the economy. We’re at a debt load that is only survived at all because interest rates are the lowest they have been in the history of the world. (Literally. No nation has ever given money away to the degree that nations around the world have been doing over the last few years.) The current budget deficit is already running well over half a trillion dollars a year, and that’s while making interest payments that are almost nil. What will the deficit be if rates rise to historically normal levels, even if we don’t finance Trump’s plan? No one knows exactly what the maximum debt ceiling for any nation is, but I believe we are now seeing a clear sign that we have hit that level, and “throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks” doesn’t sound like a well-thought-out plan that justifies another trillion in debt over time. (Many say it will really come to five trillion.) Summing up the Trumped-up tax benefits On the surface of the Trump plan, what’s not to like if your in business or are a stock investor?massively increased infrastructure spending … without paying for it, increased military spending … without paying for it, repatriation of corporate profits at low-to-no taxes, corporate tax cuts, personal income-tax cuts, capital gains tax cuts How can you not throw the world’s biggest party when you’re doing all of that? So, let me start by saying I think it will stimulate the economy … and the stock market, too. It has already begun to do so. It is such a massive shift into finally applying fiscal policy toward growth, instead of just relying on monetary policy, that it forcibly revises the timing of my predicted Epocalypse … but probably not by much. It adds up to a form of government quantitative easing as massive as everything the Federal Reserve has done and more — entirely new ammo just as all the central banks are, as David Stockman keeps saying, “out of dry powder.” The government will issue enough bonds to pay for all that spending and all those tax cuts (which they hope will make it possible for you to amp up spending, too), and none of us have to ever pay for it! That’s why Reaganomics stimulated the economy so much. We bought everything and left it to others to pay for it. (We’ve just continued to move that along and greatly increase it under George II and Obama.) Since Trump’s plan will be the biggest pay-for-it-all-later flood of stimulus in the history of the nation, how can it not boost the economy? (Hint. I’ll tell you in a moment.) The Federal Reserve provided $2.2 trillion of direct quantitative wheezing. Trump is promising double that in new national debt alone. On top of that, the amount of new cash back into the country as a result of repatriation is estimated to be about another trillion. And then there is the money they hope you will spend from your tax savings. But where will all the money go? Trump knows where the money the government raises through bond issues will be spent (because he will control the spending), but he only thinks he knows what will happen with all the repatriated corporate cash and the corporate tax savings. Will most of that money go to expand factories and create jobs as Team Trump says? … As Ronald Reagan said? While Goldman Sachs is not trustworthy in the slightest, I think they are right on the money here, and I’ll explain why: “A significant portion of returning funds will be directed to [stock] buybacks based on the pattern of the tax holiday in 2004,” the team, led by Chief U.S. Equity Strategist David Kostin, write. They estimate that $150 billion (or 20 percent of total buybacks) will be driven by repatriated overseas cash. They predict buybacks 30 percent higher than last year, compared to just 5 percent higher without the repatriation impact.” (Bloomberg) This is a no-brainer in my view because I choose to learn from history. In the absence of strong markets, corporations for the past couple of years have focused primarily on using their cash to buy back stocks and have used their available cheap credit to do even more buybacks. Corporations have found that their boards and CEOs can make a lot more money a lot faster with less risk by playing the market with company stocks and company cash than actually building anything. These buybacks don’t make any money for the corporations, so it is not “business;” but they generate a ton of money for the wealthy owners as they milk their corporations dry. Why would they change that plan if more free money is on its way? Why would they spend it, as Trump and his tax maestro’s think they will, on capital investments to build products for which demand has been slowing? (If repatriation and corporate tax cuts were conditional based on companies not doing any buybacks, then maybe it would accomplish something more than jacking the stock market up another time; but I’ve heard no rumor of such conditions being built into the new tax code.) Some of the money will also be spent on increased dividends to shareholders to keep stock prices rising with enticements because that is also what corporations have been doing in recent history. Those dividends will, in turn, get reinvested in more stock speculation. And then there will be acquisitions of new companies to make bigger conglomerates, which helps eliminate jobs. All of which does nothing for the general economy; but it’s huge for the stock market. So, there are many reasons to think the stock market could soar again to even greater bubblicious heights. Infrastructure projects will kick some corporations into capital investment by creating demand, instead of just supply; but, as Goldman indicates, I suspect the recently adopted habits of going for the low-hanging fruit will not end as the most favored way to put the government plans directly into the pockets of the rich. So, there are LOTS of reasons to think stocks will go up IF the plan is enacted, and that’s why you see people quickly repositioning for that now by moving to stocks like Caterpillar, which are cheap because the company has been doing so poorly, but which should do well if the government starts building lots of infrastructure that requires lots of heavy equipment. Of course, Trump will have to get all of this through congress. Dem’s should love it, they wanted to boost infrastructure spending when obstructionist Republicans resisted. Now that it’s the Republican plan, most Republicans will approve it, except the diehard deficit hawks; so the Repubs will need a few Dems to join them. Will they join, though? Or will Dems return the Republican’s approach by dishing out their own obstructionism, and will they get the few remaining fiscally conservative Repubs to give them enough strength to obstruct the plan? That part is anyone’s guess, but my guess would be that most of the plan makes it through because the nation expects action. Who benefits when Trump’s cards are played? Corporations are not that excited about the large nominal tax cut because, for most of them, their effective rate is already that low or even lower because of the endless loopholes their lobbyists have worked into the system — dodges for which only those who can afford a battalion of tax accountants and a fleet of attorneys need apply. If Plan Trump does work, the people who benefit most will be the same people who have prospered off the entire Great Recession so far. As I say at the top of this site, “It’s been a great recession … for a few.” (This is what I warned of about Trump’s economic plan before the election.) That’s why the stocks that are rising the fastest from the mere thought of the tax cuts are the Wall Street banks that created the Great Recession! If they had known such a populist shift would drive up their stocks, they would have voted for Trump themselves. (Maybe they did and did protest too much only because they knew the populace would vote for anything the banksters pretended to hate, as I also said before the election. After all, remember how Goldman Sachs intentionally counseled its clients to do the opposite of what it was doing with its own money when they created the Great Recession?) The banksters certainly have nothing to complain about at the moment as rising interest rates lift them out of bank hell, and they are no more likely to be put in jail than their close friend, Crooked Hillary. So, all of this is a bank holiday so far. While the spending increases will create jobs and may benefit the average person with higher-pay, there is a caveat so big that is already undercutting the long term success of the infrastructure-spending stimulus program and could even stop it from happening by taking us straight to default as the first step of true recovery. The self-defeating effects of Trump’s spending spree There is some certainty in all of this: Massively cutting taxes while hugely increasing spending assures everyone that the government will take on a lot more debt. That means issuing a lot more bonds and other treasury debt instruments. That means interest will rise. In anticipation of that, interest on bonds has already risen at the fastest rate in history (1.5 times faster than the previous record in 1994). And that rapid interest increase is happening at the mere thought of Trump’s program. The rise in bond interest has also already translated into rising interest on mortgages, which has triggered an increase in mortgage applications as people see the writing on the wall and rush to finish their home purchases before the rates climb higher still. In other words, people are waking up to the fact that the days of low interest are fading fast. A few more certain conclusions follow from all of that: Rising interest is certain to make Trump’s infrastructure programs harder to accomplish without breaking the government. That undercuts the whole idea laid out by Bannon that the time to buy new infrastructure is now when interest rates are low. The plan has already started a self-defeating loop where the cost of credit is rising rapidly long before any specific projects are even talked about. That is a huge danger sign. In other words, Trump’s plan appears to be defeating itself long before it even goes to congress. As I’ve been saying for years, such is the plight a nation eventually comes to when it reaches peak debt. You pile the debt forward to the point where you cannot push it any further because funding new expansion with new debt drives up your interest costs beyond what you can keep up with. The rapid rise of interest, even while the Fed has its target set to the bottom, is a gauge that indicates we are there. All we can do now is spin our tires, trying to push the snow drift any further, or kill our engine. Bond funds are facing a liquidity crisis. If you simply buy government bonds directly and hold them for their full term, your money is stuck but pretty safe … at least, until the government defaults, by which point all bets of any kind are off anyway. However, bond funds, which most retirement funds invest in, are another story. Since fund managers buy and sell bonds, the value of their existing bonds drops when the government and others start paying higher interest on new bond issues in order to attract buyers. That causes people to rush out of those funds, and the funds face a liquidity crisis, as we are now seeing, leaving them struggling to try to find ways to cash those people out who are fleeing the fund. I have always questioned whether the bond market bubble would crash first or the stock market bubble. Since Trump’s massive changes are boosting the stock market before they even happen and breaking the bond market, we can pretty well see where the economy is going to crack. As Zero Hedge notes: Each time the bond market has crashed in the last few decades, a financial crisis has quickly followed: The rise in US interest rates is also pushing up the cost for many other nations to finance their national debts because they have to compete for investors. Following a decade of exponential increases in sovereign debt and corporate debt, this rapid rise in interest rates — still in its infancy — is the most dangerous thing that could happen. It has the potential to be massively worse than a stock market crash because it can take down entire nations around the world. The question that remains is “Are we there yet?” Are we at that point where Trump will not be able to raise funds for his projects without raising the cost of interest on the national debt to a level that means certain default because we cannot raise the debt fast enough to pay for the interest increases that raising the debt causes? Who knows, but the historically rapid rise in bond interest over the past two weeks could be what “there” looks like when you finally find it — a state where the mere thought of your plans drives up your financing costs faster than you can even talk about the plans, making it impossible to carry them out — a place where debt expansion ends itself. If that happens, this stock-market rise will be short lived as it builds in anticipation and talk of the plan but the cost of interest to fund the plan turns the plan into an unobtainable mirage before it even launches. That would cause panic in a market that just made huge changes to reposition for the benefits of that plan, and it would leave the market with nowhere to go. Unless the rate of rise in interest slows down as quickly as it began, we will be there before the president-elect takes office. So, here’s an interesting little side effect: If bond interest keeps rising like it has been, the next raise in the Fed’s interest target becomes irrelevant. Whether the Fed raises its interest target or not, the market is now taking over and raising interest for them — even mortgage interest. Trump’s program funding needs are so massive — at a time when the nation already has more debt than it could possible afford if it had to pay historically normal, market-determined interest — that the simple thought of that financing need is a force with more power than the strings the Federal Reserve pushes. In fact, you have to ask, “If the Fed’s target interest rate is still 0.25%, why are they not holding things there right now? Are they unable to do anything to slow the rise?” In the very least, Trump’s plan will force the Fed into more quantitative easing because they will have to soak up all of that government debt and add it to their own balance sheet — just to keep the government debt affordable — but it appears they have already lost the ability to hold rates down or have just given up (as I said I thought they would if Trump won). It is one thing when the Fed does quantitative easing just to stimulate the economy; it’s quite another when quantitative easing becomes a constant necessity just to keep the national debt affordable. At that final phase of the debt trap, you are caught in a vortex of debt that you cannot The rise in US interest rates is also pushing up the cost for many other nations to finance their national debts because they have to compete for investors. Following a decade of exponential increases in sovereign debt and corporate debt, this rapid rise in interest rates — still in its infancy — is the most dangerous thing that could happen. It has the potential to be massively worse than a stock market crash because it can take down entire nations around the world. The question that remains is “Are we there yet?” Are we at that point where Trump will not be able to raise funds for his projects without raising the cost of interest on the national debt to a level that means certain default because we cannot raise the debt fast enough to pay for the interest increases that raising the debt causes? Who knows, but the historically rapid rise in bond interest over the past two weeks could be what “there” looks like when you finally find it — a state where the mere thought of your plans drives up your financing costs faster than you can even talk about the plans, making it impossible to carry them out — a place where debt expansion ends itself. If that happens, this stock-market rise will be short lived as it builds in anticipation and talk of the plan but the cost of interest to fund the plan turns the plan into an unobtainable mirage before it even launches. That would cause panic in a market that just made huge changes to reposition for the benefits of that plan, and it would leave the market with nowhere to go. Unless the rate of rise in interest slows down as quickly as it began, we will be there before the president-elect takes office. So, here’s an interesting little side effect: If bond interest keeps rising like it has been, the next raise in the Fed’s interest target becomes irrelevant. Whether the Fed raises its interest target or not, the market is now taking over and raising interest for them — even mortgage interest. Trump’s program funding needs are so massive — at a time when the nation already has more debt than it could possible afford if it had to pay historically normal, market-determined interest — that the simple thought of that financing need is a force with more power than the strings the Federal Reserve pushes. In fact, you have to ask, “If the Fed’s target interest rate is still 0.25%, why are they not holding things there right now? Are they unable to do anything to slow the rise?” In the very least, Trump’s plan will force the Fed into more quantitative easing because they will have to soak up all of that government debt and add it to their own balance sheet — just to keep the government debt affordable — but it appears they have already lost the ability to hold rates down or have just given up (as I said I thought they would if Trump won). It is one thing when the Fed does quantitative easing just to stimulate the economy; it’s quite another when quantitative easing becomes a constant necessity just to keep the national debt affordable. At that final phase of the debt trap, you are caught in a vortex of debt that you cannot accelerate your way out of. How close is a multi-nation debt default? Before you think that the Donald is a billionaire so he knows what he is doing, bear in mind that the Donald’s own great expectations for huge projects funded with debt have not always created prosperity … even for him. In fact, those loses were so great that he still uses them to offset 100% of his tax burden (up to the last available returns), and those were simple, small-scale projects compared to rebuilding a nation. He’s had several times when great expectations funded on mountains of debt collapsed. Dont’ worry about it, though. The Donald has plan for the nation if they throw all of this at the wall and it doesn’t stick, which he has already laid out: “I’m the king of debt. I’m great with debt. Nobody knows debt better than me,” Trump told Norah O’Donnell in an interview that aired on “CBS This Morning.” “I’ve made a fortune by using debt, and if things don’t work out I renegotiate the debt. I mean, that’s a smart thing, not a stupid thing.” “How do you renegotiate the debt?” O’Donnell followed up. “You go back and you say, hey guess what, the economy crashed,” Trump replied. “I’m going to give you back half.” (Politico) So, there you have it. That’s where this ends if Trump’s infrastructure investment experiences debt problems. He’ll do the smart thing and write off the national debt. That, of course, will bust the entire financial world because nearly everyone owns massive chunks of the US debt colossus. As Clinton said on the campaign trail in response to Trump’s idea of defaulting our way out this funding dilemma … “That could cause an economic catastrophe, and it would break 225 years of ironclad trust that the American economy has with Americans and with the rest of the world,” Clinton said. “Alexander Hamilton would be rolling in his grave. You see, we pay our debts.” Ironically, Alexander already did a little rolling in his theater last week. I don’t blame Trump’s plan for any of this. I am merely pointing out why the plan cannot save us, and how it is already showing us we are there! Default on the national debt is going to have to happen because the national debt is already unpayable, and the global economy is sinking with so much inertia that we’ll never be able to raise it fast enough to expand our way out of our debt problems because the massive amount of new debt it would take to lift the economy is going to create worse problems than what it solves. So, I’m not concerned that Trump’s plan is going to cause the default to happen; I’m just looking at what it means for timing. The real estate mogul countered that while he’s benefited from taking on debt in his business dealings, the U.S. is “sitting on a time bomb” with its national debt. President Barack Obama has grown the debt, Trump said, and Clinton “doesn’t have a clue” when it comes to debt reduction. So, maybe that is the plan — take out as much debt as you possibly can before you default. Why not? If you’re going to declare bankruptcy anyway, make it worth doing by leaving yourself with assets and everyone else with empty hands. At least, we’ll be in the hands (albeit small hands) of someone who knows what do with exploding debt bombs. If done right, it will rob the banksters back. Deutsche Bank has some idea of what the bottom looks like and what massive fall-out major defaults will cause because it probably has a fair idea of where its own numerous debt problems extend, and Deutsche just issued the following stark alarm: …the global financial system remains broken and extremely fragile. Secular stagnation trends are everywhere. The world has too big a debt burden for the current growth environment. The whole world has this problem, but there is no growth environment that will take us out of it because Trump’s growth program is the strongest we’ve ever seen applied, and it is already digging its own debt hole deeper, faster than it can pay for. Mere talk of the plan is increasing the plan’s financial costs (and the nation’s current debt costs) at the greatest rate of increase the US has ever experienced. Thus, even Deutsche Bank offers a surprising statement, in spite of how bad a global default would be … We would feel far more comfortable if the world went through a huge creative destruction period where zombie, inefficient debt was allowed to default – thus ‘right-sizing’ the ratio between debt and GDP. However we’ve long accepted that this is highly unlikely to happen outside of perhaps a future break-up of the Euro. (Zero Hedge) So would I! Otherwise, we just get to stagnate the rest of our lives away and leave a world where our children will either do the same or be the ones to experience the default, neither of which will be good or right for them Allowing default to happen is, as I said at the start of the Great Recession, the only way out of the Great Recession. We are wasting time and making it more likely to be much more disorderly by putting it off. It is the one answer we have been forestalling because we want to avoid the pain. Trump’s plan assures the day of reckoning for bonds gets here faster, and that is probably for the good. economy is going to create worse problems than what it solves. So, I’m not concerned that Trump’s plan is going to cause the default to happen; I’m just looking at what it means for timing. The real estate mogul countered that while he’s benefited from taking on debt in his business dealings, the U.S. is “sitting on a time bomb” with its national debt. President Barack Obama has grown the debt, Trump said, and Clinton “doesn’t have a clue” when it comes to debt reduction. So, maybe that is the plan — take out as much debt as you possibly can before you default. Why not? If you’re going to declare bankruptcy anyway, make it worth doing by leaving yourself with assets and everyone else with empty hands. At least, we’ll be in the hands (albeit small hands) of someone who knows what do with exploding debt bombs. If done right, it will rob the banksters back. etc. 

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Best War Time Recipes: Preparedness Cooking Skills from WWI Will Keep You Alive During WWIII

November 24, 2016

World War 3 is already in motion and every war machine and nuclear missile that the world superpowers show off will be used to destroy both land and sea-based ecosystems, potentially leading to global nuclear famine. This is now a fact, we can’t no longer say ”might happen” since is already happening. A few hours watching the Discovery Channel can prompt extreme survival fantasies involving frog licking and urine drinking, but what basic skills would you actually need to survive in a world consumed by a nuclear exchange? In today’s post we are going to take a look back into the past and learn something that today many people are completely unable to do anymore….cook something from scratch. It’s quite shocking but these days the average American home eats a majority of its meals using prepackaged, highly processed foods that require very little skill to cook. If it doesn’t come out of a box, a can, or a plastic pouch most people are clueless when it comes to cooking. Learning how to cook from scratch is something you cannot afford to ignore if you want to survive WWIII. In order to successfully build a stockpile of emergency food, you’re going to need to learn how to cook, and you’re going to need to learn how to do it with basic ingredients. During WWII eating habits were changed greatly by wartime shortages. For many people rationing, synthetic foods, strange food combinations and the restrictions of the daily diet were among the most vivid memories of life in WWII. The rationing system was seen as complicated but fair and was popular for this reason. People registered at their local shops. Each family/household had a ration book. The ration book was handed over to the shopkeeper, who removed the coupons (as well as taking the appropriate sum of money). Food rationing was introduced in stages, beginning in January 1940. Foods that were rationed included bacon, butter, sugar, meat, tea, cooking fat, jam, cheese, eggs and milk.

Rationing started on January 8th 1940, when bacon, butter and sugar were rationed (by weight), followed by meat in March 1940 (by price rather than weight). In July 1940, tea, cooking fat, jam and cheese were also rationed (by weight). Eggs and milk were rationed by allocating supplies to shops in proportion to the number of customers registered there. People were permitted one egg per fortnight but this was not guaranteed, as with other foods. Rations varied considerably; the cheese ration, for example, varied from 1 oz (30g) per person per week to 8oz (225g). The meat ration worked out at approximately 1lb (500 grams) per week. This is how people managed to stay alive during the war, you don’t have to learn how to do everything at once. Take it slow and learn how to do a couple of things really well before moving on. If you try to do everything at once, you’ll probably end up with a bunch of food that nobody wants to eat. Take the time to learn the basics, and take the time to perfect what you’ve learned. Despite all the warnings, the only real way to get started is to just jump in there and have some fun. There are going to be some setbacks, some total bombed meals, and even some meals that are so bad no one will want to eat them; but in the end, you are going to be more prepared, save a lot of money, be much healthier, and have a skill that’s going to last a lifetime. As a supplement to this article, I found this great cookbook from World War I, Best War Time Recipes, which was released by the Royal Baking Powder Co. The book was released by the Royal Baking Company as a way to help with war efforts when things like wheat flour were not available because it was being shipped over to the troops. The recipes in this book can help show you what is possible, and is a great edition to your preparedness cooking and food storage stockpile. 

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Startling Look At How Much Money Food Stamp Recipients Spend On Junk Food

by Tyler Durden Nov 23, 2016 9:40 PM

A new study just released by the USDA, offers a very detailed look at exactly how participants in the "Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program" (SNAP, aka Food Stamps) spend their taxpayer-funded subsidies. Unfortunately for taxpayers, the amount of money spent on soft drinks and other unnecessary junk foods/drinks is fairly staggering. But, we suppose it's a nice taxpayer funded subsidy for the soda score one for Warren Buffett and the Coca Cola lobbyists. Per the study, nearly $360mm, or s5.4% of the $6.6BN of food expenditures made by SNAP recipients, is spent on soft drinks alone. In fact, soft drinks represent the single largest "commodity" purchased by SNAP participants with $100mm more spent on sodas than milk and $150mm more than beef. Soft drinks were the top commodity bought by food stamp recipients shopping at outlets run by a single U.S. grocery retailer. That is according to a new study released by the Food and Nutrition Service, the federal agency responsible for running the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as the food stamp program. By contrast, milk was the top commodity bought from the same retailer by customers not on food stamps. In calendar year 2011, according to the study, food stamp recipients spent approximately $357,700,000 buying soft drinks from an enterprise the study reveals only as “a leading U.S. grocery retailer.” That was more than they spent on any other “food” commodity—including milk ($253,700,000), ground beef ($201,000,000), “bag snacks” ($199,300,000) or “candy-packaged” ($96,200,000), which also ranked among the top purchases. Even worse, when we added up all of the commodities that would typically be considered "junk food" (i.e. soft drinks, candy, cakes, energy drinks, etc.), we found that roughly $950mm, or just over 14% of the aggregate $6.6BN of food expenditures made by SNAP recipients, is spent on unnecessary, unhealthy products. As CNS News points out, the study was conducted by IMPAQ international and analyzed the sales of a single national retail chain back in 2011. The dollar amount that food stamp recipients spent on soft drinks and other commodities comes from data a retailer provided to a data analysis company the federal government hired to find out what kind of foods people on foods stamps—and Americans not on foods stamps—were buying. “The Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) awarded a contract to IMPAQ International, LLC, to determine what foods are typically purchased by households receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program (SNAP) benefits,” the study explained. “This study examined point-of-sale (POS) food purchase data to determine for what foods SNAP households have the largest expenditures, including both SNAP benefits and other resources, and how their expenditures compare to those made by non-SNAP households.” “POS transaction data from January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011 from a leading grocery retailer were examined for this study,” the report said. It's a good thing democrats re-branded Food Stamps as the "Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program"....otherwise we would have confused it for a blatant waste of taxpayer money on sodas and energy drinks. 

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Wayne MADSEN | 25.11.2016 | OPINION

The march to GLEXIT – Globalization Exit

The world, through the ballot box, is speaking out. From the British «Yes» vote on BREXIT – the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union – to the election of the anti-globalization Donald Trump as president of the United States, the world is speaking out against the homogenization of the world into a super-state of blurred and overlapping governments, cultural identities, religions, and politics. The U.S. presidential election was not so much an election as it was a referendum on globalization in all of its malignant manifestations: free trade, open borders, and subjugation of national sovereignty to amorphous international organizations. From every continent, there is growing popular support for «exiting» international contrivances, from the European Union and International Criminal Court to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and even the United Nations. In August of this year, President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines threatened to pull his country out of the UN in what was the first such threat by a UN member-state since Indonesian President Sukarno successfully withdrew his nation from the UN in 1965. Proponents of economic and political globalization have not only been dealt heavy blows in the election of Trump in the United States and the success of the BREXIT vote in the United Kingdom, but also in the decision by South Africa and other African nations to withdraw from the International Criminal Court in The Hague. The international tribunal heavily-influenced by global hedge fund viper George Soros that is increasingly seen by Africa as the «International Caucasian Court» primarily targeting African leaders for war crimes prosecutions. In October of this year, South Africa joined Burundi and Gambia in announcing that it would leave the ICC. Ironically and embarrassingly, the ICC’s chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, is from Gambia. In 2015, South Africa was condemned by the usual collection of Soros-financed NGOs, including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, for not arresting President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan, previously indicted by the ICC, while he was on an official visit to South Africa. South Africa rejected the ICC’s interference in its internal affairs and this disgust for the court culminated in the recent decision to depart from the court. A month later, Russia announced that it was withdrawing as a signatory to the 2000 Rome Treaty that established the ICC. After the November Asia-Pacific economic summit in Lima, Peru, Philippines President Duterte also announced his country would join Russia, South Africa, and others in leaving the ICC. Duterte said, «They are useless — those in the International Criminal [Court]. [Russia] withdrew. I might follow. Why? Only the small ones like us are battered». Other African nations are considering scrapping the ICC. They include Uganda, Kenya, and Namibia. In 2015, Namibian President Hage Geingob visited former Tanzanian president Jakaya Kikwete to urge him to follow Namibia’s lead and exit from the ICC. At a summit of the African Union in South Africa, Geingob said, «Some people are saying we are the ones who created the ICC. However, when one creates something to be an asset but later on it becomes an abomination, you have the right to quit it since it has ceased serving its intended purpose». The BREXIT and Trump victories have emboldened electorates in many other nations to reject contrivances that stymie national sovereign rights. December 4, 2016 represents a watershed date to reject globalist agendas. It is the date of the re-run of the Austrian presidential election of April 24, 2016, one in which the anti-EU candidate of the Austrian Freedom Party, Norbert Hofer, was narrowly defeated by pro-EU Alexander van der Bellen of the Green Party. It turned out that 77,900 absentee ballots were miscounted in what represented a typical Soros-manipulated election. The Constitutional Court of Austria ordered a new election. The outcome of the December 4 election is believed by pollsters to heavily favor Hofer, as Austria has been caught up in the anti-EU groundswell rippling through Europe. December 4 is also the date of the Italian constitutional change referendum. Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has staked his political future on the referendum, which if passed, will reduce the power of the Italian upper house of parliament, the Senate, and drastically cut back the powers of the Italian regions. Renzi has tapped support for his referendum from the usual collection of those who do not represent the common people – members of the glitterati of the elite, such as actors, singers, celebrity chefs, professional athletes, film directors, and other diversionary leeches on society. The campaign for Montenegro to join NATO, backed by Soros- and CIA-funded propagandists, saw Montenegrin actors, journalists, and professional athletes appearing on television commercials urging NATO membership for the country even as many polls showed majority opposition to joining the military alliance. Renzi, a supporter of the EU and global integration, said he will resign if his referendum fails. And fail it is expected to do as «No» voters are far ahead in opinion polls. December 4 may very well go down in history along with June 24, 2016 and November 8, 2016 – the respective dates of BREXIT and trump’s election – as a red-letter day when voters rejected globalization. Renzi will soon join other discredited globalists, including former British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and David Cameron, former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, French President Francois Hollande, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel as footnotes in a failed history of international integration. Another important date for GLEXIT was November 13. With the globalists’ world still shaken from the election of Trump on November 8 came word that the pro-Russian former MiG pilot Rumen Radev, a political novice, won the Bulgarian presidential election. The election resulted in the resignation of Bulgaria’s pro-EU government. The same day, voters in Moldova elected Igor Dodon, who rejected a Moldova-EU trade agreement and favored joining the Eurasian Economic Union championed by Russia. The two elections in countries where Soros has infiltrated so much of the media and political infrastructures with pro-EU and pro-NATO acolytes were historic and another indication that the world was rejecting globalization. In addition to the EU, NATO, and the ICC, other regional globalist-oriented organizations are also teetering on permanent disruption. The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) has split along pro-Indian and pro-Pakistani lines. A recent SAARC summit in Pakistan was canceled after India refused to attend. India was soon joined by its allies, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Afghanistan. The organization appears to be permanently split, with the other SAARC members of Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Nepal opposing India and generally aligning with Pakistan. Another failed international organization, the Arab League, is a vassal of Saudi and Gulf money and showed its worthlessness in 2011 when it suspended Syria and Libya as members after they were faced with NATO-backed jihadist revolutions. The League also grants membership to the Saudi puppet government of Yemen. Mirroring the withdrawal of African states from the ICC, Venezuela in 2013 announced its withdrawal from the heavily U.S.-influenced Inter-American Convention on Human Rights (IACHR), a contrivance of the Organization of American States based in Washington, DC next to the White House. Venezuela’s withdrawal also rejected the jurisdiction of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (CorteIDH) based in Costa Rica. The Dominican Republic withdrew from the court in 2014. Trinidad and Tobago admirably led the way in rejecting the so-called «Inter-American System», that is, American hegemony over the Western Hemisphere, when it withdrew from the IACHR in 1998. Criticism of the IACHR has come from Ecuador, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Peru. The Commonwealth of Nations, an anachronistic leftover from the British Empire that cobbles together former British colonies into a group of British royal family sycophant nations, has seen Gambia, Maldives, and Zimbabwe leave the tacitly-worthless international organization. Trump’s announcement that the U.S. would withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) also dealt a body blow to the globalization cause. TPP is dead with U.S. withdrawal. American rejection of TPP left other TPP signatories, such as New Zealand and South Korea, looking to expand trade agreements with China in a display of renewed preference for bilateralism over multilateralism. There is a «New World Order», but not one envisaged by the globalists. This New World Order is one of renewed national sovereignty, cultural and religious identity, and rejection of dictates from unelected international bureaucrats. 

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etc Throughout the world there is a struggle, throughout the world the antichrist pushes himself to the top, throughout the world the economy has gone over the hill into disaster zone.  Countries make ready for war and yet my people seem to be astonished, unlearned, not knowing, not understanding the things that are there or the things that are taught to them etc.

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READY FOR WAR Japan prepares for NUCLEAR war with North Korea by warning citizens to shelter in underground shopping malls in event of Kim Jong-Un bomb attack

Japanese civil defence issue survival advice should nuclear missiles rain down

Revealed BY PATRICK KNOX 25th November 2016, 12:04 pm

JAPANESE people are bracing themselves for nuclear attack with chilling advise on what to do if Kim Jong-un presses the red button. For the first time since North Korea began a series of nuke tests, people in Japan are being issued with terrifying instruction on how to deal with nuclear war. A downloadable pamphlet is now available on the island nation’s civil defence website. Called “Protecting Ourselves against Armed Attacks and Terrorism,” it outlines emergency measures in the event North Korean missiles are fired at the country. It bears similarities to the creepy Protect and Survive documents issued in Britain and Northern Ireland during the early 1980s following the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan. Like the UK’s booklet it give top-tips on how to avoid being fried and radiated. It urges people to take shelter indoors behind thick walls to avoid blast injuries but also radiation. Underground shopping malls would be an ideal place to take cover, it advises. 

:: 4-5-15 am pm Easter etc. you are approaching that hour when Babylon shall fall in twenty-four hours and the minute, the very minute that takes place you need to be extremely careful in the things that you do etc. etc The minute Babylon falls do not go over fifty miles without talking to me etc. if you can’t hear from me, find those that can etc. It would be wise for every single person to get a backpack etc. compass, a flashlight, and have a water bottle etc. light raincoat in case you need it etc. you will be in a situation where you will have to walk etc.

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More Foreign Troops Pouring Into America: Civil War Edges Closer

By Dave Hodges

Since Trump won the general election, the reports of foreign troops coming into the country have increased exponentially. I just received this email from of The Common Sense Show readers. Dear Mr. Hodges I listen your show often and agree with you when you say that foreign troops are here in America. People may make fun of you, but I see them often. Earlier in the week, I delivered ready-to cook Thanksgiving turkeys to a military base. I saw hundreds or maybe even thousands of Russians. They are staying in temporary quarters. What the hell is going on? I though we are supposed be fighting these ****** *******? Are we just ******* crazy? I am sick of this ****. I got this sick feeling that we are about to get our a** kicked and it’s an inside job! What do we do? It now takes a scorecard to tell friend from foe. Obama is the single biggest traitor to ever hold elected office in the history of American politics. As I have reported, these foreign troops have been here for a number of years, only now, they are increasing in number. With what is going on in California and now this, this country is a powder keg ready to blow. Paul Martin, from Revolution Radio, says that his sources are saying that if you travel away from farther than you can walk back, you better have your protection and supplies with you, because when this starts, is where you are going to stay.

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etc. Keep your eyes upon me, watch and listen, even as volcanoes begin to erupt, etc.

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Popocatepetl volcano erupts strongly sending ash plume 5 kilometers in the air

By Strange Sounds - Nov 25, 2016

The Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico is entering an new phase of enhanced activity. After several explosions at night, the volcano had a strong eruption ejecting ash and gas 5 km above the crater. 324 exhalations of low intensity have been recorded within the last 24 hours at Popocatepetl volcano. The most important occurred on November 24, 2016 at 11:05am. At night, seven explosions happened at 00:14, 00:51, 01:37, 01:43, 03:16, 06:22 and 08:07 am, which increased the intensity of the incandescence and generated plumes less than 1 km in height. Today, November 25, 2016, at 09:45 pm an explosion generated an eruptive column that reached 5 km above the crater. Ashfall is expected in the southeast and northeast areas of the volcano (Atlixco, Cholula, Tochimilco, San Nicolas de los Ranchos, Tianguismanalco , Ocoyucan and Puebla). At the time of this report continuous emission of volcanic gases and ash are observed ranging an average height of 2 km above the crater. 

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Make America Great Again is already happening

Posted on November 25, 2016 by Dr. Eowyn

Donald Trump ran on the theme “Make America Great Again” (MAGA). It’s still 55 days before his inauguration as President of the United States of America. Amazingly, MAGA is already happening. Beginning on the day after the Election, the dark shadows clouding America started to dissipate, like Orcs scattering as Sauron and his Dark Tower fell after the evil One Ring had been destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom. (1) DefCon lowered to 5 The Defense Readiness Condition or DEFCON is an alert system used by the U.S. Armed Forces, which prescribes five graduated levels of military readiness to match five military situations from most to least severe. The Defcon Warning System is a private organization, made up of experts claiming to have contacts within the US security industry, which monitors world events and estimates the level of nuclear threat against America. On October 15, 2016, DEFCON was at level 3, the highest level since 9/11, which means U.S. troops could be mobilized in as little as 15 minutes. Tensions between the US and Russia reached an all-time high due to Obama and Hillary Clinton’s saber-rattling at Russia. Level 3 means US troops could be mobilized in as little as 15 minutes. (Source: Morning Ledger) After Trump was elected, DEFCON immediately decreased to Level 5 – its lowest possible state. The UK’s Express reports on Nov. 15, 2016 that Defcon Warning System wrote on its website: “The United States took a tentative step toward a more isolationist policy with its recent presidential election. While it will take several months to see how the US reforms its foreign policy, already some world leaders have expressed hope that relations could improve, including Russia and Syria. If the new US President keeps to his previous statements, look for the United States to withdraw somewhat from military confrontations in the Middle East and possibly European theatre . . . . “ (2) TPP is dead On November 14, 2016, Business Insider Australia reports that the “Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal has fallen over after the Obama administration suspended trying to legislate it before president-elect Donald Trump takes office.” A new study found that TPP would have cost 448,000 American jobs. In fact, an Obama administration trade official, Michael Wessel, admitted that TPP would damage America. Wessel is a commissioner on the U.S. Trade Deficit Review Commission, as well as the international trade co-chair for the Kerry-Edwards Presidential Campaign. In an article for Politico Magazine, May 19, 2015, Micheal Wessel wrote: “The public criticisms of the TPP have been vague. That’s by design—anyone who has read the text of the agreement could be jailed for disclosing its contents. I’ve actually read the TPP text provided to the government’s own advisors, and I’ve given the president an earful about how this trade deal will damage this nation. But I can’t share my criticisms with you . . . . We should be very concerned about what’s hidden in this trade deal—and particularly how the Obama administration is keeping information secret even from those of us who are supposed to provide advice.“ (3) Ford keeps production in U.S. Bloomberg reports on Nov. 17, 2016 that Trump tweeted that he convinced Ford Motor Co. to keep production of a Lincoln sport utility vehicle in the U.S. instead of moving it to Mexico. Ford confirmed Trump’s tweet, that it had told Trump the Lincoln SUV will stay in Kentucky, saying “We are encouraged that President-elect Trump and the new Congress will pursue policies that will improve U.S. competitiveness and make it possible to keep production of this vehicle here in the U.S.” Ford builds the Lincoln MKC small SUV at its Louisville Assembly Plant in Kentucky alongside the Ford Escape SUV. Ford had said it was “likely” to move the work to Mexico in 2019 when its current contract with the United Auto Workers union expires. Ford spokeswoman Christin Baker said in an e-mail, “We had planned to move the Lincoln MKC out of Louisville Assembly Plant.” Trump has criticized Ford for planning to move all its North American small-car production to Mexico, where wages are 80% lower. Ford already builds the Lincoln MKZ sedan at a factory in Hermosillo, Mexico. During the campaign, Trump threatened to slap Ford’s Mexican-built cars with a 35% tariff. He also said he would terminate the North American Free Trade Agreement, which lets goods flow between Mexico, the U.S. and Canada without tariffs. (4) Apple to make iPhones in America In January 2016, Donald Trump vowed that “we’re going to get Apple to build their damn computers and things in this country instead of in other countries.” (ZeroHedge) On November 18, 2016, Nikkei Asian Review reports that “iPhones might one day soon carry ‘Made in America’ labels.” A key Apple assembler, Foxconn Technology Group in Taiwan, has been studying the possibility of moving iPhone production to America. A source said: “Apple asked both Foxconn and Pegatron, the two iPhone assemblers, in June to look into making iPhones in the U.S. Foxconn complied, while Pegatron declined to formulate such a plan due to cost concerns.” Together, Foxconn and Pegatron churn out more than 200 million iPhones annually from their massive Chinese campuses.

(5) Trump’s critics lose The stridently anti-Trump New York Daily News (NYDN), owned by Mort Zuckerman, experienced a steep, double-digit decline in its circulation, according to the Alliance for Audited Media. While the entire newspaper industry has been hammered by print circulation declines in recent years, NYDN‘s drop-off is much steeper (11.2% to 207,680) than the declines at the New York Post (6.8% to 230,634) and the New York Times (5.5% to 551,579). (New York Post)

Univision, the vocally anti-Trump, pro-Hillary Spanish language media conglomerate, had a Q3 loss of $30 million, 8% drop in revenues to $735 million, and is laying off 200-250 workers. (Money)

Pro-Hillary AOL, owner of Huffington Post, which has been blocking my emailed posts to friends with AOL e-mail addresses, announced it’s laying off 500 workers or 5% of its total staff. CEO Tim Armstrong said that most of the cuts will come in its corporate units. (Source:ReCode)

The left-leaning, anti-Trump ESPN lost 2 million subscribers in its 2016 fiscal year that ended on October, from 100 million just 5 years ago to 90 million. (See DCG’s post this morning for details.)

(6) Hispanic Consumer Confidence Soars During the campaign, Trump was especially savaged for his call to to stem the invasion of illegals across our southern border. What the MSM or Fake Media didn’t tell you is that an election-eve poll found that most Hispanics actually agree with Trump on illegal immigration. So it shouldn’t be a surprise, although it still is, that the consumer confidence of Hispanics has soared, higher even than those supposedly “racist” whites who’d voted for Trump. (ZeroHedge) 

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etc. you see all the things that are going on in the world, you see the darkness, you see the troubles, etc.

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Massive Satanic Pedophile Ring Uncovered by Police in Norway after Arrest of 51 Men

By Nate - 11/23/2016

Police in Norway have filed charges against 51 men suspected of involvement in a massive pedophile ring. Authorities seized 150 terabytes (150,000 gigabytes) of data, including photos, videos and chat transcripts between members of various pedophile networks. Known as ‘Dark Room’, the police operation revealed sexual assaults against children as young as babies, according to The Local. “The material shows the abuse of children of all ages, including infants,” Hilde Reikrås, head of Operation Dark Room, said at a news conference. 

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Leaked Emails Show Government Corruption in Approving Aspartame

by Dr. Mercola

Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame are typically used to sweeten so-called “diet” foods and beverages in lieu of sugar or high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). The idea is that reducing your calorie consumption will result in weight loss. However, research has completely demolished this notion, showing that artificial sweeteners actually have the converse effect; they actually lower appetite suppressant chemicals and encourage sugar cravings and sugar dependence, thereby raising your odds of unwanted weight gain. [1],[2] Research has repeatedly shown that artificial sweeteners promote insulin resistance and related health problems just like regular sugar does, including [3],[4],[5] cardiovascular disease, stroke [6],[7] and Alzheimer’s disease. While poor diet is a major driver of Alzheimer’s in general (the primary culprits being sugar/fructose and grains, especially gluten), the key mechanism of harm here appears to be methanol toxicity — a much-ignored problem associated with aspartame in particular. In a previous interview, toxicology expert Woodrow Monte, Ph.D., (author of the book “While Science Sleeps: A Sweetener Kills” [8]) explains the links between aspartame and methanol toxicity and the formation of toxic formaldehyde. Newly Leaked Emails Discuss Rumsfeld’s Involvement in Aspartame Approval John Podesta’s leaked emails have turned up a number of damning pieces confirming the collusion between the soda industry and high level officials within the U.S. government, including Hillary Clinton. In a recent batch of leaked emails, Donald Rumsfeld’s [9] involvement in the approval of aspartame is discussed. [10] Rumsfeld served as White House chief of staff from 1974 to 1975. He was also secretary of defense from 1975 to 1977, and again from 2001 to 2006. In 1976, Rumsfeld became CEO of the drug company G.D. Searle & Company, which was trying to get aspartame approved by the FDA. To put the email chain into context, in 2013 the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) filed a petition with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requesting the agency “amend the standard of identity” for milk and other dairy products. This change would allow them to add aspartame to chocolate milk, which is a primary milk product served with school lunches, without labeling it as a low-calorie drink. I wrote about this in my article, “Big Dairy Petitions FDA to Allow Unlabeled Use of Aspartame in Dairy Products.” Former Head of FDA Reveals His Concerns About Aspartame At that time, Wendy Abrams, founder of Cool Globes Inc., an organization dedicated to raising awareness of climate change, forwarded correspondence to Podesta that she’d received from Don Kennedy. Kennedy is a former head of the FDA [11] and current editor-in-chief of Science Magazine. In his email correspondence with her, he shares his concerns about aspartame’s potential toxicity: [12],[13] The whole sweeteners issue has interested me since my early time at FDA … A little later, still during my time as Commissioner I was called on by Don Rumsfeld, who introduced himself as the CEO of Searle … [W]e told him that we would look carefully at the evidence and rely on our expert committee structure as usual. Aspartame continued to attract concerned critics, and we at FDA saw no resumption of Searle’s effort to get it approved. I looked up one piece on that history, which I append below. Not a very nice story. ‘In 1985 Monsanto purchased G.D. Searle, the chemical company that held the patent to aspartame, the active ingredient in NutraSweet. Monsanto was apparently untroubled by aspartame’s clouded past, including a 1980 FDA Board of Inquiry, comprised of three independent scientists, which confirmed that it ‘might induce brain tumors.’ The FDA had actually banned aspartame based on this finding, only to have Searle Chairman Donald Rumsfeld … vow to ‘call in his markers,’ to get it approved’ …

Health Impact News

Leaked Podesta Emails Confirm Suspicions About Aspartame Dangers

by Dr. Mercola

etc. Aspartame ‘Blew Holes in Their Brains’ In her correspondence with Kennedy, Abrams also noted her own adverse reactions to NutraSweet, noting that: … I think it is poison … Doctors will swear to me it is fine, and I will tell them, maybe I’m the only person in the world who reacts like this, but clearly it affects me, and then they’ll tell me again, it is fine. They are so brainwashed by the propaganda, they refuse to believe anything contrary. I also have a friend who worked for the researchers at University of Chicago (which has a top rated neurology dept [sic]) and the doctors there said when they gave NutraSweet to lab mice, it literally blew holes in their brains. In a subsequent email, Kennedy tells Abrams that: “Rumsfeld has a lot to answer for in his next life.” Children Are at Increased Risk As is often the case, children are particularly susceptible to damage from artificial sweeteners. A recent study [14] evaluating how much artificial sweetener is actually absorbed into the blood when consumed by children versus adults found that children had DOUBLE the concentration after drinking a 12-ounce can of diet soda compared to the adults. As reported by Science Daily: [15] The same research team previously found that these artificial sweeteners were also present in breast milk when mothers ingested foods, drinks, medicines or other products that contained artificial sweeteners. Since infants have less ability to clear substances from their blood stream via the kidneys (lower glomerular filtration rate up to age 2 years), the authors speculate that the infants’ artificial sweetener blood levels may be proportionately even higher. These results are important because early life exposure to artificial sweeteners may influence a child’s future taste preferences, diet and metabolic fate. Research Reveals Surprising Mechanism of Harm Research published in the journal Nature [16] in 2014 revealed a previously unknown mechanism by which artificial sweeteners make you pack on unwanted pounds and disrupt your metabolic function. Most importantly, this study proved causation. In recent years, we’ve learned that gut microbes play a significant role in human health. Certain gut microbes have been linked to obesity, for example, and as it turns out, artificial sweeteners disrupt your intestinal microflora, [17],[18],[19],[20],[21] thereby raising your risk of obesity, diabetes and other related problems. Specifically, the researchers found that artificial sweeteners alter metabolic pathways associated with metabolic disease. Decreased function was observed in pathways associated with the transport of sugar in the body. Artificial sweeteners were also found to induce gut dysbiosis and glucose intolerance in otherwise healthy people. Of the artificial sweeteners tested, saccharin (Sweet’N Low) had the strongest impact, followed by sucralose and aspartame. Glucose intolerance is a well-known precursor to type 2 diabetes, but it also plays a role in obesity, because the excess sugar in your blood ends up being stored in your fat cells. According to the authors of this widely publicized study: [22] [W]e demonstrate that consumption of commonly used non-caloric artificial sweeteners formulations drives the development of glucose intolerance through induction of compositional and functional alterations to the intestinal microbiota … Collectively, our results link non-caloric artificial sweeteners (NAS) consumption, dysbiosis and metabolic abnormalities, thereby calling for a reassessment of massive NAS usage. Another study, published in PLOS One, [23] also found that when rats were fed aspartame, it shifted their gut microbiota, causing it to produce propionate — short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) involved in sugar production — which resulted in elevated blood sugar. Diet Soda May Impact Your and Your Child’s Fertility Recent research [24] also suggests artificially sweetened drinks may affect your fertility. It found a connection between saccharin and sucralose consumption and reduced fertility rates among women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. These artificial sweeteners also raised the risk of a woman’s embryo having at least one deformity. Professor Dr. Adam Balen, chairman of the British Fertility Society (BFS), told The Daily Telegraph: [25] This is a very interesting study that suggests the false promise of artificial sweeteners that are found in soft drinks and added to drinks, such as coffee, may have a significant effect on the quality and fertility of woman’s eggs and this may further impact on the chances of conception. These findings are highly significant to our population. There should be more scrutiny of food additives and better information available to the public and, in particular, those wishing to conceive. ‘Diet’ Soda Is a Fraud False advertising is prohibited by federal law, and the term “diet” is only permitted on brands or labels when it is not false or misleading. In light of the research demonstrating that artificial sweeteners actually raise your risk of obesity rather than combat it, the consumer group U.S. Right to Know (US RTK) has asked the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the FDA to investigate Coca-Cola Co., PepsiCo Inc. and other companies for false advertising. [26],[27] In its 2015 citizen petition to the FDA, [28],[29] US RTK asked the agency to issue warning letters to Coca-Cola and Pepsi, concluding that the beverages are misbranded because the use of the term “diet” is false and misleading. In another letter, [30] the group urged the agency to stop Coca-Cola Company from making “illegal claims that its artificially sweetened sodas prevent, mitigate or treat obesity,” noting that Coca-Cola has made such claims on at least eight occasions. For example, Coca-Cola Company announced that its No. 1 “global commitment to fighting obesity” is to “offer low- or no- calorie beverage options in every market.” [31] However, if artificially sweetened beverages promote obesity rather than fight it — which research clearly indicates — then Coca-Cola’s commitment is anything but helpful. Nor is it supported by science. I listed a sampling of studies clearly refuting the industry’s “diet” claims in my previous article, “Aspartame Update: Coke Illegally Claims Diet Soda Can Combat Obesity.” Most recently, The New York Times [32] reported on a new study [33] showing water clearly beats diet soda for weight loss. Eighty-one overweight women diagnosed with type 2 diabetes ate the same diet, with one exception. Half drank diet beverages five times a week while the other half drank plain water. Six months later, the group that drank water had lost an average of 14 pounds. The diet soda group lost an average of 11.5 pounds. The water group also saw greater improvements in measures of diabetes severity, such as fasting insulin and postprandial glucose. All of this is right in line with previous research showing artificial sweeteners promote weight gain and worsen diabetes. Expect More Artificial Sweeteners in Pepsi Products PepsiCo is now vowing to reduce the amount of sugar they add to their drinks. [34] According to a recent announcement, at least two-thirds of its drinks will contain 100 calories or less from added sugar per 12-ounce serving by 2025. But while this may sound like good news, it simply means that more artificial sweeteners will be used. Indeed, the company has stated it will achieve this sugar-reduction goal by introducing more artificially sweetened drinks and reformulating existing beverage recipes. Considering artificial sweeteners are more damaging than sugar, this means the company’s products will become even more harmful than they already are. As you may recall, just last year Pepsi announced it would stop using aspartame. The decision came on the heels of declining diet beverage sales following a string of bad press discussing mounting health concerns. Alas, by September 2015 the company reintroduced aspartame, claiming consumers were demanding more choices. Whether that’s true or not is impossible to tell, but another, and more likely incentive, is that PepsiCo is simply trying to hedge their bets should a tax on sugary beverages actually go through. Reclaim Your Health by Ditching ‘Diet’ Drinks and Snacks When you add together the various routes of harm — from confusing your body with sweet taste without calories, altering your gut bacteria for the worse, impairing your fertility and, who knows, maybe even “blowing holes in your brain” — it becomes easy to see how artificial sweeteners have likely played a role in worsening the obesity and diabetes epidemics since their emergence in our food supply, and how they may be undermining health in a myriad of unsuspected ways. I strongly recommend avoiding ALL artificial sweeteners, and to read food labels to make sure you’re not inadvertently consuming them. They’re added to some 6,000 different beverages, snacks and food products, so there’s no telling where they might be hiding. As for safer sweetener options, you could use stevia or Lo Han, both of which are safe natural sweeteners. Keep in mind, however, that if you struggle with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or extra weight, then you have insulin sensitivity issues and would probably benefit from avoiding all sweeteners, including natural ones. Read the full article at 

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New terror for Israel: "We're in a state of war!" Tens of thousands of people evacuated from their burning homes

Friday, 25 November 2016 Photo Daily Mail

Netanyahu calls arsonists 'terrorists' Tens of thousands of people evacuated from their burning homes. On social media, some Arabs and Palestinians celebrated the fires and the hashtag #Israelisburning was trending on Twitter. "We're in a state of war!" Netanyahu. Nearly 100,000 residents have been evacuated from Haifa. Tens of thousands of people were evacuating from their homes in Haifa Thursday morning as a wave of wildfires threatened the bay metropolis, bolstered by high winds and dry conditions that have contributed to a spate of blazes across the country over the past two days. Residents of a total of 11 neighborhoods in the city were told to leave their homes, as fires in at least five locations consumed homes and business. "The fire is not under control; residents should quickly evacuate," the Haifa fire chief said, according to Walla News, as eyewitnesses described firefighters having little success in checking the onslaught of the flames. Photo Vos Iz Neias Firefighting planes from several countries were being brought in and the army's Home Front Command called in soldiers and rescuers to aid with the effort. In the city's Romema neighborhood, a large apartment tower was seen going up in flames. Houses and a kindergarten in Haifa's Ramot Sapir neighborhood were evacuated, police said, as the city's entire fire service tried to control a blaze threatening to spread from the surrounding forests into the suburb. Israeli TV broadcast pictures of paramedics frantically moving elderly people out of a nursing home in the Romema neighborhood of Haifa as black smoke billowed overhead. Firefighters also worked to try and keep flames from nearing a gas station close to the city's Paz bridge. Route 22 running through the area was closed. The Magen David Adom rescue service said 36 people had been treated for injuries; 35 were lightly hurt and one hospitalized in moderate conditions. "Every fire that was caused by arson, or incitement to arson, is terrorism by all accounts. And we will treat it as such," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters gathered in Haifa. "Whoever tries to burn parts of Israel will be punished for it severely." Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan referred to "arson terrorism" and said there had been a small number of arrests, providing no other details. On social media, some Arabs and Palestinians celebrated the fires and the hashtag #Israelisburning was trending on Twitter. "We're in a state of war," Haifa fire service spokesman Uri Chibutro told Channel 2 news. Major traffic jams were reported as residents in affected neighborhoods attempted to move to safer ground. An Israel fire service spokesman told The Times of Israel arson was suspected in Haifa based on circumstantial evidence, but nothing had been confirmed. Firefighters have been struggling since Tuesday to keep pace with a spate of brush fires that have popped up around the country, several of which have damaged homes and put people in the hospital for smoke inhalation. 

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etc. Keep your eyes; keep your eyes upon what is going on in the Mid-East, that is your tree, that is your tree, I have told you to watch Israel, that is your tree. etc.

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'Israel is burning': Palestinians, Arab world rejoice over fires

Dubai security chief tweets 'Israel banned the muezzin and caught on fire,' while Kuwaiti imam wishes 'Best of luck to the fires :)' and memes gloat over fires raging in Israel for the past three days.

Roi Kais, Elior Levy|Last update: 24.11.16 , 15:18

The hashtag "Israel is burning" or "the Zionist entity is burning" has become one of the top trends on Arab media over the past 24 hours, with countless of people gloating over the recent rash of fire plaguing Israel over the past three days. "They tried to ban the muezzin's call, and Allah rained fire on them," Hamas official Izzat al-Risheq tweeted. Other Hamas social media pages have posted videos of songs rejoicing about the fires, like one called "Catching Fire." Some people posted their hopes that the fires would reach strategic facilities in Israel, like the Haifa Chemicals plants, gas storage facilities across the country, and IDF bases that have large arms depots. One wrote, "All of Israel's neighbors must aid it—I suggest they send planes filled with gasoline and rain it down on the burning areas. I want to inhale the smell of barbecue from the Zionists." A publicist from Gaza wrote: "The Russian planes that burn the Syrian bodies every day are now helping in putting out fires inside the occupied territories." Another hoped: "God, add more fire to them until it is their end." One of posters was the head of General Security in Dubai, Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, who headed the investigation into the assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in a Dubai hotel room, which was attributed to Israel. Khalfan Tamim wrote on his Twitter account: "Israel banned the muezzin and caught on fire. Blessed be God." He also offered advice, "Israel has no choice but to agree to coexistence and peace with the Palestinians. It doesn't matter how much time passes, they (the Palestinians) will always come out on top. That is why treating them well is the best way forward for Israel." Mishary Rashid Alafasy, a Kuwaiti imam, wrote on his Twitter account: "Best of luck to the fires :)" He later added: "Israel is burning and losing control. It is asking its allies for help after banning the muezzin prayer in occupied Palestine and in the holy sites that were robbed (May the heart of the faithful be purified)." Later, Alafasy posted a map of fire-affected areas in Israel, noting "The fire is still burning in the Zionist entity." Internet memes were also quick to appear. Egyptian news site Almogaz posted a meme showing one person telling another "Israel is burning," with the other responding "Great. No one in the world can stand it." A satirical Twitter account posted a video of a fire with a Star of David instead, with a man jumping next to it and the writing "This is my situation now.",7340,L-4883710,00.html 

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Trump Presidency: So Far, So Good For Israel

Sunday, November 20, 2016 | Israel Today Staff

Israel has high expectations for the presidency of Donald Trump, and the Republican president-elect’s first round of political appointments did not disappoint. Trump at the weekend named Rep. Michael Pompeo as the next director of the CIA, and Lt.-Gen. (ret.) Michael Flynn as his National Security Advisor. Both Pompeo and Flynn have taken hard lines in regards to Islamic terror, and both are believed to be opposed to the Iran nuclear agreement. Pompeo is also a retired Army officer, and a graduate of both West Point and Harvard Law School. Troubling to many liberals is his advocacy for government surveillance and the use of “enhanced” interrogation against foreign terrorists. “These positions and others merit serious public scrutiny through a confirmation process,” insisted Anthony Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union. But Pompeo will face a Republican-dominated Congress, and is already well-regarded by many Democrats, including those with whom he disagrees. “Mike is very bright and hard-working, and will devote himself to helping the agency develop the best possible intelligence for policy makers,” said Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. “I know that he is someone who is willing to listen and engage.” Israel is most pleased by Pompeo’s outright opposition to the Iran nuclear agreement. “I look forward to rolling back this disastrous deal with the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism,” he tweeted last week. General Flynn is a bit more of a mixed bag. He has said controversial things about the liberal Jewish community in America. At the same time, he is very warm toward Israel, and will take a no-nonsense approach to combatting the forces of radical Islam. 

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Mexican authorities find 32 bodies and nine human heads dumped at gravesite

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Friday, November 25, 2016, 10:06 AM

ACAPULCO, Mexico — Investigators searching clandestine graves have found 32 bodies and nine human heads in the southern Mexico state of Guerrero, where authorities say they are battling a wave of drug gang violence. The grisly discoveries came in the municipality of Zitlala, where a drug gang had set up a rural camp where it held kidnap victims and disposed of its victims' bodies. When a joint military-police patrol happened on the camp earlier this week, it found a kidnapped man and what appeared to be clandestine burial pits. Initially investigators reported finding a dozen bodies, but after days of digging, they discovered a total of 32 bodies in 17 pits. The camp is near the area where nine decapitated bodies were found dumped on a roadside last week. The nine heads found in coolers at the camp may belong to those bodies, investigators said. The area has been the scene of turf battles between two rival drug gangs — the Rojos and the Ardillos — who engage in extortion, kidnappings and killings. But in recent weeks the violence has spread to other areas, apparently as a result of turf battles between two or three other gangs, including the La Familia and Guerreros Unidos gangs, and a group known as the Tequileros. Gov. Hector Astudillo condemned what he has called the wave of "barbarism and savagery," and his office said called the situation "a public disturbance caused by organized crime." Roberto Alvarez Heredia, spokesman for the Guerrero Coordinating Group, said soldiers were combing the area to see if there are any more clandestine graves. Investigators were working to identify the bodies and the killers. Guerrero has seen an upsurge in gang-related violence. The government announced on Monday that it is stepping up the use of joint police-army patrols in areas known to be particularly violent. But many towns have formed their own vigilante "community police" forces to fight the gangs. Residents of the town of Ajuchitlan, where about a dozen residents were kidnapped last week, had pledged to fight the gangs on their own. But Astudillo announced that 200 Guerrero state police, with reinforcements from the neighboring state of Michoacan, had been assigned to the remote mountain area to try to find the missing men. And in Tierra Colorada, nearer to the resort of Acapulco, rival vigilante groups have been engaged in a series of battles for control of the town, leading to fears the vigilantes may be taking sides in the gang wars. The largely rural, impoverished state had 1,832 reported homicides in the first 10 months of 2016. If that rate continues unabated, Guerrero would be on track to have a homicide rate of about 60 per 100,000. That would rival the recent peak year of violence in the state, in 2012, when there were about 68 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants. 

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Black Friday violence: Shootings at Nevada Walmart, New Jersey Macy’s, Tennessee mall kill 2, injure 2

BY Meg Wagner NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Updated: Friday, November 25, 2016, 2:10 PM

At least four people were shot across the country during Black Friday sales, including a Walmart customer who died in a fight over a parking space. Three separate shootings — at a New Jersey Macy’s, a Tennessee mall and a Nevada Walmart — killed two people and wounded two more. All the attacks happened outside of the stores as holiday shoppers inside loaded up on door busters and deals. Demond Cottman, 20, was shot and killed around 1 a.m. in front of a mall in Mays Landing, CBS Philadelphia reported. His brother, Shadi Cottman, was also injured when the shooting broke out at Hamilton Mall, in the parking lot next to the Macy’s store. Police haven’t released any information about suspects or detailed a possible motive. Macy’s Black Friday sales started Friday evening, and the store was open at the time of the shooting. The rest of the mall did not open to shoppers until 6 a.m. In Reno, a Walmart shopper was shot and killed just minutes after Black Friday door busters began on Thursday night. Police said the unidentified victim was gunned down at 6:05 p.m. in a driveway leading up to the superstore, KOLO TV reported. The gunman and his victim were fighting over a parking spot, officials said. The shooter — described as a black man in a dark-colored Toyota, with damage to the side windows and brake lights — fled the scene. While police described the shooting as a road rage incident unrelated to any Black Friday shopping, Walmart’s door busters began at 6 p.m. Thursday. A Tennessee man was wounded in a Thursday night shooting in front of Memphis’s Wolfchase Galleria Mall. Witnesses said a suspect fired several shots in the parking lot and then sped off in a red Ford Mustang, WREG reported. The mall was open at the time of the shooting, with many stores offering Black Friday sales a day early. Police have not identified the victim, provided any details about a possible suspect or said what led up to the shooting. 

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10 Ludicrously Advanced Technologies We Can Expect by the Year 2100

George Dvorsky 11/11/16 10:55am

Predicting the future is hard. It’s nearly impossible to know what technological marvels await in the next few years, let alone the next eight decades. Undaunted, we’ve put together a list of 10 super-advanced technologies that should be around by the year 2100. Some of these technologies are rather “out there,” but I’m reasonably confident in making these predictions. As radical as some of the items described here appear, most—if not all—should be around by the turn of the 22nd century. The reason has to do with an innovation that doesn’t appear on this list: Artificial superintelligence. As computer scientist I. J. Good aptly pointed out in the 1960s, “the first ultraintelligent machine is the last invention that man need ever make.” Once greater-than-human intelligence emerges in a machine—a development that could happen as early as the 2050s—all bets are off in terms of what’s technically possible. Intelligent machines will replace humans as designers and engineers, constructing the technologies of our dreams, including some we hadn’t even thought of. Here are just 10 of those technologies that could change virtually everything. 1. Brain-Linked Virtual Reality Wearable VR-enabling devices like Oculus Rift are all fine and well, but no matter how sophisticated these sorts of gadgets become, a “true” sense of existing in an alternate reality will remain out of reach. What’s required is something a bit more...invasive—and by the time we reach the 2100s we’ll have found a way to create a virtual reality experience that’s indistinguishable from the real thing. Incredibly, these experiences will be fed directly to our brain, bypassing our normal sensory inputs to make it all the more believable. To get that intangible feeling of what it’s like to exist in our surroundings, we’ll need to go to the source of that experience: the human brain. Indeed, the brain (among other things) is a sensory processing device. All of the things we sense on a regular basis, whether it be the smell of your tacos or the glaring glow of your computer screen, are routed to your brain. As Morpheus put it so eloquently in The Matrix: “What is real?...If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.” Futurist Ray Kurzweil, author of The Singularity is Near, explained how this could come about in a Q&A about his book. I see this starting with nanobots in our bodies and brains. The nanobots will keep us healthy, provide full-immersion virtual reality from within the nervous system, provide direct brain-to-brain communication over the Internet, and otherwise greatly expand human intelligence. But keep in mind that nonbiological intelligence is doubling in capability each year, whereas our biological intelligence is essentially fixed in capacity. As we get to the 2030s, the nonbiological portion of our intelligence will predominate. Kurzweil’s time lines are probably a bit optimistic, but his concepts are sound; we’re finding new ways of breaching the blood-brain-barrier and creating microscopic machines that can travel around the body. And just as importantly, we’re creating a detailed map of the brain, including areas responsible for processing incoming sensory information. Once implanted in the brain, Kurzweil’s nanobots would locate the brain’s various sensory inputs and shut them down (e.g. disrupting the electrical signals collected by the retina, ear, etc.), making the person completely unaware of their actual surroundings (it would be the perfect sensory deprivation chamber. In place of these signals, the nanobots, fed by wireless transmission, would replace those missing signals, feeding the brain’s cortical regions with artificial senses—and an entirely new subjective experience. To the person, it would feel like they’ve been transported to another world. 2. Utility Fog Devised by nanotech pioneer J. Storrs Hall, utility fogs are a swarm of nanobots, or “foglets,” that can take on the shape of virtually any object, and change its shape on the fly. Storrs came up with the idea when trying to imagine a futuristic seat belt. But instead of static straps and inflatable airbags, Hall imagined an intelligent cloud of interconnected snowflake-like foglets capable of morphing along with the movements of anything around it, including the passengers of cars. Utility fogs defy the imagination in terms of the technological sophistication required. Each foglet would measure just 10 microns across (roughly the same size as a human cell), be equipped with a tiny, rudimentary onboard computer to control its actions (which would be controlled externally by an artificially intelligent system), and a dozen telescopic arms that extrude outwards in the shape of a dodecahedron. When two foglets link up, they would form a circuit, allowing for the distribution of power and communications throughout the network. The foglets wouldn’t be capable of floating, but would instead form a lattice structure, called an octet truss, when holding hands in all 12 directions. A utility fog would work like programmable matter, capable of moving around, enveloping, and and even transporting an object or person. More radically, utility fogs could be used to create a virtual world around a person—and even host a person who has uploaded themselves into this nano-infused cloud (similar to the foglet beings in Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan). 3. Space-Based Solar Power As our civilization struggles to mitigate the effects of climate change and transition into a more sustainable energy economy, it’s tempting to think we’ll never be able to meet our seemingly insatiable energy needs. Space-based solar power—an idea that’s been around since the 1960s—could solve this problem once and for all. Nearly 60 years ago, Peter Glaser envisioned solar powered satellites capable of transferring captured solar energy down to receiving dishes on the Earth’s surface via microwaves. A number of different schemes have been proposed since then, with Japan leading the way in terms of having an actual plan to get it done. Called the SBSP System, the Japanese orbital farm would run in a stationary orbit about 22,400 miles above the equator, where it would transmit energy to Earth using laser beams. Each satellite would target a 1.8-mile wide receiving station that could generate an entire gigawatt of electricity, which is enough to power a half million homes. For safety, the receiving station should be positioned far from human habitation, such as a desert or island. 4. Mind Uploading By the turn of the 22nd century, many humans will have opted for a purely digital existence, one free of all biological constraints. Called mind uploading, or whole brain emulation, this will involve the meticulous copying of an existing biological brain. The scans would capture every cognitive detail down to the molecular level, and include memories, associations, and even a person’s personality quirks. Futurists aren’t entirely sure how mind uploading will happen, but a critical step will be to make sure the important parts of a brain are copied, particularly those tied to a person’s sense of identity (namely the parahippocampus and retrosplenial cortex). This could involve “destructive” copying, where an existing brain is sliced or otherwise taken apart in order to record a person’s brain state and memories. Alternately, a sufficiently powerful brain scanner could be used to take a snapshot of a person’s brain, and then “pasted” into a computer capable of translating that information into a functioning mind. In order for an uploaded person to function “normally,” they would have to be equipped with a virtual body and environment. An important scientific and philosophical question to ask is whether or not this represents a true “transfer” of consciousness, and not just the mere copying of a person’s brain. What’s more, it’s not entirely clear if conscious self-awareness can be replicated in digital substrate. Frighteningly, each upload could be a kind of zombie that behaves and functions like the pre-existing person, but would in reality be nothing more than a script-driven bot. 5. Weather Control It’s unlikely that our species will be able to completely control the weather by the end of the current century, but we should be able to put a serious dent into it. We’re already seeding clouds with particles to stimulate precipitation, and California has been doing this for nearly 50 years. During the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Chinese authorities fired 1,100 rockets into the clouds to trigger downpours before the storms reached the capital city. There are even efforts to fire laser pulses into thunderclouds in hopes of drawing out lightning in a controlled manner. Looking ahead to the future, weather engineers could build massive wall-like structures to prevent devastating tornadoes from forming, or construct massive —and very strong—arrays of offshore turbines to suck the energy out of hurricanes. On that last prospect, a study in 2014 showed that a wind farm consisting of tens of thousands of individual turbines could reduce peak winds by up to 92 mph (148 km/h) and decrease storm surges by up to 79 percent. That would in effect reduce a hurricane’s power by an entire magnitude. More radically, we could eventually build a weather machine to create a programmable atmosphere. A particularly intriguing plan calls for a thin global cloud of small transparent balloons lifted up into the stratosphere, where it would shade or reflect the amount of incoming sunlight. A mirror would be placed inside each balloon, along with a GSP to monitor its location, an actuator to control its orientation, and a small computer. Lifted by hydrogen, the “programmable green house gas” would come to a rest about 20 miles above the Earth’s surface. When the millions of mirrors face away from the Earth, they would reflect the sunlight back into space. This system, guided by AI, could influence weather patterns around the world, and turn marginally habitable areas into temperate regions. 6. Molecular Assemblers Think 3D printers are amazing? Just wait until the arrival of molecular assemblers, a hypothetical fabricator described by nanotechnology pioneer K. Eric Drexler in his seminal book, Engines of Creation. Drexler described a molecular assembler as a device capable of manipulating individual atoms to build a desired product. If you’ve ever seen an episode of Star Trek in which a member of the crew uses a replicator to churn out a steaming hot cup of Earl Grey tea, then you’ve basically seen a molecular assembler, which some futurists refer to as fabricators, or fabs for short. Drexler basically argued that biological assemblers already exist, producing complex and wonderful structures like bacteria, trees, and even you and me. Using the same logic, he figures we’ll eventually be able to tap into the mechanical properties of the uber-small, and use similar principles to produce objects of any shape, form, or consistency. Fabs could introduce the world to an era of “radical abundance,” allowing us to produce items and materials that would otherwise be impossible to build, constructing them from the ground up (or more accurately, from the molecules on up). But these devices could even be used to produce items we’re familiar with, like food. To make a steak, for example, the fabricator would take base materials, such as carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen, and then arrange them into amino acids and proteins, which would then be assembled to form a steak. 7. Geoengineering Disturbingly, the effects of climate change are likely irreversible. No matter what we do from now until the year 2100, the levels of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere will continue to warm the planet. To prevent the many environmental calamities wrought by climate change—from rising sea levels and megadroughts through to superstorms and mass extinctions—we’ll begrudgingly have to start geoengineering the planet. Some notable geohacking proposals include cirrus cloud seeding to reduce reflectivity, stratospheric particle injection for solar radiation management, sulfur-aerosol injection to induce global dimming, and simple solutions like tropical reforestation to restore the carbon balance. Other ideas include a giant space reflector (though that might be beyond our technological capacities by 2100), ocean fertilization to spawn carbon-sucking algal blooms, and ocean alkalinity enhancement to make the ocean less acidic. Clearly, there are no shortage of ideas, and we won’t be restricted to just one. The problem with geoengineering, of course, is that we could royally wreck our planet should something go wrong, and we may become dependent upon it. But desperate times will require desperate measures, and we’ll have little choice but to rely on complex climate models and supercomputers to ensure safety and efficacy. 8. Mind-to-Mind Communication Ongoing advances in communications technologies and neuroscience will transform humanity into a telepathic species. The advent of direct mind-to-mind communication will bring us even closer together as individuals, and conceivably give rise to a “hive mind”—a vast network of interconnected minds working together over the future instantiation of the internet. In such a future, we may start to see the dissolution of the individual, and the rise of a collective mass consciousness. Remarkably, this future may be closer than we think. Back in 2014, an international team of researchers were the first to demonstrate a direct and completely non-invasive brain-to-brain communication system. During their experiment, two participants were able to exchange mentally-conjured words despite being separated by hundreds of miles. A year later, a separate team of researchers transmitted brain signals over the internet to control the hand motions of another person, allowing them to collaborate on a computer game. These systems, though extremely rudimentary, point to a future in which we can simply use our thoughts to converse with one another, and “telekinetically” control smart devices in our environment. 9. Fusion Power Earlier this year, physicists in Germany used a 2-megawatt microwave pulse to warm low density hydrogen plasma to 80 million degrees. The experiment didn’t produce any energy, and it only lasted for a quarter of a second, but it was an important step forward in the effort to harness an extremely promising form of energy production known as nuclear fusion. Unlike nuclear fission, where the nucleus of an atom is divided into smaller parts, nuclear fusion creates a single heavy nucleus from two lighter nuclei. The resulting change in mass generates a tremendous amount of energy that scientists believe can be harnessed into a viable source of clean energy. Eventually, fusion power could replace fossil fuels and conventional nuclear reactors. But to get there, scientists will have to figure out how to reliably and safely manage conditions typically found on the sun. The problem is that fusion plasmas do not like to be contained; these free-flowing streams of protons and electrons are tough to wrangle. Our sun holds on to its plasma with its intense gravity, but here on Earth, we’d have to rely on magnets or lasers to perform the same trick. Should a tiny fraction of the plasma escape, it would scar the wall of the machine, causing the fusion reactor to shut down. 10. Artificial Lifeforms Not content to stop at genetic engineering, scientists of the future will be able to design and create new organisms from scratch—from microscopic synthetic bacteria through to redesigned humans reminiscent of the Replicants in Blade Runner. This burgeoning discipline, known as artificial life (or Alife), is the effort to recreate biological phenomenon with the help of computers and other synthetic media. The quest to create synthetic forms of life is already underway. Earlier this year, researchers from Synthetic Genomics and the J. Craig Venter Institute successfully created an artificial bacterial genome that, with its scant 473 genes, is smaller than anything found in nature. Further breakthroughs in this domain will help biologists explore the core functions of life, and to categorize essential genes within cells. Researchers could use “building block” cells like these to construct organisms with capacities not found in nature, including bacteria that can consume plastic and toxic waste, and microorganisms that can function like medicines inside the body. In a related breakthrough, a new initiative co-founded by Harvard Medical School’s George Church is seeking to create a synthetic human genome from scratch. The researchers say they’re content to stop once they figure out how to power cells with synthetic human DNA, but the same technology could conceivably be used to create artificial organisms and even designer humans. Any one of the technologies listed here has the potential to reshape our civilization. What’s less clear is how these marvels will work in tandem with one another; the convergent effects of technology are often hard to predict. For example, the convergence of brain-linked VR, mind uploading, and AI could result in a hybrid computer-based civilization consisting of real-world humans, emulated brains, and artificial intellects. Future geoengineering schemes could integrate weather control systems and engineered nanoparticles. And so on. The more predictions we make about our future technologies, the more difficult it becomes to know what the future might actually look like. 

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CRISPR Gene-Editing Tested In A Person For The First Time, To Trigger ‘Sputnik 2.0’ Biomedical (Nephilim?) Arms Race Between China And US

November 20, 2016 by SkyWatch Editor

The move by Chinese scientists could spark a biomedical duel between China and the United States. A Chinese group has become the first to inject a person with cells that contain genes edited using the revolutionary CRISPR–Cas9 technique. On 28 October, a team led by oncologist Lu You at Sichuan University in Chengdu delivered the modified cells into a patient with aggressive lung cancer as part of a clinical trial at the West China Hospital, also in Chengdu. Earlier clinical trials using cells edited with a different technique have excited clinicians. The introduction of CRISPR, which is simpler and more efficient than other techniques, will probably accelerate the race to get gene-edited cells into the clinic across the world, says Carl June, who specializes in immunotherapy at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and led one of the earlier studies. “I think this is going to trigger ‘Sputnik 2.0’, a biomedical duel on progress between China and the United States, which is important since competition usually improves the end product,” he says. (READ MORE) 

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This Is How They Can Still 'Destroy America From Within' Before Donald Trump Gets Into Office - Remember, The Muslim Brotherhood Has Completely Infiltrated The Obama Administration And The US Government!

November 21, 2016 By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The recent story over at WND tells us President-elect Donald Trump is getting ready to get tough, reportedly preparing to jumpstart a bill in Congress that would ban the Muslim Brotherhood by declaring it a terrorist organization. Warning us within their story that the subversive group had already infiltrated the White House, FBI, Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department, they included a photo of Muslim Brotherhood leader Anas Altikriti at the White House back in 2014, shaking Barack Obama's hand as seen below left, just in case the MSM or liberal college professors shout out FAKE NEWS to their rapidly dwindling audiences. With the Muslim Brotherhood having completely infiltrated the United States government during the past 8 years, and the incoming president allegedly preparing to outright ban them by declaring them a terrorist organization, we see a huge potential problem bubbling up to the surface within the next several months, especially considering recent warnings from the FBI of potential terror on Thanksgiving or Inauguration day and the Muslim Brotherhood's stated goal of 'destroying America from within'. How will Trump be able to weed out the members of the Muslim Brotherhood that have already infiltrated the US government during the past 8 years and if the Muslim Brotherhood truly is a terrorist organization as we learn in the 1st video below, is there any reason that we should believe they'll simply 'go quietly' into the night after having a seat at Obama's table? Taking that question several steps further, if Trump is correct and a 'trojan horse invasion' of America has taken place during the past 8 years of wide open borders with our govt being unable to properly vet everyone that has been allowed in (not to mention those sneaking in w/o govt knowledge), why should we believe those who are here with bad intentions will give themselves up or simply leave America without following through on jihad, which brought them here in the 1st place? Knowing for a fact that one of the Muslim Brotherhoods stated goals, seen within their own documents, is to destroy America from within should send out loud and clear alarms as Barack Obama prepares to 'transfer the throne' to Trump and his hugely different ideology than the one we've been living under for 8 Obama years. And with those who seek sharia law still in America but 'running out of time', to what lengths will they go to to attain their goals? As we have learned from many different stories from many different sources since Obama took office, the US 'switched sides in the war on terror' during the Obama years, actually allowing $500 million dollars worth of weapons to reach jihadis. Rather than being designated a 'terrorist organization', the Muslim Brotherhood was given a seat at the White House. And while that was happening, the Obama administration was arming terrorists overseas while scheming how to take away guns from the American people. We've also seen patriots, survivalists, Constitutionalists, 2nd Amendment supporters and a huge number of other groups of law-abiding American citizens being put on the Department of Homeland Security's watch lists and labeled potential terrorists for their love of America as this 'new world order' was unfolding. Will Trump undo the damage Obama has done by labeling law-abiding American citizens as potential threats? Will he even have the opportunity to do so? If Trump is indeed going to switch sides on the 'war on terror' once again, shouldn't the dossiers being built up on patriots and those who have no intention of harming anyone be done away with and the focus returned to those who live by an ideology that rewards violent jihad and seeks to overthrow America and the West? Trump's recent appointment of former US Lt. General Michael Flynn as a national security advisor provides us with more evidence that Trump will attempt to undo all of the damage that Obama has done but we also must remember, over the past 8 years, there has been a huge purge going on within the US military of officers loyal to the American people while the Muslim Brotherhood has been allowed to completely infiltrate Obama's administration. And as we learn in this linked story and also hear in the 3rd video below, Keith Ellison, the man who many want to be the next head of the DNC, has a very long history with ties to radical Islam, giving us another sign that those representing within Congress the people who seek to destroy us have no intentions of simply going away. While no specific threat has been given, the FBI has alerted police across the entire country that crowded venues could be targeted including shopping malls and other special events as heard in the 2nd video below. Raising the alarm once again that innocent people of all races, religions and political beliefs could be put in harms way by those seeking to implement their radical political ideology through terror. As we learn from one Muslim leader here in America from this recent Washington Standard story, Islam isn't here to integrate within America, but dominate America. While Haitham Ibn Thbait was honest about his desire to see Islam dominate over America, how many more 'sleepers' are there across the country who feel the same way and will do everything within their power to wage jihad upon us? Sharing the potential indicators of 'lone-wolf terror activity' including withdrawal and isolation from family and friends, major lifestyle changes, increased used of encrypted communications and more, we pray that those within the Muslim communities here now in America will speak out to the proper authorities if you think that something bad is going down. As we learn, the FBI's most recent warnings come after activity in al Qaeda's 'Inspire Magazine' called for attacks upon 'target rich' environments, specifically calling out the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade as being one such possible target. With time now running down on the presidency of Barack Obama, should we really expect jihadists here in America, those here solely for jihad against America and the West, have any intention of leaving their work uncompleted? It's clear to us that, with every level of government completely infiltratrated over the past 8 years by those who seek sharia law over the US Constitution, America has a very long way to go to restore liberty and the US Constitution. Another massive terror attack upon US soil would bring them one step closer to their goal of destroying America. 

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The Enemy Is Inside the Gates-Look at the Proposed DNC Leader

Minnesota Congressman, Keith Ellison, an Islam when he was in college, and who happened to be the the first Muslim elected to Congress, announced his run to replace the disgraced and discredited chair Donna Brazile. Ellison has support in high positions. His supporters include the highly liberal Senator Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Democratic caucus in the US Senate. Keith Ellison’s has promoted an anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian agenda into the Democrat Party platform at this summer’s Democrat Convention. They also worry about his history of support for extreme anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam. IF this man does typify what the Democratic party has become, nothing will. -the-gates-look-at-the-proposed-dnc-leader 

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State officials mistreat girl, 5, raped by Muslim migrants

Exclusive: Pamela Geller says Idaho family 'has suffered almost every kind of injustice'

Published: 4 days ago

Last summer, a 5-year-old girl was orally, anally and vaginally raped and urinated upon by three Muslim migrant boys in Twin Falls, Idaho. Since then, instead of getting justice, the victim’s family has been abused by law enforcement and governing authorities as if they were the criminals – because what happened to their little girl contradicts the politically correct narrative about Muslim migrants. And it just keeps getting worse. The victim’s mother has now informed me that, despite the huge medical expenses for their daughter that this attack has necessitated, the state of Idaho has told her the maximum assistance that her family can get is $4,500. Make sure you’re never raped in the state of Idaho: If you’re 5 years old and your attackers are from a politically protected class, you’re only worth $4,500. There seems to be no willingness on the part of the state or the county to reimburse this long-suffering family for any of the other costs that they have incurred because of the crime. Because they felt threatened – with very good reason – in continuing to live next door to one of the attackers’ families, they have been living in a succession of hotels; they have spent in excess of $2,000 in hotels alone. Why did they have to relocate? Because Muslims were stopping in front of their home at night and shooting bottle rockets at it at 11:30 p.m. Apparently that kind of menacing and harassment doesn’t qualify as demonstrating a need for relocation. The family also incurred babysitting fees, as well as expenses for transportation to get themselves to and from court. Then there is the astronomical cost of their lawyer, and other costs that he will require to accomplish anything positive for them. This poor family has suffered almost every kind of injustice, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. It is outrageous. And it gets even worse. For the longest time, the attacker wasn’t even limited in his access to the community’s children; now he must be supervised by someone 14 years old or older. When they stipulated this, the court had to have been aware that there was a boy who videotaped the rape who was also 14. This is a gross insult against this victimized family – and a direct result of a judge’s decision. Meanwhile, the neighbor of the family who caught the perpetrators in the act, an elderly woman known to all as “Grandma Jo,” has been living in constant terror since she first happened upon the grisly scene. She has been stalked by the Iraqi family of the 7-year-old attacker. Her apartment is back-to-back with theirs; they peer into her windows and pace back and forth in front of her apartment in a clearly menacing manner. The prosecuting attorney, Grant Loebs, has gone out of his way to imply that this rape was false information. His interviews have led the media and public officials to deny clear facts of the case. The U.S. attorney for Idaho even vowed to charge anyone who made false statements about the perps. The Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations has whined that the case has become “a lightning rod for anti-Muslim, and anti-refugee sentiments.” Meanwhile, the victim in Twin Falls, once a happy and social child, now frequently insists that she wants to be alone. She finds a small and safe space inside a closet and stays in it alone for hours. Once a very chatty and happy child, she has become very quiet. Even during the summer heat of Twin Falls, she always wore two T-shirts and two pairs of underwear. She talked constantly about “those naughty boys” and asked her mother repeatedly not to tell her father everything that happened because it will upset him. The alleged attackers’ families had no trouble getting new homes, but the victim’s family is still without a new apartment. Now that the media firestorm has subsided, the family is simply being ignored. This little girl deserves justice. And she is not getting it. We are not going to forget about this case. The authorities who have failed this family and betrayed it for political correctness need to be repudiated, rejected, rebuked and removed from office. Enough is enough. Note: A GoFundMe page has been established to fund medical, legal and housing costs for the victim and her family.

Read more at 

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Preparing Kids for The Apocalypse-A Hard Dose Of Reality And Some Preparedness Techniques To Keep Your Kids Alive After SHTF

November 21, 2016

In this article we will discuss one reality almost every man and woman absolutely dread, preparing our kids for the apocalypse, and keeping them alive after the shit hits the fan. I’ve never sugar coated articles, and this will be no different, so if you’re not ready to read this I’ll completely understand. I will give you all a hard dose of reality, some preparedness tips, techniques to keep your kids alive after SHTF, and some more brutal honesty. Now that you’ve all been duly informed, let’s proceed… It’s almost universally accepted we are hardwired to instinctively protect our children, and others’ children too, but it’s actually more than instinctual, it’s biologically instinctual. In fact, Oxford University did a study showing the reaction time in the orbitofrontal cortex part of our brains when seeing a child and a human in distress isn’t even comparable, it showed we physically respond to children in distress without even thinking about, or letting instinct kick in, while seeing a human in distress triggered compartmentalized action. Basically, unless you’re a subhuman degenerate, kids will always come first! Nothing new, right? To be honest, I didn’t state the above for us parents, it’s for those of you who haven’t been blessed with the beautiful curse of having children. Why? Mutual understanding. If you’re a part of a group that has kids and you try to go against that grain, you will find yourself alone, without supplies, and if the kids get hurt because of your actions…you’ll end up dead. If you’re not the type of guy who puts women and kids in the lifeboat first, a group with kids might not be the best for you. Cautionary Preamble for Prepping Kids Before you go spray painting your kids face with camo, stuffing MREs down their throats, and throwing them under barbwire, while popping smoke and black cats at their feet, let’s think about this for a second. We’ve talked a few times about turning your kids into preppers without scaring the living shit out of them, and this is no exception. Being a parent is tough, being a parent that believes in preparedness, self-sustainability, or The Constitution is damn near impossible in this CPS and guardian ad litem Nazi Era. Hell, even though our beliefs are logical, responsible, and morally sound, we’re the crazy ones in their eyes. Moral of the story, we have to prepare our kids for the shit to hit the fan discretely. Just so you know I’m not some childless sycophant lecturing you on youth preparedness, I have two daughters who’ve been being prepared for five years. Luckily, my X-wife and I have always thought alike about many things including preparedness, so getting her on board wasn’t hard. For those of you who have to deal with Mr. or Mrs. Vindictive you’ll have to be just as equally discrete with them as you are with the state, unless this is that one thing you agree on. If you’re divorced being aware of your spouse’s feelings is very important. You don’t want to end up in court with Little Susie telling the Judge “Daddy said I have to know how to kill a man with my thumb when the world ends.”…. Discrete Kid Prepper Training The goal here is to prepare your kids for the apocalypse without your kids, or spouse knowing they’re being trained for the end of times. Genius, right? The trick is to keep your beliefs to yourself for the time being. As long as you don’t accompany these activities with a prepper narrative, no one can label you a lunatic. Luckily, there are several activities that can prepare a kid for the apocalypse that almost all parents can agree on while avoiding unwanted attention that include, but are not limited to; judo — in my opinion the best martial artis for kids to learn allowing them to use the attacker(s) bodyweight against them camping — allows the opportunity to teach bushcrafting, firestarting, shelter building, identifying edible plants, while banning all technology fishing — taking the kids out teaching them how to catch fish, gut, scale, and cook their food is an requisite skill for everyone to have hunting — again learning the circle of life is very important, and teaching your kids how to field dress big game could save their life down the road running — running and exercising with your kids is a great way of keep you and your kids endurance high While there are activities like the ones listed above that aren’t outside the realm of normal behavior, there are activities that are considered abnormal and should be judged on a case by case basis accounting for factors like; spousal approval, state and county political ideologies, and school involvement. There are groups, and events that no prepper should be a part of lest ye want the watchful eye upon you that includes; Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts — not only have these organizations been turned into over politicized profiteering child labor camps, but they are breeding grounds for parental interference putting someone between you and your children militia training camps — if your kid isn’t at least 16 years old he or she has no business at a militia training camp, which is why every email we receive asking to bring their kids are responded to negatively extreme religious organizations — having you or your kids a part of a church or religious group that is way too extreme like saying ‘Dancing is a sin’ makes it way too easy to label you public school — surely I know it’s far too difficult for many of us to home school our children, but if you have the opportunity or financial means to do so then by all means I surely encourage home schooling or private/charter schools Kid Preppers Turning your kid into a prepper is one of the most responsible things you can do as a parent, and in my opinion it is a moral obligation. Far too many children are being raised to be victims and nothing less, an entire generation of slaves. Your children are the only thing to carry on your genetic code after you die, and it’s your responsibility to ensure they are fully prepared to not only survive on their own, but to thrive. The greatest decision I’ve ever made was teaching my two daughters survivalism, preparedness, and firearms. What I learned is that training your children must be done in steps… Teaching your kids firearms… The first thing I did with my kids is I took the mystery out of firearms, by removing the magazine, clearing the chamber, and explaining what guns were, what they do, how they work with some serious cautionary tales. Most kids are enamored with the idea of guns specifically because they are ‘off limits’, not to mention how cool they look to kids when they watch T.V. shows, and movies. Then after explaining to them what guns were, I took them out back where we have a makeshift range with a backstop and setup some fruit downrange, and shot each, and as the fruit exploded into a million little pieces I could see my kids faces turn from amazement to understanding. With their faces turned stern I told them ‘If this was another person, they would be dead, which is why you must learn how to use these before you touch them.’, and they both understood. Then, I gave each of my girls cute pink Daisy B.B. guns that I etched their names into (they tend to get territorial over stuff). With these BB guns I taught them standard firearm safety rules, loading, sighting, and etc. Each took a turn and shot at their targets with groupings you’d expect from a couple of kids. Every weekend we’d all train, focusing on getting better, and when my oldest daughter turned 8, she was the first to try our little Ruger 10/22, and I was exceptionally happy with the utter amount of respect she showed the rifle. Her little sister was only slightly upset that she couldn’t use it yet, but she knew it was because of her age and size. It was that year of training leading up to my oldest turning 8 that trained her to have that profound respect for the rifle, and I’ll tell you what, she had some pretty good groupings for her first time with a real rifle. Moral of the story, teach them young, or pay the price later. Teaching kids survivalism… In today’s PopTart culture, it’s hard to get your kids to understand anything outside the realm of a thirty second spasmodic cartoon commercial of a dinosaur skating on a unicorn’s head shooting glitter everywhere, so your task is not an easy one. That’s why I can’t truly emphasize the need for you the parent not to make survivalism a chore, but a fun activity your children will learn from. This means don’t be a psychopath telling your kids ‘You better learn this or you’ll end up with a pike through your tiny skull in front of a wasteland raider’s shack town!’, seriously, chill out. I’ve probably already said this to you guys more than once, but do not rob your children of their childhood! That being said, teaching survivalism to your kids should be done based on priority; water, fire. shelter, and food. We all know the rule of three, 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter in harsh environments, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food, and this is where you should start with teaching your kids survivalism. The trick with my daughters is bribery. One day I sat them down eat dinner, which is when we talk about a million things and I said.. ‘Girls, do you know the rule of three?’ They both shook their heads and I explained.. ‘Did you know you can only survive 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter in harsh environments, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food?’ They both shook their heads again as they said ‘No’ in their patented brat tones, to which I replied… ‘When people don’t remember that they die.’ I made sure not to personalize it because I had no intentions of scaring them. ‘So here’s the deal’ I said leering at both of them ‘the next time I ask what the rule of 3 is and you can remember it, I will let whoever gets it right the first time pick where we eat’ an idea both of them would love since Sonic is their crack and either way I win.. to which I followed up with.. ‘So what’s the rule of 3?’ to which my oldest (who is somewhat of a prodigy) sprang out of her seat and recited every single rule to finish off by saying ‘and 3 seconds if we don’t get to go to Sonic tonight, Daddy!’ Word of the day: Prepare! And do it the old fashion way, like our fore-fathers did it and succeed long before us, because what lies ahead of us will require all the help we can get. Watch this video and learn the 3 skills that ensured our ancestors survival in hard times of famine and war. As simple as that I created an engine to get them to remember something incredibly important, and created competition to see who’d answer it right the fastest. Since then, I’ve done this to them with several different survival factoids, and even got them to remember the Mozambique drill. As a parent you need incentive, competition, and value to teach your children important things, while masking the seriousness of the knowledge. Teaching Survival While Camping If the shit were to hit the fan today, do you feel comfortable that your kid(s) would be able to locate potable water that wouldn’t kill them within 3 days? Hell, I know it’s a very cryptic thing to say but about 99.9% of the children I’ve been in contact with through social and work acquaintances will not survive outside 24 hours. Kids these days simply aren’t taught how to be self sufficient, with their mothers pandering to their every need, and their fathers either completely checked out or too scared (and prideful) to discipline their children in fear of turning out like their old man. Tough cookies, the kids aren’t going to be alright and they need to be taught to survive! Luckily, water is one of the easier things to teach a kid about. If you’re not camping with your kids at least once a month you’re already failing them, because camping is where you can teach the basics of survival like finding potable water, filtering water, and etc. Get out of the house and go camping! And yes, I do know for some people it’s pretty hard to do, especially in mid-western desert areas like Southern Nevada, but you must find time. The first two or three times I took my girls camping I made sure to show them how to do everything I was doing. While I taught them I made sure to say ‘One time when we go camping I’m going to let you two do it, and if you can do it without my help we’ll go to Target and get you a new Barbie’ (yes I bribe my children all the time). The very simple things I taught them included; finding a suitable campsite finding potable water setting up the tent digging latrines making a water filter fire starting methods Like all things with children you have to be patient and understanding. Be meticulous in your explanation, while not being so insufferably boring you lose their attention. Kids dig positive enforcement and momentum, so when you explain things you have to sound motivated and excited. And for the love of god don’t scorn them for not getting it right the first time, they’re kids! Teaching your Kids Shelter Building The coolest thing about teaching your kids about building shelter is it’s not too far outside the realm of normal behavior for kids. When I was a kid we’d go into the Kentucky backwoods (i.e. the backyard) and build forts every weekend. You don’t have to go camping to teach your kids shelter building if you live in a wooded rural area. Take your kids out back every weekend and teach them the basics of a good shelter; compact, off the ground, well insulated, waterproof thatching, and how to use local foliage. Just like everything else, you can make shelter building into a competition with rewards and incentive, whoever gets theirs built first or is the most sturdy wins ‘fill in the blank’. As long as your kids think it’s a game and not a chore they’ll always want to build a shelter faster and more sturdy then before. Does this mean you can point at the woods and say ‘Go build’, grunt, and walk away? Absolutely not! This activity, like all others in this guide should be done as a family, and not an excuse for you to go drink a six-pack and watch the game by yourself. Come on guys.. Hunting and Fishing Fishing has been around since man’s been on two feet. Try to make camping a regular activity for your family, teaching your kids the many techniques of fishing; netting, lures and bobbers, spearfishing, angling, and etc. Keep in mind, death is a touchy subject to kids and should be explained in a very black and white way. Don’t beat around the bush. Explain to your kids that for us to live we have to eat animals, bla, bla, bla. They always understand, and when they catch their first fish they’ll understand the great cycle even more when you have them gut it. No matter how touchy the subject, they have to learn how life works. By now your kids should know the basic firearm safety, and should be able to get some decent groupings with a little 22 rifle. If you feel your kid(s) are responsible enough to go hunting then by all means you should start taking them with you to hunt; deer, turkey, small game, and etc. Teaching your kids how to track game, hunt, field dress, and cook their kill is probably one of the most useful skills you are going to teach them out of everything else. Kids and Preparedness Preparedness is often over-complicated by people like us, because we want to be perfect preppers, developing strategies and preparing for any possibility. We want to have a plan for everything! Hell, I’m sure some of you even have a contingency plan for when Earth is invaded by cannibal aliens from outer space. Right? Kids don’t need to know all that shit. A simple ‘we are preparing for an emergency’ explanation will suffice. Teaching your kids preparedness will instill values that will help throughout their adult life. Tell your kids about the four pillars of preparedness; water, food, energy, and finances. Have your kids pick the items they want in their bug out bag, and why those items are good to have and not good to have Teach your kids about money, precious metals, the importance of wealth, and for God’s sake, please teach your kids how to balance a damn checkbook Have your kids store water in food in their closets letting them pick the food they want so they don’t end up with a closet full of Cheerios when they’d prefer Frosted Flakes In closing… As parents we have a lot of responsibilities. We have to wake our offspring up at the crack of dawn, feed them something nutritious, slap pseudo-matching clothes on them, while making sure they are at somewhat presentable to the world, and that’s just the beginning. We have to make sure they come out decent human beings, lest the world think what savages we must have created. But out of all the things the world thinks we should teach them, teaching them to be able to survive anything is the greatest gift we can give our children, so when the world goes to shit it is they who will inherit the world, and hopefully make it a better place, getting right what we got wrong… 

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Why are we in Decline - Cultural Marxism

Published on Nov 25, 2013

This answers the question - Why we are in decline in so many areas. 

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'The Year Of The Uprising', American People Send Resounding Message To Battered Globalists: 'Welcome To The New World'

November 20, 2016 By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Many American conservatives hijacked the term "deplorables" turning it from an insult to a badge of honor, and now we are going to hijack the term "new world" from the globalists that wanted to implement a "new world order," aka "one world government," showing that our version of a "New World" is where leaders put their citizens first, protect their sovereignty and respect their rights, while kicking globalists to the curb. Globalism versus Nationalism is nothing more than "The People" versus the "Elite," where globalists leaders across the world sacrifice the needs and best interests of the people they are supposed to represent and protect to the wants of the international community as a whole. In 2016, "The People" have sent a message to those globalists...... Welcome to the New World. THE UPRISING BY 'WE THE PEOPLE' Despite all the dire warnings, skewed polls, and media cheerleaders, the "Brexit" vote, where the people of the United Kingdom voted to withdraw from the globalists entity called the European Union, was a clear signal to the "elite" that their version of the "New World Order" was no longer acceptable and would not be tolerated any longer. On November 5, 2016, wrote the following: No wonder that, following the victory of exit and the fact that one of the two presidential candidates in the forthcoming US elections has adopted many of the demands of the victims of globalization, the Transnational elites have been terrified by this rapid rise of the anti-globalization movement. Particularly so as it is not anymore just the neo-nationalist movements in East Europe (such as those in Hungary and Poland) which challenge globalization. Thus, following Brexit, the Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany party (AFD) came second, ahead of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU, in regional elections held in September, while similar parties and movements in Italy, France, Austria and the Netherlands have also seen a huge rise in their popularity. Since then Donald Trump, the candidate that "adopted many of the demands of the victims of globalization," won the presidential election in the U.S. and now we see that France's far-right leader, Marine Le Pen, has taken a huge lead over Nicolas Sarkozy in new French presidential election poll, showing that Brexit and U.S. election of Trump, are not the exceptions, but are indicative of a world-wide movement to oust the globalists by people across the world that are taking their nations back from the "international community," one at a time. Conservapedia describes globalism as "the failed liberal authoritarian desire for a "one world" view that rejects the important role of nations in protecting values and encouraging productivity. Globalism is anti-American in encouraging Americans to adopt a "world view" rather than an "American view." Globalists oppose nationalism and national sovereignty, and instead tend to favor on open borders, free trade, interventionalism, and foreign aid. Globalists as "the failed liberal authoritarian desire for a "one world" view that rejects the important role of nations in protecting values and encouraging productivity. Globalism is anti-American in encouraging Americans to adopt a "world view" rather than an "American view." Globalists oppose nationalism and national sovereignty, and instead tend to favor on open borders, free trade, interventionalism, and foreign aid. Globalists virulently opposed Donald Trump in 2016. Instead, globalists preferred Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz for the nomination, both of whom have voted in favor of the globalist agenda as senators." In September 2015, ANP noted that Barack Obama proved himself as a globalist very clearly in a speech where he never referenced American sovereignty, but consistently spoke to an "international system," a "system of international rules and norms," an "international order," an "integrated world," as well as "international norms and principles and law," as he attempted to push globalization at the expense of the protection of Americans and defense of the U.S. Constitution, which he swore an oath to protect and defend. On November 8, 2016, Americans rejected the that globalist version of the New World Order and elected Donald Trump to be the 45th President of the United States of America. Many of the reasons why Americans did so are described in the outstanding 3 1/2 minute commentary below, from November 10, 2016. WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD While many Trump supporters backed Trump because they knew without a doubt that Hillary Clinton would push us further into globalism, many still did so with reservations, fearing that once elected Trump would betray his anti-globalism promises and become just another "politician," and while we have consistently maintained that conservatives should quite nitpicking each and every choice Trump makes as he puts together his administrative team, it is heartening to see headlines coming from political pundits which declare "Outsiders take power in Trump's Washington." People once confined to the political fringes will be at the center of power in Donald Trump’s White House. Liberals and even some moderate Republicans are shuddering at the prospect. But it is a source of delight among conservatives who believe the GOP establishment has drifted too far from its core principles. To those liberals and moderate Republicans: "Welcome to the New World." Make no mistake, not all of President-Elect Trump's choices are "outsiders," then again if they all were, there would be no one to navigate the politics of getting Trump's agenda implemented, so that too, must be a consideration in peppering certain positions with those who have experience. Brexit leader Nigel Farage highlights that globalists leaders such as Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are "in denial" over the public's rejection of the political establishment. Below Farage states "The poor darlings are in denial, they simply "can't face up to the fact that their worldview has taken an absolute beating in the year of 2016." To Obama and Merkel: "Welcome to the New World." The liberal,, globalist supporting mainstream media, the very people that colluded with the Clinton campaign, belittled, mocked, labeled and slandered Trump supporters across the nation, are still whining about Donald Trump not providing them with full access to his every move, with the latest diatribe coming from the opinion section of the Dallas News editorial board, claiming "Trump can't treat press like paparazzi." Donald Trump may not realize it, but he's no longer a private citizen. Twice in a week, president-elect Donald Trump has ditched precedent and traveled without the press pool that normally moves with the president. The first was a trip from New York to Washington; the second for a dinner in a swanky New York restaurant after his press people told journalists that his day had ended. Trump may see these reporters as an extension of the Paparazzi that hounded him when he was a reality television promoter and real estate mogul. They aren't. The press pool isn't about staking out celebrities. The pool play an essential role in assuring government transparency and an informed American electorate. What these whiny little journalists don't report is that there is no law on the books saying Trump has to treat them as anything more than what they have acted like throughout this presidential cycle, which is paparazzi. What they do not acknowledge is that Trump can, and might, treat them with the same contempt that they treated him and all of his supporters with, for the last year-and-a-half. To the MSM: "Welcome to the New World." GLOBALISTS INJURED, CORNERED, AND MORE DANGEROUS THAN EVER The most dangerous animal is one that is injured and backed into a corner, and that is exactly what globalists are right now. They are down, hurt, but not out and that is why we are seeing warnings to prepare for anything. They still have options left to them that could severely harm the world as a whole, and especially America. From collapsing the economy to attempting to assassinate the new world leaders, to attempting to shut down Alternative News media, nothing will be off the table for those desperate to hold power, to promote globalism and to sacrifice their nations to the "international rule." BOTTOM LINE While "The People" across the world are taking on the "Elite," making it clear that they expect their leaders to put them first, protect them above all else and not sacrifice them to wants of the globalists in the international community, the battle is far from over as they, along with the globalist supporting media, will use every tool in their arsenal to influence the global populace into surrendering everything they have gained in 2016. Globalists and the the media are taking aim at anti-globalist leaders across the world that have seen such success in 2016, and Donald Trump in particular, because as president of the United States, he can implement an agenda that will destroy their version of a New World Order, so it is imperative that people pray for these brave leaders because they are fighting back against the systematic takeover of the world by socialist globalists, who will not lie down, and will not give up without a fight. 

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etc. For the disasters that shall take place are many, the flooding shall be far greater than in times past, the mudslides far greater than in times past, the earthquakes shall be more numerous and far greater than in times past. The tornadoes, oh the savageness of the tornadoes that shall rip across the land, the straight winds, the hurricanes, the forest fires, the volcanoes shall erupt, the rising of the sea level that will be marked not in inches but in feet. etc.. 

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Magnitude 6.4 quake hits western Argentina – USGS

Published time: 20 Nov, 2016 21:12 Edited time: 22 Nov, 2016 12:28

A 6.4-magnitude earthquake has hit western Argentina in the province of San Juan, the US Geological Survey reports. The quake was felt across the border in the neighboring country of Chile, eyewitnesses reported on Twitter. The epicenter of the quake, which struck at a depth of some 115.71 kilometers (71.9 miles), lies some 10.7 kilometers (6.7 miles) southwest of the town of Villa Basilio Nievas, center of the Zonda department, with a total population of about 3,000 residents. The tremor might be felt also in Chile’s capital, Santiago, which lies some 290 kilometers (180 miles) northeast of the quake. The magnitude of the quake was initially reported as 6.7 but was later revised. Chile’s navy said there was no current tsunami threat for the region. The European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) reported the tremor from the quake was “felt at large distances” but has not caused any damage. According to the Centre’s estimates, about 10 million people are living in the affected area. While the earthquake is considered to be too deep to cause any significant damage, local Sanjuan8 news portal cited eyewitnesses saying that some apparently frightened people ran screaming through the streets in panic as the quake shook the province. The strong shaking was also reported in western Argentinian province of Mendoza, located some 75 kilometers from neighboring San Juan. Many residents rushed out of their homes out of fear, Los Andes reported. However, no injuries or damages have been reported in the province so far. 

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etc America your money will be worth nothing in the near future, this will bring panic, famine and martial law, yes, in the streets of America.  If you had read my word you know that these are the beginning of sorrows etc

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Look At This Shocking Preview Of How Devastating The Coming Worldwide Financial Destruction Will Be

On the heels of another wild week, today the man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE, historic moves in currencies, and major global events, spoke with King World News about how devastating the coming worldwide financial destruction will be. World Will See Devastating Global Financial Destruction Egon von Greyerz: “Very few people realize the enormous wealth transfer that will take place in the next 5 years. Most will lose 75-90% of their wealth and some 100%. What is interesting is that investors needn’t lose most of their money if they took a few measures to protect their fortune. I often speak to Family Offices who built fortunes from the $100s of million to many billions. Without exception, they believe that it is there skill in building a business or investing that has created these fortunes. It clearly requires a lot of skill and a bit of luck to build a sizable fortune. But the magnitude of wealth today is not due to investment skills but the enormous creation of credit and money printing that the world has experienced since the creation of the Fed in 1913. Continue reading the Egon von Greyerz interview below… In Volatile Markets, Is Wealth Preservation King? In a King World News interview I spoke with the man who predicted the Swiss National Bank would experience staggering losses and that the Fed would also experience massive losses that will destabilize the global financial system! His company is the only one in the world offering a precious metals investment service outside the banking system, with direct ownership and full control by the investor. He has also become legendary for his predictions on QE, historic moves in currencies, and major global events. To find out what he and his company can do to help answer that age old question for you CLICK HERE. Egon von Greyerz continues: “Stocks have been a massive beneficiary of the biggest monetary expansion that the world has ever experienced. If we look at the Dow since the last major economic cycle started in the early 1980s, we find the most remarkable rise. In early 1980, the Dow was at 850 and today we are 18,870. That is a rise of 18,000 Dow points in 36 years. This means that the Dow has gone up by 9% per year on average since 1981. A 9% annual increase means that the index doubles every 8 years. What a great investment. You buy stocks in 1980 for $10,000 and today in 2016 you have $220,000 without having to lift a finger. On top of that there has been a dividend yield of around 2% on average. But this growth in the stock market has not just happened on its own accord. Stocks don’t grow at 9% annually for 36 years without some rocket fuel. And the explanation is very simple. Debt has provided the fuel. Because US debt has also grown by 9% annually since 1981. So the recipe for becoming a successful and loved president is just to print and borrow money. There is an absolute correlation between the increase in US debt and the growth in the stock market. Reagan knew the secret. During his reign, he tripled debt from $900 billion to $2.6 trillion, leading to a tripling of the Dow from 900 to 2,700. And so it continued. Clinton didn’t have to print as much money to get the market up but Bush Jr. had to almost double debt and still the market ended lower than when he took over eight years earlier. Obama doubled both debt and the Dow in line with the longer trend. The problem for Trump is that we are now at the point of diminishing returns and this started with George W already. When Bush Jr. took over, the Dow was 10,800 and now it is 18,800, a 74% increase. But to achieve that 74% rise in the Dow, debt had to go up by 250%. This means that Trump will have to print an awful lot of money to keep the stock market going up. Bearing in mind that the Dow is at record levels with P/E at over 20 and corporate profits falling, this is going to be virtually impossible to achieve. The chances for Trump to be re-elected after four years are very slim due to the present high level of the stock market together with record debt. Much better to become president with a weak economy and weak market like Reagan did. In 1929 the Dow peaked at 400 and then collapsed to 40 in 1932. This 90% fall occurred at a point when economic conditions in the US and globally were a lot more benign then they are today. Since 1981 the Dow has gone up 22x. With the world experiencing a historical asset and credit bubble of unprecedented proportions, an implosion of debt could easily see the Dow down 90% like in 1929-32, or probably even 95% to get back to the 850 level where this bull market started. This would mean a fall of 95% in real terms. I say real terms because it is not unlikely that we will see the biggest money printing experiment in history with central banks worldwide printing trillions or even quadrillions of dollars in a futile attempt to save the financial system and the world economy. This massive money printing could lead to the Dow reaching much higher levels in nominal or hyperinflationary terms. The best way to measure the Dow in real terms is against gold. Gold is the only money which has survived in the last 5,000 years and gold represents stable purchasing power. Over time gold doesn’t go up. Instead it is paper or fiat money that goes down until it reaches zero. The Dow/Gold ratio peaked in 1999 and is now in a downtrend. Once the current correction is finished the ratio will continue down towards the 1:1 level like in 1980 when the Dow was 850 and Gold was $850. The only question is at what level the Dow and gold will be when they reach the 1:1 ratio. Will it be Dow 10,000 and Gold $10,000? Or will we see hyperinflationary levels of 100,000 Dow and $100,000 gold? The absolute level is really irrelevant. Because at whatever level they meet it will involve a catastrophic loss of real capital for a stock market investor. When the ratio reaches 1:1 this means a loss of more than 90% in real terms for stock market investors – $ 1 million in stocks would be worth less than $100,000 in today’s money. And remember that the last time a 90% fall happened in the Dow in 1929-32, it took 25 years to get back to the previous peak. Finally, the property market has also been fueled by the credit explosion. I meet many wealthy investors who believe that property is the best form of wealth preservation. It is of course true that property has been a fantastic investment for the last 100 years. For hundreds of years before 1913, inflation remained stable at 1-2% per year. It was the same with property values. A house in the early 1700s did not move much in price for 200 years until the early 1900s. But the creation of the Fed lead to credit growth and money printing of exponential proportions in most of the Western world. And this is why property prices have moved up 1,000s of percent in the last 100 years. But to believe that property now represents real value after the biggest rise in history is very dangerous. In the last few years this bubble has additionally been fueled by virtually free money with interest rates at zero or even negative. In gold terms US homes peaked in the early 1970s. The fall of an average US home against gold has been 87% since then. It could seem that US housing will not fall much further from these levels. But when we look at the high level of lending in this market combined with low interest rates, it is likely that housing in the Western world will decline substantially from here. A minimum target is the 1980 level which would involve a 50% fall in real terms which is against gold. But bearing in mind the bubble nature of this market, it is more likely that we will see a 75-90% fall from here which means down to at least 10 on the index in the chart below. The fall in asset prices and the consequent increase in the value of gold could happen in the next five years. If that will be the case, investors in stocks and property will lose 75-95% of their assets in real terms. This should not be seen as sensational levels but only a healthy correction after the biggest asset and debt bubbles in history. Yes, it will involve misery and a major adjustment for most people. But this is a necessary adaptation for the world to start growing again without excessive debt. Because with debts of $250 trillion and derivatives in the quadrillions, there is no chance for the world economy to advance. All this debt must implode together with the assets that it has backed. Gold will clearly offer protection against the coming wealth destruction. But it must be physical, held outside the financial system and outside the country of residence of the investor. Gold must also be kept in a politically safe country with a gold ethos. The current correction in the gold price should be totally ignored. It is due to manipulation and a dollar which is temporarily strong. It is critical to be covered against the risks that I have outlined above and gold is the most important protection that anyone can own. People who don’t own gold are exposed to monumental financial and human risks.” To listen to the extraordinarily powerful audio interview where Dr. Leeb urged investors to stay strong ahead of what he predicted “is going to be the greatest bull market of anybody’s lifetime that’s alive today” CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW. 

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Price of gold in dollars well over $3600 in India as currency crisis threatens to bring their economy to a halt

As news continues to come in from the nation of India following the government's order to eliminate certain currency notes from their monetary system, the rush to both trade in, and move money out of banks has been the singular thought for hundreds of millions of people. And as part of this monetary transfer has been the massive demand for gold, especially since Modi pushed for a suspension of imports of the yellow metal last week. And according to many sources, the price of gold in dollars has now reached over $3600 per ounce as the people move to get rid of their rupees and into the one tangible asset that weathers all crises. Measure planned to prevent people from hoarding cash and generating income that could evade taxes, according to government officials with direct knowledge of the matter. Planned measures include limit on large cash withdrawals from bank, the officials said, asking not to be identified citing rules on speaking to media. Budget, due in February, may have steps to encourage use of checks, credit and debit cards. Purchase of gold jewelry said to be made more stringent to prevent switching of asset from cash. Finance Ministry spokesman D. S. Malik couldn’t be reached for comment. - ZerohedgePerhaps the most interesting and destructive thing to come from Prime Minister Modi's move against the Indian currency is the fact that productivity has virtually stopped as people are spending several hours per day swapping over $60 worth of rupees due to the capital control laws limiting withdrawals. When Venezuela collapsed into hyper-inflation a few months ago, it was reported on the ground that an ounce of silver would buy you 3-4 months worth of groceries, and a single ounce of gold could buy you a house. And now in India the price of gold is skyrocketing upwards and outside the control of the paper gold markets which determine the global spot prices, and should be a warning to all on why owning physical metals is vital in a world where confidence in fiat money is crashing. 

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Why Are Goldman Insiders Dumping Stock At The Fastest Rate In 5 Years?

by Tyler Durden Nov 19, 2016 2:10 PM

While the 'deplorable' half of America was greatly relieved when Donald Trump pulled off his establishment-upsetting victory, there is another group of Americans that may be even more pleased. Goldman Sachs' top executives had over 1 million stock option grants due to expire worthless next week, but thanks to an unprecedented spike in the stock since the election, Bloomberg reports Lloyd Blankfein and friends have cashed out, selling hundreds of millions in stock in the last week. As Bloomberg details, just last week, it looked like more than 1 million stock options granted to Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s top executives and directors would expire out of the money. The awards, granted with strike prices of $199.84 at the end of 2006, a solid year for bank stocks, were set to expire on Thanksgiving eve. But on Nov. 7, the night before Americans voted, they closed at $181.48, meaning it wouldn’t make sense for executives to exercise them. Then Trump pulled off an upset victory and Goldman Sachs surged 16 percent through Thursday, allowing executives to exercise the options and sell shares to lock in gains. The stock closed at $209.63 on Thursday and traded for as much as $212.07 this week, the highest since July 2015. Phew... that was lucky!! So while the mainstream media proclaims the surge in bank stocks as heralding a new dawn in everything-is-awesome-ness for America, we note that insiders at Goldman Sachs sold $205 million of stock since Nov. 8, company filings show. That’s three times more than the group has sold in any month for at least five years, data compiled by Bloomberg show. Not a bad week for Cohn, Blankfein, and Viniar... For a sense of how 'odd' this massive surge in Goldman stock is, we note that the credit markets were entirely unimpressed... So what happens at the end of next week, when these options mature and the magical bid holding Goldman stock above $199.84 disappears? (see credit chart above...) 

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Jesse Jackson Asks Obama to Pardon Hillary Clinton

Justin Holcomb Posted: Nov 17, 2016 10:00 AM

The Rev. Jesse Jackson has apparently acknowledged that Hillary Clinton broke federal laws and now says that Barack Obama should preemptively pardon the Democratic presidential nominee for any crimes she may have committed. “Secretary Clinton has not been legally accused, indicted, tried or convicted of anything,” he said in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Wednesday. "It would be a monumental, moral and political mistake to pursue the prosecution of Hillary Clinton. “President Obama should follow President Ford’s example and offer a preemptive full pardon,” Jackson added. Jackson was speaking to students at a nearby school and assured them that their fears were valid. Students "are growing up in an America that is in an identity crisis," Jackson said. "These demonstrations are born out of fear. Fear that the Klan will ride again. Fear that violence (against minorities) is coming back." 

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etc. Keep your eyes; keep your eyes upon what is going on in the Mid-East, that is your tree, that is your tree, I have told you to watch Israel, that is your tree. etc.

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Why Donald Trump Could Be the Most Pro-Israel President in a Generation

By Jason Howerton

There is still plenty of uncertainty surrounding what exactly a Trump administration will look like, but one thing is not up for debate: Donald Trump could be the most pro-Israel commander in chief in modern history. Jewish state has long held a “special relationship” with the United States, however that relationship has been put under immense strain by the Obama administration's controversial policies toward Israel. The outgoing administration has regularly clashed with the leaders of the Jewish State, demanding territorial concessions to the Hamas-led Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, bluntly snubbing Netanyahu in the White House, brokering the deeply unpopular Iran Nuclear Deal and refusing to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, a huge victory for the Palestinian State which lays claim to the Holy City. The policies of the Obama administration have led scholars to ask if Israel-US relations have reached a new low? Assuming the Trump Administration intends to follow through on his campaign rhetoric toward the Jewish State, the President-elect has positioned himself to reverse the Obama chilling effect and become perhaps the most staunchly pro-Israel President in the history of the White House. Here are a few concrete reasons why: The highest ranking members of the right-leaning Israeli Government are thrilled by Trump's victory Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is clearly a fan of the Donald. He offered glowing words of praise for Trump and vowed to work closely with his administration after his stunning election victory over Hillary Clinton. “President-elect Trump, my friend, congratulations on being elected president of the United States of America,” Netanyahu said. “You are a great friend of Israel. Over the years, you have expressed your support consistently, and I deeply appreciate it. I look forward to working with you to advance security, prosperity and peace.”Other leaders in Israel reached out to welcome President Trump. According to Ynet: President Reuven Rivlin also welcomed Trump’s victory. “I would like to congratulates the president-elect, Donald Trump, his family, and the American people as a whole, who have once again proven to the entire world the meaning of being the greatest democracy in the world.” Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat also praised praised Trump as a “devoted supporter of Jerusalem,” adding that he expected the new administration to move the US embassy to the capital. “I am full of hope for your support for our activities for building in and developing Jerusalem for all her residents, and I invite you to visit the capital of Israel,” Barkat wrote. On a number of occasions, Trump has proposed moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, even though the US has not recognized Israel's sovereignty over the eastern half of the city. Trump has vowed to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem Donald Trump has indicated he would like to relocate the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in a historic and symbolic gesture in support of the Jewish nation. The move would surely spark intense global controversy and anger among Palestinians. Israel has claimed Jerusalem as its “eternal capital,” but Palestinians believe they are entitled to the eastern part of the holy city for their own capital. Israel’s claim to the land dates back to Biblical times and has been a point of contention between the Middle Eastern nations for decades. According to the Guardian, Trump advisers say he will follow through on the promise soon after assuming the office. Israeli government ministers and political figures are pushing the US president-elect, Donald Trump, to quickly fulfill his campaign promise to overturn decades of US foreign policy and recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv. Their calls came as one of Trump’s advisers on Israel and the Middle East, David Friedman, told the Jerusalem Post that Trump would follow through on his promise. ‘It was a campaign promise and there is every intention to keep it,” Friedman said. ‘We are going to see a very different relationship between America and Israel in a positive way.” Trump could help expand Israel's West Bank Settlements Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Wednesday he wants Israel to strike a deal with President-elect Donald Trump that would permit the country to expand its settlements in the West Bank while also freezing building in some areas. It would be a drastic change in U.S. policy under President Barack Obama, who criticized Israel over its West Bank settlement plan. Just like east Jerusalem, Palestinians also want control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The land dispute has grown more complicated now than almost 600,000 Jews have settled in the historically Jewish areas of east Jerusalem and the West Bank. Trump's inner circle is full of staunch pro-Israel advocates Donald Trump's inner circle is flush with influencers who are unapologetically pro-Israel. Many Jewish. Trump has regularly praised his son-in-law Jared Kushner, an Orthodox Jew, for his management of his campaign during the election. Kushner, a strong pro-Israel advocate will certainly find himself with an outsized role in the Trump Administration and has already applied for a Top-Secret clearance with the government. Trump's daughter, Ivanka, converted to Judaism when she married Kushner. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani could become the most pro-Israel Secretary of State in U.S. history. He is reportedly being considered for the appointment in Trump's administration. Giuliani visited Israel in March meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior government officials. He claimed the Israeli government wanted Trump to win the election. Ambassador John Bolton, who is a staunch defender of the Israeli State and Trump supporter, is also rumored to get a heavy appointment from Trump in a national Security capacity. Additionally, Trump has said he plans to appoint Jason Greenblatt, an Orthodox Jew and Yeshiva University graduate, as one of his Israel advisers. Greenblatt has worked with Trump for 19 years as the president-elect's real estate lawyer. Trump has vowed to be tough on Iran and “tear up” the Iran Nuclear Deal President-elect Donald Trump has been an outspoken critic of the Obama administration's Iran nuclear deal, which he has called one of the “worst deals ever made by any country in history.” Trump said the deal, which lifts some sanctions in exchange for a rollback in Iran's nuclear program, doesn't do enough to protect Israel from potential destruction. Trump has vowed to either renegotiate or kill the Iran nuke deal. Earlier this year, the Republican even claimed Iran “is going to destroy Israel — unless I get elected.” With a President Trump, “Israel will be just fine,” he said. Defeating ISIS The Islamic State is a threat to safety around the globe — but that might be especially true for Israel. As long as ISIS and the violent ideology espoused by radical Islam exists, Israel remains a target. Just this week, an ISIS attack on the Israeli national soccer team was thwarted by police in Kosovo. While Trump certainly has his work cut out for him in the fight against ISIS, he is promising to be ruthless against the enemy. The president-elect has vowed to pursue an “aggressive joint and coalition military operations to crush and destroy ISIS, international cooperation to cutoff their funding, expand intelligence sharing, and cyberwarfare to disrupt and disable their propaganda and recruiting.” If Trump is able to cause serious damage to ISIS, it would directly weaken Israel's nearby enemies and bring stability to the volatile region. In another major break from the Obama administration, Trump’s official platform identifies the “ideology of radical Islamic terrorism” as the enemy we are trying to defeat. 

John 15:20 Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also. (KJV)

Luke 21:17 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake. (KJV) 

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etc.. You shall be hated by the world, the world shall be against you, etc.

John 15:18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. (KJV)

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etc. Have you read my word, do you know that Ezekiel thirty eight and thirty nine is knocking on the door, as a matter of fact, its got a battering-ram and it is knocking the door down, but you are not aware of that.  Are you aware of how they are removing the Bible, are you aware of how they are fighting Christians, are you aware of the countries that are killing every Christian that is there?  And then you think I can delay another five years or another ten years.  Have you not read in my word where they are laying under my altar and they are crying out, how much longer, how much longer?  Oh what a sad state the world is in. etc.

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etc.  for the world hates the Christians more now than at anytime in history.  Even during the days Jesus walked on earth, it is much worse now and it is not going to get better because those that don’t believe the truth are going to come against you like never before because they don’t want you to know the truth etc.

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"Allah, Kill the Despicable Christians"

Muslim Persecution of Christians, August 2016

by Raymond Ibrahim November 20, 2016 at 5:00 am

"Allah, kill the despicable Christians. Allah, kill each and every last one of them...." — 16-year-old Muslim son of an Islamic cleric living in Belgium. "ISIS is not the problem... They shaved my head, they put my head in freezing cold water and then into boiling hot water. They burned their cigarettes on me, they electrocuted me." — Majed el-Shafie, imprisoned and tortured in Egypt for converting to Christianity. A Christian girl faces death threats if she does not return to her Muslim abductor who forcibly converted her to Islam. The family of a Christian girl who was kidnapped, raped, forced to convert to Islam, and then forcibly married to a Muslim are now under threat if they refuse to hand back their daughter to her captors. Islamic hate for Christians was on display throughout the month of August. Shortly after an 80-year-old Catholic priest in France was slaughtered by Muslims who stormed his church during mass, the 16-year-old Muslim son of an Islamic cleric living in Belgium made a video and posted it on social media. In the video, he appears walking along the main street of the Belgian city of Verviers during Ramadan while making prayers to Allah, which include: "Allah, kill the despicable Christians. Allah, kill each and every last one of them...." According to Immigration Minister Theo Francken: "It's obvious that his father, the imam, is promoting such ideas not just to fighters to join the battle in Syria, but also to his own children. The young man who appears in the video reflects the father's views, and I understand and empathize with the great concern that city residents have over this." A deportation order was last reported as pending a court appeal. Similarly, in the August edition of Dabiq, ISIS's propaganda magazine, the jihadi organization urged Muslims to destroy the "arrogant Christian disbelievers" and urged them to "pray for Allah's curse to be upon the liars." ISIS also threatened Christians to "break the cross." Those who do and convert to Islam will "enter the Gardens of Paradise," and those who reject Islam and cling to the cross will die in a "futile" war against ISIS. As if the Christians of Nigeria were not persecuted enough by Muslim groups, Boko Haram's new leader, known for killing nonconformist Muslims as well, announced that Christians are now its number one and primary target, and that Boko Haram will continue to "bomb churches and kill Christians while ending attacks on mosques and markets used by ordinary Muslims." Abu Musab al-Barnawi, the new leader, also spoke of "booby-trapping and blowing up every church that we are able to reach, and killing all of those who we find from the citizens of the Cross." In Egypt, after Muhammad Hegazi's nine-year long battle with authorities, Islam's honor was restored, although in a way apparently held suspect by many rights activists there. His battle began when he asked his religion to be changed to Christianity on his Egyptian ID card, and ended with his being arrested and tortured for years. Hegazi made a brief video announcing his return to Islam and praising Muhammad, adding "I say this out of my complete free will. I am not being held by any agency, nor am I under any pressure of any kind." Another Egyptian, Majed el-Shafie, also imprisoned and tortured for apostatizing years ago in Egypt, wanted the world to know that, "ISIS is not the problem." As proof, he recounted his experiences — at the hands of Egyptian authorities: "They shaved my head, they put my head in freezing cold water and then into boiling hot water. They burned their cigarettes on me, they electrocuted me. They cut me and put salt in my wounds. I still wake with nightmares about it, even now 20 years on." The remainder of August's roundup of Muslim persecution of Christians — not all of which was committed by ISIS — includes, but is not limited to, the following: Muslim Slaughter of Christians Nigeria: Muslim Fulani herdsmen, believed to be connected to the Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram, increased their raids on Christian-majority villages: Between August 1-3, they killed 13 Christians, burned Christian homes and churches, and displaced countless survivors during raids conducted in separate Christian-majority villages. On August 13, Muslim shepherds killed another seven Christians during another raid. Some of the victims were shot; others were slaughtered with machetes. On August 16, Muslim herdsmen attacked still another Christian-majority village and slaughtered ten people. On August 25, a group of at least 50 Muslim herdsmen conducted a night raid into another Christian-majority village. Among their victims was a Christian woman six months pregnant, whose stomach had been ripped open. According to one report, Local Christian leaders were pleading with the Nigerian government to provide appropriate security measures in light of the crisis, which the state has so far left unaddressed. Since 2001, Fulani attacks on Christian-majority farming settlements across Nigeria's central "Middle-Belt" have grown increasingly violent; victims face their towns being wiped off the map. Fulani herdsmen have murdered tens of thousands of Christians, and have amassed a body count larger than Boko Haram has inflicted; attacks expand farther into Northwest and Southeast Nigeria, while the Nigerian government largely ignores the issue... This indifference reportedly reaches to the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari. According to a prominent Nigerian thinker and politician, Femi Fani-Kayode, despite the increasing violence against Christians, "the Muslim president has only awarded the murderers with impunity rather than justice and has staffed his government with Islamic officials, while doing essentially nothing to give the nation's Christians, who make up half the population, due representation." Uganda: A group of Muslims murdered Pastor Robert Bakulubanywa, 38, as he was returning home after a Sunday evening at his church. A group of Muslimsreportedly angry with him for evangelizing to Muslims and refusing to sell them land — surrounded him, tied him up, and sliced him to death with a sword. Democratic Republic of Congo: Muslim militants from the Allied Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Uganda gathered and tied up between 36 and 50 Christians, before hacking them to death. In recent years, the "liberation" front has targeted Christians with violence, abducting people, looting Christian villages, and destroying churches, although most Western media downplay the religious motives of the rebels. Muslim Attacks on Christian Churches Indonesia: A teenage Muslim sitting among Christian worshippers during a Catholic church Sunday mass service suddenly went into jihad mode: he attacked the 60-year-old priest with an axe and tried to set off explosives, which could have killed hundreds of worshipers in the packed church. The bomb failed to go off properly and the 18-year-old Islamic terrorist was apprehended. United States: In Riverside, California, Muslims in a car, who were repeatedly screaming "Allahu akbar!" through a bullhorn, terrorized St. Andrew Orthodox Church during worship service, "as the unnerved parents drew their infants close and exchanged worried glances," said the report. Some witnesses told police it looked as if one of the three men, in the green Honda Civic, had been taking surveillance pictures of the church. France: During a mass held for Father Jacques Hamel — the 80-year-old priest slaughtered days earlier — at the St. George Church in Vivonne (Vienne), a small town of 4,000 inhabitants, the priest informed the congregation that the church had been vandalized: "the light of the tabernacle of the Real Presence had disappeared or had been stolen, and placed on the altar was a photo of the Nice terrorist, the Islamist Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. Iran: Authorities arrested 11 Christians during a raid on an house-church in the city of Isfahan. Books and other Christian literature were confiscated. According to the report, there was no further information about the status of the detainees. Turkey: After giving previous permission, authorities banned Orthodox Christian liturgy from being held at a historic monastery. According to the report: The doors of the Sumela Monastery reopened in June 2010, after 88 years. The Turkish government had given permission to the Ecumenical Patriarchate to have a patriarchal liturgy for the Feast of the Assumption every year. That permission has been suddenly revoked, perhaps permanently." Sudan: Claiming that it was built illegally, local Muslim authorities issued a demolition notice to yet another church. The congregation was given one week to clear out or else further legal procedures would be taken, including forcing the church to pay the demolishing costs. The church was built on the land in 1976, a considerable time before the National Islamic Front seized power in Sudan through a military coup in 1989 — so how could it be illegal, argue church activists. Countless churches that once stood in Sudan for decades have met the same fate in recent times. Pakistan: Christians accused the government of Gujrat of intentionally flooding a 130-year-old church with sewage. According to the report: "Local Christians managed to cut the flow of sewerage after hours of skirmish efforts.... Agitated Christians claimed that the flow of the sewerage was maneuvered towards the church in order to prevent it from flooding neighboring Gujrat Gymkhana. The waste water swamped the flooring and carpets of the church." Muslim Attacks on Christian Apostates, Blasphemers, and Preachers Algeria: A Muslim convert to Christianity was sentenced to five years in prison for saying on social media that the light of Jesus will outshine Islam and its prophet Muhammad, which the court ruled was "blasphemous." According to his son, who accompanied the apostate during his hearing: "The court sentenced my father to the maximum sentence! .... [M]y father was expressing his ideas and spread his political views on social networks as it has always done elsewhere. It is an attack on freedom of expression because, in my opinion, everything is subject to criticism, even religions." Nigeria: After two university students got into a verbal argument, the Muslim student accused the Christian of insulting the Muslim prophet Muhammad. Soon, a mob of Muslims formed and said the Christian must die; they savagely beat and nearly killed him. He only survived "because a fellow Christian intervened to rush him to the hospital with the help of a compassionate Muslim who volunteered his car to carry the victim." On the following day, mobs of Muslims rioted and vandalized Christian campuses and churches. According to a local source: "They went to ECWA Church, Living Church, and Anglican Church. They vandalized the Anglican Church pastorium, destroying electronics and other property. I heard they also burnt down the home of the rescue volunteer Muslim man (who assisted the attacked Christian student to the hospital), trapping and killing eight persons inside who, sadly, happened to be Muslims also." Separately, a Muslim man sought to divorce his wife of 24 years, after he discovered that she secretly converted to Christianity. The man stated that he cannot tolerate any other religion in his home except for Islam. The 50-year-old woman "broke down in tears while on her knees begging her estranged husband, Jamiu Adewunmi, not to divorce her." Addressing the court, she said: "Please court; help me beg him, where will I get a man at my age to marry me if my husband divorces me?" Pakistan: A Christian girl named Asma faces death threats if she does not return to her Muslim abductor. The man, a powerful Muslim neighbor, kidnapped the girl, raped her, forced her to convert to Islam, and then forcibly married her and renamed her "Aisha," after the Islamic prophet's young wife. Several months later, Asma escaped and returned to her family, who are now under threat if they refuse to hand back their daughter to her captor. Local Muslim clerics claimed that Asma has re-converted to Christianity, and so is now an apostate and should be killed unless she returns to her husband and new faith. Uganda: Eight children, ages 9 to 16, from four families of Islamic and pagan backgrounds, took refuge with Christians after their parents and other community members beat and disowned them for leaving Islam and animism for Christianity. Through the ordeal, the church in which they were able to seek refuge has also come under threat of destruction and violence by the local Muslim population. "Your church activities will not be tolerated in this area," one Muslim informed the pastor. "If you do not leave our village, then we shall soon come for your life." Separately, a Christian high school student received a serious head injury by the Muslim father of a young woman whom he proselytized. Muslim Discrimination against and Abuse of Christians Saudi Arabia: According to an Arabic-language news report published on August 27, officials from the desert kingdom arrested 27 Christians — among them several women and children — for the crime of "conducting Christian prayers" and being "in possession of Bibles." The group of Christians, most if not all of whom were Lebanese nationals, were celebrating a Virgin Mary feast day when authorities stormed their residence and arrested them. The dreaded "religious police" proceeded to strip them of their visas and deport them back to Lebanon. Such religious intolerance is actually better than that meted to other Christians caught engaging in "acts of Christianity" In 2012, for example, 35 Christian Ethiopians were arrested and tortured in prison for almost a year, simply for holding a private house-prayer. One of them reported after being released: "They [Saudis] are full of hatred towards non-Muslims." Pakistan: The son of a Muslim landlord sexually assaulted the five-year-old daughter of a Christian couple renting a room. Afterwards, "the landlord purportedly barred the Christian couple from reporting the incident to the police for seven days. Because of the harassment, parents of the victim were unable to acquire a medical report of their daughter who was sexually assaulted," said the report. "As a result of lack of medical report, there is no substantial proof of the assault. The influential landlord and his rapist son hurled threats at the Christian family stating that entire family of the victim will face dire consequences if action is taken against the culprit." Separately, a historic Christian cemetery is falling into decay due to willful neglect from local authorities. According to the report: "Local Christians claim the graveyard is undergoing wear while the local authorities are overlooking the situation. They expressed serious concerns over the desecration of graves of their loved ones. They said that the Christian population had been residing in the area, even before the creation of Pakistan." Egypt: Arguing that they are being treated as second-class citizens, about three dozen Christians staged a rare protest in downtown Cairo and demanded that the government uphold their rights. Standing on the steps of a courthouse in the capital, the demonstrators defied Egypt's draconian positions on protests. "I am an Egyptian citizen above all," said Michael Armanious, a Christian demonstrator. "We pay taxes, we serve in the army, we are dealing with all the same economic problems in Egypt with the rest of our countrymen, why should we have fewer rights?" Police — who often take hours to appear when Muslims attack Christians — quickly dispersed the protesters. Separately, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights reported that there have been 77 cases of extreme Muslim-on-Christian violence between the years 2011 and 2016 — excluding the huge spate of attacks on Christians and dozens of churches that directly followed the ousting of former president Morsi. Coptic Pope Tawadros also confirmed that Christians are victims of a serious attack by Muslims on average once a month. At least ten incidents this year have resulted in discord, death and destruction. Sudan: Prosecutors accused two imprisoned pastors, both members of the Sudanese Church of Christ, of crimes against the state, and called for the death penalty against them. The pastors denied the charges, and local sources say there is no evidence against them, but that the hardline Islamist prosecutors are persecuting them for their faith. Bangladesh: Rosaline Costa, a Catholic newspaper editor, fled to the United States after receiving countless death threats, prompted by editorials published the paper about growing religious discrimination and violence in the country. Because there has been a rise in Muslim attacks on Christians in Bangladesh — including outright murder — the Catholic woman decided to leave before she was next. Christian minorities further allege that Bangladeshi authorities and the judicial system either cannot or will not do anything to stop the persecution and discrimination against them. Germany: Christian refugees continue to face daily harassment and threats from Muslim majorities living with them in asylum centers. In one instance, 14 Iranian Christian men were threatened with death for refusing to abandon their faith. During Ramadan, Christians had to hide their Bibles and were forced to eat leftover food in the shelter after the meal times were changed to accommodate Muslims, who do not eat during daylight hours during the Islamic holy month. One pastor said many Muslims in the camp regard their fellow Christian migrants as "unclean" and "more impure than dogs." In several asylum centers, throughout Europe, Christian minorities continue to be harassed and attacked. 

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Doctors Pressured Them to Abort Their Son, Who Had a Fatal Disease. They Said No and a Miracle Happened

National Texas Right to Life Nov 18, 2016 | 6:58PM Washington, DC

Last week Woodlands Church senior pastors and best-selling authors, Kerry and Chris Shook, shared an urgent prayer request on their Facebook page. Their son Josh and his wife Kelli had learned that their preborn son suffers from a fatal kidney disease. Doctors pressured Josh and Kelli to abort their son, whom they named Jude. Kerry and Chris wrote: The doctor gave them the option to terminate the pregnancy but they have chosen to fight for Jude’s life, no matter the length. We know at this time that medically the outlook for Jude is not good. But we also know that only God has the final say and we believe He still works miracles. As church members and friends read and shared the post thousands of times, prayers spread. That’s when Kerry and Chris say a miracle occurred. Doctors were able to offer hope for baby Jude. The family was connected with specialists in Cincinatti, Ohio, who are developing research to treat Jude’s rare kidney disorder. After numerous tests, ultrasounds, and appointments, Kelli and baby Jude were accepted into the research program. Throughout the remainder of Kelli’s pregnancy, doctors will provide experimental procedures for Jude with the hopes that he can grow and develop. Once Jude is born, he might have difficulty breathing and he will need dialysis. Kerry and Chris said, “This is the beginning of a long journey, but we are so thankful that the Lord has provided a path for Josh and Kelli.” SUPPORT LIFENEWS! If you like this pro-life article, please help with a donation! This week, Kelli underwent surgery to have an amnioport placed in her abdomen, which will provide the fluid that Jude needs for the rest of the pregnancy. Jude will need continued infusions every few days, which carry further risks. The most concerning risks are of infection or premature birth. Nonetheless, through all the obstacles ahead, Jude has a chance at Life because his parents courageously chose Life. Proud grandparents Kerry and Chris added, “We have had thousands of people all over the world praying for our sweet Jude, who has already changed our hearts and lives in big ways.” Simply by being alive, Jude has touched many lives. In Texas, pain-capable preborn babies are protected from the gruesome violence of abortion after 20 weeks’ gestation. There is, however, a deadly loophole. Under current Texas law, babies who may suffer from a disability, such as Down syndrome or Jude’s kidney disorder, can be killed through abortion at any time. Many medical conditions are not detected until a comprehensive ultrasound at 20 weeks, as was the case for Josh and Kelli. Parents facing a diagnosis are given little information about the full spectrum of care and are sadly often strongly pressured to abort. Josh and Kelli give us a beautiful example of what can happen when we give Life a chance. Texas Right to Life will continue to fight at the Capitol until ALL innocent lives are protected under the law. LifeNews Note: Reprinted with permission from Texas Right to Life. 

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Soros’s Coup Against America-The 7 Step Plan to Destroy the US

America is at a very dangerous time in her history. The enemy (e.g. George Soros and his puppetiers) are already inside the gates wreaking havoc.

The Arab Spring Comes to America

By Dave Hodges

George Soros is following a script that he all too familiar with. Soros is implementing the Arab Spring strategies in very similar fashion to what he did over five years ago in the Middle East. His playbook is a combination of Hillary Clinton’s hero, S. Alinsky and his book, Rules for Radicals. It is becoming clear that Soros is implementing the strategies associated with the first three stages listed below. However, we can be certain that the globalists are going all the way. The Final Solution There will become a bifurcation point where soft kill methods, and diluting the native population through massive immigration will not be enough to ensure total dictatorial control over the planet by the globalists because its methods of replacement are not expeditious enough. That is when soft kill will need to become the Final Solution of hard kill. In history, the pattern is always the same: Step One Perpetrate an economic collapse that will put millions of desperate people on the street. The plan calls for the complete disintegration of law order. Soros has his excuse, the election of Donald Trump.  Soros has properly engineered group think in which some groups, collectively, have smanufactured enough fear based upon lie, that people are striking out. We are seeing this with riots in our major cities. Soros is perpetrating a race war and when it spreads to other segments of our population, not only will safety be imperiled but so will the distribution of goods and services. The economic chaos will give TPTB the ability to implement extreme control and censorship in our country. In effect, the Trump populist revolution will be thwarted. Step Two Combine the economic collapse with the creation of a false flag series of events which necessitates the need for martial law and extreme measures of subjugation. It would appear that a mass casualty event is in the works. Cordon people off for their own protection Step Four Exploit whatever free labor can be extracted from this doomed group while they are being protected and this means the implementation of Executive Order 13603. Step Five Systematically exterminate the undesirable group as a move to promote national unity against a contrived common enemy (e.g. Christians). The use of the NDAA will come into full view and we will witness unparalleled persecution of Step Six World War III will evolve out of the turmoil as was the case with World War II-Serfdom will re-emerge Step Seven This is when global depopulation will begin in earnest. When the smoke clears and the bulk of humanity has been buried, the New World Order will truly be born. These seven steps are all supported by past history. What makes Americans think that we are immune to established historical precedent? These seven steps are all supported by past history. What makes Americans think that we are immune to established historical precedent? Sometimes it is good to be reminded of who we are fighting and what their Agenda (2030) consists of. 

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BREAKING NEWS: Police in Kosovo prevent three 'simultaneous' ISIS attacks - including one on Israeli football team

Officials said 18 people were arrested in Kosovo and six more in Albania and Macedonia

At the suspects' homes and premises police found explosive devices, weapons and electronic equipment

The venue of the qualifying match was changed for 'security reasons'

By Dave Burke For Mailonline Published: 07:51 EST, 17 November 2016 | Updated: 09:30 EST, 17 November 2016

Kosovo police say they prevented three simultaneous attacks by ISIS fanatics, including one on the Israeli national football team, which played a World Cup qualifier in neighboring Albania on Saturday. Officials said in a statement today that 18 people were arrested in Kosovo and six more in Albania or Macedonia. At the suspects' homes and premises police found explosive devices, weapons and electronic equipment. The groups in the three countries, coordinated by two Albanians who are part of the IS terror group in Syria, had 'clear targets on who and when should be attacked', police said. The venue of last weekend's qualifier between Israel and Albania was changed for 'security reasons' from the northern city of Shkoder, near the border with Montenegro, to Elbasan, much nearer to the capital Tirana. Police and the Kosovo Intelligence Agency believe attacks were planned across the Balkans. Police have said the terror suspects were in contact with ISIS figure Lavdrim Muhaxheri, the self-declared 'commander of Albanians in Syria and Iraq'. He is believed to have given orders for them to attack. Police have yet to release any further information about the foiled attacks.

Read more: 

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etc. Keep your eyes; keep your eyes upon what is going on in the Mid-East, that is your tree, that is your tree, I have told you to watch Israel, that is your tree. etc.

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Is blitz on Aleppo the start of Putin's war to rebuild USSR? As Russian missiles rain down on besieged city - and Trump cosies up to Putin - a Kremlin expert's chilling warning

Syria's brutal dictator Bashar al-Assad said Donald Trump will be a ‘natural ally’ in fighting terrorism

Assad said Mr Trump would be a friend to his regime, Russia and the Iranians if he changed US policy

Policy is to strike against Isis while supporting rebels opposed to Assad, but Trump has different ideas

By Edward Lucas for the Daily Mail Published: 17:54 EST, 16 November 2016 | Updated: 20:39 EST, 16 November 2016

Syria's brutal dictator — who used chemical weapons on his own people — said yesterday Donald Trump will be a ‘natural ally’ in fighting terrorism. Bashar al-Assad said Mr Trump would be a friend to his regime, Russia and the Iranians if he ‘lived up to his promises’ and tore up existing Western policy. The U.S. President-elect has said it was ‘madness’ to oppose both Syrian forces and Isis terrorists and that fighting Syria could lead to fighting Russia. Trump said on Friday he would most likely seek an agreement with Vladimir Putin. He said: ‘I’ve had an opposite view to many people regarding Syria.’ Current U.S. policy is to strike against Isis while supporting moderate rebels opposed to Assad. Meanwhile, Putin withdrew from the International Criminal Court yesterday amid calls from Britain for his military to face prosecutors over air strikes against civilians in Syria. It means Russia cannot now be tried for war crimes in the court in The Hague. Tomorrow, PM Theresa May and other European leaders will meet President Obama to discuss an extension to sanctions against Russia. But as Edward Lucas outlines here, Donald Trump has very different ideas. The restoration of the Soviet empire is under way — and America is not going to stop it. That is the chilling conclusion we must draw from Donald Trump’s first few days as President-elect, in which he received what he termed a ‘beautiful’ letter from Vladimir Putin, followed by an amicable phone call in which the two pledged to restore friendly relations between Washington and Moscow. Then, yesterday, Syria’s President Assad said that Mr Trump would be a ‘natural ally’ alongside Russia in the bloodsoaked Syrian civil war if he fulfils his pledge to fight terrorism. Assad and Putin are, of course, at the forefront of the aerial bombardment that began on Tuesday against rebel-held areas of the city of Aleppo after several weeks of relative calm. The assaults were launched by war planes and via missile attacks from a Russian aircraft carrier stationed off the Syrian coast, and came just a few hours after Trump and Putin had their first conversation since last week’s American election. The message could hardly be clearer — that the U.S. President-elect does not see it as a priority to stop Russian aggression outside its borders. It seems not to matter that the sanctions America has imposed on the Kremlin regime are a result of its aggression against Ukraine, and human rights abuses inside Russia. Or that the frontline states of Nato — Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland — rely on a U.S. security guarantee to bolster their own defences. Trump prizes ‘strength’ in other leaders. And he wants to do deals with them. Cherished American principles such as liberty and justice count for nothing. He has no time for America’s traditional Western allies, regarding them as a costly bunch of free-loaders who do not pay their fair share towards Nato’s military capabilities. If, in appealing for military or diplomatic support, these countries invoke their past loyalty and sacrifice during America’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, they fear the answer from Trump will be: ‘Sorry, suckers.’ This blustering, cynical and short-sighted outlook is a gift for Russia, whose bellicose leader termed the collapse of the Soviet Union a ‘geopolitical catastrophe’, and who is determined to put it back together. That is why I believe it’s no exaggeration to say Putin, not Trump, is the biggest winner of the American presidential election. The irony is that at home, President Trump will be constrained by his inexperience, and by America’s solid political institutions. The real damage will be done abroad — to us and to others who depend on strong defence and intelligence ties with America. Intelligence experts fear Putin will offer President Trump a ‘Grand Bargain’ some time in 2017. The outline would be simple. The West drops sanctions, stops pestering the Putin regime about its appalling human rights record, accepts that the Kremlin has a sphere of military and political influence in Eastern Europe, and treats Russia as a serious global player. In return, Putin would offer counter-terrorism co-operation against the constant threat of Islamist attacks around the world, a brokered peace in Syria (meaning an end to the floods of refugees to Europe), and an easing of military tensions around Russia’s western borders. He would promise — no doubt oozing sincerity — a future of peace and friendship. The deal-loving tycoon, still settling into the Oval Office, would jump at this ‘Grand Bargain’, regarding it as a piece of international statesmanship. He would boast about saving billions of dollars by being able to pull American troops out of Europe. In truth, this deal would be as shameful as the Yalta summit of 1945 at which Stalin outmanoeuvred Britain and America, consigning Eastern Europe to misery and captivity within the Soviet Empire. It would also have echoes of the Munich Agreement of 1938 in which our Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain sought to appease Hitler by letting him dismember our ally, Czechoslovakia. Either way, the ‘Grand Bargain’ would be both cynical and astonishingly dangerous. Current U.S. policy is to strike against Isis while supporting moderate rebels opposed to Assad. But Donald Trump has very different ideas. Pictured, Russian aircraft on the Admiral Kuznetsov Countries such as Estonia would fight, just as Ukraine has, rather than submit to a Kremlin take-over. We would be drawn in — and would face an emboldened and powerful Russia — and without American help. Putin’s goal is both stealthy and simple: the end of the West as a coherent cultural and political entity. Russia loathes the idea that the rich democracies of North America and Europe should run the world. Their rules-based international order takes no account of Russia’s history as a great power — and its need for a sphere of influence on its borders. In theory, we should be winning what, in my 2008 book, I termed a New Cold War. The advanced democracies have a combined population of roughly one billion, and a combined GDP of £35 trillion. Russia has a population of 140 million and GDP of a mere £1 trillion. But Putin’s arsenal of money, propaganda, mind-games and dirty tricks has given him outsized clout. Even this week, we have seen the influence of Moscow spreading beyond Russia’s borders. Russian-backed candidates have won presidential elections in Bulgaria, a Nato member, and Moldova, Europe’s poorest country, on the Black Sea. Russia also has the keen support of Hungary’s strongman leader Viktor Orban. The fact is Moscow stokes instability and division across swathes of Europe — helped, of course, by the dismal performance of the eurozone economy, and public fears about unchecked migration. Trump’s weakness is vanity. He has a colossal ego, responds with childlike eagerness to flattery, is over-confident in his own abilities and unwilling to admit mistakes. Putin described him as a yarkiy (‘vivid’) character. But the same word in Russian can also mean ‘bright’. Trump’s interpretation — surprise, surprise — was that the Russian leader had called him a ‘genius’. Russian spies have already showed their capabilities brazenly in the U.S. presidential election. In an unprecedented public pronouncement, America’s intelligence chiefs blamed Russian hackers for breaking into computers at the headquarters of the Democratic Party during the early summer. Russia then leaked emails showing that party bosses were trying to help the establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton, and stymie her party rival, the firebrand Left-wing senator Bernie Sanders. Trump then actually called on Russia to hack into Clinton’s emails — unashamedly encouraging foreign interference in the world’s most important election. Shockingly, the Trump campaign included several figures with links to the Kremlin. One key aide, Paul Manafort, benefited from multi-million-dollar business deals with pro-Russian oligarchs. Trump himself is the biggest cheerleader for Russia. He refuses to discuss what appear to be extensive, long-standing and mysterious business connections there. Pictured, a Russian missile launch at an unknown location in Syria He advised Viktor Yanukovych, the now-disgraced Ukrainian president and Putin ally toppled in 2014. Dogged by allegations of gangland ties, Yanukovych fled to Russia shortly before the Kremlin launched its war against Ukraine. Manafort spent the best part of a decade polishing the image of this man — a Kremlin stooge reviled by his own people. Another Trump aide showed similarly flawed judgment. General Michael Flynn, a former spy chief, stunned observers by joining celebrations — including a dinner where he sat near Putin — marking the tenth anniversary of RT, the Kremlin’s foreign propaganda network. Even more controversial is the career of Carter Page, a Trump intimate who spent much of his career advising the firm Gazprom. Nominally Russia’s national gas company, this outfit stands accused of being a highly politicised branch of Kremlin foreign policy which is battling charges of systematic market-rigging in eastern Europe. Page has defended Putin’s policies and decried even the limited sanctions imposed on Russian banks, energy companies and arms makers for invading Ukraine. A Russian missile is launched near Aleppo, which is being pounded by airstrikes as part of an offensive against rebel-held areas But Trump himself is the biggest cheerleader for Russia. He refuses to discuss what appear to be extensive, long-standing and mysterious business connections there. He praised an anti-Western polemic by Putin as a ‘masterpiece’, and has repeatedly lauded the Russian leader’s (in truth dismal) ‘leadership’ in bringing stability and prosperity. Some wonder if Trump’s Russian connections mean that he is a witting Kremlin stooge. That’s unlikely: his ‘useful idiocy’, in Lenin’s phrase, is enough. True, the two men share a nihilistic world-view, in which might is right, and values mean little. The difference is Putin is a ruthless former KGB officer, skilled in the arts of deception and recruitment. Trump is the shallow and self-indulgent scion of a wealthy family, who has escaped numerous well-deserved comeuppances through bluff and bombast. It is easy to see which of the two men will come off best in a tussle of wills and wits. Trump prizes ‘strength’ in other leaders, such as Vladimir Putin. And he wants to do deals with them. Cherished American principles such as liberty and justice count for nothing With Putin holding most of the cards, the outlook for the democracies of Europe and North America ranges from bleak to terrifying. Without the weight of America to hold it together, the West — squabbling, weak-willed and ill-led — is now easy prey for the Kremlin. And having pulled up the drawbridge, President Trump can shrug and turn his back on the chaos his isolationism has unleashed. Americans may live to regret that. But in the meantime we will be paying the price. Edward Lucas writes for The Economist

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etc. But it is not an exciting time for the lukewarm or the ungodly, it shall be a terrible time, a time of a dictator, a dictator government that dictates, that takes away your rights, that takes away your freedoms, that takes away the things that you have, the things that you never expected that they would control, they shall control. Oh, what an hour is just ahead. etc..

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Hidden in plain sight: The NSA's 'secret spy base inside a windowless, nuclear-bomb proof AT&T skyscraper in lower Manhattan'

Located at 33 Thomas Street is AT&T's faceless telecommunications hub

It can withstand an atom bomb and has its own power and water supply

It's used to route web and phone traffic between the US and the world

Documents, including Snowden's leaks, suggest the NSA is tapping lines

It's believed that the NSA operates its Titanpointe spy center inside

That has been linked to spying operations on the UN, among others

By James Wilkinson For Published: 19:43 EST, 16 November 2016 | Updated: 06:46 EST, 17 November 2016

Even in skyscraper-filled lower Manhattan, the windowless mass of 33 Thomas Street stands out: A faceless concrete tower, topped with vents and impervious to the outside world. Constructed and owned by AT&T, and known as the 'Long Lines Building,' it's officially a telecommunications hub with its own power and water, capable of sheltering those inside against two weeks of nuclear fallout. But documents leaked by Edward Snowden, along with others gathered by The Intercept, suggest that it has a worrying secret identity: An NSA surveillance base named Titanpointe that spies on phone calls, fax messages and internet data. The building, which was developed under the name 'Project X,' opened in 1974 about 14 blocks north of Wall Street and houses an international 'gateway switch,' an AT&T employee told The Intercept. That switch is a major route by which international calls and data enter the US telecomms system - meaning that if someone has access to the data, they could spy on world communications. If that's the case then it would be a vital location for the NSA's controversial surveillance program, which has allegedly spied on at least 38 countries, including allies. The program has reportedly also spied on communications to and from the UN, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Top-secret NSA documents indicate that the NSA has indeed set up a site, codenamed 'Titanpointe,' in the building, The Intercept said. NSA guides obtained by The Intercept and documentary unit Field of Vision, tell agents visiting Titanpointe that it is located in New York and direct them to the FBI's field office in the city. There they can pick up 'cover vehicles' to travel to the site, which they will be shown around by representatives of Lithium - the NSA's codename for AT&T. The FBI field office is located two blocks from the Long Lines Building. There are parking bays outside the windowless skyscraper marked 'AWM,' a code denoting federal agencies. The building also has a satellite dish, which is notable because the NSA documents link Titanpointe to the Skidrowe program, which intercepts satellite data including emails, chats, Skype calls, passwords, and internet browsing histories. Snowden-leaked documents also link Titanpointe to the Blarney program, which was developed in the early 1970s to take, in mass, communications content (such as conversations) and metadata (such as call times). That data was collected using 'commercial partnerships' with companies such as AT&T. According to a leaked 2012 email, a 'collection against the email address of the UN General leading the monitoring mission in Syria,' was performed by the NSA's Blarney operatives against the UN's New York mission. That operation most likely involved Titanpointe - and therefore the Long Lines Building - The Intercept said. 'Such spying activities are totally unacceptable breaches of trust in international cooperation,' Mogens Lykketoft, former president of the UN's general assembly, said.

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Mystery plane that was spotted circling over Denver leaves military officials baffled

The aircraft was spotted in Denver on Wednesday morning by residents

It could not be identified by military and aviation officials when contacted

Plane made several loops at 32,000ft before flying towards Oklahoma

Some speculated the plane was from the US Navy E-6 Mercury fleet

By Jennifer Smith For Published: 00:43 EST, 17 November 2016 | Updated: 01:38 EST, 17 November 2016

A mysterious plane circled over Denver on Wednesday morning leaving scores of residents baffled before it moved on. The unannounced flight appeared in the late morning and made several loops above the city at around 32,000ft, according to The Denver Channel. It appeared to have entered the city's airspace from California, hovering above the Colorado capital until shooting off towards Oklahoma. Eagle-eyed residents took photographs and videos of the aircraft to make inquiries about its path. They contacted the KMGH-TV channel with their queries for it to put forward. Denver Channel reporters say none of the officials they approached were able to pin down exactly what the plane's route was, however. They claim to have contacted 'dozens' of agencies in search of clarification including the Federal Aviation Authority and the Air Force. Neither were able to address residents' questions, they said. The network was however able to identify the aircraft's name - Iron 99. It claimed to have tracked down fleets with the same prefix at military bases across the country. The Department of Defense was not available for comment when approached on Wednesday night. Some speculated the plane was an E-6B Mercury, also known as a TACAMO (Take Charge and Move Out), a Boeing aircraft developed for the US Navy as an airborne communications platform. They are used to deliver instructions from the air to US Navy submarines fleets via a transmitter and antenna, according to the manufacturer. Boeing built 16 for the Navy between 1989 and 1992. 'The TACAMO airplanes support the Navy's ballistic missile submarine force, providing a vital link to the force from national command authorities,' Boeing's description of it reads. 'The TACAMO E-6B airplanes are equipped with dual trailing wires that serve as transmitter and antenna, transmitting in the very low frequency spectrum.' No officials were able to confirm if the plane belonged to the E-6B fleet on Wednesday. The Denver Channel said it believed the plane belonged to the fleet.

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etc darkness is only going to continue to grow darker, the turmoil and the disaster in the world is only going to continue to get worse and every week you see how my word is being fulfilled even more so, saith the Lord. etc

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'Terrorists Dressed In Black' Call For Violent Uprisings On Trump Inauguration Day In Washington DC - 'DisruptJ20' Anarchists Get In The Way Of America 'Slaying The Beast'

November 16, 2016 By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In the first video below and this Facebook page for a 'protest group' called 'DisruptJ20' now calling for violent uprisings in Washington DC on Donald Trump's inauguration day January 20th, 2017, we learn the latest tactics being used by the globalists to ensure anything but a peaceful transition of power in America. Calling on 'all people of good conscience to join in disrupting the inauguration ceremonies', they ask those attending these riots to dress in all black, just like the ISIS terrorists who want to kill Americans. With leftists now threatening to go full anarchy mode, we're getting more and more indications why the rest of 2016 and into 2017 and beyond likely won't go anywhere near as smoothly as Donald Trump voters might wish. The new story from Brandon Smith over at that Steve Quayle called 'a very important read' is called "World Suffers From Trump Shell Shock - Here's What Will Happen Next" within which we're given Smith's predictions for 2017 and beyond now that America has voted Trump into office. First sharing with us his previous predictions that were right on the money, he gives us his prognosis of good news and forecast of bad news in our future summed up by the left painting Donald Trump as 'an apocalypse in the making' and the globalists seemingly willing and able to bring down America on Trump's watch. With big cities across America now in mourning along with globalists across the planet, Germany's 'Der Spiegal' published a post-election magazine featuring Trumps head on the cover as a gigantic comet heading towards a collision course with planet Earth. We're told that the globalists look at Trump as the perfect scapegoat to bring down America as almost half of our country is ready to blame him for everything that happens in the future. As we learn from Alex Jones from Infowars in the 2nd video below, with the globalists desperate, they're doing everything in their power to sabotage Trump and America. Jones warns us to keep our eyes wide open for some kind of devastating false flag upon the horizon. The 'DisruptJ20 anarchist convention' would be a likely perfect spot for them to attempt to pull off some kind of a major event. While Piers Morgan in this Daily Mail story perfectly calls out the whining, sniveling millenials who have suddenly been forced to learn what the word LOSE means, the fact that tech giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google have suddenly used their platforms in a Stalin-esque purge of those they consider to be 'alt right' shows us the direction they are going. Meanwhile, they continue to embrace the same whining, sniveling millenials who are crying about the election results but overwhelmingly didn't even vote themselves. As Smith tells us, the 'good news' from his story for 2017 includes: The death of the mainstream media; the crippling of social justice warriors; the end of mainstream polling; and, liberty groups will get some breathing room (if only for a while Smith warns). However, his 'negative predictions' for 2017, if they come true, could still leave America in worse shape than we are in now with 2016 and the Obama presidency coming to a close. With George Soros continuing to agitate and provide funds for violent rioting 'SJW's' who still haven't figured out a Trump presidency is a good thing for America, if only short-lived if the globalists have their way, Mike Adams correctly tells us that America will never be able to completely heal if we're unable to put a final and fitting end to the 'left-wing-media-hate-machine', the single biggest cause of psychological stress and mental illness in America today. As this new story from the Oathkeepers tells us, we're also now witnessing treasonous conspiracies against the government of the United States of America with many of these SJW-anti-Trump protests being organized by groups openly supporting the overthrow of the United States and/or promoting communism including The Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, Black Lives Matter, La Raza and MEChA. Protesters proudly carried red communist flags emblazoned with the Soviet hammer and sickle, as well as Mexican flags, while they in turn burned American flags. Will Soros and the globalists be successful at overthrowing law and order in America represented by Donald Trump? And why would people likes George Soros and John McCain be outraged that Trump has pulled America and the world back from the edge of nuclear war and America turned possibly turned into a nuclear waste dump? The fact that globalists like McCain thinks that Trump SHOULDN'T allow the 'thawing' of US relations with Russia proves to us they don't have Americas best intentions in mind and would prefer world war 3 over peace with a country that could quickly destroy us. And the fact that anarchist groups like 'DisruptJ20' are threatening violence and chaos with their groups Facebook page specifically calling for NO PEACEFUL TRANSITION should be enough to tell us that globalists like Soros won't slither away quietly into the night. In the final video below from Gary Franchi and the Next News Network we hear how desperate the mainstream media now is as Americans dump them 'en masse' as America prepares to 'slay the beast'. 

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Treat Sanctuary City Officials The Way Obama Treated Sheriff Joe

November 16, 2016 Daniel Greenfield

Sanctuary city officials have rushed out to announce that they won't cooperate in any way with efforts to deport illegal aliens. When Obama threw his weight fully on the side of illegal aliens, states that attempted to enforce immigration law were threatened and targeted. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was the prime example of a law enforcement official targeted for defying Obama by... trying to enforce the law. If that's how a law enforcement official who is following the law can be treated, it's certainly how officials in sanctuary cities who defy the law, who collaborate in illegal activities by protecting criminal illegal aliens can and should be treated. If Sheriff Joe Arpaio could be dragged into courting for enforcing immigration law, sanctuary city officials should fear the same thing happening to them. 

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The almost perfectly spherical star: Astronomers say strange find 5,000 light years from Earth is 'roundest natural object ever measured'

Kepler 11145123 is more than twice the size of the Sun

Strange star is located 500 light years from Earth

Difference in radius between the equator and the poles is only 3 km

By Mark Prigg For Published: 18:57 EST, 16 November 2016 | Updated: 03:34 EST, 17 November 2016

Astronomers have hailed the bizarre find of an almost perfectly spherical giant star as an intergalactic record breaker. Named Kepler 11145123, the hot and luminous star is more than twice the size of the Sun and rotates three times more slowly than the Sun. Researchers analysing its rotation were stunned to find the difference in radius between the equator and the poles is only 3 km with a precision of 1 km. 'This makes Kepler 11145123 the roundest natural object ever measured, even more round than the Sun' said Laurent Gizon from the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research and the University of Göttingen, who led the study. Stars are not perfect spheres. While they rotate, they become flat due to the centrifugal force. The groundbreaking research is the first time astronomers have succeeded in measuring the oblateness of a slowly rotating star with unprecedented precision. The researchers have determined stellar oblateness using asteroseismology – the study of the oscillations of stars. The technique is applied to a star 5000 light years away from Earth and revealed that the difference between the equatorial and polar radii of the star is only 3 kilometers – a number that is astonishing small compared to the star's mean radius of 1.5 million kilometers; which means that the gas sphere is astonishingly round. Gizon and his colleagues selected this star to study because it supports purely sinusoidal oscillations. The periodic expansions and contractions of the star can be detected in the fluctuations in brightness of the star. NASA's Kepler mission observed the star's oscillations continuously for more than four years. Different modes of oscillation are sensitive to different stellar latitudes. For their study, the authors compare the frequencies of the modes of oscillation that are more sensitive to the low-latitude regions and the frequencies of the modes that are more sensitive to higher latitudes. This comparison shows that the difference in radius between the equator and the poles is only 3 km with a precision of 1 km. Surprisingly, the star is even less oblate than implied by its rotation rate. The authors propose that the presence of a magnetic field at low latitudes could make the star look more spherical to the stellar oscillations. 'We intend to apply this method to other stars observed by Kepler and the upcoming space missions TESS and PLATO. It will be particularly interesting to see how faster rotation and a stronger magnetic field can change a star's shape,' Gizon added. 'An important theoretical field in astrophysics has now become observational.'

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Facial Payments Could Become The New Norm

For many years now, virtually the entire world has become accustomed to plastic cards - punching in PIN numbers or swiping cards to make withdrawals or payments. The use of fingerprint readers has followed closely as a useful additional authentication method. But how about walking into a supermarket and paying for your groceries with - of all things -a 'selfie' of your face? Welcome to the era of facial payments. That certainly doesn't mean your broad smile or good looks - that criteria might erroneously disqualify and aggravate a good number of honest and well-to-do shoppers. Rather, it's one of the soon-to-come advances in facial recognition techniques that will enhance the ability of security systems to identify buyers positively. Jerome Traisnel, in an article published late September in, explained in more detail exactly how this works: 1. In order to pay with a selfie, MasterCard requires users firstly to upload a photo which is converted into a binary string using facial recognition authentication technology. 2. To authorize all future payments the user simply snaps a quick selfie, and if it matches with the original upload, the payment is validated. 3. MasterCard has instituted security checks in place to detect suspicious behaviour such as detecting the user's location and where the purchase is being shipped to. Furthermore, the app requires the user to blink, in order to ensure that it is a live photo of the user, and not a fraudster taking a photo of a photo. MasterCard has explained that, for now, the new service will only be used in certain contexts where additional authentication is required. However, with a number of companies expressing interest in payment by selfie, including e-commerce giants Alibaba and Amazon - this area appears set to experience a lot of investment and development in the near future. As recently explained by Conner Forrest for, Mastercard will debut this new system dubbed 'Identity Check Mobile' in partnership with BMO Financial Group. The system will allow mobile users in North America to verify their identity for mobile payments with a selfie or fingerprint in early 2017. According to a press release announcing the expansion, BMO customers in the US and Canada will have access to the technology sometime in the first half of 2017. The feature was rolled out in 12 European markets the first week of October. Mastercard and BMO partnered on a soft launch earlier this year, according to the release, and conducted a survey after the initial roll-out. They found that 74% of respondents said biometrics--like fingerprints or selfies--were easier to use than traditional passwords, and 90% said they believed they would use biometrics for online payment security in the future. By eliminating the need for traditional passwords, and speeding up the mobile payment process, the goal is to increase the conversion rate for online shopping. "Making the online payment experience near frictionless and more secure is a priority for Mastercard," Ajay Bhalla, president of enterprise risk and security for Mastercard, said in the press release. "Moving this technology beyond the pilot phase is a significant milestone in the evolution of payments. Online payments are being revolutionized and now we are making Identity Check Mobile a reality for commercial use in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and soon, the world," Bhalla concluded. Mobile payments are booming, and a report from IEEE (the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) claimed that this payment method could officially kill cash by as early as 2030. Broadening the options for payment verification could speed the adoption rate for mobile payments while, hopefully, adding some extra security. In March, Google launched its own innovation in the mobile payments space, adding a hands-free option for verification. A pilot program called Hands Free uses wireless technologies to prove a user is in a store, and they can complete a purchase by giving the cashier their initials. Another version of Hands Free relies on images only, matching a picture taken of the purchaser to a picture in their profile. Is the success of the Mastercard/BMO initiative, therefore, a foregone conclusion - just awaiting the final rollout in order to reap the full benefits? Is the success of the Mastercard/BMO initiative, therefore, a foregone conclusion - just awaiting the final rollout in order to reap the full benefits? Not so fast. According to Justin Lee for, it remains to be seen whether the technology will succeed. The challenge, though, is not so much on the side of the technology-- it has more to do with how well and quickly end users adapt to it. Lee quoted John Rakowski, director of technology strategy at AppDynamics who stated that Mastercard Identity Check Mobile's adoption "will depend greatly on user experience." "In order to win over users, MasterCard's app needs to run invisibly and be ready to anticipate behaviour based on contextual data, such as the tilt of the phone," Rakowski said. "The technology will only catch on if customers feel comfortable enough to use the app, it feels intuitive and meets performance expectations. For MasterCard's tech team, what the customer does before and after the payment is as important as the transaction itself. For example, if biometric fingerprint technology is used in conjunction with the selfie across a quick succession of bill payments, performance issues might arise. When an app packs in during the middle of a transaction, the customer is often left in the dark, and won't know if the payment has gone through, causing more issues than the new feature sets out to solve." Despite whatever teething problems may arise, biometric technology still seems poised to be guaranteed its place as the future of payment authentication. Recent indications of this trend are encapsulated by the following notable developments: - A report from Juniper Research titled "Top 10 disruptive technologies in fintech: 2016" reportedly listed biometrics as the number one technology to transform ecommerce; - According to Visa's 2016 study, fingerprint recognition was voted the most favorable biometric authentication method by consumers due to ease of use and security; - Fiserv's report found that fingerprints trump passwords in terms of security in the eyes of consumers; - 41% of consumers stated they would feel secure using a password as an authentication method to confirm their identity when using a mobile app, compared to 62% for fingerprint technology, thus proving that this technology holds huge potential for the payment security market. Other methods that are being developed including voice, heartbeat and vein recognition technology. Advancements are also being made in relation to behaviour biometrics. Sensors are already in most smartphones - they include the accelerometer, gyroscope, and of course GPS, which are possible to use in conjunction with other biometric measures to reinforce security. According to, although biometrics are not entirely foolproof and therefore cannot yet be used as a stand-alone authentication, they are still a good match as part of a holistic approach to payment authentication -- especially with regards to improving user experience.

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Breakthrough for DNA-editing: US team discovers 'holy grail' to fix genes to cure incurable diseases, blindness - and even extend human lifespan

Salk Institute scientists have used new technique to cure rats' blindness

It is the first time anyone has edited DNA in eyes, heart, brain or liver

These organs' cells rarely divide, making them very difficult to penetrate

So far the most advanced method is called CRISPR, which can edit skin and gut genes - it was tested yesterday by Chinese scientists

But Salk's study has been hailed as biggest leap in DNA research to date

By Mia De Graaf For Published: 15:03 EST, 16 November 2016 | Updated: 17:52 EST, 16 November 2016

Scientists have discovered how to edit DNA to repair 'broken genes' to cure incurable diseases - and potentially extend human lifespan. Until now, it has not been possible to alter genes in the brain, heart, liver and eyes - the root of many debilitating illnesses. Since the cells in these vital organs tend not to divide, it is difficult to gain access to make changes. However, researchers at the Salk Institute claim to have landed on 'the holy grail of gene editing', which can delicately and smoothly cut through DNA. So far the technique, called HITI, has been used to successfully restore blindness in lab mice. Lead researcher Professor Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte insists that is nothing compared to the changes the technique could have in the decades to come. 'We are very excited by the technology we discovered because it's something that could not be done before,' Dr Belmonte said. 'For the first time, we can enter into cells that do not divide and modify the DNA at will. The possible applications of this discovery are vast.' News of the discovery comes a day after Chinese scientists successfully tested a similar DNA-modifying technique, known as CRISPR. To date, CRISPR has been the most effective method for dividing cells in large organs like the skin or the gut. It uses the cells' normal copying mechanisms, allowing DNA to be inserted and incorporated into very precise locations within the genome. However, Salk's investigators say their technology is ten times more efficient at incorporating new DNA into cultures of dividing cells. It means it is a promising tool for both research and medicine. Crucially, it marks the first time scientists have managed to insert a new gene into a precise DNA location in adult cells that no longer divide, such as those of the eye, brain, pancreas or heart. The landmark procedure offers swathes of new possibilities for disease treatment. The researchers were working on rats who were born with retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic disease that causes blindness. They targeted a DNA-repair pathway, which repairs standard DNA breaks by rejoining the original strand ends. Next, they used this pathway, and existing gene-editing technology, to insert new DNA into a precise location in non-dividing cells. After the procedure, the rats had regained a significant amount of their vision. 'No one has done this before,' Keiichiro Suzuki, a senior research associate in the Izpisua Belmonte lab and one of the paper's lead authors, said. The team's next steps will be to improve the delivery efficiency of the HITI construct. As with all genome editing technologies, getting enough cells to incorporate the new DNA is a challenge. The beauty of HITI technology is that it can adapt to any kind of gene-editing technique and machinery, not just CRISPR. 'We now have a technology that allows us to modify the DNA of non-dividing cells, to fix broken genes in the brain, heart and liver,' says Izpisua Belmonte. 'It allows us for the first time to be able to dream of curing diseases that we couldn't before, which is exciting.'

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New Zealand's earthquake was so powerful the sea floor lifted TWO METRES and exploded through the sand

Photos show the scale of the devastation of New Zealand's seabed after the earthquake early on Monday

Scientists say seabed lifted about two metres on the foreshore and say they have never seen anything like it

Comes as rain and strong winds battered central New Zealand today, threatening even more damage

By Kate Darvall For Daily Mail Australia Published: 01:32 EST, 16 November 2016 | Updated: 11:08 EST, 17 November 2016

These incredible photographs show how New Zealand's 7.8 magnitude earthquake lifted the seabed two metres - and exploded through the sand. Dramatic aerial pictures reveal the scale of the devastation caused on the coastline north of Kaikoura, on the country's South Island. Scientists say the seabed lifted an estimated two metres on the foreshore and admit they have never seen anything like it. It comes as rain and strong winds battered central New Zealand on Thursday, threatening further damage - just days after the quake killed two people and sparked with huge landslides. More than 1,000 tourists and residents have since been evacuated from the small seaside town by a fleet of helicopters and a naval vessel since the 7.8 magnitude quake struck early on Monday. Once submerged, the rocks - covered in barnacles, limpets and seaweed - have now been pushed up above the surface. As a result of the sudden uplift, sea life including lobster and abalone, have been seen stranded out of water. The areas which appear purple in colour show how the sea bed has been forced up to the surface. The photos, shared and liked more than 1,000 times on Twitter, also show the direct impact to wildlife following the earthquake with sea creatures stranded out of the water. New Zealand woman Anna Redmond uploaded photos to her Facebook account showing the uplifted coast up close. Her photos show abalone, or paua, covered seabed jutting out metres above the ground. While incredible, the photos capture the devastating death of sea-life, most of which cannot survive above water. While it is not the first time the island has been hit by an earthquake, experts claim it is the first time tremors have caused the New Zealand seabed to lift. Marine Geologist Dr Joshu Mountjoy said he had 'never seen it before during an earthquake'. '(It's a) very complex fault rupture,' Dr Mountjoy told Stuff. He said some faults went side-to-side and others vertically and the after-effects from the most recent earthquake look as if they moved vertically and pushed land upwards. 'It will take a while before this becomes normal again,' he said. The experts were not alone in their shock with many going online to express their disbelief. 'That is unreal, that has to be at least 15-20 feet of upwelling to expose those pauas like that,' one Facebook user said. 'Amazing power of mother earth,' said another. The enormous 7.8 magnitude earthquake not only tore apart the seabed, but homes and roadways, and some of the country's famed mountain areas. It struck at around 12am on Sunday north of Christchurch claiming the lives of two people and causing extensive destruction. It was followed by two other major aftershocks - one 6.3 magnitude quake centred in Cheviot and the other a 5.8 magnitude which rocked New Zealand's South Island. Kaikoura, a fishing town and popular whale-watching base ringed by steep mountains, was completely cut off by landslides covering the coastal road and rail corridor. Further helicopter evacuations from Kaikoura on Thursday had been disrupted due to the bad weather, said Sarah Stuart-Black, director of the Ministry of Civil Defence Emergency Management. A 'before photo' taken in March 2016 shows how the coastline looked before the earthquake struck on Monday (left). An 'after' photo taken in recent days shows the extent of the damage caused by the earthquake (right) etc.

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 etc Did they listen when I warned them about the great earthquakes or the forest fires? Did they believe you about the global warming and the hot, hot weather that would come or the softball size hail? Did they believe you when I told you of the false in Canada and Florida? Did they believe you when I told them to come out of the false? Did they believe you when I told them to move away from the seashores? Did they believe you when you told them to move where the water was because of the drought? Has not my prophetic word come to pass as I have said? etc.

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The Drought That Was Prophesied To Hit The Southern United States Is Now Here

Michael Snyder November 17, 2016

A record-setting drought has gripped the southern United States, but most people have no idea that this drought is the fulfillment of a prophecy that was given four years ago. Back in 2008, John Paul Jackson released a DVD entitled “The Perfect Storm” in which he detailed many of the prophetic events that God showed him would soon come to America. In 2012, he released a video update to “The Perfect Storm” that you can view on YouTube right here. In that update, he shared a list of future headlines that God had revealed to him over the years. Some of these headlines have already happened since that time, and now we are watching another be fulfilled right in front of our eyes. In an article entitled “July’s Extreme Heat Breaks Records Across South“, detailed many of the high temperature records that have been broken in the South in recent months, but in this article I am going to focus on the crippling drought that is plaguing the region. In addition to the headline above, John Paul Jackson was shown several other headlines regarding drought and famine coming to America… “Drought Continues to Cause Prayer to Rise” “Demand for Classic Seeds Skyrockets” “Food Prices Lead Nation’s Escalating Inflation Woes” “Sysco and Kraft Consider Guards on Delivery Trucks as Food Nears 40% of the Family Budget” And of course John Paul Jackson is not the only one that has been shown that these things are coming to this nation. The following is a very small portion of what Terry Bennett was shown in April 2011I was also warned, by the appearing of the black horse and its rider, about famine. The angel said, “There will be a famine of food in your nation!” Not only this, but also the prices of food, particularly grains, will dramatically rise. We will see not only shortages and high prices, but I was shown significant starvation occurring during this time. Death followed this black horse! With those prophecies in mind, it is extremely alarming to see what is happening all across the southern portion of the United States right now. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, most of the southern half of the country is experiencing some level of drought at this moment… The drought in California has been raging for quite some time, but what has surprised the experts is how dry it has been in the Southeast lately. The following is from an EcoWatch article entitled “Record-Breaking Drought and Wildfires Plague Southeast“… The atmospheric spigots have been turned off across most of the U.S. over the last several weeks. According to the weekly U.S. Drought Monitor report from Nov. 10, more than 27 percent of the contiguous U.S. has been enveloped by at least moderate drought (categories D1 through D4). This is the largest percentage value in more than a year, since late October 2015. The upward trend of the last month is worrisome given the outlook for the coming winter: Drier-than-average conditions are projected by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration across the southern half of the contiguous U.S., a frequent outcome during La Niña winters. To say that the drought in the Southeast is severe would be a tremendous understatement. At this point, some cities in the Southeast haven’t seen any measurable rain in about 50 days… No measurable rain (at least .01 inches) has been tallied at Birmingham’s Shuttlesworth International Airport since Sept. 18, approaching a two-month-long dry streak, topping their previous longest dry streak on record – 52 straight days – from fall 1924. Nine minutes of sprinkles Nov. 4 and another bout of sprinkles on Oct. 16 has been the entirety of Birmingham’s rainfall so far this fall. Anniston, Alabama, and Rome, Georgia, have dry streaks now approaching 50 days. And unfortunately, it appears that there is not going to be any substantial rain for the region any time soon… There are no signs of any significant rainfall through the end of the month across the Southeast, AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Henry Margusity said. The region needs days and weeks of a steady, soaking rain to completely eliminate the drought. “Things will only get worse before they get better,” Margusity explained. Whenever conditions are this dry, it is inevitable that there will be wildfires. Right now more than 100 major wildfires are raging across the Southeast, and some of the worst are in the mountains of North Carolina. As you read this article, more than 1,000 firefighters are battling dozens of large wildfires in the North Carolina mountains. Governor Pat McCrory is referring to these fires as “California wildfires in North Carolina“, and he is not exaggerating one bit. If what we are witnessing is truly the beginning of the fulfillment of what God showed John Paul Jackson, Terry Bennett and Patricia Green, then we should expect drought conditions to continue to intensify in the months ahead. And as you can see above, they are saying that things will eventually get so bad that famine will strike America. Most of us couldn’t imagine something like that ever happening in this nation. But these are men and women of God with very long track records. As I noted above, Dr. Patricia Green correctly prophesied the election victories by Barack Obama and Donald Trump in advance, and John Paul Jackson has a track record of correctly fulfilled prophecies that is exceedingly long. As I end this article, I also want to remind everyone of what God showed Heidi Baker regarding the future of America not too long ago… I saw bread lines, soup kitchens, and I saw people wearing beautiful clothing. Their clothing was not worn out. Now in my nation when people are hungry you can tell. I mean they are in shredded rags. They don’t have shoes or they have flip flops. Most of them [have] no shoes. They are hungry and they know they are hungry. They come for food, not because they are beggars, but because they are hungry. These days a lot of Americans have become complacent and are feeling pretty good about things. But the events that are warned about in this article are coming, and I would encourage everyone to get prepared while they still can. 

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etc. Keep your eyes; keep your eyes upon what is going on in the Mid-East, that is your tree, that is your tree, I have told you to watch Israel, that is your tree. etc.

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Hezbollah Shows Off Stolen US Weapons to Threaten Israel

By Micah Halpern • 11/16/16 1:39pm

It is common knowledge, for over a year now, that Hezbollah has amassed over 160,000 rockets, according to Wikipedia. Quoting from sources in a BBC report and the Israeli paper Haaretz. Wikipedia lists the rockets by number and by type. Boosting that claim, this week the Arabic press was covered with pictures of Hezbollah’s artillery: photos of tanks, armored personnel carriers, anti-aircraft weapons, even motorcycles for rapid response teams to quickly maneuver through rugged terrain. Pictures were posted on social media sites on Sunday, November 13, and the posts showed a huge parade of Hezbollah weapons. Social media reported that the area was closed and only Hezbollah members were permitted to participate and gawk and proudly strut around as the arsenal passed by. It was a first. Hezbollah has never permitted pictures like this. They have always wanted their assets to be kept a highly guarded secret—and for good reason. The more that is known about Hezbollah’s resources, the better prepared Israel can be to defend against them or the greater Israel’s motivation to destroy the weapons caches. According to Lebanese newspapers the pictures were not made available to them directly by Hezbollah media but, instead, were published by “Hezbollah-friendly” media. Now we have two questions. Why release the pictures now? Why distribute the pictures in this circuitous way? There are several answers, but first, more details about the pictures. The pictures seem to show U.S. tanks and light-tanks. Translation: heavy military equipment clearly taken from the Lebanese army now squarely in the hands of Hezbollah. One particular paper, al Safir, went so far as to describe the weapons build up inside Syria on the Lebanese border very close to Israel. According to the paper this is the first such build up outside of Lebanon. That, the paper points out, is a very strong message to ISIS, to other terrorists and to Israel: “Any future campaign will not be limited to Lebanese territory—a firm message to Israel and the terrorists.” It is now obvious that the information we had a year ago about Hezbollah creating an armored division is absolutely correct. From the pictures it looks like they have T-72 US tanks and M-113 APC’s. There are also pictures of European-made, military-grade all-terrain vehicles. Mounted on the ATVs are Kornet antitank missiles. In addition, they have KS-12A anti-aircraft weapons, light tanks and 4×4 vehicles. Hezbollah can now be categorized as a “Hybrid Army.” Hybrid Army is a technical term, which means that, on the one hand they can fight among civilians and hide like terrorists, while on the other hand they can muster an official fighting force with an extensive artillery and armored corp. Back to the question of why. The most important reason Hezbollah has for letting the world in on their dirty little secret of amassed weaponry is to offer confirmation to two important constituencies—their clientele and their enemies—that they are not a mere rag tag terror group. They are an organized, trained and well-equipped fighting force. They have varying levels of capabilities that include guerrilla warfare and conventional fighting. As to why they went the circuitous route in releasing the photos via Twitter, the answer is that it was a more organic method of communication. Social media allows you to measure the power of your message. The sender knows exactly how many eyes click on and can then determine the impact of the announcement and monitor all its ripple effects. Hezbollah was boasting. Hezbollah is no longer a group of amateurs. Hezbollah is conveying their message to the Arab Sunni world. They are there to defend Shiite honor. They are also warning Israel. They are saying that the next full-frontal encounter between Israel and Hezbollah will be very different from past encounters. Those were kerfuffles, these will be all-out wars. Hezbollah has matured and grown. Most importantly, they are better trained and better capable of striking significant blows against Israel and the IDF and all those whom they deem to be enemies. They will wage their wars on the ground and in the air and with impunity. Top grade weaponry in the possession of hot headed extremists. That’s a scary scenario. 

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Hezbollah Has Effectively Won the Lebanese Presidency

By David Daoud On 11/13/16 at 3:00 AM

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif arrived in Beirut on Tuesday to congratulate Michel Aoun on his recent election as Lebanon’s president, the highest-ranking foreign official to do so thus far. But few outside of Iran should be celebrating Lebanese democracy’s apparent success. The new occupant of Lebanon’s presidential palace in Baabda is a supporter of the Islamic Republic’s foreign policies and a staunch ally of its Lebanese Shiite proxy, Hezbollah. With reappointed pro-Western prime minister Saad Hariri’s inability to effectively oppose the Shiite group, and a lack of credible U.S. deterrence to Iran’s regional expansionism, odds are high that Aoun’s presidency will end up serving Hezbollah and Tehran’s interests at the expense of Lebanon. Lebanon remained without a president for the past two years, since the last president’s term expired in 2014. Forty-five consecutive parliamentary sessions to elect a successor ended in failure. Aoun was finally able to break that deadlock and clinch the presidency after unexpectedly obtaining the support of the pro-Western March 14 alliance’s two most prominent figures— Future Movement leader Saad Hariri and Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea. Try Newsweek for only $1.25 per week But Aoun’s endorsement by these moderates should not allay concerns over his alliance with Hezbollah, nor will he now feel inclined to turn against the Shiite group. In fact, the day after Aoun took office, his Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) stressed that Hezbollah’s chief Hassan Nasrallah is their “ partner in victory.” The Party of God virtually imposed Aoun as the country’s next leader by boycotting elections unless Aoun ran unopposed and was guaranteed victory. For two years, Hezbollah held Lebanon’s politics hostage until Hariri, its chief political opponent, caved and endorsed Aoun on October 20, ushering him into the presidency. Lebanon’s National Pact, the multi-confessional country’s unwritten power-sharing agreement, requires the president to be a Maronite Christian, with a Sunni prime minister, and Shiite speaker of parliament. The 1989 Taif Accords —which ended Lebanon’s civil war— limited the president ’s traditional constitutional powers, but Aoun will still have the capability to continue Lebanon’s national and foreign policy tilt toward Hezbollah. In fact, he has already done much to empower the Shiite group. In 2006, Aoun signed a Memorandum of Understanding which cemented his party’s alliance with Hezbollah, granting it outside political influence. In it, he recognized the group’s right to retain its arms, in defiance of United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1559 and 1701. In fact, Hezbollah assumes a central role in Aoun’s national defense strategy. And though he has promised to enable the Lebanese Army to “be the only military force throughout Lebanon,” the former Lebanese general still envisions the Shiite group assuming the task of national defense. He continues to stress the country’s “need [for] Hezbollah to defend the Lebanese border” against external threats (Israel) due to the national army ’s weakness. In the past Aoun has called for Israel’s destruction, and he reiterated his enmity during his inaugural address. Echoing Hezbollah ’s excuse for continuing its war against the Jewish state, Aoun warned against Israel’s greed for Lebanese land and resources and vowed to “spare no effort or resistance” in expelling the Israeli military from the Shebaa Farms. In 2011, Aoun’s FPM, in cooperation with Hezbollah, toppled then-Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s government ahead of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon ’s expected indictments of Hezbollah members for assassinating Hariri’s father, Rafiq. The Shiite group had previously labeled the international tribunal an instrument of Israeli foreign policy. Aoun also supports a reformed parliamentary electoral law that would give Hezbollah more votes than any other rival party by changing the system to one of proportional representation. Lebanon’s current system grants a party all of a district’s parliamentary seats if it wins a bare majority there. Proportional representation, championed more vocally by Hezbollah since Aoun ’s election, would allot the remaining seats to the losing party. Hezbollah and its allies could then run candidates in districts where their rivals are leading by slim margins. Because the Shiite group is overwhelmingly dominant in its own areas, the pro-Hezbollah camp could thus gain more than half of the country’s 128 parliamentary seats. Aoun also shares Hezbollah’s pro-Iranian leanings, championing the Islamic Republic’s regional influence and assistance to “the resistance” within Lebanon. He also supports Iran and Hezbollah’s intervention in the Syrian civil war on behalf of dictator Bashar al-Assad’s embattled regime. In fact, it was his Free Patriotic Movement that led Lebanon to reject this year’s Arab League condemnation of Iranian meddling in Arab affairs and Hezbollah ’s terrorist activities, isolating Beirut from Saudi Arabia and its other Arab allies. Aoun’s emphasis in his inaugural address on maintaining an “independent” Lebanese foreign policy within the Arab League confirms his intention to continue Beirut’s pro-Iranian bent. And though he remained ambiguous about the Syrian conflict, Aoun called for preventing the war from reaching Lebanon, and said Beirut should assume a “preemptive and deterrent” posture towards Sunni jihadist groups. Hezbollah has read this as an endorsement of its activities in Syria. It is no wonder, then, that Tehran views his election as a “ victory for Nasrallah, the Resistance and Iran’s friends.” Aoun’s first act as president was to reappoint Saad Hariri as prime minister. But just as Hariri was forced to endorse Hezbollah’s presidential choice, he will also have to form the next government on its terms. With its parliamentary allies, the Shiite group will force enough concessions out of Hariri, including cabinet appointments, that will allow it to determine the country’s domestic and foreign policy. With Hezbollah thus effectively controlling Lebanon, the implications for continuing U.S. military and security cooperation with Beirut are dire. As president, Aoun is not likely to moderate or curtail his pro-Hezbollah and Iranian policies out of a sense of debt to Geagea and Hariri’s support for his nomination. A reading to that effect mistakenly ignores Lebanon and the region’s balance of power and how Aoun finally entered office. The pro-Western duo did not willingly endorse his candidacy. Hezbollah’s obstructionism forced their acquiescence to his election, conclusively demonstrating that the Shiite group is Lebanon’s strongest force and its main power - broker. Now that Aoun is in office, Hariri and Geagea have nothing more to offer. Just as importantly, the United States’ receding Middle Eastern role and foreign policies have enabled the regional ascendancy of Hezbollah’s patron, Iran. If anything, the path forward for Lebanon’s new president points not in the direction of moderation, but to Tehran. David Daoud is an Arabic-language research analyst at the Washington D.C.-based think tank the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. 

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For did not I tell you that you have entered into a new time, a time when things shall begin to happen at even a faster rate, a time when you shall see more demon activity and you shall see Satan as he tries to move even stronger than he has in the past.  For the clock is ticking down and time is running out very quickly and things will happen at a much faster rate than you have seen before etc. 

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Satan Wants to Shut You Up

By Matt Moore , CP Guest Columnist Nov 13, 2016 | 10:10 AM

Satan knows he will be ultimately defeated. However, as every Christian is experientially aware, this knowledge has not deterred him from his malicious endeavors. This powerful, disgruntled entity is still fervently engaged in warfare against God and his blood-bought Bride. He is utilizing every second of his remaining time to hinder the spread of God's glory in the earth. And we — as carriers of the message that magnifies God and transforms sinners into bearers of divine glory — are his primary targets. Do we realize that Satan's opposition against us is more about God than it is about us? I don't know that we do. The way I often hear people talk about spiritual warfare seems to indicate that they believe Satan's end-all goal is merely to make their lives difficult. Does he want to make our lives difficult? Absolutely. Does he glean some perverted kind of joy from our misery? Undoubtedly. But he doesn't oppose us simply for the sake of opposing us. Satan unleashes all the demonic forces of Hell upon God's people with the intent of rendering us missionally ineffective. His aim is to shut us up. Well, let me clarify that statement: he wants to silence us as regards our proclamation of the gospel. He's not at all concerned about us voicing our conservative political positions. Our "We need a President who will put God back in the White House!" social media shouting doesn't bother him. I'm sure he sits back and laughs at those who equate the Great Commission with "making America great again." The proclamation of the sin-canceling, soul-ransoming power of God in Christ is the speech against which Satan snarls. Why? Because when redeemed lips utter the glories of the slain and resurrected Christ, otherworldly power is released in the spiritual realm. That's not mystical mumbo jumbo — it's the truth! The Spirit of God rides on the wings of the Word of God to save rebels and energize saints for the glory of God. When the truths and excellencies of Jesus Christ are communicated, the lost are reconciled and the reconciled are strengthened. There is real power in the name of Jesus, and Satan doesn't want that soul-quickening, faith-strengthening, God-glorifying power put on display. This is why he launches flaming darts in your direction. He wants to distract you, distress you, and make you feel morally discredited so that you will shut up about Jesus. And he's pretty effective, isn't he? I know I'm silenced easily enough. He plays on my fleshly inclinations toward worldly indulgence, distracting me with food and Netflix and other things that numb my desire to magnify Christ. He pulls at the fear-strings of my heart, knowing how easily I withdraw into anxious silence. He entices me toward sin because the guilt and shame that follow always make me feel like I'm unworthy to share the gospel. Satan knows the weakest areas of my life and subtly works his dark magic in these spaces, desiring to make me an ineffective ambassador of Jesus Christ. I'm confident most of you can relate to my experiences. So how do we stand firm against the gusting winds of Satan's schemes? The Bible gives us some explicit instructions: draw near to God (James 4:8), stay sober minded (1 Peter 5:8), and put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:11-18). But it seems like another effective counter measure — and perhaps the inevitable result of following the above instructions — is to do precisely what Satan is attempting to inhibit: be vigilant, outspoken ambassadors of Jesus Christ. James tells that Satan will flee from us if we resist him (James 4:7). What better way to resist him than by giving our minds, mouths, hands, and feet over to the God-glorifying purposes from which he's trying to keep us? This is a defensive tactic I have recently implemented into my own wranglings with the devil, and it has been powerfully effective. About a month ago, anxiety began to terrorize me with unprecedented intensity. It came out of nowhere, concerning things about which I have no valid reason to be so anxious — which leads me to believe it was demonically induced. My initial reaction to this attack was to withdraw from everything and everyone. I didn't want to write about Jesus, share him with my lost friends and family, or encourage fellow believers in the gospel. However, I soon realized that retreating into silence and isolation was only making things worse. I understood this particular anxiety was spiritual in nature and that I needed to resist — not cower to — the demonic forces that were fueling it. So, though I felt utterly void of the energy required to serve the Lord, I resolved, by his grace, to do so anyway. By faith in God's faithfulness to strengthen me by his Spirit, I climbed out of my dark hole and started writing, sharing the gospel, and loving my neighbors amidst my anxious feelings. Was it easy? The furthest from it! Every time I went to open my computer, speak of Christ, or love my neighbor, the temptation to refrain soared. However, as I continued to [imperfectly] push past this temptation and gave myself over to God's purposes for my life, the Holy Spirit faithfully gave me the power I needed to resist Satan's silencing tactics. And, as I resisted, the intensity of Satan's oppression gradually dwindled — eventually ceasing altogether. . Some seasons will be blooWhen I really began to resist Satan by means of faith in God's promises and participation in his glorious, redemptive purposes, Satan really did flee from me. Will he return? Of course! Spiritual warfare is an ongoing reality in every believer's lifedier than others, but Satan will continue railing against us as long as we are striving to love and magnify the God he hates. However, he will also continue to flee from us if we will gird ourselves up and resist him. We don't have to cower in the face of our spiritual oppression. He who literally lives within us is more powerful than all the rulers, authorities, cosmic powers, and spiritual forces of evil (Ephesians 6:12) combined. We really can resist our Enemy — and the most effective means of doing so is by seeking, cherishing, and serving our glorious God.

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Mexican Diplomats Rush to Assist Nationals in U.S. After Trump Win

By Ildefonso Ortiz16 Nov 2016

Mexico’s Foreign Ministry has begun a series of immediate actions in their various consulates in the U.S., just days after the November 8 presidential election. Consular authorities are asking Mexicans to avoid conflict and actions that could get them arrested. On Wednesday, Mexico’s Foreign Ministry issued a prepared statement titled “We are with you”. In their statement, Mexico’s top diplomats claim to be trying to keep Mexican nationals living in the U.S. from falling victim to abuses and fraud. The move by Mexican diplomats comes days after the November 8 election where President Elect Donald J. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. As part of his campaign, Trump called for stronger border security, a border wall, and a hard line against Mexican drug cartels and human smuggling organizations. The plan unveiled by Mexican diplomats calls for 11 actions that will be implemented in Mexico’s embassy and in the 50 consular offices in the U.S., beginning today. As part of the actions, Mexican diplomats are asking the community to avoid conflict and to not take part in actions that could result in penal sanctions. Other actions by Mexican diplomats call for promoting an app, a service line, and the services of their information and help center. Mexican diplomats are also looking to push the presence of mobile help centers and community outreach programs in order to help make sure that Mexicans in the U.S. have identifying documents. Consular offices will also increase their office hours and number of appointments. Mexican diplomats are also calling for a closer relation with U.S. state and federal law enforcement as well as with various civil organizations. Ildefonso Ortiz is an award winning journalist with Breitbart Texas. He co-founded the Cartel Chronicles project and you can follow him on Twitter and on Facebook. 

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etc. you shall see more problems throughout the world, bigger terror attacks, you shall see earthquakes, oh even the big earthquake and you shall see the division before long from one end of the states to another that you cannot cross for that fault shall be opened.  You shall see the stock market as it crashes, for I have warned you and yet the world has mocked me, your President has mocked me, both parties have mocked me and judgment day is coming fast. etc

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Terror attacks in developed world surge 650% in one year

By Kara Fox and Dave Gilbert, CNN Updated 7:54 AM ET, Wed November 16, 2016

London (CNN) The developed world became more dangerous in 2015 with a massive increase in deaths from terrorism, although globally there was a slight fall, according to new figures released Wednesday. There was a 650% increase in fatal terror attacks on people living in the world's biggest economies in 2015, the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) 2016 reveals. The annual report carried out for think tank the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) shows a complex picture with terrorism intensifying in some countries and spreading to new ones. Small reduction in global deaths However, the study also shows that across the world as a whole, the number of deaths from terrorism fell 10% to 29,376, compared to the previous year. In 2015, there were 731 deaths related to terrorism in the 34 countries that make up the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which includes the US, UK, Germany, France, and Turkey. The number represents the 650% increase on the previous year, with 21 of the 34 countries suffering at least one attack, the report says. Most of the victims were killed in Turkey and France. The Bataclan music venue in Paris where 90 concert-goers were killed in a terror attack reopened Saturday, a year on from a string of ISIS shootings in the city which left 130 dead. Five countries -- Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Syria and Pakistan -- experienced the worst attacks, accounting for 72% of all deaths from terrorism in 2015. Syria saw a 50% rise in terrorism from 2014 to 2015. Military success against ISIS and Boko Haram resulted in fewer deaths in Iraq and Nigeria but the two groups spread to neighboring states and regions, according to the GTI report. It also says the global economic impact of terrorism amounted to $89.6 billion in 2015. Terror spread 'cause for serious concern' "While the reduction in deaths is positive, the continued intensification of terrorism in some countries and its spread to new ones is a cause for serious concern and underscores the fluid nature of modern terrorist activity," IEF chief Steve Killelea said in a statement. "The attacks in the heartland of Western democracies underscore the need for fast paced and tailored responses to the evolution of these organizations," he said. The report claims that within OECD countries, youth unemployment, levels of criminality, access to weapons and distrust in the electoral process are the most significant factors correlating with terrorism. ISIS activity spreads It also says ISIS became active in more countries -- jumping from 13 in 2014 to 28 countries in 2015. "Understanding the drivers of terrorism is crucial if we are to develop counter-terrorism strategies that help combat radicalization," Killelea said. "Military operations are clearly contributing towards restraining ISIL [ISIS] in Iraq, but the continued appeal of the organization, evident in the ISIL-inspired attacks in Europe, demonstrates the limitations of a purely military approach." Last year's report detailed the toll inflicted by the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram, which in 2014 was responsible for 6,644 deaths. ISIS killed 6,073 people in 2014. The two groups were responsible for more than half (51%) of deaths attributed to terrorism that year. 

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Palestinian UN envoy threatens to ‘unleash all weapons’ on US if Trump moves embassy to Jerusalem

Mansour threatens USA/Trump on embassy move; Claims PA will release “Pandora’s Box”, pursue International Criminal Court and international organizations

The Palestinian Authority threatened to respond by “unleashing all of our weapons” if United States President-elect Donald Trump were to move the American embassy to Jerusalem. The Palestinian United Nations envoy Riyad Mansour stated that if Trump/America were to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, “Nobody should blame us for unleashing all of the weapons that we have in the UN to defend ourselves and we have a lot of weapons in the UN… If they try to attack us by moving the embassy to Jerusalem, which is a violation of Security Council resolutions and a violation of Resolution 181… it means they are showing belligerency against us.” He stated that he can make “their [US] lives miserable every day with precipitating a veto on my admission as a member state,” referring to the Palestinian Authority’s non-member observer state status. The envoy reportedly threatened to open “Pandora’s box” if the move were to occur, threatening to pursue efforts in the International Criminal Court and international organizations. Several Israeli politicians have praised Trump on his commitment to move the Embassy from Tel Aviv to the Jewish State’s capital, Jerusalem. In September during a meeting between Netanyahu and Trump in New York, Trump confirmed that as president he would “recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the State of Israel,” his campaign then releasing the statement “Trump acknowledged that Jerusalem has been the eternal capital of the Jewish people for over 3,000 years, and that the US, under a Trump administration, will finally accept the long-standing congressional mandate to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the state of Israel.” 

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Force and Fanaticism: Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia and Beyond

2016/10/24 by Raymond Ibrahim

Valentine, a British Methodist pastor and teacher who taught in Saudi Arabia, has written a useful book about the desert kingdom. Most interesting is its exploration of how the monarchy is “the single greatest force in spreading Islamic fundamentalism”; it “has spent as much as $100 billion to spread Wahhabism in the West,” yet “America and Britain have been, and are continuing to be, implicit supporters of Wahhabism.” Valentine discusses the background of how this “unholy alliance” came about. He warns: “If the West simply ignores it, Saudi Arabia’s role in international terrorism seems likely to worsen rather than conveniently disappear.” This is troubling considering that “ISIS is Saudi Arabia’s latest monstrous contribution to world history.” The author explores important topics, including the mutawwa, or religious police, and provides useful historical context, discussing the origins of “Wahhabism,” its alliance with the House of Saud, and the oil discoveries that changed everything. The book’s primary defect is standard. Valentine regularly insists that “it is of the greatest importance to distinguish between Wahhabism and Islam generally.” Anything good, positive, tolerant and peaceful is ascribed to Islam; anything bad, negative, intolerant, and violent—misogyny, draconian punishments, execution of apostates, intolerance for and discrimination against non-Muslims—is ascribed to “Wahhabism.” This position appears to be based on the author’s own cultural presuppositions. Thus he “felt confused and puzzled” to hear of Wahhabi intolerance, including the “attempt to propagate their beliefs by force,” prompting him to wonder: Can you force someone to love God?…. In all the conversations I had with ulema, imams, Mutawa [religious police] and Saudis generally there was never a mention of “love,” the idea that God loved me, just frightful talk of hell, burning and future pain if I did not believe and accept the Wahhabi faith.” Had Valentine engaged in a critical reading of Islamic doctrine and history—as opposed to projecting his Christian notion of God onto Islam—he would’ve known that Muhammad, followed by countless caliphs and sultans throughout the centuries, did “propagate their beliefs by force” (the overwhelming majority of today’s Muslim world was taken from non-Muslims “by force”) and that although Islam attributes 99 characteristics to God, “love” is not one of them. Valentine’s readers would’ve benefited much more had he simply laid out his useful information concerning the inner workings of the Saudi regime and its unholy alliance with the West, without trying to tackle the deeper question of what Islam “really” is—leading to yet another book marred with Islamic apologetics. 

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Death of socialist liberal politics

Obama Hillary and Bernie impotent when it counts.

Is it just me or have you also noticed that Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and President Obama have been silent about the protests? well the media has said nothing about them so we the alt media need to call them out and make the riots and protests less about trump more about President Obama Hillary Clinton and the socialist lets be honest good for nothing Bernie Sanders . Bernie the most pathetic of all is a straw man who wasnt informed he wasnt a straw man who had delusions of grandeur forgetting that he is where he is because of the establishment and perhaps the fact he is both a socialist and Jewish. Socialists or as they are now known in the universities social justice warriors and come to be known by us in the Alt right as snow flaked drama queens. These are the people fermenting riots violent snow flaked anti-democrat socialists. People who are so sensitive to their own feelings they just say fuck you to your feelings if you disagree with us (bat language sorry). The very people who have the power to stop these protests the socialists femisist social justice warriors OBAMA HILLARY AND BERNIE are silent say noting they could stop the riots with just a few well-spoken words have been completely silent on the issue. This is not by mistake. Make no mistake Obama and Hillarys mentor wrote a book rules for radicals saul Alinsky. In this book is what we are seeing unfold in the streets of America post election. WHAT I will say is that we are seeing even before Trump gets elected is not just a changing of the guard at the white house but a clash of cultures. Between the now dying socialist leftist communist progressiveness which is the real decisive element in society and true liberalism. God must be involved in this because the left has been so powerful up until now . POP WILL EAT ITSELF disgusting hypocrisy of the left foul language and hateful content the left is full of hate people are fed up of this nonsense. sick and hateful left in full view is here for all to see this guy looks like a thug talks like a thug and acts like a thug. The left is imploding it is divided now within itself people are seeing the hypocrisy and buckling under its totalitarian thought policing or in plain terms Mind control. In many ways its become a joke that has pushed itself into reality people who have no sense of humor who are emotionally disturbed have been making the rules that dont make any sense to anyone except to them for a long time now. in this system people have been persecuted for what they say not what anyone actually does the progessive agenda is so far up its own backside it has no idea of the backlash from the once silent majority now becoming very very vocal that is set to come once Trump is sworn in. Perhaps what motivated the hatred of Trump all along was the knowledge like satan they realized time was now short and have Pressed the panic button. In a strange twist and hilarious twist infighting has broken out among the left as it has begun to tear itself to pieces. Gay people and feminists themselves have all come under attack in recent months the left is attacking itself as it devolves into more and more splinter groups. the most obvious and glaring example is Germaine Greer herself. The Media darling of feminism herself who wrote a book called Female Eunuch in 1970, Germaine Greer had castrated western males prostrating themselves before her ideals is now also a pariah among many progressive feminists. How Germaine Greer is having her voice snatched away by feminist … But feel no sympathy she is a Marxist anarchist Liberal Democrat Nazi herself who frequently changes her mind but is always sure she is right and can be guilty of sweeping unfairness to whole sections of society, especially men now being attacked and silenced herself by her own progeny which is deliciously unfair and ironic lol. The old establishment media are liars when a lie is found out and compounded upon by these people it gets really tiresome to hear over and over. In America the political left wing late night talk shows dominated by leftist atheists may seriously be the next casualties as viewers switch of because of the relentless nasty attacks and lies being pushed. these idiots have no idea how their views have now become so unpopular Wanda Sykes Flips Off Crowd For Booing Her Anti–Trump Material warning bad language wanda sykes boo’d off stage for calling Donald trump racist sexist homophobic OF THE TRUMP MOVEMENT Because they have been so unfair and the bad language or filthy language they use shows the hypocrisy with the Billy bush tape of Trump they want to endlessly talk about ignoring everything else not realizing people just don’t care about it. this is a huge shift against the left pushing them back the mainstream dinosaur Media has no idea of or self awareness of is how much they are hated and despised. The Riots The more these riots go on the more power they will loose because to make real revolution you have to have the people take over from the agitators with real support. This is not happening. Trump won the majority vote final result is now in this fact will rob the protesters of their justification for rioting and show the real reason behind the protests. Final #Election2016 numbers #PopularVote: #Trump: 62,972,226 #Clinton: 62,277,750 #ElectoralCollege vote #Trump 306 #Clinton 232 Update: Anyone asking where I got the figures, it was from twitter posts. Knowing the Democrat media have been dragging their liberal feet giving Michigan to Trump – finally they did, with Arizona finally declared two days ago – Trump now has the 309. Except for the twitter posts, the popular vote number still need to be updated in Wikipedia or MSM media – which may take another few days because the liberals are still reeling and recovering from Trump-shock victory. If I’m wrong, I won’t hesitate to change the numbers. It’s the job of the establishment media to tell the people the final numbers when it’s out there already. when you consider 3 million illegals voted (all democrat) its a larger majority in favor of Donald Trump. This New populist movement that pushed Trump to power has something behind it that the likes of George Soros could only dream of it behind it is the desire to Make America Great again people actually believe and desire this to happen. The protesters hopefully will continue on making people aware of how pathetic and violent Anti-american and hateful the left really is. On Obama Bernie and Hillary The silence is is deafening and people are listening to it the only thing they are good for is attacking Trump with nothing sincere or uplifting in their rhetoric. Hillary Clinton During her concession speech, Clinton said, “We must accept this result, and then look to the future. … Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.” After that, she has been mum on the entire thing. Hillary Clinton could have asked her followers to stop this nonsense, and they probably would have listened out of respect for her. (Misplaced respect but that’s a whole different article.) Instead, her silence makes me think that she is hidden away, relishing the chaos. That she has done nothing to attempt to calm the situation underlines the fact that she was not fit to govern. A leader would look out for the best interests of a country they love, rather than watching from afar to apply balm to her wounded ego. Instead, her Twitter is full of Bible quotes (huh?) and mentions nary a word about the protests. It has not been updated since the day after her failed bid. Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders, the one from whom the Democratic primary was fraudulently stolen, the one who backed up Hillary Clinton anyway, has also been uncharacteristically silent, especially for an aging peace-and-love hippie kind of guy. He hasn’t once asked the protesters to be peaceful or to give Trump a chance, but he has fueled the fire with his cries for them to remain vigilant. He’s already opposing Trump before the guy even gets inaugurated. Even in his essay for the NY Times yesterday, entitled “Where Do Democrats Go From Here?” he did not gently suggest to his supporters that they turn toward peace. He had the opportunity, the platform, and the love from his followers, and his choice to remain silent tells me that he is just as self-serving as the other politicians, despite his humble, grandfatherly demeanor. President Obama Then there’s the President, who met cordially with Trump. His Twitter account is likewise mute on the subject of vandalism, arson, and violence in reaction to the election. Note to President Obama: I didn’t like it when you were elected either, but I burned neither flags nor effigies. I peacefully dissented throughout your administration but never damaged one single item of property. You screwed the middle class with your horrible health care catastrophe, and yet no one rioted in the streets when you were re-elected to screw us for another four years. Obama’s only statement of semi-support was on Wednesday, when he said, ““The peaceful transfer of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. We’re actually all on the same team.” His statement about the riots was via his press secretary. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, asked Thursday about the protests, said the president believes the right to free speech should be protected. He added, “It is a right that should be exercised without violence. And there are people who are disappointed in the outcome. And the president’s message in the Rose Garden was it’s not surprising that people are disappointed in the outcome, but it’s important for us to remember, a day or two after the election, that we’re Democrats and Republicans, but we’re Americans and patriots first.” This won’t end well. Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, sees it the same way. She has called on Obama and Clinton to address the violence, but thus far, her request seems to have fallen on willfully deaf ears. Evil ‘People Have to Die’: Anti-Trump Protester Calls For Violence on CNN During the massive anti-Donald Trump protests held in California the day after Election Day, one woman CNN spoke to called for violence and death as a means to enact political change. Not accepting the result and keeping up the protests will lead to nowhere except more trouble as the contagion of anger spreads. It is only a matter of time before it really gets out of hand and people start dying. Since protesters are now actually calling for war and death, if Obama, Clinton, and Sanders really loved America, these three would use their influence to ease the transition and call for peace. Instead, one must wonder if the rumors about a Soros-funded, Clinton-approved Purple Revolution to destabilize America are about to become our new reality. Oh – and one quick note. It has to be said. The people calling for war and death are overwhelmingly anti-gun. They just might want to rethink the wisdom of directing their death threats, physical attacks, and aggression toward Second Amendment proponents. Film director Paul Schrader has openly called for “violence” to stop Donald Trump in an angry Facebook post that illustrates the level of vitriol many on the left have resorted to since Trump’s victory. Schrader, who was involved with hit Violent films Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and the disgusting The Last Temptation of Christ, responded to Trump’s election with an alarming rant on his official Facebook page. “I have spent the last five days meditating on Trump’s election. Upon consideration, I believe this is a call to violence. I felt the call to violence in the 60’s and I feel it now again,” wrote Schrader. “This attack on liberty and tolerance will not be solved by appeasement. Obama tried that for eight years. We should finance those who support violence resistance. We should be willing to take arms. Like Old John Brown, I am willing to battle with my children. Alt right nut jobs swagger violence. It’s time to actualize that violence, Like by Civil War Michigan predecessors I choose to stand with the black, the brown and the oppressed,” he concluded. This is by no means the first time someone the public eye has encouraged violence against Trump. Just last week, Guardian columnist Monisha Rajesh tweeted, “It’s about time for a presidential assassination,” in response to Trump’s victory. CEO Matt Harrigan also went on an unhinged tirade, posting that he was “going to kill the president elect” using a “sniper rifle”. As we reported before the election, other journalists also dreamed up scenarios of seeing Trump assassinated and made jokes about it. Despite an anti-Trump hate crime wave sweeping the country, the media has completely ignored innumerable cases of Trump supporters being abused and beaten nationwide, with CBS’ Lesley Stahl instead choosing to ask Trump about the Muslims and Latinos who are supposedly being ‘harassed’ by his supporters. warning to those who resort to violence and make threats Trump will not be so forgiving nor his supporters. We will remember.


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Trump Elected During Historically Bloody Cycle

November 15, 2016 Old-Thinker News | November 15, 2016 By Daniel Taylor

Trump will likely face a crisis moment with Soros paid protesters

“Remnants of the old social order will disintegrate. Political and economic trust will implode. Real hardship will beset the land, with severe distress that could involve questions of class, race, nation and empire. The very survival of the nation will feel at stake. Sometime before the year 2025, America will pass through a great gate in history, commensurate with the American Revolution, Civil War, and twin emergencies of the Great Depression and World War II.” – Strauss and Howe, The Fourth Turning, 1997 The fate of history seems to be resting on Donald J. Trump as the world moves to reject the establishment at the same time he is elected president of the United States. Historical cycles are at work around the globe. History is made up of highs and lows. During a high, government and institutions are built up while values are established and commonly held. During our lifetime, we have witnessed a dramatic slide downward into a 4th turning low. Authors William Strauss and Neil Howe document these patterns in their 1997 book The Fourth Turning. A Fourth Turning happens when issues that have been boiling without resolution for years explode. “Subliminal fears… become urgent” heading into the Fourth Turning, write Strauss and Howe. During what are called “4th turnings”, groups entrench themselves in the power structure to support it, and others organize to resist it. We have seen things like this in history before. Two sides become entrenched in what they believe is the right way, and the establishment desperately wants to maintain control; A death battle begins. The French revolution, The Civil War, and The American Revolution are all examples of 4th turning events. CBS News’ Bob Schieffer seemed to vocalize the collective recognition of our position in history when he stated regarding the 2016 election that, “I have seen a few, but I’ve run out of ways to say I’ve never seen one like this. It’s as if the nation is enduring some kind of curse. “What should we expect next – that it will rain frogs? I wouldn’t bet against it.” Because of globalization and world-wide communication, 4th turning cycles around the globe – including many different countries, cultures and governments – appear to be synchronized and are in fact leading to a dramatic global crescendo. As the world stands now, we are, according to very prominent individuals, at the cusp of World War 3. Infowars instead of physical wars? A case can be made that the internet has at least lessened the possibility of a physical war during this historical period. Rather than a shooting war, an unprecedented information war brought down the Clinton establishment. Courageous individuals within the system are leaking information at great personal risk. The internet is also providing a platform for individuals to post threats of assassination against President elect Donald Trump. Others are using the internet to call for violent revolution in response to Trump’s victory. As Paul Joseph Watson reports, Film director Paul Schrader is willing to take up arms “Like Old John Brown, I am willing to battle with my children. Alt right nut jobs swagger violence. It’s time to actualize that violence, Like by Civil War Michigan predecessors I choose to stand with the black, the brown and the oppressed.” A warning to President Trump: You will likely face a crisis moment with Soros paid protesters If Trump does not call out agitator George Soros by name and meaningfully deal with him, Soros will plague his administration relentlessly. The perception of the President elect that was perpetuated by the mainstream media (racist, sexist, “literally Hitler”, etc) has become reality for a sizeable portion of the population, even if it is not based in fact. This is causing real racists and psychotic individuals to act out. Trump could face a critical choice of action if Soros groups attempt to stage radically violent protests or war on the streets of America. Soros and his minions will attempt to force Trump’s hand to make him fit the election propaganda narrative of being a racist, bigot “Hitler” figure. The 4th turning cycle is historically bloody, but it doesn’t have to be. Mr. Trump, you have been given the keys to the nation during a critical point in history. Your choices are critical. The choices of your supporters are critical as well, for they will echo in time. We need to examine our own hearts and minds. In turn, we must discern who or what is working to impact our world. Let’s ask ourselves; Are we moving individually and collectively toward prosperity, freedom, and sound conscience? What forces are at work attempting to undermine that progress? What fruit do we see on the tree of our nation? Our own personal lives? 

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President Trump’s Pentagon To Do List

Posted on November 14, 2016 by Ray Starmann

Upon taking the oath of office, President Trump must act immediately to save the military. The US military is on death’s door. For eight years the Obama administration and its willing leftist executioners have used the military as a giant social experiment to implement the most lunatic and destructive policies that have left the armed forces on life support. Trump’s Pentagon to do list can be summarized into three specific areas: Purge the duds, feather merchants and perfumed princes from the ranks of the military and the DoD. Stop the politically correct insanity largely responsible for wrecking the military. Rebuild the military through increased defense spending. 1.Flush the duds, feather merchants and perfumed princes: President Obama inundated the Pentagon and the senior ranks of the military with lackeys who were willing to either green light the PC lunacy or at the very least, look the other way as the fires of the Cultural Revolution burned around them. The first person Trump must fire is Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, who will go down in history as the worst SecNav in the long and glorious history of the Navy. Mabus is the idiot responsible for ignoring the Marines $36 million study that showed in minute detail how and why women shouldn’t serve in the combat arms. Mabus ordered 240 year old job titles in the Navy to be made gender neutral. He instructed the Marines to conduct so called unconscious bias training or Corps-wide Soviet-style brainwashing, that is currently being conducted by mobile teams. Their mission is to convince men in the Marines that women can go toe to toe with an ISIS jihadi in hand to hand combat. Mabus was one of the main proponents calling for women to serve in the combat arms and special operations. He will be missed like a bad case of the clap. Right behind Mabus on the chopping block is Secretary of Defense Ash Carter. Carter is a nice guy with a platter of physics degrees. He should be working at NASA. Instead he’s sitting in the Pentagon and has overseen much of the PC insanity, gender neutral lunacy and defense cuts that are responsible for the military’s current problems. Carter is a dutiful minion who would authorize the wearing of pink leg warmers for Delta Force if so ordered by Valerie Jarrett. Next is Secretary of the Army, Eric Fanning, whose only achievements are pushing the LGBT agenda in the military, writing Breastfeeding and Lactation Support memorandums for record and continuing the Ranger School cover up, begun by his predecessor, John McHugh. Trump must also purge most of the generals and admirals serving on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Joint Chiefs have become nothing more than dime store dummies in dress uniforms who rubber stamp every directive emanating from cultural Marxists in the White House and the Sec Def. They have a higher duty to their country than to merely obey orders that they know are detrimental to good order and discipline and readiness. They have failed in their duty and they damn well know it. 2) Stop the PC insanity immediately President Trump must order the new SecDef to halt the dangerous politically correct policies that are a Stage 4 cancer inside the ranks of the military. The sensitivity training, the white privilege training, the online classes detailing the Bible and the Constitution as sexist documents, the lactations memos, the pregnancy simulators and the wearing of red high heels by male ROTC cadets must end. Government funding for gender reassignment surgery must cease immediately. In fact, transgenders must be banned from serving in the ranks for the sole reason that gender dysphoria is a mental illness, not something cute and trendy to be discussed by the women on the View. The military should return to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and ban open homosexuality, which is a hindrance to morale and readiness. Most importantly, President Trump should order the new SecDef to halt the authorization for women to serve in the combat arms and special operations forces. Furthermore, the President should ask Congress to investigate the graduation of three females from US Army Ranger School last year under the most dubious conditions. 3. Increase defense spending President Trump and Congress must work together to increase defense spending, in order to rebuild our military and create a force capable of meeting every challenge and defeating every enemy we may face. President Trump must fill the DoD with people who will not only rebuild the physical capabilities of the military, but also rejuvenate the military’s warrior spirit. The military must cease being a social experiment and a haven for those only seeking benefits. The military is not Sweden in camouflage. It is not a maternity ward, a day care center, nor is it a lactation station or a free jobs program. The military’s sole mission is to kill people and break things. It is about time the military returned to doing what it does best, defending this country and when needed, winning wars. 

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etc. For the disasters that shall take place are many, the flooding shall be far greater than in times past, the mudslides far greater than in times past, the earthquakes shall be more numerous and far greater than in times past. The tornadoes, oh the savageness of the tornadoes that shall rip across the land, the straight winds, the hurricanes, the forest fires, the volcanoes shall erupt, the rising of the sea level that will be marked not in inches but in feet. etc.. 

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Mysterious green and blue flashes appeared as New Zealand earthquake struck

Harley Tamplin for 14 Nov 2016 9:36 am

Incredible footage filmed during the New Zealand earthquake shows the night sky lighting up with bright colours. Quick-thinking New Zealanders managed to film the scene in Wellington while the powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck near Christchurch. Their clips show flashes of green, white and blue in the sky over a span of a few seconds. Zachary Bell said he filmed a video at ‘the peak of the shaking’, noting that ‘the sky began to light up with colours’ over the sea. Another video posted on Instagram shows clear, bright flashes of light during the earthquake that killed two people and led to tsunamis. Similar accounts of lights in the sky emerged following the previous Christchurch earthquake in 2011, ABC News reported. In fact, the phenomenon has been spotted during earthquakes for thousands of years – but scientists haven’t come to a consensus about why it happens. In a paper published in science journal Seismological Research Letters, researchers stated that lights have been spotted weeks before an earthquake. This could be due to stress building in the fault lines prior to the disaster. However, it is unclear if the lights are a genuine or natural phenomenon.

Read more: 

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etc. But it is a very, very dark hour, a very wicked hour, a very evil hour with much going on every day, every moment of the day. You see it not maybe here in the sense that others are seeing it around the world. But I say unto you, open your spiritual eyes, open your spiritual eyes, see, see, see what is taking place. etc..

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Booby-trapped toys: How ISIS targets Mosul's children

By Michael Holmes and Dominique van Heerden, CNN Updated 12:10 PM ET, Tue November 15, 2016

Near Mosul, Iraq (CNN) On a concrete pad in the middle of a dusty village in northern Iraq, children sit attentively as an animated pair of teachers delivers the lesson. Keeping the attention of these youngsters could mean the difference between them living or dying. "Is this something you can touch in the street?" one teacher asks the children, pointing at poster of photographs, including toys. "No!" comes the answer, loudly and in unison. The lesson has been learned: an enemy without a conscience will -- and has -- booby-trapped toys. Children are taught how to avoid booby traps set by ISIS. Earlier, a few hundred meters away, we walk a marked path between red stakes as Salaam Muhammed approaches a taped-off object in the ground. It's a landmine, exposed but still in place. "This is an example," Muhammed says. We ask him if it has been defused. "No, it's not, no," he says, almost casually, as we stand perhaps a meter away. "And over here -- this place -- this is where one of the villagers was killed. The fourth villager." MORE: CNN team caught in ISIS crossfire Triggered by a child's step In fact, more than a dozen people have been killed in this area in recent weeks after tripping booby traps in their home, or stepping on one of these mines. They're packed with enough explosives to rip through a car, but with a detonator sensitive enough to be set off by a child's step. A worker from the Mines Advisory Group scans fields for bombs. Muhammed is a Technical Field Manager for the Mines Advisory Group (MAG), an international NGO engaged in mine removal in 19 countries. He has worked in many of those countries in his 29 years with the group, but has never seen a more heavily-mined place than his home region here in Iraq. "Thousands," he says when asked how many mines and booby traps might be in this district. "Thousands -- though we don't know for sure." The evidence of that is visible throughout the village and the surrounding farmland -- dozens of small taped-off areas around mines already carefully exposed by hand, and hundreds of red stakes that stretch into the distance showing where the next deadly device is. "We find more every day," says Muhammed. 'I do this for the people' Muhammed is a man with a broad smile, an infectious laugh and an aura of confidence and charm. It's almost incongruous with the work he's doing and the risk it entails. "I do this for the people," he says. "This is above all a humanitarian issue -- if we don't do this and do it well, people will continue to die." Most people in the villages around here fled two years ago when ISIS arrived. Now, they're starting to return -- against the advice of Muhammed and his team, who want them to wait until it's safe. But many can no longer afford to pay rent elsewhere so they're coming home -- 65 families returned in recent weeks, and more are arriving every day. The Iraqi women who escaped ISIS but lost everything "We have no choice but to come back," Hamid Merza tells us, even though doing so cost his son Muslih his life. He was killed when he triggered a booby trap at a village mosque. Hamid is, like everyone here, profoundly grateful for what MAG is doing: "We thank God for them coming, or maybe everyone might die here." Hamid Merza lost his 40-year-old son to a mine. At one point Muhammed asks if we want to see inside a booby-trapped house. He won't let us come inside for obvious reasons, but agrees to wear a camera we provide. When we review the video, it is an eerie scene. The house is in disarray -- Salaam thinks there could be several booby traps hidden among the disturbed furniture and clothes strewn around. Slowly and deliberately, he traces the route through the rooms he has already cleared, pausing near a chest of drawers. Beneath it lies an artillery shell, wired to explode if disturbed. An 8 kilogram (17.6 pound) bomb was dug up from the soil. Sean Sutton, MAG's International Communications Manager, calls what's happening here a "race against time." "It's about getting to the mines before a child does at the end of the day," he says. "As you can see this is the front line of humanitarian work. Until the mines are cleared, nothing can be done here -- people can't go home, or certainly can't go home safely, and even other aid agencies can't safely come to help rebuild." Surviving an ISIS attack 'The people came home and it had been booby trapped' As our walking tour of the village with Salaam Muhammed continues, we are interrupted by a villager who pulls up in a red pickup truck. A man who looks to be in his forties, sporting the distinctive moustache the men proudly grow around here, gets out and approaches. He describes a suspicious object he found in his home when he came back. Muhammed promises to come by and take a look. He tells us this happens at least once and sometimes several times a day. Next, we go to the roof of one house to look at the collapsed rubble of the one next door. 12-year-old Zena smiles next to her mother through the broken window of their home. "The people came home and it had been booby trapped -- lots of explosives," says Muhammed. Three people died here walking into their own home, he tells us, as we look down at a roof that has been pancaked to the ground. The stories we've heard about booby-trapped homes are terrible. Kurdish de-miners -- less experienced than the MAG team and woefully under-equipped -- told us a couple weeks back of how ISIS had rigged explosives to light switches and even refrigerator doors for unsuspecting homeowners to trigger. ISIS planted them all, they said. "Daesh (the local name for ISIS) are pure evil," the village leader Aziz Anzan Abdullah says. "If not for these people (the MAG team) we would lose local people every day. May God protect them." Off the side of the track -- an area we're not allowed to enter -- a young man sweeps a patch of ground perhaps three meters wide in front of a piece of wood. When he's done, he moves the wood ahead a few centimeters and repeats the process. It is painstaking, meticulous work. It has to be. "At the end of the day, 100 percent should be cleared and then we will hand it back to the communities, so yeah 100 percent we are responsible," Salaam says. There's a village full of people grateful for that promise. 

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etc. For I have warned you Russia is not your friend, I have warned you that China is not your friend, I have warned you that North Korea is not your friend and I have warned you that Iran is not your friend. etc.

:: 11-15-16 Washington Times :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Trump has every right to end the flawed Iran nuclear deal

By Ed Feulner - - Monday, November 14, 2016

ANALYSIS/OPINION: Iran’s leaders have a simple message for any administration unhappy about the nuclear deal negotiated by President Obama: Hands off. The deal has faced no shortage of criticism from those who rightly point out its defects. Too bad, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says: There is “no possibility” of dismantling it. According to Iran’s state television channel, Mr. Rouhani told his Cabinet that Tehran’s “understanding in the nuclear deal was that the accord was not concluded with one country or government but was approved by a resolution of the U.N. Security Council and there is no possibility that it can be changed by a single government.” Adds Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, “Every U.S. president has to understand the realities of today’s world. The most important thing is that the future U.S. president stick to agreements, to engagements undertaken.” Oh, really? Well, let’s not overlook a few other salient “realities of today’s world,” courtesy of Middle East expert James Phillips: the fact that Iran regularly violates international law by sponsoring terrorism, taking hostages, and harassing shipping in international waters. They’ve also, Mr. Phillips notes, been caught trying to covertly buy illicit dual-use nuclear technology in Germany, which violates Iran’s commitments under the nuclear deal to obtain international approval for all nuclear purchases. And they want to lecture U.S. leaders about the importance of sticking to your agreements? That’s rich. What really bothers them, of course, is the fact that their days of out-negotiating and out-maneuvering President Obama are nearly over. “The administration made huge concessions that allowed Iran to dismantle international sanctions without dismantling key elements of its nuclear program, which continues to advance,” writes Mr. Phillips. Small wonder that Mr. Obama structured this flawed and risky deal as an executive agreement. He wanted to make an end-run around Congress, which would likely have voted the deal down if it had been presented to lawmakers as a formal treaty. The deal’s supporters touted it publicly as a way to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran. Yet Tehran’s clandestine efforts to procure illicit nuclear and ballistic missile technology and equipment have continued unabated in its wake. Worse, German intelligence indicates that the Iranians are also seeking items via front companies operating from the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and China — that could be used to make illegal chemical and biological weapons. Iran, moreover, has done nothing to curb its belligerence toward the United States. Indeed, it has stepped up its hostile actions. Writes Mr. Phillips: “Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, which controls Tehran’s nuclear program and ballistic missile force, has repeatedly challenged U.S. naval forces in the Persian Gulf since the nuclear agreement was reached last year. “IRGC vessels launched rockets within 1,500 yards of the carrier Harry S. Truman near the Strait of Hormuz in late December, flew drones over U.S. warships, and detained and humiliated 10 American sailors in January.” The thought of a new presidential administration putting an end to this slow-motion power grab in such a volatile region naturally upsets Iran’s theocratic dictatorship greatly. So they’re trying to pre-empt any actions by a new administration that could jeopardize their scheme. Their warnings, however, should fall on deaf ears. There is nothing to prevent an incoming presidential administration from using Iran’s many violations as a justification to do away with the nuclear deal altogether. Iran’s leaders are used to orchestrating chants of “Death to America!” Through the feckless actions of the Obama administration, they’ve been able to make nuclear advances that, they hope, will put some muscle behind those words. It’s high time the United States puts a firm and immediate end to their dangerous plans. • Ed Feulner is founder of the Heritage Foundation ( 

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Living a miracle: Clarksdale officer's remarkable recovery

Therese Apel , The Clarion-Ledger 4:49 p.m. CST November 14, 2016

Cpl. Derrick Couch was not expected to live. The Clarksdale Police Department detective was shot in the face on Feb. 13, and there were those who said that, even if he made it, he would probably never walk, talk or function at full speed again. But he's walking. He's driving. He's baking cupcakes. He's not at full speed, but Couch's recovery is nothing short of miraculous, according to those who know him. He's even planning on returning to work when he's able. "I don’t know when yet, but one day," he said by phone. "One day, hopefully." "That’s all he’s asked in therapy is, 'When can I go back to work?'" his wife, Renita, said. "They said he can go back to work, just give it time, don’t rush it, make sure his recovery is very complete, make sure he’s gone through all his therapy." Couch has been with Clarksdale Police Department since 2011, and he previously served with the Tunica County Sheriff's Department. While at CPD, he worked with the special operations and community police and patrol divisions. But even on the injured list, Couch is still a cop at heart. Renita said he lives, breathes and eats police work. He'll point out tag lights that are out or people who ran stop signs, and he's always aware of his surroundings. "He doesn’t ever stop policing," she said. Couch's left eye took the brunt of the gunshot, and doctors said if the bullet hadn't hit the soft tissue in his eye, it would have fragmented and killed him. Even during the earliest days when Couch's future was extremely uncertain, Renita, a nurse, said she didn't even question whether he would make it. "When I first heard about it, it was like it was so surreal, like, 'Is this really happening?' I guess it didn’t really hit me until I saw him when they brought him in," she said. "My body and my mind went into autopilot, I knew I had to step into a whole different role, as far as being a typical wife going to work, I had to be super wife and make sure I took care of him best I could. But I never thought, 'You’re going to lose him.'" Both Renita and Derrick Couch found a will to fight born of their faith in God, and — almost as importantly — in each other. "I believe in my wife. She made the best decisions in everything we were put up to," Couch said. "He was a minister, that was just a plus for him. He was just always an encourager and always a fighter," Renita said. "For everyone else (his recovery) is a shock, but for me that’s who he is. I always knew he would pull through." He was a man of few words before the shooting, so Renita says now it's not that he can't talk as much as everyone else, it's just that he still doesn't. But he has words of kindness for the other officers and agencies that have helped him. "Thank you to all those agencies and all of those who put in an effort. I thank them all so much for what they've done," he said. He also has words of forgiveness for the men involved in his shooting. Johnny Robinson Jr. was charged with one count of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer in the shooting and two counts of armed robbery for two separate hits on the Corner Grocery in Clarksdale. Leandrew Booker was charged with armed robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery. "I just want people to know I don't hold them accountable for what they did. I know that there is a purpose in it. I know that," he said. Renita said she agrees completely. She has never begrudged life the hand it dealt her, because she believes God is in control. "I believe it happened for a reason, because if it was his time to go, he’d have been gone, considering how everything took place and the injury itself," she said. "I told him, 'I’ve seen you from the time you got hurt to now. You're driving a car, but (at first) you couldn’t talk, you couldn't walk, you couldn't even sit on the side of the bed." Clarksdale Mayor Bill Luckett said Couch's progress is "nothing short of remarkable." "I can still picture when I was visiting him in the hospital a week after the incident, and he had a very low response rate. He was unable to move. He had tubes and plugs everywhere," Luckett said. "I'm so happy for him." And Luckett said that when the time comes for Couch to return to the job, there will be a job there for him. "He's always welcome to come back," the mayor said. "I don't know what his limitations will be, if there are any, but we will work hard to find a job for him when he wants to come back." 

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etc. Keep your eyes; keep your eyes upon what is going on in the Mid-East, that is your tree, that is your tree, I have told you to watch Israel, that is your tree. etc.

:: 11-9-16 The Times of Israel :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Trump adviser: New president won’t force Israeli-Palestinian peace

Next US administration will seek warm ties with Israelis and will only prioritize conflict if they want it, says Jason Dov Greenblatt

By Eric Cortellessa November 9, 2016, 11:26 pm

NEW YORK — One of President-elect Donald Trump’s top advisers says the new administration will try to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but without pushing an agreement on either side. “I think he’s going to support Israel in a way it hasn’t been supported in the Obama administration,” Jason Dov Greenblatt told The Times of Israel Wednesday, as the dust settled from Trump’s shock victory hours earlier. “I think he’s going to try to help the Israelis achieve peace with the Palestinians. He’ll be there to guide them and not force peace upon them,” he said. Over the course of the campaign, Trump has said he would seek to broker the elusive final status agreement to the conflict but has not explicitly endorsed a two-state solution. Greenblatt said Trump would prioritize the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but would only seek any initiative if the two sides indicated they were willing to reach an accommodation. “He will make it a priority if the Israelis and Palestinians want to make it a priority,” he said. “He’s not going to force peace upon them, it will have to come from them.” Greenblatt was responding to advice doled out recently by Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, that the next president should not make the conflict central to US policy in the region. Last week, Trump’s other adviser on matters relating to the Jewish state told The Times of Israel the business mogul is willing to explore avenues outside the two-state framework. “A two-state solution is not a priority,” said David Friedman. “I don’t think he is wed to any particular outcome. A two-state solution is a way, but it’s not the only way.” Greenblatt’s comments came as a number of right-wing Israeli politicians seized on Trump’s victory by calling on him to make good on his promises to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel and move the US embassy there from Tel Aviv. The move would break with decades of precedent and put Washington at odds with nearly all UN member states, illustrating concerns over the foreign policy consequences of Trump’s presidency. On Wednesday, Education Minister Naftali Bennett said that Trump’s election meant the idea of a Palestinian state was finished. “Trump’s victory is an opportunity for Israel to immediately retract the notion of a Palestinian state in the center of the country, which would hurt our security and just cause,” Bennett said in an apparent reference to the West Bank. “This is the position of the president-elect … The era of a Palestinian state is over.” Greenblatt said he was unsurprised by Trump’s win, which shook up the political establishment. “I have known Donald for 20 years,” he said. “When he sets his heart and mind to something, he wins.” AFP contributed to this report 

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After Trump's victory, Putin wants better relations

Kim Hjelmgaard, Oren Dorell and Anna Arutunyan, USA TODAY 6:12 p.m. EST November 9, 2016

MOSCOW — It could be the start of a new era of mutual admiration or a diplomatic move to gain the upper hand with a new American president. Whatever his motive, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that Donald Trump's triumph over Hillary Clinton paves the way to repair deeply strained relations between Moscow and Washington. "We are aware it is a difficult path, in view of the unfortunate degradation of relations between the Russian Federation and the United States," Putin said during a ceremony for ambassadors in the Russian capital after sending Trump a message of congratulation on his surprise victory. Putin said he hopes the two nations can "work together" to end their "crisis state." U.S.-Russian ties have worsened since 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea from neighboring Ukraine and backed separatists in eastern Ukraine. Those moves led to international sanctions that prompted Putin to retaliate against foreign companies operating in his country. Russia's intensified military support for Syrian President Bashar Assad in his long-running civil war also has strained relations with Washington, which wants Assad to step aside and complains that Russian airstrikes have targeted U.S.-backed rebels in Syria. If that weren't enough friction, Putin's government is now under attack from U.S. intelligence officials who claim Moscow is behind the hacking of Democratic Party emails as part of an effort to disrupt the U.S. presidential election. Putin has repeatedly denied helping the separatists in Ukraine, intentionally targeting U.S.-backed rebels in Syria or hacking Democrats' emails. Washington has consistently accused Moscow of straying from the truth. Michael McFaul, a former U.S. ambassador to Russia who teaches at Stanford University, noted how much relations have deteriorated in the past two years. "Even when times had taken a very negative turn, we were still able to have radical disagreements and continue to cooperate," he said. "During the (2014) Sochi Olympics, we had a very good relationship with Russian intelligence agencies to try to prevent terrorist attacks." How Putin proposes to improve relations is not clear. During the campaign, Trump praised Putin's strong leadership and criticized NATO allies for not paying their fair share for a military alliance that has deployed troops and equipment on Russia's doorstep in the Baltic states, much to Putin's displeasure. Still, the president-elect may not meet Putin's expectations, some analysts say. "In Russia, it is acceptable that the president can just do whatever he wants, that he has more power than a czar. The Trump we have seen so far, however, is the campaign Trump and will differ from Trump the president," said Alexei Makarkin, deputy head of the Moscow-based Center for Political Technologies, a think tank. "The Kremlin hopes that Trump will become a kind of (President Richard) Nixon who will be willing to make concessions. There may be a thaw, but not one based on common values." Steve Pifer, a U.S. ambassador to Ukraine under President George W. Bush, said while Trump’s Russia policy is not yet known, there has nonetheless been a lot of consistency in the way he talks about Russia. What Trump has described "would be a reset that ignores Russia’s actions in Ukraine, ignores the challenges Russia poses to the West," said Pifer, now a scholar at the Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank. A "reset" of U.S.-Russian relations to improve ties was one of President Obama's earliest foreign policy initiatives. It failed following Russia's intervention in Ukraine. Ian Brzezinski, a former Defense Department official who is now a NATO analyst at the Atlantic Council think tank, said Trump’s appointments and first actions as president will be key indicators of his Russia policy and overall foreign policy, which candidate Trump left sketchy. "It’s not like we’re dealing with a deeply thought out foreign policy from the campaign," Brzezinski said. Hjelmgaard reported from Berlin; Dorell from Washington. 

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President Trump: This Is MY Country and I Want Immigration Fixed Before We Become the Next Europe

My father’s side of the family came here from Germany, via Great Britain. Each member of the family had to be screened medically and their background had to be examined for criminal behavior. My family had to swear an allegiance to the country defend against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. They also had to swear and allegiance to the US Constitution. Further, they had to pass a test on English, American History and the U.S. Constitution before they could be granted citizenship. And then, they had to go through a seven year naturalization process. Why are today’s immigrants superior to my family and have more rights than my family did when they came to America? Today, we simply open our borders to anyone and everyone without regard to their intent and any potential criminal history. The problem with our immigration is not whether it is from Middle Eastern countries, Mexico, Panama, China, Russia and Syria. The problem with our immigration system is that it admits anyone with absolutely no consideration given to the fact that they have not been screened for suitability to come into the United States. Yes, suitability, to enter the US. Trump’s Immigration Policies Should we build a wall and only admit people who come into America who follow a standardized set of protocols and laws? With regard to immigration, I mean dangerous immigration, the proverbial horse is already out of the barn. Donald Trump’s proposed wall, through no fault of Trump, is a day late and a dollar short. Last July 4th, FBI Director, James Comey, admitted that we have ISIS terrorist cells in all 50 states. As Trump prepares to take office, God-willing, the immigration crisis is totally out of control and it threatens to unhinge our country as it is in Europe where native citizens in the countries of Britain, Sweden and Germany have become an oppressed minority in the face of a violence-laden, Jihadist immigration onslaught. World leaders, such as Germany’s Merkel, are clearly globalists as opposed to nationalists. They seek to dilute their own country’s culture, acquiesce to the foreigners and let their foreign beliefs supplant the majority culture and unhinge centuries of national traditions. I am proud to say that I will not compromise and that I am an avowed nationalist; America, first, last and always. All other countries be damned. We owe nobody our culture, our religious beliefs and our social traditions. Lending a helping hand does mean we amputate our limbs to keep immigrants happy. Who’s Country Is It? In America, we do honor and support the beliefs and customs of those who are not representative of the majority culture. That does not mean that the majority culture should be expected to acquiesce to the minority culture. Tolerance and respect does not equate to capitulation of a nation’s core beliefs. The United States of America belongs to me. It belongs to all who were born here. It belongs to all people who have come to our shores and have gone through our legal immigration process. The United States of America does NOT belong to Sharia Law espousing refugees, who openly advocate for supplanting the Constitution with their own religious beliefs. All Immigrant Situations Are Not Created Equally With regard to Mexico, one in ten people born in Mexico now live in America. I know undocumented, illegal aliens who fear being deported by Trump. Many of these people are here because our corporations, in the never-ending search for cheap labor workers who could not collectively bargain for higher wages and benefits, recruited them through pamphlets and word of mouth. The last three administrations were complicit in the mass law-breaking that has taken place with regard to the willful facilitation of illegal immigration in partnership with the corporations. When the sexual predator, Bill Clinton, took office in 1992, there were an estimated 11 million undocumented residents in the United States. Today, the propaganda artists in mainstream media would have you believe that these numbers did not increase. Bravo Sierra!!! We have over 30 million illegal aliens inside the United States. America cannot and will not deport 30 million illegal aliens without regard to status. In some of these families, there are also legal American citizens. Is the country willing to repeat the holocaust type of event that we call the Trail of Tears in reference to Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Act that culminated in thousands of deaths of innocent Native Americans? Are we willing to break up families and potentially deport legal American citizens in some cases? However, the Trump administration has a duty to preserve the majority culture, not for reasons of domination, but for survival. Trump needs to make certain that immigration does not pose a safety and national security issue for our country. Again, I want to stress America is our country. This is not bigotry as the Hillary’s would have you believe. America is an owned nation and I am one of the owners. This is not the Syrian’s country, this is not the Mexican’s country, this is not the nation of India’s country. This is my country and I expect Trump to enforce our laws as they are written. Trump’s Options There are several options available to President-Elect Trump that fall between abject Clinton style amnesty and the extreme act of mass deportation. The point for referencing illegal immigration from Central/South America is to point out that no two immigration patterns are the same. The Muslim invasion of Europe, with all the documented violence and social upheaval, must never be allowed to repeat in America as it has in Europe. And unlike our south of the border immigration situation, we still have time to stem this dangerous tide of admitting anyone without regard to criminal background. If for example, Syrian refugees, will not raise their right hand and swear allegiance to the United States Constitution, then they need to leave. Any refugee coming into the country, any immigrant coming into the country must be screened for terrorist associations and criminal backgrounds. Any serious breach in these two areas are immediate grounds for deportation. People will ask me what I mean by “criminal background”. I am not talking about jaywalking or speeding, I am talking about such things as rape, murder and armed robbery. If someone is a proven criminal or terrorist, they need to be immediately deported. Swearing allegiance to the United States also means dropping this nonsense that Sharia Law will one day reign supreme over the Constitution. If that is truly the belief of an individual, then they need to go to a country who will tolerate this political/social/cultural type of invasion. This is non-negotiable. Nobody’s religious beliefs can be used as an excuse to turn this nation upside down as it has done in Europe. President-Elect Trump, we the American people expect you to act with all due speed in this manner. FBI Director, James Comey, stated that we can consider 10% of all Muslims sufficiently radicalized to the point where they would like to see harm come to the United States. We need a system to detect the 10% and get rid of them. The following video is representative of the issues and it contains reference to Trey Gowdy who accurately frames the problem. 

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Sorry Snowflake But It’s Not Over…

Deplorables Regrouping For The Next Attack

By Francis Marion

It’s Nov 10th and it’s time to face the music. For those of you on the left I know it is hard. You are confused, bewildered and deeply, deeply saddened. Maybe even triggered. You probably missed work or school yesterday, called in sick or simply didn’t get out of bed. That’s ok though because your Indigenous Women’s Studies prof said it was ok to skip the exam today. Everyone is getting an A as a morale builder. So cheer up. But unfortunately that doesn’t really explain anything. How did this happen? It wasn’t supposed to happen. But it did. How could the polls be so wrong? What about the entire media? How? Well, here are a few theories that might help you see where some of your mistakes were made. First, and probably foremost, is just good old fashioned hubris. The idea that “we can’t be beat”. Arrogance mixed with confirmation bias is a dangerous thing in any type of conflict; physical or otherwise. Just ask General Custer. Things didn’t work out real well for him and for the same reasons. This leads directly into another problem that often arises from hubris. That is: failing to understand your enemy. It would interest you to know that I, the author of this piece, am not an American. That’s right. I’m not a Yank. I don’t reside in the USA and have no interest in doing so. That means, unlike my illegal immigrant counterparts currently residing in your nation, I didn’t vote. But like many who fall into the ‘basket of deplorables’ residing in the US I realized early on that the battle between Trump and Clinton was much more than simply a contest between two politicians for the presidency. At its core it was an ideological conflict between light and dark, truth and lies. It was a struggle for the heart of western civilization in general. And while I’ve never considered myself much of a right winger, being more of a libertarian bent, I have found myself increasingly pushed and marginalized by the “enlightened and progressive” amongst you into the same camp with all sorts of deplorables, regardless of where they lived and what they called themselves. Nationalists, alt righters, anarchists, constitutionalists and so on and so forth all made for strange bedfellows but an effective team. Working on the premise that the enemy of my enemy is my friend we have all found common ground. We have you to thank for that. By pushing, badgering, harassing, marginalizing and insulting us on a regular basis you created something new. And it crushed you at the ballot box. There were other factors as well. The pesky internet for example. It allowed those of us who could not vote to contribute in other ways. Through memes, leaks and general trolling we cheered and supported our freedom loving brothers and sisters in your country and encouraged them to have heart and stay the course. Of course, our part was small, minisucle really, compared to what our American brothers and sisters had to endure, but you get the picture. Elections, especially ones mired in icky things like ideology and principle, now cross national boundaries. It sucks I know, but a lack of imagination on your part does not equal or represent a foul on ours. We did nothing illegal or immoral. We simply beat you because, well, we’re smarter than you are. But not to worry. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to learn from your mistakes. You see, the battle that took place in your polling stations on the 8th of November was just that. A battle. We, the freedom loving peoples of the western world, well, we’re just getting warmed up. To quote the man: “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet“. So retreat to your safe spaces, grab your adult colouring books and put on a happy face my special snow flakes because regardless of whoever/whatever you are and regardless of what nation it is you reside in, we, the deplorables, are coming for you. 

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Trump Should Act on His Agenda on Day One

By Patrick Buchanan Friday, 11 Nov 2016 08:53 AM More Posts by Patrick Buchanan

"In victory, magnanimity!" said Winston Churchill.

Donald Trump should be magnanimous and gracious toward those whom he defeated this week; but his first duty is to keep faith with those who put their faith in him. The protests, riots and violence that have attended his triumph in city after city should only serve to steel his resolve. As for promptings that he "reach out" and "reassure" those upset by his victory, and trim or temper his agenda to pacify them, Trump should reject the poisoned chalice. This is the same old con. Trump should take as models the Democrats FDR and LBJ. Franklin Roosevelt, who had savaged Herbert Hoover as a big spender, launched his own New Deal in his first 100 days. History now hails his initiative and resolve. Lyndon Johnson exploited his landslide over Barry Goldwater in 1964 to erect his Great Society in 1965: the Voting Rights Act, Medicare and Medicaid. He compromised on nothing, and got it all. Even those who turned on him for Vietnam still celebrate his domestic achievements. President Nixon's great regret was that he did not bomb Hanoi and mine Haiphong in 1969 — instead of waiting until 1972 — and bring the Vietnam War to an earlier end and with fewer U.S. casualties. Nixon's decision not to inflame the social and political crisis of the 1960s by rolling back the Great Society bought him nothing. He was rewarded with media-backed mass demonstrations in 1969 to break his presidency and bring about an American defeat in Vietnam. "Action this day!" was the scribbled command of Prime Minister Churchill on his notepads in World War II. This should be the motto of the first months of a Trump presidency. For the historic opportunity he and the Republican Party have been given by his stunning and unanticipated victory of Nov. 8 will not last long. His adversaries and enemies in politics and press are only temporarily dazed and reeling. This great opening should be exploited now. Few anticipated Tuesday morning what we would have today: a decapitated Democratic Party, with the Obamas and Clintons gone or going, Joe Biden with them, no national leader rising, and only the power of obstruction, of which the nation has had enough. The GOP, however, on Jan. 20, will control both Houses of Congress and the White House, with the real possibility of remaking the Supreme Court in the image of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan have indicated they are willing to work with President Trump. There is nothing to prevent the new GOP from writing history. In his first months, Trump could put a seal on American politics as indelible as that left by Ronald Reagan. A partial agenda: First, he should ignore any importunings by President Obama to permit passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership in a lame-duck session — and let the trade deal sink by year's end. On Jan. 20, he should have vetted and ready to nominate to the high court a brilliant constitutionalist and strict constructionist. He should act to end interference with the Dakota Access pipeline and call on Congress to re-enact legislation, vetoed by Obama, to finish the Keystone XL pipeline. Then he should repeal all Obama regulations that unnecessarily restrict the production of the oil, gas, and clean coal necessary to make America energy independent again. Folks in Pennsylvania, southeast Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia should be shown, by executive action, that Trump is a man of his word. And when the mines open again, he should be there. He should order new actions to seal the Southern border, start the wall and begin visible deportations of felons who are in the country illegally. With a new education secretary, he should announce White House intent to work for repeal of Common Core and announce the introduction of legislation to put federal resources behind the charter schools that have proven to be a godsend to inner-city black children. He should propose an immediate tax cut for U.S. corporations, with $2 to $3 trillion in unrepatriated profits abroad, who will bring the money home and invest it in America, to the benefit of our economy and our Treasury. He should take the president's phone and pen and begin the rewriting or repeal of every Obama executive order that does not comport with the national interest or political philosophy of the GOP. Trump should announce a date soon for repeal and replacement of Obamacare and introduction of his new tax-and-trade legislation to bring back manufacturing and create American jobs. Donald Trump said in his campaign that that this is America's last chance. If we lose this one, he said, we lose the country. The president-elect should ignore his more cautious counselors, and act with the urgency of his declared beliefs. Patrick Buchanan has been an adviser to three presidents, a two-time candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, and the nominee for the Reform Party in 2000. He was also a founding member of "The McLaughlin Group," which began on NBC, and CNN's "Capital Gang" and "Crossfire." His latest book is: "The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority." For more of his reports, Go Here Now. 

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George Soros Exposed as Money Behind Anti-Trump Protests

By Cheryl Chumley - on November 11, 2016

Once again, the black hand of George Soros has reached into America’s political system, this time as the man behind the money that’s funding the on-going and violent anti-Donald Trump protests around the country. Note to protesters: Setting fires, thwarting traffic, screaming obscenities and disrupting the lives of the working sane to rebel against democracy – despite the fact that it was democracy in action the brought Trump to the White House – is insanity in action. But it’s also Soros in action again, as the blogger Dennis Michael Lynch reports. “, a liberal activist group that has exploded all across the nation, is funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundations. It is now well known that was responsible for many of the riots and protests at Donald Trump’s campaign rallies, some of which became violent and dangerous. Wednesday – the day following Trump’s victory – moved into action. The group put out a notice on their Facebook page, announcing they would conduct ‘peaceful gatherings of resistance’ all across the country Wednesday evening.” Well, guess it wasn’t so peaceful after all. As news from around the country by social media posters revealed, some protesters blocked traffic, others shouted “f–k the police,” others blocked Americans from making their daily commutes to work, still others outright clashed with police, and more set fires, destroyed and defaced properties and burned American flags. Peaceful protests, or bratty temper tantrums?’s Facebook page had called for this: “We will gather … in cities across the nation to affirm to ourselves and one another that, despite the outcome of this election, we will not give up. No matter what challenges confront us in the times to come, we will unite with one another and defend our communities—across race, religion, gender, age, ability, national origin, immigration status, sexual orientation, class, and all of our identities. The fight for a nation with liberty and justice for all—and with an economy and democracy that work for everyone—continues. “Those of us in immigrant, refugee, and Muslim communities are threatened. We reject and are prepared to resist attacks on all of our communities, and we commit to care for, look out for, and stand with one another. An attack on any of us is an attack on all of us. Tonight, we will join hands, share our reactions, pledge our mutual solidarity, and resolve to forge ahead together in this moment of peril. We have experienced setbacks before, and we have always come back. Our movements are resilient and unstoppable.” Note the call to resistance – the logic being that these leftists are the ones under attack, and only reacting in rational defense. This is what nearly eight years of an Obama administration, including a radical, activist Justice Department and a propaganda-pusihng Education Department, have brought. Perhaps a Trump administration means that come January 20, the adults are back in charge. 

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Shocking Maps Prove How America Is Being Overthrown As Globalists Ramp Up Destabilization Efforts, Pushing Country Closer To Martial Law And Into Their Hands

- Globalists Unleashing Evil Upon America

November 11, 2016 By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The map seen at the top of this story shows not only the 2016 election results county by county but quite tellingly overlaps the sanctuary cities across America within it. Proving to us the startling 'coincidence' between the areas that voted for Hillary Clinton as some of the same areas where those here illegally in this country are granted a 'free pass', we see the globalists plans to overthrow America detailed in the maps within this story as also heard in the 1st video below. As we can also see within the other maps in this story, it's not a coincidence that some areas with sanctuary cities are also some of the areas with the highest crime rates across America. And with our own Department of Homeland Security recently admitting that a surge of illegal immigrants is now happening at our southern border, it's clear the globalists plans to overthrow America are not only still in place but may be being kicked into overdrive now that Donald Trump has been elected and has promised to turn back the clock on the globalists plan for America. With 1.4 million Obama amnesty applicants on Donald Trump's deportation 'hit list' while he promises to build a wall between Mexico and the US, we also get more evidence that the globalists may attempt to pull off some kind of 'false flag' in America that brings Trump's vision for America screeching to a grinding halt. As we learn in this new story out of Venezuela that the Drudge Report linked to on Thursday with his headline of "Threat of Widespread Violence Looms In Venezuela", global economic collapse is still in play for the globalists and we see them pushing for violence across America as well with George Soros paid protesters causing havoc in cities across the country another sign that America won't be back in the hands of a pro-America president until Trump actually gets INTO office. And while the radical left is seemingly willing to go to war over a Trump presidency rather than being content that America and their safe spaces won't soon be consumed by a mushroom cloud, we're not the least bit surprised to now see the desperate globalists pushing a 'Hillary Clinton presidency' by hook or by crook, this time saying that the war criminal/murderer could still become president via the electoral college ignoring the will of the American people. Imagine what America might look like if that happened and the electoral college decided to take it upon themselves to deny an America-1st presidency to America. Certainly all bets are off about what might happen in this country should the electoral college join the 'legion of crybaby Hillary voters' who have gone totally insane and try to give America back to the globalists and the CCF. With Canada and Mexico already caving to Trump on NAFTA before he even gets into office and Trump also promising the end of the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership while also putting a stop to the United States financing of terrorism and the terrorists who want to kill us, it's clear that America is already moving in the right direction under Trump and he still hasn't gotten into office. But what's the 'right direction' for America is the 'wrong direction' for the globalists. And with a smug mainstream media refusing to condemn the violence that has been unleashed by cupcakes and special snowflakes in their protests against our political system that actually worked for a change, we get more indications that these paid protests will continue and could lead eventually lead to the imposition of martial law across the country as also seen in the 2nd video below. The map above left shows increase in immigration share of adult population while map above right shows violent crime rates across America. Just a coincidence? We understand that not all illegal immigrants commit violent crimes and some are wonderful people. At a time when many celebrities and those who threatened to leave the US if Donald Trump won the presidency should be packing their bags to high tail it Northbound, we get a little humor in the 3rd video below in which we learn that Allan Jones, the CEO of Jones Airways in Tennessee, is offering free one-way tickets to Canada for the Trump haters. Calling out a list of celebrities by name, will any of them take Jones up on his offer? As we hear in the final video below from Fox 23, the traffic director at the station also gives driving directions to Canada for those who don't want to live in America under a President Trump because 'he's not their president'. While hundreds of millions of Americans peacefully lived under a President Obama for 8 years even though Obama wasn't their president, it's clear that George Soros and the globalists are once again trying to complete their takedown of America. Why they aren't in prison for sedition is quite unclear to Alex Jones and Infowars as heard in the 1st video below. Will the globalists be able to complete their overthrow of America before Donald Trump gets into office and puts America first? With globalists using snowflakes and cupcakes as tools against the Republic in continuing their destabilization efforts, we expect that the next 2 months until Trump gets into office will be as chaotic as the last year leading up to the election. 

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Two volcanoes, Sabancaya and Ubinas, erupt simultaneously in Peru – A first time for the country

By Strange Sounds - Nov 11, 2016

This is the first time, two volcanoes erupt simultaneously in Peru. Sabancaya and Ubinas volcanoes are separated by a distance of 100 kilometers, have different magma chambers, but they are erupting simultaneously right now! What a rare coincidence! Both volcanoes are sending large volcanic cloud of ash and gas and show an enhanced seismic activity. Impressive explosions occur about every 4 hours, but every 15 minutes a small explosion occurs. Sabancaya Ubinas and are separated by a distance of 100 kilometers. According to volcanologists, they have different magma chambers and currently simultaneous eruptions. A rare coincidence! sabancaya began erupting 4 days ago for the first time in 18 years. Ubinas is active since 2013 and has constant explosive phases. As explained by Orlando Macedo, the director of the Geophysical Institute of Arequipa: “We are witnessing the simultaneous activity of two volcanoes right now! A first time for Peru. According to our data, this will continue.” 

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Microaggressions and Trump

By Hal Lindsey

America has a long tradition regarding new presidents. Their arrival in office is accompanied by a spirit of goodwill in Washington and the country. We call it the “honeymoon.” It once last for several months after the inauguration. But in recent years the honeymoon has been getting shorter and shorter. President-elect Donald Trump didn’t even get through the night of his election before protestors took to the streets. Only in the days leading up to the Civil War was America this divided. But even then, the discourse was rarely as angry and inflamed as today. Compare the Lincoln-Douglas debates with this year’s debates and you’ll see what I mean. Lincoln and Douglas disagreed. They jabbed at one other. But they also spoke respectfully. You might answer, “Yes, but these are different times.” And that’s my point. Proverbs 15:1 begins, “A gentle answer turns away wrath.” (NASB) But today, millions of people don’t want to turn wrath away. They want to further inflame it. They prefer the second half of Proverbs 15:1 — “But a harsh word stirs up anger.” For internet trolls, it’s like a game where there are no fouls. They urge people to kill themselves. They zero in on whatever makes a person different from them — anything from weight to race to region of origin. With demonic hatred, they do all they can, not just to win an argument, but to destroy the person they’re arguing with. But while they do great harm, they are a mere symptom of a far bigger problem. Every cosmopolitan nation on earth, including the United States, is shattering in slow motion. It’s like a glass hitting the floor, but so slowly that we can see each crack begin and grow into a full break. And we see it from inside the glass. Everywhere we turn, we see the shattering and breakage. Jesus said that in the last days, “Nation will rise against nation.” (Matthew 24:7 NASB) As I’ve said before, the Greek word translated “nation” is “ethnos,” from which we get the word “ethnicity.” Jesus is speaking about fighting among people groups. On all sides of every racial divide, we’ve seen a massive rise in bigotry over the last five years. But it isn’t just race. Everywhere you see a division today, it tends to be deepening. The educational and entertainment establishments seem determined to exacerbate the problem. They teach everyone, especially the young, to constantly be on the lookout for what they call “microaggressions” against them. It can be a microaggression to look at someone; or to not notice them. A smile can be a microaggression — as can a frown or a neutral facial expression. Young people are taught to take any statement or question about race or gender as a microaggression. They are also taught to consider people not mentioning race or gender as a microaggression. This puts everyone in a lose-lose environment, especially the person who has learned to perceive everyone as against him. We are brainwashing people into paranoia. It is the new way of keeping women and minorities away from success, and making them miserable in the process. One of the worst aspects of the emphasis on microaggressions is the damage it does to friendships. Friends engage one another in conversation. We don’t carefully prepare press releases to tell our friends what we think. Yet, in this environment, even professional writers struggle to prepare statements that people looking for microaggressions won’t pick apart. If that’s true of carefully crafted statements by professionals, imagine what it does to off-the-cuff conversation. Without conversation, what happens to friendship? And without friendship, how can we meaningfully cross ethnic and other human divides? So, here we stand in the middle of a glass as it impacts the floor. We see new fault lines form in every direction we look. Hatred, fear, and rage are shattering the world. What do we do? We do what Jesus said to do. We love. In John 13:35, He said, “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” (NASB) The best testimony of Christ’s love in your life is an expression of that love to someone else. The world may shatter along the lines of various people groups, but believers in Jesus must not — not even a little. When Paul talked about the unity in Christ between believing Jews and believing Gentiles, he gave a lesson regarding all potential fault lines among believers. “He Himself is our peace, who made both groups into one, and broke down the barrier of the dividing wall.” (Ephesians 2:14 NASB) If you’re angry with Christian brothers and sisters who voted against Trump — or with those who voted for him — please stop a moment. Pause. Forgive. One person’s conscience dictates one thing, and another person’s conscience says something else. Be loving! I call these articles “Watchman Warnings,” based on the scriptures that speak of the “watchman on the wall.” That’s what God has called me to. Here is my warning: don’t allow Satan to infect you with anger or paranoia. Heed the words of Jesus in John 15:12. “This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you.” (NASB) 

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Gov. Phil Bryant: Unite Behind Trump 'in Civility and in Trust'

By Arielle Dreher Thursday, November 10, 2016 12:45 p.m. CST

JACKSON — Leaders from the Mississippi Republican Party called on the state's citizens to unite as Donald Trump won enough states Tuesday night to be the next president of the United States, even though Democrat Hillary Clinton led in the nationwide popular vote. State Treasurer Lynn Fitch, the chairwoman of Mississippi for Trump, said it is an exciting time for the American people. "We have great opportunities ahead of us to bring in conservative values and principles and jumpstart the economy with new ideas and new processes and new thoughts and certainly to protect our freedoms to protect our Constitution and to bring security to a very, very troubled world," she said at a Nov. 9 press conference. Trump won 58 percent of the vote for president in Mississippi; Hillary Clinton received 40 percent of the state's vote. Gov. Phil Bryant campaigned around the country for Trump, including a trip to Pennsylvania with Gov. Rick Perry and Gov. Mike Huckabee, all Republicans. "There are many joys that we can cherish from last night's victory, and it would be all too easy to feel vindicated and boastful, but President-elect Trump has called on us to be a people united," Bryant said today. "As governor of this great state, I will heed those words and ask all Mississippians to come together as one today, as citizens of this nation, we must be united in civility and in trust. We must be united in accepting the results of this historic election and its true potential. This is our opportunity to join the next president in making America great again." Bryant said Trump knows Mississippi and has said that the state will have the ability to "go directly into the oval office with the concerns we have." Bryant compared Trump to Mississippi, saying both are often misunderstood. "Mississippi, like Donald Trump, has often been misunderstood and seen only for our imperfections," he said. "Today begins a new defining for this president-elect and for our Mississippi; let us go together." Gov. Bryant said he was not "applying for" a spot in Trump's administration, and said that while he would be willing to take a position if asked, he also said "it's something that just won't happen." "I just can't say just now (whether I'd consider it) because I've been called by a governor (in the past) and asked to take an appointment, and governors and presidents are hard to say no to, and I would say that this one would be particularly hard to say no to," he said. Election results show that while Trump won the election with enough states to put him over the electoral-college target of 270, Clinton won the popular vote nationwide. Last night, protests erupted around the nation against the new president-elect over campaign pledges, statements and tweets many consider to be bigoted, and harmful to both women and people of color. Many protesters are calling for the electoral college, which does not vote until December, to cast their votes for Clinton instead. Bryant, however, called on Mississippians to come together to support Trump. "I ask all Mississippians who are rejoicing or brooding today to lay down your pride or your disappointment and come together; we have this ordained opportunity to be a part of this administration for the benefit of our state and our nation and our people," Bryant said. All of Mississippi's U.S. representatives were re-elected, including Rep. Gregg Harper a Republican who will enter his fifth term representing the middle portion of the state, District 3, which includes parts of Jackson, as well as parts of Madison and Rankin counties. Harper told reporters he believes U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan will keep his role and that he is excited to serve under Trump. After the tape went public of Trump bragging to a now-former NBC host about assaulting women and grabbing their vaginas, Ryan had backed away from openly supporting Trump until just before the election. 

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Politics: With Trump victory, has Netanyahu won the lottery?

Donald Trump’s US election victory could be a blessing for the prime minister – or a curse in disguise. When newly elected prime minister Ehud Barak was about to arrive in Washington for his first meeting with US president Bill Clinton in July 1999, Clinton could hardly contain his ecstasy. After enduring three years of tension with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Clinton actively worked to get Barak elected. He sent his top strategists, James Carville and Stanley Greenberg, to help Barak beat Netanyahu, and then told reporters that he was eager to work with Barak. Seventeen long years later, Netanyahu is having a hard time hiding his joy over the change in power in Washington, and the prospects of working with US President-elect Donald Trump. Burned from accusations he interfered in American politics in the past, Netanyahu remained carefully neutral in the election. In private conversations, he sincerely praised Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and expressed confidence that he would be able to get along much better with her than he did with current US President Barack Obama and with her husband, Bill. But Netanyahu, who looks, talks, and acts like a Republican, was obviously overjoyed when Pennsylvania, the state where he spent the formative years of his life, gave the presidency to Trump. It was the first time Pennsylvania had elected a Republican since November 1988, the month Netanyahu was elected to the Knesset for the first time. Netanyahu scolded ministers who released statements congratulating Trump on his victory before his own video congratulating Trump was ready to be posted on the Prime Minister’s Office website. Smiling broadly in the video, Netanyahu appeared downright giddy as he declared Trump “a great friend of Israel,” and said he looked forward to working with him to advance “security, prosperity and peace” – an order that might have been different had someone else been elected. Not stopping there, Netanyahu also posted to his Facebook page a video Trump released in 2013, in which he endorsed Netanyahu ahead of an Israeli election and praised him as “a great prime minister” and “a winner.” Netanyahu stopped short of posting the exclusive Jerusalem Post interview with Trump that same day in which he said he wished Netanyahu was running in his own country. “I think he would have been a great president of the United States,” Trump told the Post in what to this day is the last interview Trump has given any Israeli media outlet that is not owned by campaign contributor Sheldon Adelson. Mocking his trademark “you’re fired” line from his reality show The Apprentice, Trump said “Netanyahu will not be fired.” He added that he believed Netanyahu was respected by Obama, and that he did not think the prime minister had a bad relationship with Democrats in Washington. There are indeed plenty of Democrats whom Netanyahu got along with, but there were also Democrats who boycotted his speech to Congress last year. Ironically, in more than 10-and-a-half years in power, Netanyahu has never served a single day with a Republican president. More than one former Netanyahu adviser recently recounted past conversations in which the prime minister made the following incredible statement: “I want to know what it’s like for just one day to have a president who has my back.” That one day will arrive on January 20, the day Obama leaves and Trump is inaugurated. There are 71 days between today and then. That interregnum period between the election and the inauguration has been the subject of much speculation, because Obama could use it to push through anti-Israel policies unencumbered by political obligations. But now speculation will also begin on what Netanyahu will do during that period. Netanyahu has 71 days to figure out how to handle the potential of a US president who – if he keeps his campaign promises – will not pressure Israel in any way. Every day of his four terms as prime minister until now, whenever right-wing politicians pressured Netanyahu to build throughout Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, he would point to Washington and raise his hands. Now what will he say and do? Well, that depends on what his actual policies are in his heart of hearts, and with all due respect to current and former Netanyahu staffers, it is possible that no one knows that but Netanyahu himself. Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett, who as Netanyahu’s former chief of staff knows him pretty well, rushed to declare on Wednesday that the pursuit of a Palestinian state is over. That message was intended not only for the media, his constituents and the world, but also to get into Netanyahu’s head that he must use Trump’s victory to swerve rightward, or his political future could be jeopardized. Netanyahu spoke on the phone Wednesday with Trump, who invited him to come to Washington as soon as possible. That could end up being at the end of March, when the AIPAC Policy Conference takes place in Washington. That would give Netanyahu two more months beyond the interregnum to figure out where he is heading. But then there will be no more stalling, and Netanyahu will have to have figured out his new toy’s instructions. Like an instant lottery winner, Netanyahu has never had to deal with such a new challenge of riches: the blessing of an American president who says he will not pressure Israel. But winning the lottery has proven to be a curse in disguise for many who could not handle the pressure. 

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Anti-Trump protests spread across nation

By Azadeh Ansari, Ralph Ellis and Khushbu Shah, CNN Updated 6:39 AM ET, Sat November 12, 2016

(CNN) Thousands took to the streets of cities across the United States late Friday and early Saturday as anti-Donald Trump protests saw highways and interstates blocked, numerous arrests -- and a shooting at a march in Portland, Oregon. Angry crowds gathered once again outside the 58-story Trump Tower, the President-elect's home in New York. Protester Shoshi "Rabin" Rabinowitz explained her motivation for being there: "Words can't describe how disgusted I am that he was elected over Hillary (Clinton)," she said. "I think he needs to really address all the divisive, hateful things he's said in the past and recant them, denounce them," said fellow New York protester Nick Truesdale. There have been nightly protests since Trump's election and more demonstrations are expected through the weekend. Trump has tweeted about the protests. On Thursday night he said, "Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!" He was more conciliatory Friday morning, saying: "Love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. We will all come together and be proud!" Protests across US On Friday protests were held in several cities including Los Angeles, New Haven, Connecticut; Orlando, Florida; Chicago; Boston; Asheville, North Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; Columbus, Ohio; and at high schools in Denver and Omaha. Arrests were made in Los Angeles -- but the police department was not able to immediately provide the number of people arrested. Groups in that city and elsewhere across the country are angry about policies Trump has promised to enforce concerning immigration, the environment, LGBT rights and other issues. The Facebook page for a protest planned in Burlington, Vermont, said: "Come protest the xenophobia, racism, homophobia, misogyny,and climate science denial of the Trump/Pence regime!! Come show your support for our Muslim, queer, immigrant, and female family!!" Protestor shot In Portland Oregon, a man was injured in a shooting on the Morrison Bridge during a protest march early Saturday morning. The suspect was believed to be in a vehicle on the bridge when a confrontation unfolded with someone in the crowd, Portland Police said in a news release. The suspect got out of the vehicle and fired multiple shots before fleeing the scene. The victim's injuries were not life threatening -- and he was treated at a local hospital. Witnesses described the shooter as an African-American male in his late teens. Protesters also blocked the street outside Portland's City Hall on Friday. As the sun set on the crowd, police tried to disperse the protestors but tensions remained high. "Burning projectiles being thrown at officers," a tweet posted on the police department's Twitter page Friday evening said. Earlier in the day, city officials appealed for calm after a Thursday night protest by about 4,000 people turned violent. Windows on businesses were broken and a car dealership was vandalized. Twenty-six people were arrested. "We had some anarchists who hijacked that event and did terrible damage to our neighbors and friends," Mayor Charlie Hales said at a news conference. "They spread violence and fear and detracted from the legitimate exercise of those First Amendment rights." In Boston, hundreds of people gathered on Boston Common for a "Love Rally in the Common." Organizers said on Facebook: "Let's unite together to peacefully show all of those whom Donald Trump or his supporters have put down that we still care about them, and to give them an opportunity to have their voices be heard." Interstates blocked In Miami, hundreds of people walked down Biscayne Boulevard chanting "Love Trumps Hate" and carrying signs with messages such as "How many judges will it take to ruin America?" video from CNN affiliate WSVN showed. Some protesters walked onto Interstate 95 and surrounded cars, forcing four lanes of traffic to a standstill, WSVN video showed. Interstate 80 in Iowa City, Iowa, was shut down briefly by about 75 protesters, Sgt. Chris Akers with the Iowa City Police Department said. Nobody was arrested, he said. In Dallas, protesters dragged and kicked a Trump piñata through the streets. A store window was reportedly smashed. American flag burned In Atlanta, about 500 people marched downtown, said Atlanta Police spokesman Lukasz Sajdak. They tried to walk onto a highway but were turned back by law enforcement officers who blocked their way. No arrests were made. An American flag was burned near the Georgia State Capitol building, something that didn't please protesters Sanjay Mendonca and Akshita Mendonca. Aged 40 and 39, respectively, they voted for Hillary Clinton. "The current situation is not good for us and our children," Sanjay said. "I'm here for my kids because I don't want them to think we didn't do something ... A lot of people feel hopeless right now." When asked why he was protesting, 20-year-old Alex Hariri said, "Trump does not support anyone in the community I know. I'm a gay Middle Eastern man. He's against everything I am." US vs Mexico Soccer Game Despite Trump's repeated threats targeting undocumented Mexican migrants, crowds gathered to build bonds not walls during the US-Mexico 2018 World Cup qualifier game on Friday. US soccer fans put politics aside as they greeted Mexico fans with high fives. "Good luck, sorry about Trump, sorry," one group of US fans said to another group of Mexican fans. "The atmosphere is absolutely amazing," Christian Couch said. "It's a sport that we all love and that's why we are here. I don't think politics should play a part in this game." Mexico beat the US 2-1. Anti-Trump sentiments Cell phone video captured a man involved in a traffic accident on Chicago's West Side being attacked by people yelling that he voted for Trump. "You voted Trump!," one attacker yells at the 49-year-old driver, David Wilcox. Wilcox said a car scraped the side of his vehicle as he was about to make a left turn at a busy intersection on Wednesday. "I heard a lady yell something about 'that guy is one of those Trump supporters'," Wilcox told CNN affiliate WGN. "I turned and said to her 'that has nothing to do with this.'" The situation escalated from there as bystanders yelled anti-Trump taunts at Wilcox -- who told WGN that there is no way the crowd could have known who he had voted for. In the video, Wilcox is seen being knocked to the pavement, repeatedly punched and kicked as a handful of people gather around him. A police investigation is ongoing. CNN's Joe Sutton, Rolando Zenteno, Max Blau, John Murgatroyd, Martin Savidge and Andreas Preuss contributed to this report. 

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Satanic Globalists Threaten Violent Revolution Upon America As Thousands Of George Soros Zombies Are Triggered By Donald Trump And Reality

- Trump Plaza Becomes Militarized No-Fly Zone As Threats Against Trump Continue

November 10, 2016 By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Possibly just too ignorant to even realize that America just had a bloodless revolution that has begun the overthrow of corporate, satanic, globalist dictatorial powers intent upon permanently enslaving all of America and the world, America's cupcakes and special snowflakes are now threatening to unleash a violent revolution upon America with one lost soul actually outright calling for bloodshed and death while on CNN. While we are huge supporters of legal protest here at ANP and we're quite sure we'll be writing critical stories of Donald Trump and his presidency over the next 8 years (yes, I did say 8!), the fact that illuminatists such as singer Katy Perry are actually calling for 'revolution' on Twitter, apparently seeking to permanently overthrow our Republic and help the satanic globalists enslave America, helps prove America isn't quite out of the woods yet and has a long way to go. And with most snowflakes and cupcakes having no idea that a Hillary Clinton presidency likely would have quickly lead to not only their own deaths but the deaths of most every other person they have ever known, with Kremlin again claiming a Clinton presidency would have led to World War 3 (and likely nuclear annihilation for America and much of the world), thousands of unaware Americans are even the actually protesting the fact their lives will continue and not come to a radioactively abrupt end. Rather than celebrating the death of a 'rotten to the core' dynasty that has brought widespread corruption and shame upon America, they prove to us just how dumbed-down a huge part of America has become. And while that part of America remains 'hopeless', as we see on the map below showing election results county to county, most of America is a shiny red ocean except for the big cities, the 'left coast' and near the border with Mexico where 'blue' dominates. With this map proving to us that most of 'America' clearly saw what was going on and voted out a failing ideology in favor of giving America a very real chance despite the myriad problems that we face, we also see that America's big cities, which will instantly become 'death traps' in an economic collapse, overwhelmingly voted Clinton thus seemingly 'skewing' the final voting numbers which showed Hillary ended up winning the popular vote. With countless cupcakes shouting 'not my president' and burning 'orange-haired effigies' of our next president we have to ask, are we about to witness insane violence on US streets from people who don't even realize that their lives may about to get much, much better under a President Trump? Do they not even understand we'll now get someone in charge of America who'll bring jobs back to our country and focus on America first rather than further sinking America into globalist tyranny? If the younger generations in America really believe that America and the world would be a better place under a president Hillary Clinton, all they need to do is take a look at the mess SHE helped to create in the Middle East, with Syria a fallen nation due to HER policies, certainly not Donald Trump's. Back in the 2nd debate Trump actually triggered Clinton's foreign policy spokesperson Jesse Lehrich after Trump told the entire world that Muslim-American US Army Captain Humayun Khan would still be alive if he had been in charge because he would have never invaded Iraq and Kahn wouldn't have been in the position to die in a war that America never should have been in. Just like a clueless social justice warrior special snowflake, Lehrich either couldn't hold back his pure and total ignorance or has proven to America he's just another warmonger intent upon death and destruction for the world.: “Unlike her, who voted for the war…I would not have had people in Iraq because Iraq was a disaster,” Trump said, referring to Clinton’s vote in support of the war. “So he would be alive today.” 

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America Dodges A Bullet But 'It's Not Over, Not By A Long Shot' Oathkeepers Founder Stewart Rhodes Warns - 'We Are Not Out Of The Woods Yet'

- Glory Be To God For The Amazing Grace That He Has Bestowed Upon Us

November 9, 2016 By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Way back on July 9th of 2015 when the entire Republican establishment was aligned against him and the mainstream media were still calling Donald Trump a 'joke candidate' and a clown and somebody who had no business being in politics, Susan Duclos published a story on All News Pipeline in which she told us why Donald Trump just might win in November of 2016, nearly a year and a half later. In her story telling us that Trump had just slammed NBC out of the park and was gathering strength among US Veterans, the Latino voters and 2nd Amendment supporters, we hardly expected then that Trump's rival in the most contentious and exciting presidential election in our lifetimes would a year later give Trumps supporters their biggest rallying point and battle cry when she called half of America 'Deplorable'. Days after that July 9th story we published another story on ANP in which we warned 'the dogs of hell had been unleashed on Trump' with the beginning of a non-stop mainstream media assault that continued until election day, but by then, even they knew their propaganda hadn't worked. With Trump awakening the sleeping giant as far back as July of 2015 as Susan told us in this July 25th story, by embracing the 'common man' in America, Trump had thus aligned the entire 'NWO' and establishment against him. Telling us then the entire 'establishment politicos' and MSM wanted Trump gone as he attacked globalist goals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership and massive unchecked immigration, seeing what has happened here in America just over a year later can rightfully be called a win for the little guy over the elite and 'a bloodless revolution'. Accomplished by the self-governing citizens of America sending their elite, globalist, one-world leadership a resounding message they never wanted to hear, American clearly 'awoke' in 2016. As Ray Gano over at Prophezine tells us, "thanks be to God" for this glorious day that many of us thought we'd never see in our lifetimes. And while we're rejoicing at ANP for the bountiful blessings that He has given to us, we also know that it's now time for America to roll up our sleeves, while getting on our knees in praise that He has heard our pleas - for we have tremendous work ahead of us and it will not be easy. And while 'election fever boiled over' leading to some rioting and chaos and certainly a lot of hearts broken and tears cried, we truly have reached a point where America has 'a new beginning' despite the obvious problems our country faces. With government jobs outnumbering manufacturing jobs in America by more than 9 million and a US National Debt of more than 19 trillion dollars with no end in site, it's clear very tough decisions will need to be made in the months ahead. With globalists allegedly planning on 'attacking our economy with economic collapse' as heard in the 2nd video below from Alex Jones and 2016 already proving to us a year of great upheaval and chaos, we wonder what surprises may still lay around the corner. As ANP was told in a recent series of emails from Oathkeepers Founder Stewart Rhodes and Captain Dave Bertrand, grave danger for America may still lay ahead. While Bertrand and Rhodes rightfully bask in the Glory that God has given us on this day, they also remind us why we must stay vigilant in the days, weeks and months ahead. First, from Captain Dave who gives thanks to everybody involved in the amazing events that have transpired.: What is very important for me to convey to you and everyone else, the effort and work that we all put into this race has paid-off. Because the Liberty Movement had access to inside information at various levels, all of us were able to compare notes and predict what Hillary, Obama, "Black Lives Matter," George Soros, and other operatives might pull on the American people to create a distraction from the election and the fact that WE ALL pounded the message of "rigged elections" and false flag events, therefore gave THEM very few options....the counter-psyops on OUR part most likely forced a fair and legitimate election. The power of networking ten-fold plus by you, me and everyone else, including alternative media was very powerful...... The "landslide voting" worked to counter voter fraud reported in most every state, but not enough to affect the election. We are NOT out of the woods yet as news reaches the masses today, and as I am watching ABC, mainstream media is still an enemy of the Liberty Movement. Anything can happen and we must remain vigilant. And as we hear from Oathkeepers Founder Stewart Rhodes, he also echoes Captain Dave's sentiments and reemphasizes the need for preparation and education.: Amen brother. Amen. Thanks for all your hard work. As you said, the broader liberty movement got this done, and as a result, America just dodged a bullet. But it ain't over, not by a long shot. Hillary was such a wicked criminal sociopath, that millions of Americans would have simply refused to accept her as legitimate, while her supporters showed their true colors by still supporting such a proven criminal traitor. We avoided civil war ... for now. So, let's make the best of the time given us, and work hard to become as strong as we can, and as united as we can, and especially in our local communities to weather the coming storm. The elites still can, and will, crash the economy, so we need to get busy getting ready. Food storage, community security (neighborhood watches with teeth, church security teams, town watches, sheriff posse, etc) emergency communications, emergency medical, emergency power, fuel, heat, shelter, water purification, etc. And taking back our town, county, and state governments is also part of it. As for Oath Keepers, we will continue in our work to unite the American warrior class (current serving military and police, military veterans, retired cops, other first responders, and gun owners). But Oath Keepers will now also go on the offensive on the college campuses, by starting Oath Keepers student groups on campuses all over the country, to take them back from the "social justice warrior" Marxists who have gone virtually unchallenged on campus too long, and think that is "their" territory. We will unite the returning veterans who are going to college and show the SJWs the error of their ways, as we also work to counter the brainwashing of our youth, and instill in them the warrior ethos and love of the Constitution. However, as Barack Obama recently stated, it's now time for America to peacefully pass power from one group to the next in a 240+ year old time tested tradition that separates America from all the rest. And while we have many problems to face ahead of us, there is no place in the entire world that we'd rather be than in this great country. With Russian president Vladimir Putin congratulating Trump and promising to restore normal relations between Russia and the US, we see that WW3 may well have been avoided. We hear directly from Putin in the 1st video below. In the 3rd video below, we hear from Ted Nugent who tells us that now that we have elected Trump into office, it's time for Americans to step up to the plate and get our hands dirty and prove why we have been given this opportunity to put America where it needs to be for the future. Nugent tells us how proud he is of being an American and how proud he is of America. In the final video below we hear an outstanding video version of Amazing Grace. The 2016 election restored faith in the political process to tens of millions of Americans who had long given up on it, the 'little guy' who has long felt that Washington DC has neglected us. And while this next chapter in American history might not go exactly the way we want it to (we're quite sure that here at ANP, we'll have plenty to criticize 'President Trump' about), we 'Deplorables' are happy to 'own' that future for it is ours to create if indeed we work hard enough and follow our own bliss and praise God for the amazing Grace that He has bestowed upon us. 

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The Kremlin says a victory for Clinton would have sparked World War Three and electing Trump saved the world from Armageddon

News of Trump's election was greeted with jubilation in Moscow

Presidential adviser Sergei Glazyev said: 'Americans had two choices: World War Three or multilateral peace'

He described Hillary Clinton as a 'symbol of war'

Vladimir Putin has said he hopes for an improvement of US-Russian relations under Trump

By Dave Burke For Mailonline Published: 03:47 EST, 10 November 2016 | Updated: 14:15 EST, 10 November 2016

Donald Trump's election may have prevented World War Three, a top official at the Kremlin has revealed. The Republican's victory was greeted with jubilation in Moscow yesterday, with Russian President Vladimir Putin known to loathe Trump's opponent, Hillary Clinton. Relations between the two superpowers have been frosty during the Obama administration, and during Trump's campaign the President-elect promised friendlier relations with Moscow. The Russian premier yesterday spoke of his hopes that tensions can be set aside. His aide Sergei Glazyev went further, describing Clinton as a symbol of war. He told reporters, Lenta reports: 'Americans had two choices: World War Three or multilateral peace. 'Clinton was a symbol of war, and Trump has a chance to change this course.' Fellow Putin aide Vyacheslav Volodin, said that the end of the Obama years will signal 'an end to the problems it caused between the Kremlin and Washington'. Among these were sanctions imposed by the US and the EU after Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014. Volodin said: 'Sanctions are the tool used by the weak.' And he added: 'With sanctions you can’t have mutual respect.' In a speech in the Kremlin yesterday, Putin stated: 'We have heard the pre-election statements by then-candidate (Trump), which were directed at rebuilding relations between Russia and the US. 'We understand that this will not be an easy path considering the unfortunate degradation of relations. 'But Russia is ready and wants to restore full-fledged relations with the US.' The Russian President, who had a frosty relationship with President Obama and Hillary Clinton, continued: 'We are ready to do our part and do everything to return (US-Russian) relations to the trajectory of development. 'This would be in the interest of Russian and American people and would positively affect the general climate in international relations, considering the special responsibility of Russia and the US for ensuring global stability and security.' Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin voiced hopes for more constructive US-Russian dialogue when the newly-elected president takes office. He said: 'Current Russian-US relations cannot be called friendly. One would like to hope that a more constructive dialog between the two countries will be possible when the new president takes office.'

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etc. For you will see the terrorists as they rise up, you will see the killings as the blood rolls in the street, you will see buildings as they are blown up, you will see many, many things as they take place now. etc

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Shock Video: Black Mob Viciously Beats White Trump Voter

"You voted Trump? You gonna pay for that shit!"

Paul Joseph Watson - November 10, 2016

Shocking video out of Chicago shows a mob of young black men viciously beating an older white man because he voted for Donald Trump, dragging him through the streets as he hangs out of the back of his car. The clip shows the thugs repeatedly screaming, “you voted Donald Trump” as they assault the victim from every angle while others steal his belongings. “You voted Trump,” the mob screams, “You gonna pay for that sh*t.” Another woman shouts “beat his ass,” while another man is heard laughing before remarking, “Don’t vote Trump.” A second video of the incident which is dubbed with the “F**k Donald Trump” song, a phrase now being chanted by “protesters” across the country, shows one of the attackers driving away in the man’s vehicle while his hand is still stuck in the window as the car drags him down the street. “The scene is frankly reminiscent of a lynching,” remarks Chris Menahan. It is not even clear if the victim was a Trump supporter. Presumably, the mob used that as an excuse to beat and rob him. YouTube quickly deleted the video, but it has been mirrored on numerous different websites. If the roles had been reversed, and Trump supporters had been caught on tape viciously beating a black Hillary voter, this would be a national news story right now. As it is, you won’t see this on CNN any time soon. 

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Moscow warns Holland of ‘grave consequences’ after Russian aircraft carrier forces Dutch submarine to flee when it detects it following its fleet in the Mediterranean

Russia has said its warships 'regularly' detect NATO submarines

Nato chiefs are scrambling to put together a force of 300,000 troops

There are fears President Vladimir Putin may launch an attack on the West

By Hannah Al-othman For Mailonline Published: 15:33 EST, 9 November 2016 | Updated: 18:37 EST, 9 November 2016

Russia has accused a Dutch submarine of trying to monitor its aircraft carrier and follow its vessels in the Mediterranean, branding the manoeuvre 'clumsy' and 'dangerous', and warning of 'grave consequences'. According to the Russian defence ministry, the Severomorsk and the Vice-Admiral Kulakov, two of its anti-submarine ships, 'spotted a submarine from the Dutch navy, which tried to approach the Northern Fleet's aircraft carrier group in the eastern Mediterranean.' The Dutch submarine, which was detected by anti-submarine helicopters, was located about 12 miles from the Russian warships, it said. 'The vessels followed its manoeuvres for more than an hour and forced it to leave the deployment area of the aircraft carrier's group,' a ministry statement said. 'These clumsy attempts to carry out dangerous manoeuvres in the immediate proximity of a group of Russian vessels could have had grave navigational consequences,' it continued. Russian warships 'regularly' detect NATO submarines on their way to the Mediterranean, the ministry said. When contacted by AFP, the Dutch defence ministry had no immediate comment on its naval operations. In recent months, Russia has reinforced its naval presence in the Mediterranean as part of its intervention in Syria where it has been conducting an aerial campaign in support of President Bashar al-Assad. Russia also has an airbase in Hmeimim just south of the Syrian city of Latakia from which it has carried out air strikes since the start of its military intervention in September 2015, as well as a naval facility in the port city of Tartus. Nato has also said that Russian fighter jets are constantly testing defences over the Baltic states, with more than 600 'interceptions' so far this year. Nato pilots, most often German, defending the skies over Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have said the situation in the Baltic has become serious. Lieutenant Colonel Swen Jacob, the commander of the German pilots, said they often flew as close as 10 yards from the Russian jets and one occasion a Russian pilot gave him a middle-fingered salute. The Russian air force is said to be under orders from President Vladimir Putin to be more aggressive in the air. Given Moscow's aggressive posturing, Nato chiefs are scrambling to put together a force of 300,000 troops which they can put on 'high alert. There are fears that President Putin may launch an attack on the West, after relations with Russia plummeted. Most Nato members cut their defence spending dramatically since the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 but Russia has been bolstering its military capabilities, holding parades involving more than 100,000 troops each year.

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etc. I have told you to have enough food, generator for three months, how long, for three months. Not three years, not six years, not seven years. Man says many things, but it does not line up with my word, but I shall be giving unto you my word that you may know, you must prepare now, you must get your house in order now, these things, these things are important. etc.. 

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Be Prepared – Food

Posted November 9th, 2016 at 8:26 PM (CST) by Jim Sinclair & filed under General Editorial.

Dear Extended Family and Friends, Thank you for your overwhelmingly positive responses to my Preparedness articles. I greatly appreciate your input, and regret that I am unable to respond to your emails individually. There isn’t enough time to permit me to respond to each of you personally, so if you just get a “Thank you” from me, please know that your contributions are acknowledged, important and appreciated. The next subject which needs to be addressed in preparedness is food. We all need food and prudent storage is very important. No one can tell you what you need. Your needs and desires are as individual as you are, and your budgets, storage space and dietary needs and restrictions are just as varied. No one in one article or even one book could completely address your needs. In this article I hope to share with you some ideas about things to consider, if you aren’t already engaged in some form of food storage. This article will suggest some things to think about and help you move on with your own research. We can be faced with lots of challenges which could influence our ability to obtain food. It doesn’t have to be a broad scale emergency like we just experienced on the East Coast of the USA from the storm Jonas. Your food emergency could be as individual as the loss of a job or other personal tragedy which compromises your ability to get food. We all need air, food and water to survive. This is known as the Rule of Threes. Usually – You can’t survive more than 3 minutes without air. You can’t survive more than 3 days without water, and you can’t survive more than 3 weeks without food. It is recommended that the minimum amount of water to have, not including water to rehydrate food is one gallon/4 litres per day, per person. Although, I will make some suggestions for you to consider in storing food, you can do some independent research on Google using parameters such as “long term food storage.” You can pay anywhere from about $1500 on up for a one year basic food supply for one person. If you purchase long term storage food, there are a few things to know. You need to store it in a cool, dark place without moisture. You need to store water, because the food is dried or dehydrated. You need to store oil, since the dried/dehydrated foods don’t contain fats. Fats would shorten shelf life since fats become rancid. You need to have a manual/non-electric can opener or your food won’t be very accessible in a power outage. A few days ago, the winter storm in the US may have provided the opportunity for some of you to learn where you are prepared and where you aren’t. Hopefully this experience wasn’t with dire consequences. The school of experience is expensive. Grocery store shelves in the affected areas were cleaned out days before the storm, and there was nothing available to buy. Those people who had some food stored would have been the most prepared, even with the numerous power outages which occurred. We won’t always be warned of a coming storm, whether it is an environmental storm or a financial storm. We need to Be Prepared. Although the long time readers of JSMineset are aware that gold and silver will be the ultimate safety net in the long term, there is a period between a time of crisis and it’s resolution. It is that period, which I hope to address, especially since we have so many new readers. There is a path to prosperity, even in undesirable or unfortunate circumstances, but we have to survive and thrive in the interim period. For those of you who already have bulk and long term food supplies, my congratulations to you and well done. For those of you who are just embarking on preparedness, much of what is written is for you, and I hope you benefit from having some things to consider. Since 1 out of every 6 Americans is presently receiving food assistance, the need for preparedness may be critical for your families. You can prepare a little at a time, each and every time you shop. The first of the month is approaching and I am writing now so that, if you are receiving food assistance, you can start your planning now. The issuance of EBS cards have electronically hidden what would have been the bread lines of the Great Depression. We don’t see bread lines these days because of EBS, but if we did, they would be long and populated by adults, seniors and children from all walks of life including some of your neighbors. You can prepare with a little planning. Devote $5 or $10 every time you shop. Start with things like pasta, canned spaghetti sauce, rice, peanut butter, canned fish, Spam, canned chili or stew and crackers, orange flavored breakfast drink, powdered, boxed, or canned milk, canned soups, etc. Crackers can be a substitute for bread and have a much longer shelf life. Many of these items you can get for around $1 each. Start storing some as soon as possible. Some food supplies last almost indefinitely and are very versatile and useful. Among these are sugar, salt, honey, vinegar, rice, pasta and dried beans. Be sure to try to stock foods your family will eat. A rapid change in diet can and usually will create disturbances in the intestinal tract. For this reason it is advisable to have medications for constipation and diarrhoea. Additional items which need to be stocked with food are vitamins. The foods you are able to stock may not be the most nutritionally desirable. Many college students live on Ramen Noodles. Although you can survive on them, they aren’t nutritionally balanced. Vitamins are particularly important for the young. In difficult times, if you must sacrifice nutrition for food in your belly, be sure to have Vitamins. Don’t forget about spices, cooking oil and some shelf stable comfort foods. If you need coffee or tea, aim to stock some, and keep some non-dairy creamers if you prefer. Some hot cocoa mix can be an enormous comfort food in a time of need and popcorn can be an inexpensive shelf stable treat. Don’t forget pet food in your preparedness planning. You will want to provide for Fido and Kitty too. Last, the item you will hopefully consider is seeds. Not seeds for consumption, but some heirloom seeds for planting in order to grow food, if needed. Even a small square foot garden or potted window or porch garden is better than no garden at all. If you don’t need your seeds down the road, you can always barter them for something you do need. Be sure to get heirloom seeds, so that they will continue to produce seeds from the plants you grow. Hybrid and GMO seeds will not reproduce with true seeds and likely not grow anything at all. Take some time and sort out some things to obtain for your food storage. You can do it and for only $5 or $10 a week. Look for Google links and Youtube videos. You can’t really go wrong with food. Your worst case is that you will eat it. If you have the resources for expensive long term food storage, it is great to have it. It is like insurance. If you have expensive long term storage food but don’t use it, you can always donate it to your area church, soup kitchen or food shelf and take a tax deduction for your contribution. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in the socio-economical, political, gender, geographic or demographic landscape. It is better to plan and be safer for the effort. The important thing to take away from this article is to not only know that you can do this, but to start- now. Respectfully yours, Jim Sinclair  

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Donald Trump: President by the Sovereign Intervention of God

By Michael Brown , CP Op-Ed Contributor Nov 9, 2016 | 1:51 PM

As the political pundits weigh in on the many sociological and ideological factors that contributed to Donald Trump's stunning victory, allow me to weigh in on the spiritual side of things. I believe Trump has been elected president by divine intervention. I'm aware, of course, that some people believe that everything happens by the will of God, which means that whoever wins the presidency wins by God's express will. Yet there are times when there are so many odds against something happening, when it so greatly defies logic, that it is easier to recognize God's involvement. That, I believe, is the case with Donald Trump winning — and remember, this comes from someone who endorsed Ted Cruz and was one of Trump's stronger conservative critics during the primaries. Just think of the obstacles Trump overcame, including: 1. The massive baggage of his past, including the release of a vulgar video with his tremendously offensive sexual comments along with numerous women accusing him of sexual assault (as reported by no less than the New York Times) 2. his myriad campaign errors, with enough misstatements and inappropriate remarks to sink several candidates 3. a very strong Republican field, including governors like Bush, Christie, Kasich, Huckabee and Walker, senators like Cruz, Rubio and Santorum, and outsiders like Carson and Fiorina 4. the massive power of the Clinton political machine 5. the overwhelming collusion of the mainstream media. To be sure, some will say, "Yes, God has raised up Donald Trump, but it is to judge America, not bless America. He has given us what we deserve, and it is not good." That is certainly a possibility, and either way, Trump's many negative qualities are still glaring and our nation remains terribly divided. But if, indeed, God has raised Trump up for certain divine purposes, it behooves us to ask what those purposes are. First, consider this post from Pastor Jeremiah Johnson, now just 28 years old, dating to July of last year. Jeremiah knew very little about Trump when he wrote these words: "I was in a time of prayer several weeks ago when God began to speak to me concerning the destiny of Donald Trump in America. The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, 'Trump shall become My trumpet to the American people, for he possesses qualities that are even hard to find in My people these days. Trump does not fear man nor will he allow deception and lies to go unnoticed. I am going to use him to expose darkness and perversion in America like never before, but you must understand that he is like a bull in a china closet. Many will want to throw him away because he will disturb their sense of peace and tranquility, but you must listen through the bantering to discover the truth that I will speak through him. I will use the wealth that I have given him to expose and launch investigations searching for the truth. Just as I raised up Cyrus to fulfill My purposes and plans, so have I raised up Trump to fulfill my purposes and plans prior to the 2016 election. You must listen to the trumpet very closely for he will sound the alarm and many will be blessed because of his compassion and mercy. Though many see the outward pride and arrogance, I have given him the tender heart of a father that wants to lend a helping hand to the poor and the needy, to the foreigner and the stranger.'" Obviously, Trump's policies regarding immigration would seem to contradict the final sentence here, but if the rest of this proclamation is true, then perhaps this part will prove true too as well. Second, consider the perspective of Dr. Lance Wallnau, a Christian speaker and leadership coach who often thinks outside the box. He too felt that God was raising up Trump to be a Cyrus-type leader — someone used by God to help the nation, even though he himself was not a believer — feeling directed to read a passage from Isaiah 45 to Trump (this passage speaks of Cyrus), and say that Trump was called to be the 45th president of the United States. Wallnau believes that God is using Trump as a "wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness," claiming, "His emergence is such a destabilizing threat to the vast deal making machinery embedded in both parties that he has the unique distinction of being rejected by both liberal Democrats and establishment Republicans at the same time." In Wallnau's words, Trump is God's "chaos candidate." (For my 90-minute interview with Dr. Wallnau on this subject, where he took calls from critics, see here.) But here is the major caveat, even if all (or most of these things) are true: If Trump, indeed, is a divine wrecking ball, then he could do as much as harm as good, and to the extent that he is appealing to the fears and frustrations and anger of a nation, he is channeling some potentially dangerous emotions. That means that we should pray that: 1. he will continue to surround himself with solid men like Mike Pence, his Vice President, or Rudy Giuliani, possibly his Attorney General 2. he will listen to the godly leaders who have been speaking into his life, like James Robison and Tony Perkins 3. he will humble himself, recognizing that the pride that has brought him this far is the pride that could destroy him 4. he will keep his word about the Supreme Court justices he will nominate 5. he will not compromise the Republican platform in some misguided effort to prove his moderation 6. he will do his best not to alienate those who are horrified by his presidency, instead pledging to be the president of all Americans (that would mean, for example, declaring war on radical Islam without declaring war on all Muslims) 7. he will demonstrate that he will ultimately help our nation as a whole (for example, with good economic policies or by proposing something better than Obamacare) 8. he will learn to act presidential (rather than vengeful and impetuous) on both a national and international level. In short, if Trump indeed is president by divine intervention, we should pray for divine restraint on his life as well, lest this divine wrecking ball wreak havoc on the nation while tearing down what is wrong. May he be a divinely guided wrecking ball!

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Now What? Winning the Election Alone Won't Change the Country's Direction

1:30PM EST 11/9/2016 Bob Eschliman

Evangelical voters turned out in historic numbers this past election cycle, electing the Republican ticket of Donald Trump and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. So many evangelical faith leaders have lined up to celebrate the milestone victory and the potential it represents to help steer our nation back into alignment with the Lord. But they also caution there is still much work to be done. Campaign for Working Families Chairman Gary Bauer, himself a former Republican presidential candidate, called Trump's win an "American Revolution 2.0" for frustrated Americans struggling under the heavy load of taxes, debt and disastrous policies. He said that was why they elected an administration "committed to making America great for all its citizens, rather than those who profit from government and American decline." He said: This election is the first step toward freeing Americans from the tyranny of political correctness and unchecked political power. Using their votes, Americans who live and work on Main Street overcame the combined resources of the media, the entertainment industry and corporate and political elites. They rejected four more years of more scandals and failed big government policies. The commonsense values of the American people prevailed today. Now the hard work of making Washington work for the people, not the politicians and their special interest, begins in earnest. Dr. Alveda King weighed in, as well: What's important is what "in spirit and in truth" Christians do now. I said on air earlier that what happens on Nov. 9 is more important than what happened now on Nov. 8. Yesterday is now history. We who are spiritual must now keep praying and listening to God. No matter what humans say, God has allowed Mr. Trump to rise this far. No human can save America or the world. Only the God of John 3:16 can do that! More will be revealed in the days ahead. Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser talked about the impact Trump's election could have on the pro-life movement in America. She said: This is a historic moment for the pro-life movement. There are four critical pro-life goals now within our reach: end painful late-term abortions, codify the Hyde Amendment, defund Planned Parenthood and appoint pro-life Supreme Court Justices. Lila Rose, founder of the pro-life group Live Action, issued the following statement: Planned Parenthood has been defeated at the ballot box. Despite the millions Planned Parenthood and its allies spent to elect a pro-abortion president and Congress, voters roundly rejected the abortion agenda of Hillary Clinton and the abortion industry that backed her campaign. When the abortion lobby pushed for unregulated abortions through all nine months of pregnancy and wanted to force taxpayers to pay for them, the American people pushed back. Because of the pro-life pledges Donald Trump made during the campaign, there is now a clear path to end the public funding that enables the dismemberment, poisoning, or starving to death of one million innocent children each year. It's critical that we unite to hold Mr. Trump to those pledges to defund Planned Parenthood, to appoint pro-life Supreme Court justices, and to ensure that taxpayers are never forced to fund abortions. Planned Parenthood gets $1.5 million in taxpayer funding every day—nearly half of its budget—which allows it to keep its doors open and ruthlessly slaughter 887 children a day. It's time to put Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry out of business. Earlier this year, for the first time in history, both the House and Senate sent a bill to President Obama to end the forced taxpayer funding of America's largest abortion chain, and Obama rejected it. President Trump has pledged to—and must—sign that bill. Public opinion on abortion is transforming as more and more Americans recognize life inside the womb and refuse to accept the idea that women's rights are incompatible with children's rights. Increasingly, Americans are pro-life and demand better for both women and preborn children than the violence that our laws condone. Live Action's platform and compelling visual media are educating millions of people every week with the truth about abortion and human dignity. We will continue our efforts to expose the violence of abortion and work with the new Congress and president to stop the billions of taxpayer dollars that prop up the abortion industry. United, the pro-life movement can eradicate the greatest human rights abuse of our time and rebuild a culture that respects every person's most fundamental right—the right to life. But Michael Anthony, founder and president of, reminded Americans—particularly Christians—that God's work has only just begun, and our nation needs to continue to humbly submit to His will. He wrote: At long last, our time of speculation about the next President and presidency is over. This election season served as a stark reminder that while we may be called the "United States," we are, in fact, a very divided country. It's time to heal and unite, but healing and unity are always byproducts of something else, a key ingredient so scarce in our all-consuming quest for self-gratification. Yes, the quest of our next President is over; now it's time to focus on the King and His Kingdom. No President, no matter if elected by the popular or electoral vote, is a surrogate for the supernatural work that only the Almighty can perform. Our nation is now in such a mess that it will take nothing short of a series of miracles to turn her around. Our country will be great again, and we'll all be stronger together, when we rediscover the key ingredient for supernatural success. It's where real hope and change begin – and how they are sustained. Our next President will need an enduring dose of divine wisdom and humble courage, because without these, our best days will truly be behind us. Supernatural success is only possible when humble courage, which has been absent for far too long, becomes central to the mix. This would be true no matter who had been elected as our new Commander in Chief. Humble courage is the greatest need in our nation – because it is the greatest need in each of our lives, families and houses of worship. James 4:6 and 1 Peter 5:5 remind us that "God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble." I don't know about you, but I can't afford to be resisted by God any longer – and neither can our families, houses of worship or nation. We need a massive outpouring of humility, at a grass-roots level around the country, with you and me at ground zero. America, we have work to do, and lots of it. But this work begins with a hard look at what we've become, and for many of us, we've become hypocrites. Our hypocrisy needs to go the way of the passenger pigeon, which once accounted for nearly 40 percent of the bird population in the U.S.. Similarly, hypocrisy among Christians accounts for a great number of sins throughout our nation. The plank in the eye of most who claim to be following Christ is so large and so culturally acceptable that it is amazing we are even able to see the specks in our neighbors' eyes – upon which we seem so fixated. Our fixation is wrong, nonetheless. It's time we heed the command of Jesus and start pointing the finger at ourselves. That's where hope and change begin. Is it a coincidence that America's first nation-wide "bath," the first-ever National Week of Repentance, took place during the entire week before the election? It was the first time in American history that people in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico, took part in a simultaneous, week-long time of self-examination, asking God to do a mighty work – not merely "out there," in the nebulous expanse we call "America," but in the specific arenas of our personal lives, families and churches. I don't think it was a coincidence at all. I think it was providential. Our nation needs a bath, a real and deep work of God in each of us, from the inside-out. That bath, I believe, has only just begun. No President and no political party can do what only God can do. It's time for genuine, historic movements of God to sweep across America, one person at a time. This is how America will change. This need is not for some distant time in the future, but now. If America is to be saved, the Church must accept her role as the healing balm of the Great Physician. Never mind "America" for a moment. While many of us have pointed the finger at Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton for their character flaws, could it be that, through them, God has been trying to get our attention by reflecting back to us what many of us have become? It's just like God to allow His people to have leaders just like themselves. If we want leaders of high moral character, we need to become followers who possess the same trait. Leaders, we must remember, arise from among the people. Yes, Mr. Trump and Gov. Pence will undoubtedly face many hurdles as they make the transition to assume the presidency and vice-presidency of our nation. Mrs. Clinton and Gov. Kaine would have faced their own share of problems had they been elected. 1 Timothy 2:1-7 tells us we are to pray for our leaders, no matter who they are, that God's agenda be advanced. But in our praying for our leaders, let's not forget that they are a lot like most of us. It is this sobering realization that helps me realize that the American Church's need for a bath, real revival and serious spiritual awakening, has never been more pressing. We have a need for a deep, cleansing work of God in our nation, and that cleansing needs to include each of us, right now. 

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Israeli Leaders Congratulate Donald Trump


JERUSALEM, Israel – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a statement Wednesday morning congratulating America's president-elect. "I congratulate Donald Trump on being elected the 45th president of the United States of America," Netanyahu's statement read. "President-elect Trump is a true friend of the State of Israel, and I look forward to working with him to advance security, stability and peace in our region. "The ironclad bond between the United States and Israel is rooted in shared values, buttressed by shared interests and driven by a shared destiny," he continued. "I am confident that President-elect Trump and I will continue to strengthen the unique alliance between our two countries and bring it to ever greater heights." Israelis on both sides of the political spectrum congratulated the president-elect. Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein (Likud) extended "best wishes" to Americans, while opposition leader Isaac Herzog (Zionist Union) offered "warm congratulations." Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) predicted the unique relationship between the two countries would strengthen. "We are sure the special relationship between the United States and Israel will continue, and even grow stronger." Bennett said Trump's policy on Judea and Samaria should be adopted by Israel, in effect putting to rest the failed two-state vision. "Trump's victory is an opportunity for Israel to immediately retract the notion of a Palestinian state in the center of the country, which would hurt our security and just cause. This is the position of the president-elect, as written in his platform, and it should be our policy, plain and simple," Bennett said, adding "The era of a Palestinian state is over." Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked called Trump "a true friend of Israel," saying his commitment to relocate the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem would undergird the strong ties between the two long-time allies. "This is an opportunity for the American government to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Israel. That would symbolize the strong, friendly ties between the two countries." 

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Christians Must Hold President Trump to His Pro-Life Promises

Veronica Neffinger | Editor, | Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Pro-life advocates are calling on Christians to make sure President-elect Donald Trump upholds the pro-life promises he made during his campaign. The Republican Trump was elected as the U.S.’s 45th president in an unprecedented election that went into the early hours of the morning on Nov. 9. Trump ultimately won by taking the swing states of Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Now that he is confirmed as the nation’s new president, pro-life groups are hoping that he will come through on the promises he made to ban late-term abortion, defund Planned Parenthood, and appoint conservative Supreme Court justices who will overturn Roe v. Wade. While the majority of evangelicals ultimately backed Trump, many had their reservations about the billionaire businessman, especially when it came to his stance on pro-life issues. Although welcoming a longtime pro-life advocate to work on his campaign, and despite his promises to defund Planned Parenthood and sign legislation to prevent late-term abortions, some Christians still balked at his previous support for abortion. LifeNews reporter Steven Ertelt wrote, “Today, pro-life America has a job to do. Regardless of whether you voted for Trump or not, we must hold President-elect Donald Trump’s feet to the fire when it comes to the various pro-life pledges he made.” Ertelt further writes that Christians need to unite and be a pro-life voice saying, “Donald Trump you must defend the right to life.” 

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The Hamas Supporters Who Brought Out The Muslim Vote

The radical US Council of Muslim Organizations doubles registered Muslim voters to one million.

November 8, 2016 Daniel Greenfield

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. The US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) is boasting that its voter registration campaign “One Million Voters” across mosques and schools has doubled the number of registered Muslim voters to over a million. The media is cheering this development even though USCMO has a history that makes the KKK look downright sunny. USCMO was in the news last year for its statement denying the Muslim genocide of Armenians and arguing that any recognition of the massacre must also recognize “Muslim suffering.” USCMO's Secretary General Oussama Jammal had engaged in 9/11 Trutherism at a rally backing a Hamas supporter. He was president of the Bridgeview Mosque which raised money for the head of Islamic Jihad. The Chicago Tribune described this as the result of a “hard line” takeover of the mosque. The Bridgeview mosque had been interlinked with the Islamic Association for Palestine which had Siraj Wahhaj is also a board member of USCMO. Wahhaj insisted that America would fall unless it "accepts the Islamic agenda." He called for taking over the United States and replacing it with a Caliphate. “If we were united and strong… we'd elect our own emir and give allegiance to him.... if 6-8 million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us.” Registering a million Muslims would certainly be a step in that direction. And Wahhaj had been rather clear that involvement in politics is a war against America. “You don’t get involved in politics because it’s the American thing to do. You get involved in politics because politics are a weapon to use in the cause of Islam.” The one million Muslim voter registrations should be seen as a weapon in the cause of Islam. A weapon aimed at America. Islam is a gun that kills freedom. “In time, democracy will crumble, and there will be nothing, and the only thing that will remain will be Islam,” Wahhaj has declared. The question is whether we really are ready to allow Muslim colonists to crumble our democracy and replace it with an Islamic State of slavery, oppression and Muslim Supremacism. Another Founding Member of USCMO is the Muslim American Society which was described by federal prosecutors as “as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.” It called Osama bin Laden “a visionary who believed in the possibility of an Islamic state in Afghanistan.” How many of USCMO’s Muslims believe in the possibility of an Islamic state in America? USCMO’s board includes Siraj Wahhaj who has been forthright about his goal of an Islamic takeover. Also on the board is CAIR’s Nihad Awad who has said, “I am in support of the Hamas movement.” AMP’s Osama Abu Irshaid, another Hamas supporter, also sits on the board. Then there’s Mazen Mokhtar who had been accused of soliciting funds for Al Qaeda. He also claimed that Hamas terrorism is “heroic.” Khalil Meek of the Muslim Legal Fund of America was the spokesman for a coalition defending the Holy Land Foundation which was convicted of funding Hamas’ campaign of racist Islamic terror against Jews. USCMO is claiming credit for the mass Muslim voter registration. We like to believe that Muslims who support the kind of views you have read above are merely a tiny minority of extremists. It would be rather grim if the millions of Muslim settlers living in this country really do want to overthrow our free society and replace it with an Islamic State in which non-Muslims and women lose their civil rights. And yet, if such views really represent only a tiny minority of extremists, why do such huge numbers of Muslims allow themselves to be represented by these extremists? Either these million Muslims are willing to let the “extremists” call the shots or they agree with them. And in that case the tiny minority becomes a growing majority. And that growing majority is a threat to the United States of America. When Islamist groups that seek to overthrow America boast of doubling Muslim voter registrations, that’s not a triumph for democracy. It is, as some of USCMO’s Islamists have said, a threat to it. 

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etc. Keep your eyes; keep your eyes upon what is going on in the Mid-East, that is your tree, that is your tree, I have told you to watch Israel, that is your tree. etc.

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Israel will not attend French-led Mideast peace conference

Posted on November 7, 2016 by

( Israeli officials on Monday told France that Israel would not participate in a French-led international conference aimed at restarting Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. Jacob Nagel, the head of Israel’s national security council, and Isaac Molcho, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s special envoy, met with France’s Mideast peace special envoy Pierre Vimont on Monday in Jerusalem. At the meeting, the Israeli officials reiterated the Jewish state’s opposition to a peace conference that does not directly involve the two parties to the conflict. “Nagel and Molcho clarified unequivocally that promoting a real peace process that leads to an agreement will only be resulted through direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and that any other initiative pushes peace further away,” a statement from the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office said. “Israel is certain and expects that France will not advance a conference or process contradicting the State of Israel’s official position,” the statement added. During the last year, France has been leading efforts to restart Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. In June, France hosted a one-day peace summit that excluded Israeli and Palestinian representatives. The conference ended with a vague statement condemning violence and Israeli settlement activity. Yet there have been discussions regarding a possible United Nations Security Council resolution that would address the current peace impasse. Israeli-Palestinian negotiations have been stalled since 2014. 

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etc America your money will be worth nothing in the near future, this will bring panic, famine and martial law, yes, in the streets of America.  If you had read my word you know that these are the beginning of sorrows etc

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Gold Spikes Over $60 Before Pulling Back After Trump Upset Shocks The World! But Here Is The Real Shocker…

November 09, 2016

In the aftermath of what is being called the “greatest upset in political history,” Donald Trump has been elected the next president of the United States and this has markets in shock across the globe. What Trump Promised In His Speech Is Extremely Important In Trump’s speech he discussed “rebuilding America’s infrastructure” and making it “second to none.” The reason this is so important is because Trump has essentially confirmed the recent proposal for the Fed to print trillions of dollars, which will then be given to the U.S. Treasury to spend on rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure. This will not only juice the American economy and create a great many jobs, but it will also be extremely bullish for the gold market over the long-term… At one point the price of gold surged over $60 as it became clear that Donald Trump would be the next president of the United States. Although it has now pulled back and the dollar has bounced a bit, this has clearly not been a good result for the gold bears, who were heavily short the metal before the election results were announced. Silver also surged nearly 70 cents, breaking above $19 before pulling back. With regards to the trillions of dollars that will be injected into the U.S. economy, former Soros associate Victor Sperandeo, who oversees more than $3 billion, told KWN: “Eric, this is pure printing of money, but the theory is that because people don’t directly get that money, it won’t create hyperinflation. But when this begins, this will be the beginning of when serious inflation will come back. If this does happen you will get a huge amount of government spending that is going to juice the economy. But it will be the prelude to hyperinflation. So that is going to be the coming world event that will be the beginning of the end for the U.S. dollar.” Sperandeo then issued this bone-chilling warning: And as the hyperinflation unfolds, it will send the world into total chaos and people need to be prepared for that.” One thing is clear, a Donald Trump America will look very different than what the U.S. has looked like for the past 8 years. The question is, how much of a difference can a president make with the United States’ fiscal state in such a desperate situation? Regardless, like Brexit, this was definitely not what the elite had planned and it really was one of the greatest upsets in political history. 

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Pollsters suffer huge embarrassment

November 09, 2016, 03:19 am By Jonathan Easley

Pollsters and election modelers suffered an industry-shattering embarrassment at the hands of Donald Trump on Tuesday night. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, had long said the polls were biased against him. His claims — dismissed and mocked by the experts — turned out to be true. “It’s going to put the polling industry out of business,” said CNN anchor Jake Tapper. “It’s going to put the voter projection industry out of business.” Going into Election Day, a strong majority of pollsters and election modelers forecast that Democrat Hillary Clinton would coast to victory, with many predicting she would sweep the battlegrounds and win north of 300 electoral votes. The final University of Virginia Center for Politics model had Clinton winning 322 electoral votes to 216 for Trump, with Clinton winning Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — all states that she lost. Liberals lashed out at data guru Nate Silver for giving Trump a 35 percent chance of victory heading into Election Day, claiming he was putting his thumb on the scale for Trump by making the race appear closer than it was. Of the 11 national polls to be released in the final week of the race, only two — a Los Angeles Times/USC survey and one from IBD/TIPP — showed Trump with the lead. The L.A. Times survey was criticized as “experimental” by industry experts for polling the same pool of people and for the way it weighted black voters. But for the second consecutive presidential cycle, the L.A. Times and IBD/TIPP surveys were among the most accurate, making them the gold standard going forward. The rest of the polls showed Clinton with leads of between 2 and 6 points, boosting the Democrat to a 3.3-point national lead in the RealClearPolitics average. And the battleground data was just as biased against Trump. There were no surveys released this year from Wisconsin that showed Trump with a lead. Clinton held a 6.5 point lead in the Badger State heading into Election Day, and the state was not even discussed as on par with Michigan or Pennsylvania as a potential blue state pick-up for Trump. Trump’s victory in Wisconsin — a state that has not gone for the GOP nominee since 1984 — helped him seal the deal. In Michigan and Pennsylvania, deep blue states the GOP candidate has not won in decades, polls showed the race tightening in the home stretch, but only one poll, from Trafalgar Group, showed Trump with the lead. Election modelers declined to flip either state into Trump’s column, even as the Clinton campaign rushed furiously to defend those states in the final days of the election. And Trump won North Carolina by nearly 4 points, despite polls showing a toss-up there. Many early reports coming out of the Tar Heel State bought the Clinton campaign’s spin that Hispanic turnout had spiked to such a degree that it would make up for a decline in early voting among African-Americans. The conventional wisdom among many pollsters was that the race would be somewhat close nationally — in the 2- to 3-point range — with Clinton running the table, as President Obama did, in the battleground states that determine the outcome. But state after state told the same story for Trump and Clinton. White working-class voters — the silent majority that Trump said was being underestimated by pollsters — swarmed for him on Election Day, particularly in the Rust Belt states, and helped him beat the polls. Clinton could not turn out women, or the Obama coalition of minorities and young voters, in the same numbers to keep pace. Pollster John Zogby believes that many in the industry weighted their polls too heavily in favor of Democrats, pointing to polls that had an 8- to 9-point advantage for the party, when it should have been in the 4- to 5-point range, he said. It’s a claim that Trump made throughout the process. But pollsters largely dismissed that notion, saying that Democrats turn out in larger numbers in a presidential election year and that Republicans were losing registered voters, who were increasingly identifying as independents. That assumption will have to be reexamined. Furthermore, many pollsters confidently predicted that women would reject Trump and vote in favor of Clinton’s history-making candidacy in record numbers. An Associated Press analysis found Clinton bested Trump by 13 points among women — no better than the margin Obama got in 2008 or 2012. Trump, meanwhile, got the support of 70 percent of white men without a college education, besting Mitt Romney’s showing in 2012 by 10 points, the AP study found. Whereas Obama received about 33 percent support from white men without a college degree, Clinton received just over 20 percent support. Democratic strategist Steve Schale, an expert on Florida politics, said that in Volusia County, Fla., Trump beat Clinton among whites by 34,000. Obama won whites there in 2008 by nearly 14,000. Few models or polls predicted there would be enough white voters to turn out to counterbalance demographic trends that were believed to tilt heavily in Clinton’s favor. It is also possible that the third-party candidates — long forgotten by pollsters as they faded down the stretch — will end up having an outsized impact on the race. Libertarian Gary Johnson took more than 3.5 percent support in Wisconsin and Michigan, enough to make up the difference between Trump and Clinton. He took 2.5 percent support in Pennsylvania, which was decided by about 1 point. Whatever the reason, pollsters will have to reassess after a dismal showing in 2016 that produced a result almost no one foresaw. 

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Thanks Be To God, Time To Roll Up Our Sleeves

By Ray Gano - November 9, 2016

We have had a great victory last night and today let’s remember to thank the Lord for allowing our nation this second chance. This is a new beginning for our nation. Today let’s rest and rejoice in the Lord for showing His mercy. But what we do not need to do is go back to sleep. We now have our work cut out for us. So, we need to take this day and celebrate and thank God for this victory. Though tomorrow we need to roll our sleeves up and start working to bring this nation back from the abyss and put her back on the right track in serving God once again. Now is the time to truly put 2 Chronicles 7:14 into place… “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” We need to thank God for His mercy and we ask Him to provide His wisdom and patients as we work to rebuild our nation so that once again so that we can be that shining beacon sharing the gospel with the world once more. What ever you do, do not take this victory lightly and slip back into complacency. We have a new day and broken nation that with the help of all of us together, we can start making America great again.

1 Corinthians 15:57 “But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Praise The Lord! Maranatha! In His Service, Ray & Tracye Gano Prophezine – 

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Election fever boils over: Trump and Clinton supporters brawl outside the White House as violence erupts across America

There were angry scenes this morning outside the White House following Donald Trump's shock victory

Large numbers of Hillary Clinton supporters gathered in the expectation of a Democratic success

On college campuses, there were also angry scenes with students shocked by the election result

Young people marched through the streets shouting 'not our president'

Economic markets world-wide fell as international traders considered the impact of a Trump presidency

By Darren Boyle for MailOnline and Sarah Dean Published: 05:23 EST, 9 November 2016 | Updated: 12:54 EST, 9 November 2016

Donald Trump's presidential victory has sparked protests across America with some demonstrators setting trash on fire, smashing windows and burning the US flag. Supporters of rival candidates clashed outside the White House as Americans woke up to the reality of Trump's surprise win after the most divisive presidential campaign in recent history. Meanwhile, parties held on university campuses across liberal states soon turned into wakes as swathes of red covered the electoral college map. Hundreds of people on California college campuses and in Oregon marched against the Republican's election in the early hours. Police says at least 500 people swarmed on streets in and around UCLA early Wednesday morning, some shouting anti-Trump expletives. Shortly before 3am EST, Hillary Clinton called her Republican rival to concede defeat after seeing Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida all turn red. Trump took to the stage and praised Clinton's hard work during her political career. Demonstrators were held at University of California campuses and neighborhoods in Berkeley, Irvine and Davis and at San Jose State. Students chanted 'not our President' and reportedly lit flares. In Oakland, more than 100 protesters took to downtown streets. Local media reported that protesters burned a Trump piñata, smashed windows of the Oakland Tribune newsroom and set tires and trash on fire. The California Highway Patrol says a woman was struck by a car during the protest and severely injured. On the Walk of Fame, in Hollywood, a group of around 30 Trump supporters tried to shout down demonstrators, the LA Times reports. In Oregon, dozens of people blocked traffic in downtown Portland and forced a delay for trains on two light rail lines. University of Oregon other students shouted obscenities about the president elect. Margaret Gibson told the Tab Oregon: 'I'm f***** terrified of this whole thing. The mission is to raise support that Donald Trump cannot be our president. 'I think the whole point of this protest is to get awareness that Donald Trump just won. The whole world as we know it for minorities will be uprooted and destroyed as well as our whole economic system and morals being exposed to the world in such a bad way.' In Pennsylvania, hundreds of University of Pittsburgh students marched through the streets, with some in the crowd calling for unity. The student-run campus newspaper, the Pitt News, tweeted about an event later Wednesday titled "Emergency Meeting: Let's Unite to Stop President Trump." Students chanted 'No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA' In London, anti-racist protesters are to stage a demonstration outside the US Embassy in London following the the result. Activists accused the President-elect of having a long history of 'racist outbursts' as well as his promise to build a wall between the US and Mexico. Sabby Dhalu, co-convener of the Stand up to Racism group, said: 'Donald Trump used the oldest trick in the book - he stirred up fear and racism in the context of a stagnant economy and the resulting fall in living standards - to mobilise a vote for him. 'The danger now is racists across the globe feel emboldened by Donald Trump's victory and racism and sexism become normalised through the most powerful figure in the world. 'We call on anti-racists and all progressives to join us tonight outside the US Embassy.'

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etc.  for if you put the man in that I desire for you to put in, you will have good times until you go.  If not it shall be hell here on earth and you will think that you have been left behind, but that is not so.  

For I have told you before this that this would be the last President, that this would be the last President as you know a President, therefore listen, pay attention, for it is your life it will affect, but it doesn’t need to affect it in a bad sense it can affect it in a good sense.  You can be the victors, you can be the overcomers, but hear, hear what I, your Father God, has to say. 

For truly my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge and I, your Father God, have said that if you lack anything ask and I, your Father God, will give it unto you.  And therefore, I am giving wisdom and knowledge when it is asked of me, but many times my people do not ask of me, but they make their own choice and their own decisions, and therefore, they have to pay the consequences and the price for those decisions.  Even as in the days of old when the children of Israel said let us, let us choose and they chose and the one that they chose was not the one that I chose and they ended up defeated because of that.  So you see my people when you follow after me and follow after my word and when you seek my wisdom, when you seek my counsel you are able to make the right decisions.  The decision that will bring you victory, the decision that will make you the overcomer, the decision that will help you and you see how the people decided in the past and they made the wrong decision and they paid the consequence because of that.  So seek my face, call upon my name, ask for wisdom, ask for knowledge and I will give unto you that wisdom, I will give unto you that knowledge, I will show you exactly who to vote for, I will show you what to do.  For truly if you follow after my ways and my wisdom you shall have victory, saith the Lord.

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World War III Narrowly Averted by Trump’s Election! China and N. Korea Remain An Immediate Threat

As the world’s common man rejoiced last night, at America’s version of BREXIT, I am still shuddering at how close we came to nuclear war with Russia. A Hillary Clinton election would have guaranteed nuclear war with Russia. I have seemingly endless text messages and emails from friends and colleagues that have gone unanswered. Why was I MIA for the biggest story in my journalistic career, that I have ever covered? Of course I am speaking about Trump’s improbable election to the highest office in the land. Beyond the election of Trump, I was working on an even bigger story, namely, the beginning of World War III. The United States, under Obama’s reckless leadership, had engaged in relentless and very serious cyber-attacks upon critical Russian infrastructure and military facilities in recent days. Deep inside sources that I was speaking with last night believe that Russia was days away from launching a nuclear first strike against the United States. One source I spoke with said that there was no way that Putin was not under intense pressure to launch a first strike given what was going on. NATO’s build up in the Baltics and directly on Russia’s borders, the relentless cyber-attacks in what appeared to be a preliminary move to to disable Russia’s command and control were extremely provocative and seemed to be inviting some kind of show of force by Putin to back down the United States, at minimum, or to go to full scale war, at the maximum. The universal thinking is that Putin was awaiting election results. There is no question that the election of Clinton would have meant war. There was no way Putin was going to wait for Clinton to impose her no-fly zone in Syria and start WW III on America’s terms. Any expert that I have spoken with, and I mean 100% of them, said we would have been attacked well before inauguration day and it most likely would have been nuclear. The US Is Not Out of the Woods for a Number of Reasons My foreboding about the next 73 days, and due to the fact that Obama is a such a loose cannon, and is so intent on destroying America, that he could force Putin into a war before inauguration day. Of course I asked the question, “Would the military stand down and refuse to carry out such orders from a lame-duck President Obama? I received mixed answers. One insider source said “False flags could happen that make war inevitable”. So, my fellow Americans, we are still very much in the danger zone because of Obama. Obama represents corporate and globalist interests that will not honor the election results. America has never been in the danger that she is in right now. Think of 9/11, only a thousand times worse. It would be a mistake to let our guard down. All eyes need to be on Obama and we need to speak at the top of our lungs if he ventures in the direction of war. There is a wild card factor that was brought to my attention. Even if the election of Trump has forestalled World War III, there is is still the China problem. China has been aggressive and provocative in the South China as they have been preparing for war in that region of the world as they militarize the area and threaten to block shipping lanes to trade. If China feels that Trump and Putin can begin to mend the fences, China will feel threatened. If Putin and Trump reach an accord on the pipeline extending into Syria, for example, China’s energy deals with Russia could be in jeopardy. As funny as this sounds, it has been suggested to me, by a former retired two-star general, that China could fear an American-Russian alliance and will use North Korean recklessness to gain economic and military agreements from both nations. Quite frankly, this was something that I had not considered. Conclusion I am not feeling quite the joy I would have liked with the improbable election of Donald Trump. That is because I know that we narrowly averted a catastrophe with the election of Trump. But we, as a nation, are not out of danger as long as “the entity” as Steve Quayle calls Obama, inhabits the White House. In the meantime, I do not want to be accused of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I am overcome with emotion with the election of Trump, yet, as I have pointed out, I know all to well how quickly everything could deteriorate. And the globalists are not going to give up their criminal enterprise operations that have been financially raping this country without a fight. Donald Trump was elected by divine providence. Steve Quayle and Sheila Zilinski both prayed on my radio show to stop Clinton and her evil forces. Steve Quayle’s prayer was the longest, most intense and obviously most effective prayer that I have heard. After I have a chance to get a couple of hours of sleep, I will be publishing these two prayers. God bless the millions of you who prayed these prayers of deliverance. It is not an accident that Sheila has come out with a stunning book on prayer as the ultimate weapon. Her book is available at Steve Quayle also has a banner ad for Sheila’s book at I humbly and gratefully thank the creator for this miracle and the second chance he has provided the country I love. Oh yes, I loathe this administration, but I love my country and I thank God for his magnificent blessing. Now America, we must honor and serve God as we have been given a gift from above. 

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Colorado Approves Ballot Measure Making It 5th State to Legalize Assisted Suicide

State Steven Ertelt Nov 8, 2016 | 11:43PM Denver, CO

Colorado voters approved a measure on the November ballot today that will make Colorado the next state to legalize assisted suicide targeting the disabled and elderly. The ballot proposal comes after the state legislature defeated bills to legalize assisted suicide. Leading pro-life, disability rights, religious and medical groups publicly opposed the ballot measure. California, Oregon, Washington, and Vermont are the only four states to have legalized assisted suicide. The euthanasia group Compassion and Choices financed the yes campaign and its state group Yes on Colorado End-of-Life Options spent $2.9 million to reserve TV ad time, campaign finance records show. It also paid a national company another $344,000 to help gather signatures. “It’s a sad day for Colorado,” said Carrie Ann Lucas of Windsor. She suffers from a progressive neuromuscular disease and uses a ventilator to breathe. She said the proposal does not require doctors to oversee patients as they take the lethal drugs – a concern, if the dose is taken incorrectly. And the measure does not make psychological evaluations mandatory for everyone seeking the lethal drugs, she said. “It’s incredibly broad, and there’s inadequate safeguards to protect Coloradans from abuse and mistakes and coercion,” Lucas said. When the Colorado legislature considered the measure, many medical doctors and religious organizations, however, opposed each proposed bill and questioned the lack of safeguards. Lucas said the ballot measure suffered from those same problems. “None of those concerns are addressed, even in this proposal,” Lucas said. Leading physicians said the bill the Colorado legislature rejected would have the medical profession turning its back on the most vulnerable patients. “What this bill asks me as a physician is to look at my patients with sympathy rather than empathy,” said Dr. Robert Jotte, an oncologist at Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers. “We can’t as a medical profession give up on these patients.” Another speaker, an attorney opposed the bill as well: Probate attorney Skip Morgan opposed the bill, drawing from his experience in estate law. “I am gravely concerned about this proposed act,” Morgan told the committee. “My years of experience tell me that the safeguards … are unenforceable. “The requirement for two witness to witness the actual execution by the patient makes no intonation that those two have any idea of this patient,” Morgan. In some estate cases, he said, attorneys used random members of their staff to act as witnesses. One of the witnesses to a patient’s assisted suicide would be allowed to be an heir under the House bill, Morgan said, which could involve “somebody with a claim, someone who may benefit from their death.” “There is no requirement to witness the administrations of medication. There’s no requirement that this actually be documented.” Morgan said that insurance companies could abuse the bill, as “the least expensive treatment is to put that patient to death.” Rep. Paul Lundeen, a Republican, asked if the bill could promote elder abuse. “Yes, I have seen that … in a number of the proceedings,” Morgan said. “I have seen a very subtle pressure put on these people. They see themselves as a burden. ‘Mom, I love you to death, but how much longer do you want to go on?’” Margaret Dore, an attorney in Washington state, opposed the bill, which is similar to Washington’s Death With Dignity Act. “The law is deceptively written,” Dore said. “The term ‘aid in dying’ makes you trust this is for the dying. There’s no requirement that people be dying. The bill is sold as choice and control. It’s stacked against the person.” Dore said the medication typically used is water-soluble, and could be “given to a patient without their consent.” She said she’d had a client whose father was given the medication, and decided not to take it when he brought it home, but took it later when he was intoxicated. “They’re sitting ducks,” Dore said. 

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UFO? Lost Cold War nuclear weapon? Canada's navy to investigate object found off B.C. coast

Army records indicate diver may have found bomb lost by the U.S. Air Force in 1950

By George Baker, Andrew Kurjata, CBC News Posted: Nov 04, 2016 5:30 AM PT Last Updated: Nov 04, 2016 9:32 AM PT

The Royal Canadian Navy is sending a ship to determine if a diver has discovered "the lost nuke" — a Mark IV bomb that went missing after a U.S. bomber crashed off B.C.'s North Coast in the early days of the Cold War. Sean Smyrichinsky found the mystery object during a recent diving trip near Banks Island. "I got a little far from my boat and I found something that I'd never ever seen before," he recalled. "It resembled, like, a bagel cut in half, and then around the bagel these bowls molded into it." When he got back to the ship he tried to describe the object to his crew. "I came out from the dive and I came up and I started telling my crew, 'My god, I found a UFO. I found the strangest thing I'd ever seen!' The 'lost nuke' Smyrichinsky started asking around and was told the story of Convair B-36B, a U.S. Air Force bomber that crashed off B.C. in 1950. In a book published earlier this year, historian Dirk Septer traces the story of that flight, summarizing it in publicity documents as a Cold War drama: "Just before midnight on February 13, 1950, three engines of a US Air Force B-36 intercontinental bomber caught fire over Canada's northwest coast. The crew jumped, and the plane ditched somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Almost four years later, the wreck of the bomber was found accidentally in a remote location in the coastal mountains of British Columbia, three hours' flying time in the opposite direction of where it was supposed to have crashed. "After years of silence, the United States finally admitted to losing its very first nuclear bomb; the incident was its first Broken Arrow, the code name for accidents involving nuclear weapons. But was the bomb dropped and exploded over the Inside Passage, or was it blown up at the aircraft's resting place in the mountains?" The lost bomb was a Mark IV. As soon as Smyrichinsky looked it up on Google Images, he recognized it as the object he had found. "It was a piece that looked very much like what I saw," he said. "The plane that was carrying the bomb, it crashed 50 miles south of where I found that object." "What else could it possibly be? I was thinking UFO, but probably not a UFO, right?" Probably not nuclear Major Steve Neta of the Canadian Armed Forces confirmed the location of Snyrichinsky's find does coincide with the site of the 1950 crash. Neta also said records indicate the lost bomb was a dummy capsule, and so there is little risk of the object being a nuclear weapon. "Nonetheless, we do want to be sure and we do want to investigate it further," he said. The Royal Canadian Navy ship deployed to investigate should arrive in the area in the next few weeks. 

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etc. For I have warned you Russia is not your friend, I have warned you that China is not your friend, I have warned you that North Korea is not your friend and I have warned you that Iran is not your friend. etc.

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Military Leader: Iran Sending Elite Fighters Into U.S., Europe

IRGC commander: 'IRGC will be in the U.S. and Europe very soon'

BY: Adam Kredo November 2, 2016 1:08 pm

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, the country’s elite military force, is sending assets to infiltrate the United States and Europe at the direction of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, according to recent Farsi-language comments from an Iranian military leader. The IRGC “will be in the U.S. and Europe very soon,” according to the Iranian military commander, who said that these forces would operate with the goal of bolstering Iran’s hardline regime and thwarting potential plots against the Islamic Republic. “The whole world should know that the IRGC will be in the U.S. and Europe very soon,” Salar Abnoush, deputy coordinator of Iran’s Khatam-al-Anbia Garrison, an IRGC command front, was quoted as saying in an Iranian state-controlled publication closely tied to the IRGC. The military leader’s comments come as Iran is spending great amounts of money to upgrade its military hardware and bolster its presence throughout the Middle East and beyond. Iran intends to spend billions to purchase U.S.-made planes that are likely to be converted for use in its air force. Congressional leaders and others suspect that Iran has used a large portion of the cash windfall it received as a result of last summer’s nuclear agreement to upgrade its fighting capabilities war machine. “The IRGC is [the] strong guardian of the Islamic Republic,” Abnoush was quoted as saying. “The Fedayeen of Velayat [fighting force] are under the order of Iran’s Supreme leader. Defending and protecting the Velayat [the Supreme Leader] has no border and limit.” Iranian military and government officials have continued to advocate violence against the U.S. and its allies, despite the nuclear deal and several secret side agreements that gave Iran $1.7 billion in cash. Iran accuses the U.S. of violating its end of the agreement by not helping the Islamic Republic gain further access to international banks and other markets. Iran’s frustration over this has led to further accusations about a U.S. plot to foster unrest in the country. “Our enemies have several projects to destroy our Islamic revolution, and have waged three wars against us to execute their plans against our Islamic Republic,” Abnoush said. “The IRGC has defeated enemies in several fronts. The enemy surrendered and accepted to negotiate with us.” “And now all of our problems are being solved and our country is becoming stronger in all fronts. Some believe the holy defense ended,” the military leader added. “They are wrong; the holy defense continues, and today, it is more complicated than before.” Congressional sources and experts involved in tracking Iran’s increased aggression in the region and elsewhere told the Washington Free Beacon that these most recent comments are troubling given Iran’s very public efforts to assassinate political enemies and others across the globe. “If we look at Iran’s previous terror attacks and assassination campaign around the world, such a statement is alarming,” Saeed Ghasseminejad, an Iran expert at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told the Free Beacon. “The Islamic Republic has killed hundreds of Iranians and non-Iranians around the world in a coordinated campaign of terror. Iran may decide to restart the project now that many western companies are going to Iran and Iran feels its action in Europe may not be punished strongly.” Another source who advises congressional leaders on Iran sanctions issues told the Free Beacon that the Obama administration is blocking Congress from taking action to stop this type of infiltration by Iranian forces. “Iran is ideologically, politically, and militarily committed to exporting the Islamic revolution through terrorism, which is why even the Obama administration says they’re the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism,” the source said. “Congress wants to act, but Obama officials keep saying that new laws are unnecessary because the U.S. has enough tools to block Iranian terror expansion. Instead of using those tools, though, they’re sending Iran billions of dollars in cash while Iran plants terror cells in Europe and here at home.” 

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Flag burnings, 'death to America' chants mark Iranian anniversary event

By Shashank Bengali and Ramin Mostaghim | Los Angeles Times | Published: November 3, 2016

TEHRAN, Iran (Tribune News Service) — In an annual rite of anti-Americanism in Iran, thousands gathered Thursday at the site of the former U.S. Embassy in Tehran to mark the anniversary of its takeover by student activists in 1979. The demonstrators brought by buses to the former embassy complex included young and old, university students, military staff and employees of state-run companies who voiced opposition to the nuclear deal Iran signed with the United States and world powers. Many echoed Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has intensified his rhetoric against the United States in recent days despite Iran’s agreement to shelve its uranium enrichment program, which Western countries had worried could lead to a nuclear weapon. Almost 1 in every 10 demonstrators at the former embassy — now widely dubbed a “den of espionage” — carried placards with Khamenei’s words: “We do not trust America.” On Wednesday, Khamenei repeated his criticism that the United States has reneged on the nuclear deal. The U.S. government has lifted some sanctions against Iran under the deal but kept in place certain non-nuclear restrictions that continue to hamper Iran’s economy. “Americans have not honored their promises related to the nuclear deal, and Iranians should rely on their own domestic potential,” Khamenei said in remarks that were aired on state television. At the rally Thursday, Hossain Salami, the acting commander of the elite Revolutionary Guards, said: “America should know that if they do not honor their agreement in the nuclear deal, we will resume uranium enrichment and send the agreement … to the museum.” Amir Mohammad Godarzi, 23, an aeronautics student, echoed the hard-liners’ words. “Our nuclear negotiation team has worked hard, but Americans have not honored their commitments,” Godarzi said. On Wednesday, banners hung from highways quoted remarks by the Supreme Leader criticizing America and voicing dissatisfaction with the nuclear agreement. In one middle-class neighborhood, a primary school staged a play in which children acted out the roles of angels and Satan and recited poems ridiculing the United States. The annual commemoration of the embassy takeover — which launched the hostage crisis that saw 52 Americans held captive for 444 days — is a heavily choreographed event among hard-liners in the Islamic Republic. But it took on greater symbolism this year due to deep divisions over the nuclear deal and next year’s presidential election. President Hassan Rouhani, who has staked his 3-year-old administration on the nuclear agreement, faces a stiff re-election challenge in May from conservative forces that view the deal as appeasement. While Rouhani is expected to win — the theocracy that manages Iran’s elections prizes stability, and the last four presidents each served two terms — his critics say the nuclear deal and the easing of international sanctions have failed to revive Iran’s economy as the president promised. “Since the nuclear deal was signed, many more factories were shut down due to a lack of capital and many more workers laid off,” said computer science student Yousef Badiei. “But anyway, President Rouhani, unfortunately, will probably be re-elected.” Iran has sentenced several dual nationals — including at least three Americans — to lengthy prison terms in recent weeks, sharply undermining Rouhani’s appeals to the Iranian diaspora to return home and boost foreign investment. The Iranian military has also continued to back Syrian President Bashar Assad in the civil war against Sunni Muslim militants. As they left the rally Thursday, crowds chanted support for the Syrian government and other Shiite Muslim-led regimes in the Middle East, saying, “We will never give it up.” 

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etc.. Did I not warn you that the days would be like Sodom and Gomorrah as it was in the days of Lot? When America accepts this lifestyle and makes a law protecting them, she will be like Samson breaking her last vow. I will no longer stand with her neither will my blessing be upon her, then shall come to pass in my timing, the twenty four hour period of Babylon’s destruction. For you have not a leader of this country who follows my word or ways. They have gone the ways of the antichrist system and forsaken the religion of their forefathers of days gone by. etc..

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Published: Fri, November 4, 2016 @ 12:05 a.m.

By Lynn Elber Associated Press

LOS ANGELES - A record number of gay characters are featured on broadcast series, but small-screen shows overall can be deadly for the female ones, according to a study released Thursday. More than 25 lesbian and bisexual female characters died on scripted broadcast, cable and streaming series this year, the media advocacy group GLAAD found in its report on small-screen diversity. While TV remains far ahead of film in gay representations, the medium “failed queer women this year” by continuing the “harmful ‘bury your gays’ trope,” the report said. The violent deaths included characters Poussey Washington (played by Samira Wiley on “Orange is the New Black”) and Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack on “Wentworth”). It’s part of a decade-long pattern in which gay or transgender characters are killed to further a straight character’s story line, GLAAD said, sending what it called the “dangerous” message that gay people are disposable. For its annual report titled “Where We Are on TV,” researchers tallied the LGBTQ characters seen or set to be portrayed in the period from June 2016 to May 2017. The study found that broadcast TV includes the highest percentage of regularly appearing gay characters – 4.8 percent – since Gay rights organization GLAAD began its count 21 years ago. Among nearly 900 series regular characters on ABC, CBS, CW, Fox and NBC, 43 characters are LGBTQ, up from 35 last season.

- See more at: 

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Anderson woman found chained, but alive; search continues

INDEPENDENT MAIL and THE GREENVILLE NEWS 10:14 p.m. EDT November 3, 2016

Half of a mystery that began in August in Anderson was solved Thursday morning in Spartanburg County when Kala Brown was found alive, chained in a large metal storage building, on land owned by a registered sex offender. “She looked good for somebody who’d been chained up a like a dog for two months,” Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright said at the scene Thursday evening. The other half of the mystery, the fate of Brown’s boyfriend, Charles Carver, remained unsolved late Thursday night, but Wright pledged the search of the 95-acre property would continue for “two days, two weeks” until all evidence is found. Carver's vehicle was found on the property. Wright said Brown told investigators there may be four other victims on the property, but “we haven’t found them, if they’re here.” Investigators were told that there were bear traps and potentially other booby traps on the property, Wright said, and the search proceeded cautiously. The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office had bloodhounds on the scene and the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office provided cadaver dogs as part of a massive search and investigation. Anderson Police Department investigators were also there. The property’s owner, Todd Christopher Kohlhepp, a 45-year-old Spartanburg County real estate broker, was arrested at the property Thursday morning. Wright said he could face charges, but none had been filed as of late Thursday. He is scheduled for a 2 p.m. initial hearing Friday at Spartanburg County Jail, according to Murray Glenn, 7th Judicial Circuit solicitor's office spokesman. RELATED: Anderson couple's friends knew something was wrong long ago Brown, 30, worked for Kohlhepp, cleaning houses before he offered them for sale or rent, Brown’s close friend Leah Miller told the Independent Mail. “I was supposed to be helping Kala, but I recently had neck surgery,” Miller said. “I’m just in shock, wondering if she tried to reach me to help her before she disappeared. I’m happy that she is alive, but my heart is breaking because we don’t know what’s going on with Charlie.” Brown and Carver, 32, were last seen at their Anderson Crossing apartment in the last days of August. They were reported missing by friends and family on Sept. 5 and Sept. 3, respectively. Anderson Police Chief Jim Stewart said his department's investigation into the disappearance of Brown and Carver led authorities to the property. Stewart said more than a dozen search warrants were issued. "We got computer and cellphone records that ultimately led us to the area in Woodruff," he said. "We knew that was the last place that a cellphone tied to this case pinged." Stewart said he learned investigators from Spartanburg County were looking at the same land for a different case. Stewart said he couldn’t say what Spartanburg investigators were looking for, but they were on the property Thursday morning when they heard Brown banging in the container where she had been kept. Stewart said Thursday night that Anderson police were still looking for other suspects who might be connected to the case. On Thursday afternoon, investigators were removing items, including two BMWs, from Kohlhepp’s residence at 213 Windsong Way in Moore. The home is in a quiet, middle-class neighborhood, and on Thursday a child was riding a bicycle around the corner from where investigators were gathering evidence in the case. 

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etc. Keep your eyes; keep your eyes upon what is going on in the Mid-East, that is your tree, that is your tree, I have told you to watch Israel, that is your tree. etc.

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Hamas looks to join PLO, marking major unification step

Head of terror group, which hasn’t renounced violence, renews plea to be folded into Abbas-led Palestinian umbrella organization

By Dov Lieber November 2, 2016, 3:17 pm

Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal made a rare plea on Wednesday for uniting his popular Palestinian Islamist movement with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), bringing it, for the first time, into the umbrella group recognized internationally and by Israel as the representative of the Palestinians. A senior PLO member told The Times of Israel that the group wants to bring Hamas under its framework, while an expert on Palestinian politics said the move was likely to take place. The call by Hamas — considered a terror group by Israel, the US and most of the international community — for inclusion in the PLO comes amid concerted efforts by the Palestinians to challenge the 1917 British Balfour Declaration, which promised the Jewish people a “homeland” in Palestine, and to establish an independent Palestinian state as soon as possible. Wednesday is the 99th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. Mashaal called for a “united authority for inside and outside of Palestine under the umbrella of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.” “It is time we reconsider the organization [the PLO],” he said during a speech in Qatar broadcast live by Al Jazeera at the Fourth Palestinian National Security Conference, which took place in Gaza City. In Fatah-Hamas unity deals in 2011 and 2014, the Islamist group agreed to join the PLO, but the agreements fell through. There was also a failed bid for Hamas to join the PLO in 2005. “In order to build our lives and political system on democratic foundations, we must be partners in shouldering responsibility and partners in the decision of war and peace,” Mashaal said. The PLO, which has been the largest Palestinian umbrella organization since 1964, is headed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and dominated by Abbas’s Fatah party. It also includes the left-wing factions the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), as well as other smaller factions. While Abbas has said he is committed to a nonviolent and diplomatic strategy to establish a Palestinian state, Mashaal has made it clear that Hamas will not give up employing violence to force Israel’s hand. “The wager on the diplomatic movement on its own has been proven a failure. Let us agree on a national strategy and that everyone is with the [armed] resistance, which is a legitimate right that raises the cost of the occupation,” Mashaal said. His call for national unity followed a rare meeting he held with Abbas in Qatar on Thursday. Hamas has been in conflict with Abbas’s Fatah movement, which runs the West Bank, since 2007, despite multiple attempts to broker reconciliation. “We want all of the Palestinian factions, including Hamas, to be within the framework of the PLO,” Wasel Abu Yousef, a member of the PLO Executive Committee, told The Times of Israel in a phone interview, Asked about Mashaal’s statement assuring that Hamas would continue its armed struggle, Abu Yousef said: “The type of struggle the Palestinians wage will be decided by the PLO. We agree on the basis that the Palestinian struggle will be a popular struggle.” Shaul Mishal, head of the Middle East program at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, said it was likely that Hamas would merge into the PLO. “Both sides are looking to find a common denominator. They realize that to unite is the only effective way to be on the regional map, considering the harsh current events in the region,” he said. “They [the Palestinians] cannot continue working on the bilateral approach with Israel,” which has languished in the past several years. 

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Incredible4-D Ultrasound Photo Shows Unborn Baby Smiling in the Womb

International SPUC Nov 3, 2016 | 3:20PM London, England

The Liverpool Herald has shared this adorable image of a 30 week old baby, who was captured smiling in the womb when her mum went in for a 4D scan. Mother Aimee Fagan said that the baby, due in January, grinned from ear to ear whenever her three-year old daughter Mollie spoke to her bump. “The sonographer said she had never seen a baby smile so much. “I went in for the scan and the baby was hiding at first and wouldn’t let us have a look at her. Eventually when she did move, my little one Mollie was talking to my bump and the baby just kept smiling. “We wondered if it was because of Mollie and the lady said ‘stop talking for a minute’, then the baby stopped smiling. “As soon as Mollie started speaking again she was just smiling away as if she recognised her.” 

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CAUGHT ON CAM: Crocodile attacks couple in hotel pool

by Victoria Price, WPEC

ZIMBABWE — CCTV footage has surfaced showing the brutal attack of a couple swimming at a resort pool. YouTube video shows the unsuspecting couple enjoying themselves in a resort pool located in Kariba, Zimbabwe, local media reports. A crocodile then appears on the pool deck and begins creeping up to them. The croc then lunges into the pool - attacking the pair. The animal is seen swimming toward the woman and appears to bite her arm. The man instantly jumps out of the water to safety and then comes to the woman’s aid. The woman appears to have suffered several bites but was not seriously injured, according to local media reports. 

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Ex-British Army chief Lord Richards endorses DONALD TRUMP for the White House and claims he could make the world a 'safer' place

Richards was Chief of the Defence Staff from 2010 to 2013 under Cameron

He said the 'biggest threats' to security were from terror groups like ISIS

Richards praised Trump's 'instinct' to work with leaders such as Putin

By Tim Sculthorpe, Mailonline Deputy Political Editor Published: 11:27 EDT, 3 November 2016 | Updated: 09:51 EDT, 4 November 2016

Former Chief of the Defence Staff Lord Richards has endorsed Donald Trump for the White House, claiming the controversial Republican will make the world safer. The ex-head of the British Army rubbished claims Mr Trump's bombastic interventions on foreign policy would undermine Nato and threaten security. Instead, he insisted non-state actors like ISIS were the biggest danger facing the world and praised Mr Trump's 'instinct' for working with Russian President Vladimir Putin to tackle the terror group. Lord Richards claimed Hillary Clinton's backing for a no-fly zone in Syria risked plunging America into direct conflict with the Russians for the first time ever. Speaking to The House magazine, Lord Richards said: 'It's non-state actors like Isis that are the biggest threat to our security. 'If countries and states could coalesce better to deal with these people – and I think Trump's instinct is to go down that route – then I think there's the case for saying that the world certainly won't be any less safe. 'It's that lack of understanding and empathy with each other as big power players that is a risk to us all at the moment. 'Therefore I think he would reinvigorate big power relationships, which might make the world ironically safer.' The former general added: 'I'm a bit sorry they're the best candidates that can be put up in a country as great and as huge and powerful as America. 'I think he is wise enough to get good people round him and probably knows that he's got to listen to them, and therefore I think we should not automatically think it will be less safe.' Turning to the Democratic rival for the White House, Lord Richards told the magazine: 'Unless she's prepared to do this properly and go to war with Russia, she shouldn't talk about no-fly zones and nor should we. 'We would have to shoot down Russian aircraft in order to impose it. Do we really want to go to a shooting war over Aleppo?' He added: 'The alternative is for the West to declare a no-fly zone and that means you've got to be prepared to go to war with Russia ultimately. 'I see no appetite for that and nor, frankly, do I see much sense in it. It sticks in my throat to say it because I have no love for Assad.' Lord Richards said it was right to focus on the humanitarian situation in Syria and abandon efforts to remove President Bashar Assad - despite his use of chemical weapons. He said: 'The only quick way of solving it is to allow Assad to win. There's no way the opposition groups are going to win.'

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High school student is threatened with suspension because she wore a pro-Trump T-shirt to class

Maxine Yeakle, 18, was threatened with in-school suspension over T-shirt

Several classmates at Boca Raton High School reacted badly to her T-shirt

Her father says he is proud of her for standing up for what she believes in

By Chris Summers For Mailonline Published: 07:57 EDT, 4 November 2016 | Updated: 09:55 EDT, 4 November 2016

A high school student was threatened with suspension from her classes after wearing a T-shirt declaring Hillary for Prison 2016. Maxine Yeakle, who is voting for Donald Trump, said she was pulled out of class at Boca Raton High School in Florida because of what she was wearing. The 18-year-old posted a video on Facebook on Tuesday saying the school's assistant principal had admitted there were no rules against clothes with political slogans on them but said she faced in-school suspension (ISS) because of the disruption it was causing. In the Facebook video Maxine said: 'I am wearing a Hillary for Prison t-shirt at my public school today, and in my class today some people had a problem with it. 'They didn't say anything to me. They had a private conversation about it and my teacher told them to stop talking and they didn't listen. So...I got called down to the office.' Maxine told WPTV: 'There was a group of girls in there who started talking really loudly and kind of obnoxiously about how awful Trump supporters are and how they are all racist and saying some really ignorant things.' Boca Raton High School's handbook says any clothes deemed 'potentially disruptive' are banned. But Maxine believes her right to free expression are being restricted and she said: 'It's totally ridiculous. It opens up a can of worms and who is to say I'm not offended by a Hillary shirt? And why don't they have to change?' Amanda Figueras posted under Maxine's video: 'I think that your wrong because even though you voiced yourself and wore a Hillary for prison shirt, if it causes a disruption in class it shouldn't be worn.' But Maxine's father said he was proud of her for standing up for what she believes in.

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New Poll Shows Americans See Media As Much Greater Threat To Election Than Russian Hackers

by Tyler Durden Nov 4, 2016 8:10 AM

These are some pretty damning results for the mainstream media. Not only does the American public see the media as a bigger threat to election results than Russian hackers, it’s not even close. Voters fear the media far more than Russian hackers when it comes to tampering with election results. According to a Suffolk University/USA Today poll, 46 percent of likely voters believe the news media is “the primary threat that might try to change the election results.” The national political establishment was the second most-suspected group at 21 percent, and another 13 percent were undecided. Foreign interests, including “Russian hackers,” ranked fourth with 10 percent and “local political bosses” came in last with 9 percent of likely voters as the main threat to truthful election results. Here’s the underlying data: 

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Fight for Food in Venezuela - Food Shortage in Venezuela

Published on Mar 31, 2014

This is the daily fight for food in Venezuela

Venezuela is a country rich in natural resources but its dictatorial government had stolen and empoverished the population to unimaginable levels. 

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etc. truly darkness, darkness is growing darker and darker and darker, war is being prepared, war is being made ready. Watch Russia, watch Turkey, watch China, watch Iran, watch Pakistan, watch Saudi Arabia, for they are not your friends nor have they ever been your friends.  They are not my friends, saith your Father God, for they shall wage war against me in the last days, these are the last days. etc.. 

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Posted on November 4, 2016 Written by Amy S


Putin is pissed off because NATO keeps mounting troops on the Russian border. Why are we in a rush to war? Gerald Celente reveals what you won’t hear on the corporate media with Gary Franchi on the Next News Network. The extraordinary US-NATO build-up of military forces — on land, sea, and air — on and very near Russia’s borders, or the opening of “NATO’s Eastern Front”, as Professor of Russian studies at Princeton University and New York University Stephen F. Cohen refers to it, had no precedent during the preceding 40-years of Cold War. “This military buildup on Russia’s Western frontiers is absolutely unprecedented. There has never been such an amassing of hostile military force on Russia’s Western frontiers since June 1941 when Hitler invaded the Soviet Union and that’s the way the Russians see it,” Stephen F. Cohen said in his recent interview with John Batchelor on The John Batchelor Show radio news magazine. “We need to understand that tens of thousands of western troops will be parked now permanently, they may say that they are rotating, but they are there permanently on Russia’s borders. Along with nuclear-ready missiles, along with a lot of tanks and, above all, in Russia’s eyes, the missile defense installation,” he added. US Builds Up Forces All Around Russia, Blames Moscow for Holding on to Nukes This is so serious, so fraught with the possibility of war, he said, adding that this NATO buildup has gone beyond the Cold War, and that Russia is only reacting in response. This, the professor explained, is already beyond the Cold War, where nobody dies, this is already a “pre-war” stage, and what we are witnessing is a mobilization to war. RELATED : WARNING : To All People Of The WORLD! Vladimir Putin Laughs At America – This Russian Weapon Can Destroy an Entire Army !! WORST NIGHTMARE for US Military Mr Putin is preparing to send 150,000 ground troops to Syria to destroy ISIS. The Russian supremo is mounting an enormous military mission to take control of ISIS stronghold Raqqa. The city is the self-declared ISIS capital in Syria and is patrolled by as many as 5,000 jihadis. But Mr Putin’s relentless bombing campaign has fired up grave concerns in the West that Russia is using its campaign against terrorists as a pretext to strike at moderate rebel groups opposed to Assad in a bid to bolster its ally. Mr Fallon, today, announced that Britain would be sending around 150 UK soldiers deploy troops to Eastern Europe to deter Russian “provocation and aggression”. And the US has also spoken of its concern, with President Barack Obama describing Russia’s military campaign as a “recipe for disaster”. Trends researcher Gerald Celente predicts war in the Middle East. He says, “It is out of control. What are people waiting for–an Archduke Ferdinand moment?” Celente thinks Israel bombing Syria means World War 3 is on its way. The cycle leading to war started with the crash of 2008. Celente says, “Crash, depression, currency wars . . . trade wars and then real wars. That’s what we’re seeing again.” Celente charges, “This is a proxy war against Iran because when Syria is choked off, then Iran is left alone surrounded by enemies. So, that’s what we’re really looking at. The end game is Iran.” What would happen if Iran and Israel went to war? Would the Strait of Hormuz close, gasoline explode to $10 a gallon, markets implode? Celente says, “All of the above.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, Publisher of the Trends Journal. Everyone needs to be prepared for that. Unfortunately, another world war is inevitable. You better weapon-up and start studying about food preservation and which foods to start stockpiling on. 

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US Navy's $360M state-of-the-art warship suffers a 18-inch crack while passing through the Panama Canal in its latest run of bad luck

The USS Montgomery sustained an 18-inch-long crack while passing through the Panama Canal on October 29

At the time it was traveling from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean when it crashed into one of the walls of the canal's locks

The warship suffered a crack to its hull during the mishap while en route to its new homeport in San Diego

It was the third mishap the ship has suffered since it was commissioned in September

By Reporter Published: 01:39 EDT, 4 November 2016 | Updated: 09:31 EDT, 4 November 2016

One of the US Navy's newest warships suffered damaged while passing through the Panama Canal last week in its latest run of bad luck. As the $360 million state-of-the-art USS Montgomery was traveling from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean on October 29, it crashed into one of the walls of the canal's locks. At the time, the littoral combat ship was en route to its new homeport in San Diego, California, and sustained an 18-inch-long crack to its hull, USNI News reported. The crack is located eight to 10 feet above the waterline, but 'poses no water intrusion or stability risk,' Cmdr. Ryan Perry with U.S. 3rd Fleet told USNI. The ship did not require immediate repair and continued its transit as scheduled, according to CNN. The newly commissioned ship is expected to arrive in San Diego next month. The October 29 incident is the third mishap to occur to the ship, an Independence-class LCS (LCS-8), which has only been in service since September. Only weeks before this latest incident, the USS Montgomery was damaged on October 4 during a collision with a tugboat as it prepared to leave Mayport Naval Station for safe waters ahead of Hurricane Matthew. It again suffered a crack to its hull above the water line so the repair was 'relatively simple,' Naval Surface Forces spokesman Cmdr John Perkins said at the time. He also noted that high waves and heavy wind appeared to have contributed to the collision. Then in September, the USS Montgomery suffered two major engineering problems just three days after its commissioning. The first was when the crew discovered a seawater leak in the hydraulic cooling system, USNI reported. Then later that day it discovered an issue with one of its gas turbine engines. In September it was reported that five of seven of the U.S. Navy's speedy new warships, including USS Montgomery, have had engine problems in the past year and four of them are now considered 'test' ships that'll rarely, if ever, be deployed. The Navy insists the costly littoral combat ship program is going to be fine after a bumpy start. Adm. John Richardson, the chief of naval operations, said recently in Newport, Rhode Island, that most major shipbuilding programs have 'startup types of issues.' 'They're very complex programs and so I think, overall, this program is on track and we are seeing that we're learning lessons as it starts up,' he said. But two senior senators, Arizona Republican John McCain and Rhode Island Democrat Jack Reed, said it is time for the Navy to question all of its assumptions about the littoral combat ship program, which has been criticized for its growing costs, questions about the warships' warfighting ability and now, the ships' mechanical reliability. They said acquisition mistakes and the ship's complexity have led to problems now. McCain and Reed, ranking member on the Senate Armed Services Committee, want the Navy to consider deploying the ships less often, establishing a site on land for engineering and technical support and reviewing the number of sailors assigned to each ship. The Navy is overhauling how it operates the ships, to change how crews will be assigned and how the ships will deploy. The first four ships will be used for testing developing technologies and systems being installed on the littoral combat ships. Richardson said the Navy is learning engineering, technological and training lessons that will be rolled forward to improve future ships and the preparedness of crews to operate them.

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U.S. Intelligence: ‘Expect al-Qaeda attacks Monday in New York, Virginia and Texas’

Will terror attacks sweep 3 major cities and help the Establishment suspend the elections?

By Shepard Ambellas - November 4, 2016

(INTELLIHUB) — The U.S. Intelligence community has warned that al-Qaeda may attack three U.S. cities Monday, one day before the U.S. Presidential Election comes to a head. Sources believe that New York, Virginia and Texas may be threatened but are mentioning no specific locations. “The counterterrorism and homeland security communities remain vigilant and well-postured to defend against attacks here in the United States. The FBI, working with our federal, state and local counterparts, shares and assesses intelligence on a daily basis and will continue to work closely with law enforcement and intelligence community partners to identify and disrupt any potential threat to public safety,” the FBI told ABC News. If such a terror attack were to happen, keep in mind that President Barack Obama would likely use executive authority to remain in office after declaring a State of Emergency and suspending the elections. 

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Wikileaks: Clinton Campaign Chairman Practices Aleister Crowley Black Magic

Menstrual blood, semen and breast milk: Most bizarre Wikileaks revelation yet

Paul Joseph Watson - November 4, 2016

In what is undoubtedly the most bizarre Wikileaks revelation to date, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta was invited to a “spirit cooking dinner” by performance artist Marina Abramovic, to take part in an occult ritual founded by Satanist Aleister Crowley. In an email dated June 28, 2015, Abramovic wrote, “I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place. Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining? All my love, Marina.” Tony Podesta then forwarded the email to his brother John Podesta (Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman), asking him, “Are you in NYC Thursday July 9 Marina wants you to come to dinner.” What is “spirit cooking”? Spirit cooking refers to “a sacrament in the religion of Thelema which was founded by Aleister Crowley” and involves an occult performance during which menstrual blood, breast milk, urine and sperm are used to create a “painting”. According to Marina Abramovic, if the ritual is performed in an art gallery, it is merely art, but if the ritual is performed privately, then it represents an intimate spiritual ceremony. The video embedded above depicts the bizarre nature of the ceremony. Abramovic mixes together thickly congealed blood as the “recipe” for the “painting,” which is comprised of the words, “With a sharp knife cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand eat the pain.” The ceremony is, “meant to symbolize the union between the microcosm, Man, and the macrocosm, the Divine, which is a representation of one of the prime maxims in Hermeticism “As Above, So Below.” “Abramovic is known for her often-gory art that confronts pain and ritual. Her first performance involved repeatedly, stabbing herself in her hands. The next performance featured her throwing her nails, toenails, and hair into a flaming five-point star — which she eventually jumped inside of, causing her to lose consciousness,” writes Cassandra Fairbanks. Another image shows Abramovic posing with a bloody goat’s head – a representation of the occult symbol Baphomet. Spirit cooking is also an “occult practice used during sex cult rituals, as explained in the book “Spirit cooking with essential aphrodisiac recipes,” notes Mike Cernovich. The revelation that John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, is presumably interested in weird, gory occult ceremonies was too juicy for even Wikileaks to ignore. “The Podestas’ “Spirit Cooking” dinner? It’s not what you think. It’s blood, sperm and breastmilk. But mostly blood,” the organization tweeted. Some are even linking the spirit cooking revelation to claims that the Podesta emails contain “code for child sex trafficking” that is hidden behind mentions of types of food. Others are connecting it to Laura Silsby, the missionary who was jailed for six months after her organization, New Life Children’s Refuge, attempted to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti into the Dominican Republic after the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Wikileaks emails reveal that Hillary’s top aide Huma Abedin forwarded numerous articles about New Life Children’s Refuge to Clinton. “Julian Assange claimed that the Wikileaks would send Hillary Clinton to prison,” writes Cernovich. “The releases initially disappointed many people, this reporter included, as the evidence of corruption was slim. Assange was right. The real story was hidden in view.” Reports that FBI agents see Hillary Clinton as “the antichrist personified” now make a lot more sense. While the child trafficking and pedophile connections to Clinton remain unproven, the fact that her campaign chairman is apparently into spooky occult rituals involving menstrual blood and semen is easily one of the most disturbing Wikileaks revelations to date. 

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NYPD Source: Weiner Laptop Has Enough Evidence “to Put Hillary ... Away for Life”

Written by Selwyn Duke Thursday, 03 November 2016

Sex crimes with children, child exploitation, money laundering, perjury, and pay to play, reads the partial list of crimes that, say New York City Police Department sources, could “put Hillary and her crew away for life.” Shocking evidence of such criminality has been found on ex-congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop computer, say the sources, which was seized from him by NYC officials investigating his allegedly having sent sexually explicit texts to a 15-year-old girl. Moreover, Hillary Clinton’s “crew” supposedly includes not just close aide and confidante Huma Abedin and her husband, Weiner, but other aides and insiders — and even members of Congress. Reports True Pundit: NYPD sources said these new emails include evidence linking Clinton herself and associates to: • Money laundering

• Child exploitation • Sex crimes with minors (children) • Perjury • Pay to play through Clinton Foundation • Obstruction of justice • Other felony crimes NYPD detectives and a [sic] NYPD Chief, the department’s highest rank under Commissioner, said openly that if the FBI and Justice Department fail to garner timely indictments against Clinton and co- conspirators, NYPD will go public with the damaging emails now in the hands of FBI Director James Comey and many FBI field offices. “What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach,” the NYPD Chief said. “There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that.” These revelations would explain why Director Comey reopened the investigation into Clinton’s mishandling of classified information, a move that shook the political world and caused Comey to come under fire. As the NYPD chief put it, the new e-mails contents truly are “alarming.” True Pundit also reports FBI sources as stating that Abedin and Weiner are both trying to cut immunity deals with federal officials and that, if they didn’t cooperate, they’d face long prison sentences. Abedin’s turning state’s evidence would no doubt be devastating for Clinton, as the two women have for years been joined at the hip. Abedin has at times been like Clinton’s shadow, has been called her “body woman,” and has even been rumored to be Clinton’s lesbian lover. So Abedin likely knows where, as is said, the bodies are buried. Of particular note, the new e-mails allegedly contain information revealing that Hillary, Bill Clinton, Weiner, and numerous congressmen took trips to convicted billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, where he is said to pimp out underage minors of both sexes to prominent people. The trips were taken aboard Epstein’s Boeing 747, dubbed the “Lolita Express”; the pedophile’s island, in the US Virgin Islands, has been called “Sex Slave Island.” These revelations would also explain why Clinton used powerful software called BleachBit to scrub damning information from her private server. According to BleachBit’s website, its program gives criminals and others the ability to “shred files to hide their contents and prevent data recovery.” Yet it can’t scrub bumbling perverts from your personal life, and Weiner’s laptop also contains incriminating e-mails revealing the mishandling of classified information by Abedin and Clinton, say the sources. Both women “sent and received thousands of classified and top secret documents to personal email accounts,” and this information could have been “accessed, printed, discussed, leaked, or distributed by untold numbers ... of unknown individuals,” writes True Pundit. Consequently, FBI sources say the new Clinton investigation has been broadened and now includes matters such as how, informs True Pundit: • Abedin forwarded classified and top secret State Department emails to Weiner’s email • Abedin stored emails, containing government secrets, in a special folder shared with Weiner warehousing over 500,000 archived State Department emails. • Weiner had access to these classified and top secret documents without proper security clearance to view the records • Abedin also used a personal yahoo address and her address to send/receive/store classified and top secret documents • [a] private consultant managed Weiner’s site for the last six years, including three years when Clinton was secretary of state, and therefore, had full access to all emails as the domain’s listed registrant and administrator via Whois email contacts. This story just adds more intrigue to a presidential campaign that is truly unprecedented, with a torrent of WikiLeaks and Project Veritas revelations and now Clinton’s Weiner woes. From vote fraud to inciting violence to child sex abuse to pay-for-play to perjury, it’s becoming clear to many that the Democratic Party — and the Clintons in particular — are essentially a criminal syndicate. As former assistant FBI director James Kallstrom said in a Sunday interview, “The Clintons, that’s a crime family, basically. It’s like organized crime. I mean the Clinton Foundation is a cesspool.... God forbid we put someone like that [Clinton] in the White House.” And now we know better why, as I wrote Sunday, this “appears standard FBI sentiment. I personally know of an ex-agent — someone with knowledge of Clinton ‘crime family’ dealings — who I’m told is having trouble sleeping at night due to the prospect of a Clinton presidency.” All these revelations raise important questions: How could Hillary Clinton and her cohorts have bumbled so badly that they appear a cross between Inspector Clouseau and Boss Tweed? And if Clinton is so careless with her own personal survival, how can she be trusted with national survival? Part of the explanation is general incompetence, yet there’s another factor: Both Clintons have engaged in continual criminality over the decades — and have been allowed to skate at every turn. This lack of accountability has led to complacency and ever-increasing brazenness, just as with a child never punished for wrongdoing. So, finally, perhaps, Clinton corruption has reached critical mass. And with Donald Trump ahead 10 points (according to one respected poll) among the 88 percent of voters who have definitely made up their minds, maybe, come late Tuesday evening, some tossing and turning FBI agents will finally be able to enjoy a good night’s rest. 

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Published on Nov 4, 2016

Sub for more:  | Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, THIS IS MASSIVE. You need to read this. The Department of Homeland Security just came out and said that Clinton’s actions amount to treason. 

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'Decades of lies, cover-ups and scandal have finally caught up with Hillary Clinton': Trump releases ad blasting Democrat's link to 'pervert' Weiner

Donald Trump has released an ad that points to connections between Hillary Clinton and Anthony Weiner through aide Huma Abedin

The ad's visuals include grainy shots of Clinton magazine covers, video of the candidate coughing, and dark clouds swirling over the White House

The ad also shows images of redacted documents, Abedin and Weiner - and Weiner's face superimposed on the campaign logo

It brings up the point that Clinton is under FBI investigation 'again' after the organization found emails on 'pervert Anthony Weiner's laptop'

By Geoff Earle, Deputy U.s. Political Editor For Published: 15:44 EDT, 3 November 2016 | Updated: 15:50 EDT, 3 November 2016

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has released a new ad that blasts Hillary Clinton's connections to 'pervert' Anthony Weiner, adding yet another salacious development to a campaign that has been a mud fight for months. The Weiner-centric ad points to connections between Clinton and Weiner through longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin and the FBI's reignited investigation into Clinton's emails. The bureau announced in a bombshell letter on Friday that it was looking at new information related to the case, which has been revealed to be information contained on the disgraced ex-lawmaker's computer. 'Hillary Clinton is under FBI investigation again - after her emails were found on pervert Anthony Weiner's laptop,' says the ad's narrator. 'Think about that.' The ad says 'decades of lies, cover-ups and scandal have finally caught up with Hillary Clinton'. The ad's visuals include grainy shots of Clinton magazine covers, video of the candidate coughing, and dark clouds swirling over the White House and the FBI building in Washington, DC. It also shows images of redacted documents – and flashes images of Huma Abedin and Weiner. 'America's most sensitive secrets, unlawfully sent, received and exposed by Hillary Clinton, her staff, and Anthony Weiner,' the narrator continues, with grainy images of Weiner on the screen. 'Hillary cannot lead a nation while crippled by a criminal investigation,' the ad continues. It concludes: 'Hillary Clinton: unfit to serve.' The Clinton campaign didn't provide immediate comment about the Weiner ad. But on the campaign trail, Clinton regularly blasts Trump for going 'low' in his campaign. 'When they go low, we go high,' she frequently says, borrowing a phrase from First Lady Michelle Obama. Clinton has also repeatedly hammered Trump for his treatment of women and girls, and has been bringing up the infamous 'p***y' tape where he got caught boasting about grabbing women by the crotch on the campaign trail. Since the news broke, Abedin has been off Clinton's campaign plane. reported on Wednesday that Weiner has checked himself into a rehab facility specializing in cybersex and addiction. 'I'm Donald Trump and I approve this message,' the GOP candidate says at the end of the ad, declaring ownership for an attack that in an earlier election cycle might have come from an outside group but not an official campaign. The ad is titled 'unfit,' a term Clinton also uses to describe her rival as unfit to serve.

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FBI Agents: Hillary Is The "Antichrist Personified"

by Tyler Durden Nov 3, 2016 9:05 PM

Having exposed the mutinous divide between The FBI and The Department of Justice, it appears the drip-drip-drip leaky bucket has turned into a spigot as The Guardian cites several seriously pissed off agents describe the FBI as "Trumplandia." As The Hill details, in a report published Thursday, multiple sources within the FBI say that deep antipathy toward Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and anger that FBI Director James Comey did not bring charges against her this summer have motivated leaks that could damage her presidential campaign. One agent told The Guardian that many at the bureau view Clinton as the “antichrist” and are supportive of Trump. The currently serving FBI agent said Clinton is “the antichrist personified to a large swath of FBI personnel,” and that “the reason why they’re leaking is they’re pro-Trump.” “The FBI is Trumpland,” said one current agent. But another FBI source disputed the level of support Trump has within the bureau, according to The Guardian. “There are lots of people who don’t think Trump is qualified, but also believe Clinton is corrupt,” the source said. “What you hear a lot is that it’s a bad choice, between an incompetent and a corrupt politician.” According to the report, the tensions boiled over in July when Comey declined to recommend charges against the Democratic presidential nominee for possibly mishandling classified information through her use of a private email server to conduct government business, according to the FBI agent. “Many FBI agents were upset at the director, not because he didn’t [recommend to] indict, but they believe he threw the FBI under the bus by taking the heat away from DoJ [Department of Justice],” the former bureau official said. As The Hill concludes, there have been further leaks about internal fights within the FBI and other possible investigations since the Comey news broke, all of which has suggested an agency in a public war with itself. 

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CIA Insider Blows Lid Off Clinton Corruption As Angry Brits Talk 'Civil Unrest' And 'Revolution' After Globalists Try To Bury Brexit And The Will Of The People

- Is THIS What's Coming To America?

November 3, 2016By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

If Americans and the world needed any more proof that we may soon be witnessing a SHTF situation, we get it straight from the UK where Brexit has been shot down, if only temporarily, by a High Court ruling that has not only thrown Brexit into chaos but has already gotten angry Brits talking 'civil unrest' and 'constitutional crisis'. While the US may soon have our own 'Constitutional crisis' to deal with if Hillary Clinton is soon indicted but not soon enough to stop her from being voted into the highest office of the land in America (thus PROVING America is completely insane), we see the will of the people in the UK being completely ignored by those who lord over them, the same globalist overlords who've been working for decades to take down America. And with Brits talking civil unrest as seen in the highest rated comment from this Daily Mail story as seen below, we remember the words from the mouth of Rahm Emanuel who said "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before" to see the direction that this is all going. As we hear in the 1st video below from Michael Savage on his November 2nd show, talk of civil war is in the air here in America and as Savage is told by a CIA-insider who calls in, despite what many Americans might think, most of those who work inside the CIA and the NSA completely despise Hillary Clinton and support Trump, 85% by his estimate. Proving to us how badly Clinton has already betrayed America, we're told that many Americans now working overseas, especially those working in a covert capacity, may have had their lives put in danger as foreign intelligence agencies across the entire world likely were able to gain access to Hillary's highly classified emails due to her carelessness. The fact that John Podesta warned Hillary to stop discussing sensitive information via email should have sent up a major red flag. Are the American people paying attention? Completely blowing the lid off of 'Clinton crime family' corruption, the CIA insider confirms Wikileaks' Julian Assange recent statement that it wasn't Russia responsible for all of this bombshell information recently coming out on Wikileaks that would lead to the hanging of any 'ordinary American' but intelligence operators within the US who are working to make sure Hillary and the CCF fall. With Donald Trump now the only real opposition between Hillary and a White House that could include a possible World War 3 against Russia that turns into nuclear annihilation for America and the deaths of millions of Americans within her first few months in office, we have to ask how a president who won a Nobel Prize for Peace could possibly back a war criminal with a body count that stretches from Benghazi to Belgium? Have you gone totally insane, Barack Obama, or was more and more and more war your plan? Hasn't there already been enough death in Syria and the Middle East on your watch? If you're really backing Hillary, you should be ashamed of yourself. How much blood does Donald Trump have on his hands? None that we know of. How about the blood on his hands compared to the hands of Hillary? And is it not bad enough that Hillary has the blood of American heroes on her hands? The fact that this administration would even think about letting her anywhere near the White House shows us exactly what our politicians have become, cold blooded murderers. So....Hillary fits the globalist mafia's bill. And have the moral standards of Americans fallen so low that a majority of Americans would actually vote into the highest office of the land somebody that is so corrupt they admitted it themselves? If so, we have complete proof that America has gone insane and is headed for complete and total destruction if Hillary gets into the White House. As was recently blogged by Dilbert cartoon creator Scott Adams who weighed the differences between our two candidates in his 'candidate risk assessment' seen in the screenshots below, a 'leader' like Hillary is the last thing America needs.:

Here’s a quick summary of the other risks, organized by candidate. I’ll rank them from 1-10 with 10 being “drinks alcohol.” trump_risks.PNG hitlery_risks.PNG

trump_risks.PNG hitlery_risks.PNG

As we approach the final days before election 2016, ANP would like to thank the countless American heroes within our intelligence and law enforcement communities who will probably forever remain nameless and faceless for speakling out, leaking incriminating documents and doing the right thing for America. Should Donald Trump win in November and America make it to January without Obama and the globalists pulling off a 'Brexit-like' denial of Trump's presidency, each and every one of you deserves the warmest thank you from America that you may never get. From ANP and our readers, we sincerely thank you. Might Donald Trump and the 'deplorables' dodge the bullets of a countless number of globalists guns aiming straight at his and all of our heads? While we once reported that only the Will of God could keep Hillary out of the White House, we're getting more and more indications every day that He is indeed working in His mysterious ways. With Americans nationwide ready to drain the DC swamp, the fact that NYPD insiders are blowing the whistle on new Hillary emails, claiming not only money laundering but the vilest of all 'pay to play' schemes to go along with perjury, proves America has arrived at its 'most dangerous hour' with US Patriots coming out of the woodwork to do their best to make sure the CCF falls. And to see politicians such as Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein and other 'progressives' now distancing themselves from Clinton gives us hope that maybe America will indeed come to its sanity before its too late. To take back America from the most widespread and mass corruption that we've ever seen, it will take the 'Trump Democrats' who long ago grew disgusted with Clinton along with the 'deplorables' across America together to send a loud and resoundingly clear message to the globalists. Imagine the message a Trump slandslide would send. The fact that a rather large number of nameless, faceless American heroes have come forth to spread truth as America faces our most dangerous hours with the most evil 'crime family' America has ever faced in politics only days away from being voted into the White House speaks volumes. As Savage tells us, America may be on the verge of civil war. We pray that moment never comes. We also pray that 'America's next revolution' takes place at the voting booth on Tuesday in a peaceful manner as America begins the long and tedious process of draining the DC swamp. As we hear in the 2nd video below, a brand new Donald Trump advertisement, if Hillary Clinton is unfit to even handle her own classified emails, exposing a countless number of American public servants to possible danger, Hillary Clinton is unfit to lead America. If she wins the presidency in just days, America will have proven it deserves to go down with her. While this entire 1st video is well worth listening to with Savage once again on fire and ripping the corruption within the Clinton Foundation and parts of this govt to shreds, the CIA insider joins Savage at the 24 minute 30 second mark. As the Tweets below from the Twitter account of Hector Morenco suggest, this may be America's very last chance to set things straight. 

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Inside the West Virginia steel town destroyed by Nafta – where 94% of jobs have gone and Trump is king

Scenes from the 1978 movie ‘The Deer Hunter’ were shot against the industrial backdrop

Andrew Buncombe Weirton, West Virginia @AndrewBuncombe Tuesday 1 November 2016

There was a time, not so long ago, when this city on the Ohio River employed up to 15,000 people in the steel mills whose rusting warehouses still line the streets. Now the figure is closer to 800. First, it was costs associated with the repeated regulations imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Then, after 1994 and the passing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) it was cheaper competition from places such as Mexico. In the end, there was no way Weirton could compete, and an industry that has fed and clothed the city for generations essentially died. “Her husband introduced Nafta,” said a former steel worker, sitting at the the bar of the Columbia Club, located at one was once Gate No 1 of the Weirton Steel Corporation’s main factory. He had worked at the plant for 34 years. “If anyone in this in this state votes for her, they’re crazy.” It is communities such as this that Donald Trump has been targeting hard with his pitch about the evils of Nafta and the need to bring jobs – well-paid manufacturing jobs in particular – back to America. Polls collected by RealClearPolitics suggest he leads Hillary Clinton in West Virginia by between 18 to 27 points. While his policy is not hard on detail, Mr Trump has vowed repeatedly to bring jobs back from places such as Mexico and China. When campaigning in Indiana he highlighted the Carrier air conditioner company, which had recently announced plans to relocate jobs south of the border, saying he would imposed a 30 per cent tariff on such products produced in Mexico. He called Nafta “the single greatest jobs theft in the history of the world”. Economists are divided about the actual impact of the deal, which was first negotiated by George H W Bush and signed by his successor, Bill Clinton. America has lost 5 million manufacturing jobs since 2000, but not all were lost because of Nafta. Mr Trump also ignored other economic gains from Nafta. Exports to Mexico have risen tremendously, in part from Mexicans’ higher standard of living (because of Nafta). Today, exports to Mexico support six million US jobs. But in places such as Weirton, down to fewer than 20,000 people from a peak of 33,000 it is hard not to feel that while some parts of the country may have seen the benefits of global trade, this hardscrabble community, with its fast-food joints and strip bars, has been passed by. Ed Sutton, a city government worker who said he would be voting for Mr Trump, said that “nothing had replaced the steel jobs”. “They talk about creating all these jobs. But they’re just retail jobs that pay minimum wage, or just above,” he said. Ms Clinton, meanwhile, said this spring, in a comment she came to quickly regret, she was going to “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business”. The death of the steel industry had devastated not just the economy of the city, but had destroyed a sense of security and torn at the fabric that had maintained blue-collar communities for decades. Jim Carey, who was also drinking the Columbia Club, grew up in the city but left to go to law school. Jobs at the mill had allowed a man to buy a house, build a small pool and send his children to college. Now, that had all gone. “Nowadays, the best thing going for Weirton is that it is just 35 minutes from Pittsburgh airport,” said Mr Carey, who was planning to vote for Ms Clinton. The steel industry once utterly dominated Weirton, to the extent that it was known as one of the steel capitals of America. Weirton Steel was one of the biggest single private employer, and the largest tax payer in West Virginia. When Michael Cimino was looking for locations for his 1978 film The Deer Hunter, staring Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken and Meryl Streep and set in a fictional Pennsylvania steel town, Weirton was one of the places selected to film a number of scenes. Harold “Bubba” Miller was elected mayor of Weirton last year. When he retired in 2000 he had been the mill’s sales manager. He said the mill was like a world within a world. It employed doctors and lawyers, it plugged the streets when it snowed and it put up the lights for Christmas. Now, he is trying to create new jobs in the city, force the mill’s current owner, ArcelorMittal, to clean up and make safe the remaining factory sites. Mr Miller said he also planned to vote for Mr Trump, and said many in Weirton found his message struck home. “I would rather go for someone with an ego than someone who is a criminal,” he said. “I think he will win in West Virginia because of the attacks on mining and the steel industry. I think people are fed up with the rhetoric of Washington.” Not everyone is planning to vote for Mr Trump. Jodi Jo, who is studying to work as a beauty therapist, said she thought the New York tycoon was a bigot. “I’ll vote for for Hillary Clinton because I’m against Trump. He’s a racist,” she said. Gus Monezis’ bakery has occupied a prime spot in Weirton for 81 years. He said the closure of the mills had ripped at the city, but that some of other businesses, such as his, had managed to survive. “The resilient ones are still here. I’m still here,” he said. He said he had not yet made his mind up 100 per cent on who he would vote for. “I’m still watching,” he said. “But [Trump] is saying what people are thinking.” Sean Aldstadt has owned the Columbia Club for nine years and keeps photographs on the wall of the establishment many decades ago when it was at the centre of a thriving, industrial hub. He used to open early in the morning so people coming off the night shift could get a drink. He has since pushed that back. “There are still people who come in here,” he said. “I tell them that if you had turned around where you are now standing, you would have seen everything going on in front of you.” 

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Team Trump says Obamacare is like exploding Samsung phones: 'We're going to pull it off the market so it stops burning up our wallets!'

Trump’s running mate Mike Pence introduced him at anti-Obamacare speech and compared scheme to notorious Galaxy Note 7

Trump says he will ask Congress on his first day in office to convene a special session 'so we can repeal and replace' Obamacare

Americans could purchase policies across state lines in a Trump presidency, 'just like you can your car insurance and your life insurance'

Republicans hope soaring cost of Obamacare premiums will prove toxic to Clinton at the ballot box

By David Martosko, Us Political Editor For In King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Published: 12:38 EDT, 1 November 2016 | Updated: 05:51 EDT, 2 November 2016

Donald Trump’s running mate Mike Pence said Tuesday that there's a familiar model for killing off the Affordable Care Act: The Samsung Galaxy 7 Note smartphone. He offered a new attack on Obamacare as he introduced Trump himself at a rally in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, highlighting the Republican candidate’s case against President Obama’s signature legislation – and as part of a concerted push to take electoral advantage of soaring premiums. Trump himself said his first day as in the White House would see him ask Congress to sit in special session to repeal the act. Samsung's decision to recall the phones instead of pushing a software update that would stop batteries from overheating, the Indiana governor said, is the opposite of the Obama White House's decision to cling to the Affordable Care Act as premium increases give Americans 'unprecedented sticker shock'. Pence quoted the president in a Florida speech last month. 'He actually compared Obamacare to the Samsung Galaxy 7 phones that spontaneously burst into flames,' he told the crowd. 'I'm serious!' he went on, as laughter broke out among an invited audience of about 500 people in a hotel ballroom near Philadelphia. 'President Obama said, quote – here's the quote! – "When one of these companies comes out with a new smartphone that has a few bugs, what do they do? They fix it. they upgrade it. Unless it catches fire, then they pull it off the market".' 'Well, what a coincidence, Mr. President! Because that's exactly what we're going to do with Obamacare. We're going to pull it off the market so it stops burning up our wallets.' Pence's speech was an equal split between policy and politics. He blasted Hillary Clinton for pushing 'actually to introduce what's called single-payer – more government-run health care.' He said one of Clinton's paid speeches north of the border exposed her desire to implement 'universal health care coverage like you have here in Canada.' 'Well, we don't want the socialized health care they have in Canada. We want American solutions,' Pence said. 'When you order every American to have government-approved health insurance whether they want it or need it, when you create a government-run plan paid for with job-killing tax increases, that is plain and simple a government takeover of health care,' he insisted. 'Before it was called Obamacare, it was called Hillarycare,' he recalled. 'We can't trust Hillary Clinton with our health care any more than we can trust her with classified information.' Donald Trump, appearing after Pence, said he would ask Congress on his first day in office to convene a special session 'so we can repeal and replace' Obamacare. 'We will do it, and we will do it very quickly, because it is a catastrophe,' he pledged. 'Obamacare is a catastrophic failure,' Pence agreed. In its place, he said the Trump plan would 'replace Obamacare with health care reform that lowers the cost of health insurance without growing the size of government.' It would 'get rid of the individual mandate, because government shouldn't tell you how to spend your money and set priorities in your life.' Americans could purchase policies across state lines in a Trump administration, 'just like you can your car insurance and your life insurance.' He also touted the introduction of Health Savings Accounts that Americans 'can use to pay first-dollar expenses for their health.' The presidential election, just seven days away, is a hotly fought contest that could result in a Democratic victory if the Republican rank-and-file that opposed Trump's nomination stays away from the voting booth. 'It's time to come home,' Pence urge them. Trump said Obamacare represents 'higher prices, fewer choices, and lower quality. Yet Hillary Clinton wants to expand Obamacare and make it even more expensive.' 'She wants to put government totally in charge of health care in this country.' 'If we don't repeal and replace Obamacare, we will destroy American health care forever,' he said ominously. A group of Republican members of Congress who are physicians, and one nurse, warmed up the crowd. Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso, an orthopedic surgeon, complained that a Democratic majority in Congress passed the Affordable Care Act without a single Republican vote. 'For people who think government is the answer, this is their solution,' he said. Georgia Rep. Tom Price had stronger language for Obamacare's rate hikes and contraction of health care services. 'Folks, this is lunacy. This is lunacy. This is what happens when you put the government in charge,' Price said. Texas Rep. Mike Burgess said Republicans in Congress are 'chomping at the bit' to develop a replacement law 'that will then go down to the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue to be signed by President Trump. That, he said, 'will end Obamacare for once and for all.' "No Republicans were consulted, and this thing was rammed through [Congress]," he said of the Affordable Care Act. Rep. Andy Harris of Maryland said all but one insurer providing Obamacare medical policies in his district have dropped out of the government-managed exchanges. President Obama lied to the American people, he charged, by saying that "if you like your plan you can keep your plan." "Well, there's only one in my district right now," Harris said. Rep. Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee threw down the gauntlet: 'I've got a message for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton: Obamacare is gonna fail. Period.'

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For man brings many things about themselves, their foolishness, they run off at the mouth and they do not consider the things that they are saying. They poke the bear in the eye and poke the bear in the eye and they poke the bear in the eye and they do not realize that the bear can be very vicious, that he can tear them to shreds, that he can kill those that they love, he can kill their sons and their daughters and they never think of this. They only do the stupid things that they think themselves because they don’t inquire of me or ask of me and therefore the things that come are because of their foolishness. etc.

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Vladimir Putin - Straight From the Horse's Mouth

Vladimir Putin in particular, and Russia in general, have been the focus of an intensive high-drama propaganda campaign of late. Are you buying it? For the time being, Russophobia has replaced Islamophobia as the driving force behind the lies. Various US officials have been frantically warning Americans that the Russians are behind everything: hacking the DNC, controlling Trump, influencing the election and breaking the Syrian ceasefire agreement. They might as well add making your girlfriend break up with you, making your toast get burnt and making your car run out of fuel for all the evidence they have presented. Many of these totally unfounded allegations stem from (naturally) the Clinton campaign, home to career criminals Bill and Hillary Clinton, who are desperately seeking to find something to gain some sort of shred of popularity or advantage over Trump, who fills up arenas with 1000s of people more easily than Clinton can fill a high school gym with 50. Many US officials and war hawks are trying to get in on the action; CIA man Mike Morell indicated it would be a good idea to covertly kill Russians to make them “pay a price”; Hillary Clinton called Vladimir Putin the “grand godfather of extreme nationalism” and blamed him for the rising popularity of right-wing leaders; and even standing VP Joe Biden came out and said that, “We’re sending a message to Putin … it will be at the time of our choosing and under the circumstances that have the greatest impact”. It seems there is no depth to which some US leaders won’t stoop in order to gain some political advantage, even it means lying, demonizing and destroying geopolitical partnerships in order to garner a few brownie points. russophobia Russophobia is in full swing before the US Presidential Election to distract American voters. Vladimir Putin: It’s All About Distraction During Election Season You would think Russian President Vladimir President would be agitated by all of this mud-slinging. At times he has been, for instance when he issued a warning a few months ago about an impending WW3 due to NATO’s constant aggression and advancement towards Russian borders. However, judging by his own words and mostly calm demeanor, he has seen through the agenda and understands what is going on. Putin spells out how it’s all inflamed rhetoric before an election season, an old trick used by politicians to distract when they have no meaningful solutions for internal and domestic problems. Here is Vladimir Putin in his own words: “You can expect anything from our American friends … the only novelty is that for the first time, on the highest level, the United States has admitted involvement in these activities, and to some extent threatened [us] – which of course does not meet the standards of international communication. As if we didn’t know that US Government bodies snoop on and wiretap anyone? Everyone knows this … Apparently, they are nervous. The question is why. I think there is a reason. You know, in an election campaign, the current government carefully crafts a pre-election strategy, and any government, especially when seeking re-election, always has unresolved issues. They need to show, to explain to the voters why they remain unresolved. In the US, there are many such problems … for example, the massive public debt is a time bomb for the US economy and global financial system … more examples can be cited in foreign policy … in these conditions, many choose to resort to the usual tactics of distracting voters from their problems … try to create an enemy and rally the nation against that enemy … Iran and the Iranian threat did not work well for that. Russia is a more interesting story.” And that’s exactly what this whole thing is: a giant story. However, as Voltaire once said, if you can make someone believe absurdities, you can make them commit atrocities. Let’s see what else Vladimir Putin has to say on other topics of interest. david-icke-its-the-russians-1 Blame everything on the Russians. Russian Hacking: A Laughable Claim so the Clintons and DNC Can Try to Avoid Culpability Let’s face it: the whole Russophobia affair is about avoiding blame, dodging responsibility and evading liability. Thanks to WikiLeaks, Project Veritas and many other sources, we know the entire Hillary Clinton campaign has been rigged beyond belief. Fake primaries, fake speeches, fake images, fake videos, fake crowds, fake supporters and fake debates. There is seemingly no depth of criminality to which that woman won’t sink. She’s selling out the presidency before she even gets there, such as the stunt of trying to promise future presidential executive orders to mega donors. There is not a shred of evidence that Russia is affiliated with WikiLeaks or behind any of the DNC hacks. As this Zero Hedge article NSA Whistleblower: US Intelligence Worker Likely Behind DNC Leaks, Not Russia states: “On “Judge Napolitano Chambers,” the Judge said that while the DNC, government officials, and the Clinton campaign all accuse the Russians of hacking into the DNC servers, “the Russians had nothing to do with it.” Napolitano then mentioned Binney, arguing the NSA veteran and whistleblower who “developed the software that the NSA now uses, which allows it to capture not just metadata but content of every telephone call, text message, email in the United States of every person in [the country]” knew the NSA had hacked the DNC — not the Russians. If Judge Napolitano and Binney are right and the NSA did hack the DNC, what was the motive? According to the Judge, “members of the intelligence community simply do not want [Clinton] to be president of the United States.” “She doesn’t know how to handle state secrets,” Napolitano continued. And since “some of the state secrets that she revealed used the proper true names of American intelligence agents operating undercover in the Middle East,” some of these agents were allegedly captured and killed, prompting NSA agents to feel compelled to act. Whether NSA agents hacked the DNC or not, one thing is clear: there’s no real evidence linking the DNC and Arizona and Illinois voting system hacks to the Russian government. ”Vladimir Putin sticks it to US Vladimir Putin: sticking it to the US. The Mythical “Russian Threat” Vladimir Putin directly addressed another mythical story, that of the so-called Russian threat and Russian aggression, at the recent Valdai forum in Sochi from October 24-27, 2016: “There is another mechanism to ensure the transatlantic security, European security, the OC security and their attempt at turning this organization (NATO) into an instrument of someone’s political interests. So what the OC is doing is simply void. Mythical threats are devised like the so-called Russian military threat. Certainly this can be (used to) gain some advantage, get new budgets, make your allies comply with your demands, make NATO deploy the equipment and troops closer to our border … Russia is not trying to attack anyone. That would be ridiculous … The population of Europe is 300 million … and the population of the US is 300 million, while the population of Russia is 140 million, yet such menaces are served as a pretext. Hysteria has been fueled in the US with regard to Russia’s alleged influence with the current presidential election. Is there anyone who seriously thinks that Russia can influence the choice of the American people? Is the US a banana republic? The US is a great power. If I’m wrong please correct me.” Here’s what he had to say about who the real aggressor is when it comes to the US (around and Russia: “Is it known to you that Russia, in the 90s, completely halted (as did the USSR) any strategic aviation in the further afield regions of patrol, i.e. not in the closer abroad. We halted such activity completely. US geostrategic aviation however, with nuclear weapons on board. They continued to encircle us! What for? Who are you concerned about? Or why are you threatening us? We continued with the non-patrol year after year. It is only since about 3 years ago that we restarted aviation patrol further abroad. Which party is the provocateur here? Is it us? We have only 2 military bases abroad. They are known areas of terrorism dangers … US bases on the other hand are all over the world. And you are telling me that I am the aggressor? Have you any common sense? What are US forces doing in Europe, including nuclear weaponry? What business have they got there? Listen to me. Our military budget, while increased slightly from last year, in the dollar equivalent, is about US$50 billion. The military budget of the Pentagon is almost 10 times that amount. $575 billion, I think Congress singed off on. And you’re telling me I’m the aggressor here? Have you no common sense at all? Is it us putting our forces on the border of the US? Or other states? Is it NATo, or who, that is moving their bases closer to us? Military infrastructure! It’s not us. Does anyone even listen to us? Or try to have some kind of dialogue with us? The repeated answer we get is ‘mind your own business’ and ‘each country can choose its own security measures’. Very well, so will we … And finally, on the antiballistic missile defense system, who was it that exited from the treaty which was vital to the entire system of international security? Was it us? No. It was the States. In a one-sided way, they simply withdrew from the treaty. Now they are threatening us, turning their missiles towards us, not only from Alaska, but also from Europe too … We want to develop normal relations in the sphere of security, in the fight against terrorism, in the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. We want to work together with you … so long as you want that too.” david-icke-its-the-russians-2 More David Icke humor: right now everything is the fault of Vladimir Putin and the Russians. US Repeatedly Broke Its Promises to Russia and Destroyed Trust The Western MSM is so one-sided in its coverage of geopolitical events like Ukraine and Syria. Anyone not toeing the line with US-UK-NATO interests is painted in a bad light. In point of fact, it has actually been the US who has been breaking agreements with Russia since the end of the Cold War. US leaders lied to Russian leaders at the time, by promising that NATO would not extend any further eastward, and possibly even hinting that Russia could join NATO. As Eric Zuesse expla